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Liv finds out some shocking news and Elliot pays a visit to an old partner of his.

Category: Law & Order: SVU - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Elliot Stabler,Olivia Benson - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2017-06-30 - Updated: 2017-07-09 - 790 words

Alex's POV
"Congratulations Miss Benson you are 5 weeks pregnant" Mila said kindly to Liv, I looked at Liv her eyes went wide before she started freaking out "no, no, no I can't keep this baby I don't want to I don't even know how he managed to get me pregnant in the first place" she whimpered I walked over to the bed and stood next to Liv wrapping my arms around her shoulders "shh, shh, shh calm down Livy" I whispered holding her tightly now that she had started shaking "how is this fair Alex he raped me and now I'm pregnant with his baby" she cried "wait what who Liv who raped you and why didn't you tell me sooner" I asked starting to panic a little "I DON'T KNOW" she yelled breaking away from me a bolting out of the room "you should go after her by the looks of things the fetus is already getting restless if something happens this early in the pregnancy it could kill the fetus" Mila said beginning to pack everything up "fuck" I whispered before sprinting out of the room in search of Olivia I went outside and she was waiting by my car "Can I come stay with you for a while" she asked as I came up to her "only if you promise no more running away" I compromised "deal" she said starting to laugh "I thought about it and I want to keep the baby Alex" she said getting in the car "okay" I finalized "will you help me in raising the baby" she asked me "yes and Livy" I said already getting nervous about what I wanted to say "yeah Lex" she said turning to me as I placed a hand on the door to stop it from closing "i'm.... i'm in l-love with you Olivia" I stammered "lean closer will you I want to tell you something private" she said smiling I leaned down to her and then she kissed me 'oh god her lips are so soft and her mouth tastes amazing kinda like cinnamon' I thought to myself "I love you too Lex I have since a bit after we met" she said pulling away I heard someone's car horn honk "alright i'm moving" I yelled.

Dani's POV
"I'm coming" I yelled as someone knocked on my front door for what seemed like the thousandth time I opened the door and immediately melted into the warm soft kiss given to me I took my hand off the door and wrapped my arms into the man currently lip-locked with me he pulled away and looked at me "I should have done that again ages ago" he said "wow that was really good Elliot but what about your wife Kathy" I asked blushing faintly "Kathy and I agreed that it wasn't working out so we talked to the kids and I am going to get the kids when I have time away from work" he explained "I like you" I said feeling like a teenager confessing for the first time "really because I love you" he said grinning at me "yeah you too" I whispered turning around and walking back upstairs to my bedroom "wait Dani please I've missed you" he said grabbing my wrist hard enough to stop me from going any further but not hard enough that it hurt I turned around and seen his pleading eyes I took a few short steps back down the steps and slammed my lips into his roughly he instantly responded with desperate passion I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up pausing our kiss so as he could pull it over his head he dropped it to the ground before kissing my again I started walking backwards up the stairs while unzipping my jacket and letting it fall to the ground a little further up and I managed to get my shirt off as well "should we at least wait until we get to your bedroom" Elliot said laughing when I started kissing his neck "mmmhhhh no I can't wait" I said moving my hands down to his belt I began undoing it we were at the top of the stairs now stumbling towards my bedroom with fumbling to get each others clothes of as fast as possible by the time we actually got into my bedroom we were only in our underwear "please tell me you have condoms" Elliot said pausing our hungry kisses "no but I am on the pill" I said "okay" he said as I leaned up to kiss him again, I closed my eyes and just let him carry me into unbelievable amounts of blissful pleasure all through the night.
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