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The Hunt

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Izzy frantically searches for Axl

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I’ve got to get to Axl I know Nikki has him! What the fuck is Nikki’s problem anyway? Why the hell does he keep coming for us? It’s not even like he’s focused on just one of us he’s gone after me, Slash, and now Axl. I feel like it’s somehow all aimed at me though unless Nikki’s trying to get revenge for Axl shooting him in the ass and making him suck Tommy’s dick; he’ll never let that go unavenged. Nikki’s apparently on a fucking roll today too; I wonder if he didn’t get what he wanted this morning from Slash so he went after Axl or if it was his plan to go after him all along. I wish I’d cut his dick off this morning when I had the fucking chance! I have never hated someone as much as I hated Nikki; he’s gone after almost everyone that I love. Both Axl and Slash had been through enough when it came to unwanted sex they didn’t need anyone else fucking with them. It killed me that I wasn’t there this morning to protect Slash; I’m guessing that’s why Nikki and Tommy picked this morning to attack him, they must have seen me leave. I’m also betting that they paid off our security guards to let them in the room and then make themselves scarce. Doug had already fired them and some company sent him a few Hell’s Angels who are now looking for work in security. They’re fucking huge and have the classic biker long hair and beards and they seem like good guys; hopefully their loyalty can’t be bought. Two of them are guarding our hallway right now and they have instructions not to let anyone from Crue anywhere near Slash, Duff, or Steven but I trust Duff more than anyone to keep Slash safe.

Bodyguards are great but I’d found out this morning that they aren’t always around when you need them. Duff will be though; he won’t let Slash out of his sight. I knew when I left my Pretty Baby with Duff tonight that he wouldn’t be there waiting for me in the morning. When I saw him crying in Duff’s arms earlier it hurt because when I saw them I knew that he was where he belonged. He might love me but he’ll never love me the way he loves Duff. Duff had been his first everything; the first guy he slept with, the first person he ever fell in love with, the first person to break his heart and I couldn’t touch that. But that’s ok because Axl had been all of those things to me and no one could touch that either. When I saw Slash crying into Duff’s shoulder I realized that he still loved him. I don’t think that Slash realized that those feelings were still there either until Duff was holding him.

Things had been a little strained between us after that and Slash’s mind has been elsewhere all fucking day and I know that he’s been thinking about Duff. I know that Slash won’t leave me though even if he knew that what he really wanted was to be with Duff; that’s why I had to walk away from him. I pause for a second before I hit the stairs and think about what I did; I more or less took Slash to Duff and handed him over. I gave him to Duff and I don’t know what’ll happen but it’s a good bet that they’ll spend the night in each other’s arms and in the morning he won’t belong to me anymore. That thought is like a knife in my heart and I sink down the wall and try not to out and out sob. I’d loved him, I still loved him, I’d always loved him but I couldn’t keep him; I couldn’t seem to keep anybody even when they came running to me! I couldn’t hold onto Axl, I can’t hold onto Slash and Slash was so easy to love. He was sweet and cuddly and he never yelled. He got irritated sure but we’d never had a knock down, drag out fight. He was always affectionate and he was smart and talented and he just let me be myself and that in itself had been such a relief after being with someone who tried to control my every move for years. The sex was amazing too. It didn’t matter what position we fucked in or where we were or what mood we were in the sex was fucking amazing; even if we were sad it was amazing. This evening in the bathroom my heart was breaking because I knew I’d have to give him up but it was still so fucking good. But I guess that’s how it started, with sex brought on when we were both looking for something to soothe our broken hearts last year. He never just fucked me either; didn’t matter if we were hiding in a broom closet getting a quickie in before a show, he was always sweet to me and he always told me that he loved me when it was over; not to say that he wasn’t dominant sometimes because he could be and it was fucking hot but afterwards his cute, loving, personality returned. He came hard every time too whether he was topping or bottoming and so did I. Just thinking about it makes my dick start to stir. I didn’t want to lose my Pretty Baby but I know in my heart that he’ll be happier with Duff. His heart still belongs to Duff and Duff’’s has always belonged to him. Duff had better not do anything to hurt him either or I’ll have to kill him in addition to Nikki. My faith in him had better not be misplaced. Slash is still freaked about what happened this morning and he knew that when I left him with Duff a few minutes ago that I was leaving him for Axl and he was trying so hard not to cry and so was I. We both knew it was for the best though; he needed Duff right now and he knew it and I needed Axl; I needed to fucking save Axl!

That thought makes me jump to my feet; I can’t sit here and cry anymore. Slash is safe and in good hands but Axl isn’t, Axl needs me! Maybe I’ll finally be able to save him from somebody, maybe this time I’d be able to keep some sick fuck from raping him. I’d failed him every other time. I couldn’t save him from his stepfather, I couldn’t save him from record execs, I couldn’t save him from that freak with the bat; it was like some sick pattern that kept repeating in our lives over and over. What kind of fucked up karma did we have anyway? But maybe I could save him from Nikki! Maybe if I could save him this one time and really be there for him he’d realize that I loved him more than anything. I’d walk through the flames of hell for him but I don’t think that he knew I would so I had to prove it to him. As much as it hurt me to think about how Slash had never fallen out of love with Duff despite loving me I knew that I had never fallen out of love with Axl either. I’d love that mother fucker until the day I die. We might not always be able to be together but my heart would always hold a part of him and his would always hold a part of mine. It’s time to go get him.

Just as I step into the stairwell Steven comes flying after me wanting to know where I’m going and can he come too. No that dumbass can’t come! The last thing I need is an idiot trailing after me that I might have to save too! I explain to him that Nikki has Axl and that I’m going to look for him and that no, he in fact cannot come with me but just then Tommy comes stalking up to us yelling about wanting to know what the fuck we’ve done with Nikki. I tell him that we haven’t done anything with that crazy motherfucker and he gets right up in my face but I don’t back down. My heart might be beating so hard that I’m pretty sure you could see it through my ribcage I won’t back down from this bastard; not ever again will I back down from one of these Crue motherfuckers. I’d backed down this morning and look where it had gotten me; I should have cut Nikki’s cock off when I had the chance! Tommy finally relents and I grab Steven and pull him down the stairs with me.

We burst out of the stairwell and into the hallway next to the lobby. Doc is there talking to the people at the front desk trying to figure out where Nikki might have gone and who he left with. Before I can even scan the room a guy at the front desk is waving a piece of paper at me telling me that a courier has dropped off a message specifically for me. I snatch the note out of his hand and start to read it but I can’t even finish it before I sink to my knees. I’m breathing hard and trying not to throw up or cry; the note’s from Nikki and like I thought he has my Fireball. Nikki tells me that everything that’s happened in our band between us guys has all been a part of some evil fucking plot. He says that Erin caused all the trouble he figured she would and that he knew I’d either cheat on or leave Axl when it got to be too much. He tells me that the way Curly Sue cared for me was just a convenient addition to his plan. He says that he was planning on sampling the kid this morning to see what made him so special to everyone; to know what it was about him that everyone wanted a piece of but that he was interrupted by Duff; thank fucking god for Duff’s undying vigilance where Slash is concerned. If Nikki had done any more to that kid than he had done before he’d been stopped I would have stabbed him to death right there in the floor and I wouldn’t have made it a quick, painless death either. The letter goes on to tell me that he now plans to see what it is about Axl that makes me love him so much. He says he’s going to torture him, rape him, and that when he’s done with him that he’ll kill him. I know that he means it too. Holy fuck he means it!

I grab Steven’s arm and pull myself up off of the floor and quickly look over the people in the lobby. I see a guy in black standing near the desk talking to a bellboy and he keeps nervously looking over at Doc and the women working the counter and trying to pretend that he wasn’t looking at me every now and then too. If he had a hat on he’d be dressed like a chauffeur. Bingo. That fucker knows something; he probably drove Nikki wherever he went this morning and is trying to figure out what people know. I walk over to him and grip his arm from behind. He starts to object but no one’s paying attention. “Don’t say a word or I’ll blow your nuts off,” I hiss in his ear. He gulps and closes his mouth. I glare at the bellhop he was talking to as a warning that he’d better not open his mouth either. I motion them both over to the couches that are set up on one side of the lobby and drag the guy in the driver’s uniform in that direction. His friend follows a few steps behind and Steven falls in behind him. If anyone sees us they’ll think we’re just talking I hope. “Ok, you fuckers know something about what that guy at the desk is talking about, you know where Nikki Sixx is. I could tell by the looks on your faces and how you kept looking over at the counter. Spill it; where is that asshole?” I growl when we’re sitting down.

“I don’t know anything you crazy fuck!” the guy I’m holding onto protests. “I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about!”

“Don’t lie you piece of shit!” I pull my shirt up just enough for them to see my gun.

“Ok, I..I’ll tell you ok?! Just don’t hurt us!” the kid in the bellhop’s outfit tells me. “That guy Nikki paid us to do shit for him and keep our mouths shut! I was spying on the guys in your band and keeping tabs on when people came and went. I saw your singer leave this morning and then I saw you go after him a little while later. I told Nikki when you left and a few minutes later he and that other tall guy Tommy came down the hall and paid your security guards to take a hike and open your hotel room. I heard them saying that you left everyone’s little baby all alone? What the fuck did he mean?”

“It’s not important!” I answer, trying to keep myself from yelling and grabbing the guy by the throat. “Why did he want to know where we were all the time and where the fuck is he now and is he with our singer? I need to know, Nikki’s a sick mother fucker and he’ll hurt Axl! Tell me what you know!”

“We don’t know why he wanted to know ok? He gave us a grand and told us to keep quiet about anything we saw or heard. I took him to some studio this morning and your singer got in the car. Then I dropped them off at the Hilton three blocks away from there, that’s all I know! You’re not going to tell him that it was us who told you where he is right? If he’s really crazy like you say he is I don’t want him coming after me or George,” the driver says gesturing to his friend. “Please don’t tell him,” he pleads. We need our jobs and we needed the money he paid us. George’s mom is sick and I need to get me and my sister the fuck out of my parent’s house and away from my dad before he kills one of us! I didn’t know he was going to hurt the guy! I thought maybe those two were sleeping with some of you, when you left and they went into your room I know your guitarist was in there; are you two like a couple or something? I thought maybe one of them was his other lover or something and that maybe he was cheating on you. I went back downstairs after they went in that room because I had work to do; I didn’t figure that your love lives were any of my business.”

“Yeah, or something,” I answer. “I’m not going to tell that fucker anything but you’re going to drive me to where you dropped him and Axl off. Georgie there is coming with us so I know that he’s not going to squeal and let Nikki know we’re coming. Anybody else here working for him?”

“Not that we know of,” George says looking at me warily.

“Good, let’s go,” I growl and hoist the driver to his feet. “Do you have your keys on you?”

“Yeah,” he answers. “ I just need to tell my boss that I’ve got a fare and I’ll tell him that George is going to dinner.”

I let him go and move over and put my arm around George. “You do that but make sure you come back or Georgie will be minus a vital body part or two, got it?” George gulps and the driver kid nods and heads over to the desk. He comes back a second later and we walk to the garage as quickly as we can without looking conspicuous. George and I climb into the back of the car and I roll down the window that makes up the partition between the driver and the passengers. Steven gets into the front seat with the other kid purely to intimidate him. “Drive as fast as you can without getting pulled over,” I tell him and light a cigarette.
“So you gotta get away from your dad huh?” I ask the driver whose name turns out to be Dale.

“Yeah, he’s a sick fuck too, he beats me and my sister and he comes into her bed at night...she’s only 14. I tried to report him once but nobody believed me, he’s a fucking fireman, nobody thinks he would hurt his kids. I gotta get Linsey out of there,” he sighs.

“We’re familiar with fucked up family situations; believe me. You’re not the only one ok? I know where you’re coming from,” I tell him and my heart aches because Axl went through the same thing and worse. I reach into my pants pocket and pull out the money that I was planning on using to pay off anybody I needed to pay off. These two proved to be easier to hustle than I thought. It never occurred to them that my gun wasn’t loaded but then again they were only kids; 18, 19 tops. I peel off $1000 and hand it over to George. “You guys split that for telling me what I needed to know and for driving us. I get the situations you two are in, hopefully the money will help a little.”

The kid just looks at me for a second and then practically whispers “Thanks.”

“Yeah no problem. Is that it?” I ask motioning at the Hilton that I see up the street.

“Yeah that’s it,” Dale says and pulls into the lot. I thank them and Stevie and I jump out of the car and run into the lobby and up to the counter. There’s a pretty blonde working there; perfect.

“Hey darlin, I’m looking for the bass player of the band I’m touring with. I know he came here to have some fun earlier if you know what I mean. Anyway, he’s late for the show and management’s going ape shit, think you could help me out? He’s probably passed out with some chick and has no idea he’s late,” I lie.

“Sir, I don’t think I can give you any information about our guests,” she tells me.

“Don’t call me sir darlin, my name’s Izzy. What’s your name beautiful?” I ask her and she blushes and looks down. Learning how to charm all those women back in LA for all those years pays off sometimes; now is one of those times.

“My name’s Heather,” she says and looks up at me again.

“Well Heather,” I drawl, “I really need to find him, his name’s Nikki, you know Motley Crue? We’re touring with them and his ass needs to get to the stadium like yesterday! Help me out and I’ll introduce you to the band.”

“Motley Crue?!” she asks excitedly. “I love Motley Crue, I forgot they were playing in town tonight! Oh my god Nikki Sixx is here?! Holy shit! Aren’t they touring with Guns n Roses? Holy shit you’re in Guns n Roses! You play guitar and you play drums!” she squeals at me and Steven. “I love “Welcome to the Jungle but my favorite is Sweet Child o’ Mine!” she practically squeals.

“Yeah, we’re in Guns n Roses,” I tell her. I play rhythm guitar; Slash plays lead but I wrote a lot of the music. Glad you like it.”

“Everyone loves your music are you joking? My best friend thinks your singer is gorgeous and my sister is like in love with Slash but I think you’re all pretty cute. You’re even cuter in person Izzy! I’ll help you find Nikki but don’t tell anyone I helped you!”

“I won’t tell anyone beautiful. Come by the Plaza on Green Street tomorrow morning at 10 and bring your sister and your friend and I’ll introduce you to all of the guys,” I promise her. I’m trying to keep my patience and remain calm, if I get snotty this girl won’t help me because it’ll hurt her feelings but inside I’m ready to climb the fucking walls with impatience. I just need to get to my fireball!

She walks over to the guest log and looks through the names and room numbers. “The only suite we have rented out is rented to a guy named Jeff Isbell, do you think that’s him?” she asks me. Holy shit that crazy mother fucker rented a room in my name! What the fuck?!

“That’s him darlin, what’s the room number?” I ask bouncing on my toes.

“302,” she replies.

“Can you get me a key?” I ask. “Please? I’ll get everyone to sign autographs for you.”

“Yeah, I guess so but promise me that you won’t cause any trouble. I could lose my job!,” she says nervously.

“Don’t worry about your job sugar, Jeff Isbell is my real name so if anybody asks all you did was give me the key to my room. Want to see my license to make it look official?” I ask.

“Seriously?” she asks with a look on her face that says she’s confused as to why Nikki Sixx would rent a room in my name.

“Seriously, I guess it just sounded like an average name, he probably never thought that one of us would come looking for him. Lucky for me I guess that he used my name.” I pull my license out of my wallet and hand it to her. She grins and grabs the key from the board behind her and hands it to me. “Thanks beautiful,” I say and lean over the counter to kiss her cheek. She beams and then turns bright red.

“You’re welcome Izzy,” she replies and raises her hand to the spot where I kissed her. “Good luck!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning ok?” I say and back away towards the elevator.

“I’ll be there!” she tells me and smiles and I smile back and then practically run to the elevator door and push the button. It feels like the thing takes forever to get down to the lobby and when it does we fly into it and hit the button for the third floor. When the doors open again I run out of the elevator and down the hall. Fortunately there’s no one else in the hallway. When I get to 302 ‘m surprised to see the bullets from my gun on the floor. Is this just more of Sixx’s games? I don’t fucking care; I just scoop up the bullets and put them in the chamber and cock the fucker.I press my ear to the door. I can hear a voice talking quietly. Nikki. Then I hear a deeper voice yelling “Just kill me; if Izzy doesn’t love me just kill me!” Axl! No! I kick the door open and my mouth drops open. What I see when I open the door fills me with an anger that knows no bounds. This morning when I was beating Nikki for touching Slash I thought I couldn’t be any angrier; I was wrong. My Fireball’s tied to the bed; both his arms and his legs are restrained and he’s sprawled out spread-eagled on the bed and Nikki’s between his legs and there’s blood everywhere. Blood on Axl’s legs, blood on his arms, blood on his chest...what the fuck?! His chest is bleeding for some reason; what the fuck? I can see the horror and pain in Axl’s eyes and I’m filled with blood red fury but it’s too late; Axl slumps back onto the bed and I pull the trigger. I have the gun pointed at Nikki’s head but at the last second Steven knocks my arm to side and it goes through Nikki’s shoulder. He falls forwards on the bed onto Axl but I run over and shove him to the side. I sit Axl up in my arms but his head just lolls backwards. His eyes flutter but they don’t open. “His eyes! Look at his eyes!” I don’t realize that I’ve yelled it out loud for a second but then I yell for Steven to call an ambulance and I realize that I hadn’t just started talking. I look down at my beautiful Fireball. He’s covered in blite marks and Nikki’s fucking name is carved into his chest but most alarmingly a needle’s dangling from his limp arm. Oh my fucking god, what had Nikki done?!
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