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Liv decides to keep working at the precinct for now and Elliot finds out where Dani works now.

Category: Law & Order: SVU - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Elliot Stabler,Olivia Benson - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2017-07-09 - 1169 words

Elliot's POV
"Good morning Elliot and thank you for last night" Dani said as I was waking up "you're welcome I don't know if I told you yesterday but I missed you and I love you" I said quietly. "Yeah you did and I love you too" she said quietly before getting up and going into the bathroom I grabbed my stuff and quickly got dressed going downstairs to the kitchen I got the stuff for bacon and eggs out before setting up the coffee machine by the time she came downstairs I had finished breakfast and coffee "I thought that you might like something to eat" I said pulling a chair out for her "thank you it smells great" she said smiling as she sat down I went and sat over the other side of her and we started eating she quietly moaned on the first bite and I smiled. About 10 minutes later we both finished eating, the dishes were done and we just leaving for work I looked up and seen Fin's car waiting for me he honked the horn and gave a quick wave from the window "did you want a lift to work" I asked turning to Dani "please but first...." she trailed off but leaned forward stopping a few centimeters away from my lips I hear Fin honk the horn again but I leaned forward and connect my lips to hers anyway we stayed standing there like that for a couple of seconds before I heard Fin yell "COME ON WE'RE GONNA BE LATE" I pulled away and seen her smiling we quickly made our way down to the car me in the front seat while Dani sat in the back "where do you work" I asked "CPS" she provided I nodded and we got going dropping her off she got out and came beside the passenger side door I put the window down "bye Elliot" she said I leaned forward and softly kissed her cheek "see ya Dani" I mumbled as she walked away.

Olivia's POV
"Olivia time to wake up or you're going to be late for work" Alex said "i'm already awake but you're just to warm" I muttered Alex had ended up letting me sleep next to her in the bedroom rather than on the couch I moved my hand down to the bottom of the silk slip she was wearing using my fingers to push it up slowly while at the same time teasing her thighs she reached in between us and grabbed my wrist stopping my hand from going any further "we need to get to work no sex Liv" she warned "ugh fine" I groaned getting up she lent me a pair of jeans I didn't even know she owned and a navy blue blouse while my clothes from yesterday got thrown into the wash except my trademark brown leather jacket I wore a lot I smiled and pulled her closer for what was supposed to be a short kiss but she gasped when I did and I couldn't help but deepen the kiss causing her to moan into my mouth both of us pulled back extremely surprised when a knock at the door sounded through the apartment she pushed me away "go answer the door while I get ready" she said laughing I pouted but went to answer it anyway "hey El" I said opening the door and letting my partner into the apartment "you know you're just staying here for a while don't you" Alex came out chuckling "yeah but he's my partner and I don't think it would be wise for me to go to work considering" I pointed out "you'll be fine Livy just no chasing the bad guys" she said coming over to us "but that's my favorite part" I joked grinning "haha very funny but no you still have to work for now just consider it desk duty" she replied heading towards the kitchen "come on Alex you know I can handle myself" I complained following her "I know you can handle yourself but what about the new development" she said. I didn't say anything else on the matter not even when Alex to me to go tell Captain Cragen about the pregnancy I just went and knocked on the door silently "come in" the Cap called out "hey can I talk to you" I asked glancing at the other person in the room "hey Liv" Fin said "hey" I mumbled looking down and leaning against the door frame "I will look into it for you" the Cap said as Fin was leaving "thanks Captain" was all Fin said before the door clicked shut behind him "what happened" Captain asked "uh i'm...." I paused and took a breath trying to calm my nerves and not let the out tears threatening to fall "Olivia what is it" he asked "i'm pregnant" I said "WHAT" he shouted all noise from the other side of the door stopped before a tentative knock on the door stopped us both "Livy you okay in there" Alex asked concerned.

Alex's POV
"Yeah i'm fine just shocked him I think" she said laughing nervously I stepped back and grabbed the file from her desk that I had put there when I first came in "tell Liv to meet me at my office" I said to her partner he nodded and everyone went back to work I left and headed back to my office to wait for Liv.

Olivia's POV
"You're pregnant how" Cragen asked "well when a guy and girl have-" I started with a grin "no, no never mind" he cut in shaking his head laughing "if you insist" I answered smirking "let me guess someone told you to come talk to me which is why you're in here" he said "yeah A- my partner did" I said quickly changing it I loved her but I wasn't ready for everyone to know "okay well you're on maternity leave" he said "what no Captain I can't leave now we're so close" I said following him out into the bull pen "I don't I won't have you put yourself at risk at the moment Detective" he said "yeah but you could have just stuck me on desk duty you didn't have to make me go on leave" I complained "Olivia you would go crazy in the first week of desk duty so it's better if you go on leave" he pointed out I groaned "which means i'll have your badge and gun" he added "but I still have a few weeks until i'm not allowed to work" I argued "you're pregnant Olivia I think you can handle a few extra weeks off work use it to catch up on some sleep that you haven't had for almost about 5 weeks" he reasoned I groaned again but handed my things over and went to grab my jacket "I slept just fine the past couple of nights Captain" I commented walking out.
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