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The nTagalong

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Where's Axl?

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So our show was cancelled. As soon as I'm told I go looking for some pussy. Why not right? Not like there's anything else to do in Alafuckingbama. So I find some easy chick and do the do real fast. I go in the bathroom of her room and mix myself up a speedball and then exit the bathroom. I nod at the chick and bound from the room with a double euphoria from the smack and coke. One would think one would override the other, even cancel it out. Totally not the case. Smack is a downer. Sometimes you do space out of nod out and have delayed reaction times. And coke is an upper. It can keep you up for days if you have enough. Sometimes it makes you paranoid. Sometimes you see shit that isn't there. It makes your eyes bug. But when you combine the two...there's no nodding, no paranoia, no slow movements, no bugged out eyes, no seeing shit. You look pretty sober. You act pretty sober. But inside you're feeling like fucking God almighty and nothing can ruin the way you feel. Usually...

But when you're approached by your manager and he grabs you and shakes you, screaming: "Where the fuck is Axl?!"...Well, then your feet start to tickle the ground again.

"What the fuck makes you think I'd know that?" I ask him.

"Are you fucking telling me that none of you have seen him?!" Doug shouts.

" ain't seen him!" I shrug.

"Shit!. I sent him to a studio with security very early this morning. Security is nowhere to be found. I called the studio but it's closed. Have any of you heard from him at all today?"

" I haven't, I don't know about the others," I shrug.

Doug shoves me aside and rushes off. About that time I see Duff leading Slash into his room by the hand. Huh? What was going on here? Just as Duff's door closes I see Izzy rushing down the hall and for the door marked "Stairs". "Izzy wait!" I shout and run down the hall to catch up with him. Izzy stops and waits a second but seems to be in a big hurry.

"Not now Stevie, I gotta go," he says reaching for the door.

"But where are you going alone? Shouldn't you take security?" I ask, out of breath.

"I'm going to find Axl. I don't know where the fuck our lame ass security is! I'm guessing Nikki bought them off! No one has seen Axl since nine this morning!! I know Nikki is behind him not showing up! All the shit this morning with Slash was him creating another fucking diversion! Axl was the real target but he knew that Duff and I would stay stuck to Slash like glue!"

Izzy seems very erratic and anxious to get away from me. "But what if THIS is the diversion? What if he wants Slash to be alone again?" I know Slash isn't alone but I'm not telling Izzy if he doesn't already know. My guess is that he does know.

"He's with Duff, he'll be safe," Izzy says with a sigh.

Before I can respond Tommy is coming down the hall like a pissed off looking giraffe or something. He points at us as he storms towards us. "What the FUCK have you motherfuckers done with Nikki?!" he yells. He glares mainly at Izzy.

"I could ask you the same about Axl you piece of shit!" Izzy says taking a step forward.

"I could give a fuck about Axl, where the fuck is Nikki?!" Tommy too takes a step forward. The two of them are toe to toe.

If I were Izzy and Tommy had done to me what he did to Izzy, I'd be terrified of him. But Izzy isn't showing Tommy one ounce of fear despite the fact that Tommy is five inches taller. "Nikki has him! Don't he?!" Izzy shouts and his voice cracks.

"I don't fucking know where Nikki is! Are you fucking deaf?!" Tommy yells back.

"Use your fucking brain! If they're both missing then Nikki obviously took Axl!" Izzy fumes.

"Nikki didn't say shit to me! He would have said something!" Tommy shouts.

"Yeah," Izzy chimes in, "he would need you to hold him down, right?," Izzy starts for the door again.

I quickly reach out and grab his arm, "Izzy where are you going?"

"I gotta find Axl," he says and shoves the door open.

"You can't go by yourself! I'm coming with you," I tell him.

"No you're not. You're not going anywhere near Nikki. We know Nikki isn't here so you're staying here," he glances at me then starts down the stairs.

"But you can't go alone!" I plead because I was truly worried. Izzy hadn't been in the sanest frame of mind since Nikki had kidnapped him. If Axl really was somewhere with Nikki, Izzy didn't need to face him alone because he would fucking kill him. He would kill him dead and no one would be there to keep him from making a horrible mistake. I couldn't let him go alone!

"Fine...come on Popcorn." Izzy motions for me.

So that's what I did, I went with Izzy and no security. We raced down the stairs like the place was on fire. The second we walk into the lobby the guy behind the desk waves a piece of paper at us and calls out, "Mr. Stradlin! You have a message sir!"

Izzy rushes over and grabs it. "When did it come?" He asks in a low tone.

"A Courier delivered it just now sir."

Izzy opens the envelope and pulls out a folded piece of paper. I stand next to him and read it as he does.

By the time you get this note you will have realized I have your precious Fireball. The question you should ask is how long have I already had him? You haven't seen him in over ten hours. How many of those have I had him? You'll just have to keep wondering but I will tell you what I plan to do to him. I'm going to torture him, and fuck him, and listen to him scream. I wonder if he'll scream as much as you did when Tommy had his dick inside of you? Then after I cum I'm going to drive a knife straight into his heart."

At about that point Izzy's body just goes limp and he drops to his knees, but he's still reading. I stoop down to finish reading it too. "Then I'll lick his blood off my knife and laugh because I took the thing you love the most away from you. By now you know that most of the things that triggered your breakup are all part of a master plan I carefully constructed from the very beginning. Erin caused every problem I knew she would. I knew you would stray if the pain was too much and Slash's infatuation with you could not have been more convenient. In the end Axl dumped you. Did it hurt? Does it still? Or have you convinced yourself you're in love with Slash; that he's everything you want and you'll live happily ever after? Allow me to answer for you. If you're reading this now, I think we know who means more to you.

So to be a good sport in all of this, I'll give you a clue to start your manhunt with. There's an ocean view here. The sun is setting over the murky Gulf. Since I have the person you love most in the whole world, I took him to a really special place. You could simply call the cops and show them this letter, but let's face it, the cops in Alabama are in-bred fucks with two teeth in their heads. Or you'll come for him yourself. Either way, I'll be sure to pay extra close attention to your precious Fireball. I'm dying to find out what makes him so special. I wanted to find out what was so special about Curly Sue too; why people including you and Duff want him so badly; why all of you baby him and protect him but Blondie interrupted that. Where were you? I do hope you don't miss the grand finale with Axl; it's something I really want you to see.
Always and Forever,

The note tumbles from Izzy's fingers and he's frozen to the floor on his knees. "Izzy?" I utter, but he doesn't move, doesn't bat an eyelid, fuck, I think he's ceased to breathe. "Izzy!"

He heaves in a staggered breath; the kind someone takes in before they break down crying. I can see exactly how hard he's fighting it right now. He runs his hands through his hair in frustration and grips the side of his head, but he stops himself by grabbing me I help him pull himself up off of the floor. His eyes look at me and I see sheer panic but he does his best to hold it together despite how badly he just wants to fall apart. He was doing it for Axl. He wanted to save Axl. He was still in love with him. That's why he'd left Slash with Duff; he wouldn't leave him hurt and alone and vulnerable. No, he left him with Duff who would keep him safe and who loved him more than anything and maybe Slash would see that. Izzy's not cruel or insensitive the way people think he is. He'd made sure that Slash was well cared for even if he was walking away from him and was hell bent on finding Axl. He and Axl had some sort of psychic connection; he'd known Axl was in trouble the second people realized that he was missing.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when Izzy starts talking again. "The ocean," he mutters, "somewhere by the ocean."

"OK, yeah," I nod. Izzy lets go of me and looks around the lobby.

And thus the hunt for Axl began.
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