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Things are more crazy around the 16th precinct than normal.

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Olivia's POV
"You searched his house without waiting for a warrant how stupid can you be Olivia" Alex yelled walking into the precinct fuming "well hello to you too" I said rolling my eyes "why did you do that Olivia" she asked me somewhat calmer now "when I got there he was in the process of destroying everything so I didn't think I acted i'm sorry" I said standing and grimacing at a pain shooting through my side "what happened" she asked softly "Olivia was an idiot and tried to subdue the suspect on her own and he punched her in the ribs breaking a couple but she won't go to the hospital that's what" Finn jumped into the conversation "thanks a lot Finn just what I wanted to give her the chance to yell at me more" I said glaring at the man "you're welcome" he said sarcastically "Olivia show me" Alex asked quietly taking a step toward me "fine follow me" I groaned as more pain shot through my side when I walked to the cribs I opened the door leading to the precinct bedroom basically, and walked in with Alex close behind I heard her close the door so I turned and faced her "take you shirt off so I can see" she said sternly "rush much" I asked grinning but taking it off anyway grimacing at the purple and blue bruise beginning to form "Jesus Christ Olivia why won't you go to the hospital" she asked shocked "because it'll go away eventually" I said gasping when she stepped forward and trailed her fingers along the injury "sorry did I hurt you" she panicked "no but your hands are really cold" I said putting my shirt back on and going to step around her "no you don't if you don't either go home until that's healed or go to the hospital then I'll have a judge remove you from the case Olivia" she threatened in a low voice "no you can't do that Cabot" I said "try me" was all she said before walking out I could see the anger coming off her so I just walked over to my desk and grabbed my jacket "will someone give me a lift home" I asked the other four "sure I will" Finn's partner Chester Lake offered with a smile "no it's okay Detective Lake i'll take her I want to make sure she gets home" Alex said coming and standing next to me "Lex come on I will go home I promise I just don't need a babysitter" I whined turning to the brunette "I don't care Olivia I care about you and just want to make sure that you get home okay is that so much to ask" she pleaded with me both of us not caring that the others were still listening to us argue I pushed forward pressing my lips against hers in a closed mouth kiss effectively shutting her up and shocking everyone including myself I pulled away blushing a little "um is that offer to drive me home still there Lake" I asked turning to the Latino man "yes sure come with me" he said walking out "i'll stay home until i'm better" I murmured as I walked past Alex "no wait Liv please let me take you home" Alex asked with desperation "okay" I whispered walking out next to her "i'm going to take her home Detective Lake and this time I have her permission" Alex said when we were coming up to her car which was parked next to Lake's "okay then Liv did you really say it was okay" he asked me I didn't trust my voice anymore so I just nodded he nodded once and then walked away Alex opened the passenger door for me and then closed it after I was in my phone started ringing from my jacket pocket I got it out and passed it to Alex "what do I want your phone for Liv" she asked I din't answer instead I just turned and stared out the car window.

Alex's POV
I put her phone into the holder on my dashboard and press answer "hello" I said starting my car and pulling out "Cabot why are you on Liv's phone" Elliot's voice came through the speaker "slight mishap with Livy and now she doesn't want to talk to anyone" I said risking a quick glance to the brunette woman still silently looking at the scenery "Livy it's Elliot" I said quietly almost like I was talking to a child but she just ignored me "I think that you should call another time Elliot" I said before reaching to hang up the phone "who's Livy" he asked confused "Olivia" I said pressing the red button. I pulled up outside of Liv's apartment building "Liv we're here" I said placing a hand on her shoulder she got out of the car and came around my side and waited "do you want me to walk you up" I asked getting frustrated at her moody teenager attitude she nodded her head and I could see the glint of tears on her cheeks "oh Olivia" I sighed as I got out of the car and walked with her up to her apartment she tried to get her key out of her pocket and into the door lock but ended up dropping it I seen her hands shaking so I placed one of my own hands on her to try and calm her down while I reached down and picked up the key with my other hand I unlocked the door and led her inside "Lex can you stay for a while" she whispered "uh sure Liv if you want" I said. Olivia went to her room to lay down for a bit so I went and sat down on her couch after a while I started to get tired so I laid down and went to sleep, I got woken up again some time later by the sound of Liv being sick so I got up and went to her bathroom and seen her leaning over the toilet throwing up I silently went over and pulled her hair out of the way waiting for her to finish afterwards Liv groaned and stood up to wash her mouth out "how long has this been going on" I asked "don't know bout a month I guess" she said shrugging her shoulders "Livy why haven't you seen a doctor it could be something serious" I said "no" she said walking out and going back to bed "please Liv just go for me" I pleaded with her "fine then but can it wait until tomorrow morning" she asked yawning "fine then i'll stay the night and take you in the morning" I agreed.

(Time Skip tomorrow morning)
Olivia's POV
"Livy come on time to wake up" I heard Alex's soft voice in the background "why" I groaned rolling over and burying my face in my pillow "you said you would go to the doctor's remember" she prompted me "fine i'm getting up" I said sitting up and pushing the covers off of me "I got coffee" she said holding up the truce between us "is it decaf because that's all my body will allow me to drink" I said grabbing the cup "yes" she said walking out of my bedroom I got up and went to grab some clothes to change into but the I realized that I never got into my pajamas yesterday "well i'm ready when you are Alex" I said going out to where the brunette was waiting "alright let's go" she said pulling me out of my apartment. 20 minutes later we pulled up outside Mercy General Hospital I got out and walked inside with Alex "hi an ultrasound for Olivia Benson please" she said to a pretty blonde at the desk "of course right this way and then i'll find a nurse for you" the blonde said standing and smiling at us she lead us to an empty room and then walked down the hall a few minutes later she came back with a black haired nurse with her "hi there my name Mila and i'll be helping you today" she said as the blonde walked away again "hey" Alex and I said at the same time "okay then please lay down on the bed" she asked getting the gel ready I laid down and lifted my shirt "cold" I said when she squeezed some out she got the transducer and moved it around my stomach "well I have good news for you Ms Benson" she said smiling to me "actually it's miss and what is it" I asked after correcting her.
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