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I Just Love Him So Much

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Slash and I had both fallen asleep when a knock came to our door. Slash just rolled over, not at all disturbed by it. I grumble and eventually get up. I open the door and see Doug standing there.

"Oh hey man," I drowsily say and rub my eyes, "Any word on Axl?"

"He's ok, Izzy is with him."

"Did Nikki have him? Did he get... you know, raped? Please tell me it wasn't like what happened to Izzy!" I ask with a lump in my throat.

"Yeah," he sighs, "that twisted fuck Nikki also carved his name into Axl's chest. He's got something like 40 stitches in both legs from where he was stabbed. He's not hurt like Izzy was, no internal injuries. Sixx is out of surgery, he's going to be fine too. Steven is still downtown. I'm waiting on his bail now."

"Wait...what? Sixx, surgery... Steven, bail?" I ask as my mind starts going fucking nuts.

"You mean you don't know? According to Steven, Izzy shot Sixx. But Steven is taking the rap so Izzy wouldn't go to jail and be able to stay with Axl."

I'm drop jawed until I hear Slash, "Mmmm Duff, who's at the door?"

Doug looks at me with a faint grin, "Nice to see you kids made up. Now things are back like they are supposed to be. I'm going to run. I'll let you know if anything comes up.,"

And then he's gone. I turn and close the door.

"Who was it?" Slash asks.

"It was Doug. Axl's ok...well he's probably not. That psycho fuck Nikki raped him and sliced him up real good. He's got a ton of stitches in his legs." I sigh, "Izzy fucking shot Nikki."

"He shot him?!" Slash asks sitting up.

"Yeah," I nod and sit on the bed. "Stevie is taking the rap though."


I nod. "This is fucking bad."

"Nikki is gonna tell the cops...then Izzy...oh my god..." his hand covers his mouth as he tries to process all this information.

I pull him into my arms. "Everything is gonna be fine. I don't know how but it's just gotta be. We've been through hell to get where we can't end here...Fuck, we've paid all the dues, when the fuck do we get a break?" Slash is still sobbing in my ear though; guess that wasn't actually very comforting. I know he was worried about Izzy going to jail, what would happen to the band if he did, and he's afraid that he's next, that this morning's interrupted assault will happen again only no one will be around to stop it. I'm fairly sure those two had way more in mind than just fucking his pretty mouth. "Hey, shhhh. It's gonna be ok somehow. I don't care if I have to take you away or what, I promise you'll be OK Baby Boy. I'm never letting anything else hurt you. Shhhh, don't cry sweet boy."

"When does it fucking ever end?" Slash wails.

I just want him to feel safe. I don't want him to cry or worry. I don't want his world to come crashing down. I just wanna make him happy. I hold his face in both hands and run my thumb across his full lips. I love him so much. I move aside the curls hanging in his eyes. His lashes are all stuck together with tears. I meet my lips with his and kiss him softly. I feel him grasping my shoulders as he tilts his head. I dip my tongue into his sweet mouth as he parts his lips. I feel his hand going into my hair. I deepen the kiss even more. I want him so much but I don't know if things between us are quite to love making yet. Maybe we needed more time. Who's to say if Slash and Izzy won't be back in bed together by tonight? Everything is so up in the air. And I'm swirling. My heart is pounding so hard I can hear it in my ears. The kiss keeps growing instead of stopping. What the fuck should I do? Keep kissing him? Stop it?

I think Slash answers the question for me when he moves away a second to pull his shirt over his head. Then he starts to lift mine over my head. Fuck yeah, I let him. Now I feel his smooth skin next to mine. God I had missed him. I know it's only been a few weeks, but it seemed like months and months. I just love him so much. I can feel Slash sliding my zipper down. My dick is very happy to be able to breathe. Then I take the liberty of freeing Slash's monster too. I peel his shorts down off his hips. Our tongues dance together and I'm getting lost in this perfect moment.

I lay Slash back on the bed. Our eyes are locked together. At out lips meet as our bodies meld together. This was how things were supposed to be. There's just no way Slash could feel this way with Izzy. Damnit Duff, stop thinking about Izzy. There's nothing but me and Slash. Just me and Slash. There's just me and Slash.

My hand shoots out to the night stand by the bed. I slide the drawer open and pull out some lube, jerking off felt so much better with a slicked up palm so I kept it on hand; plus Mandy had let me fuck her up the ass a couple of times since Slash left. It was nothing like fucking Slash though; not even fucking close. No one else on earth could ever make me feel the way I felt when I was inside of my Baby Boy. I sit up on my knees and pop the top. I coat my dick and look down at Slash writhing impatiently on the bed; his eyes full of hope and excitement. I give my nuts a quick scratch and lower myself back down on Slash. I take his lips with mine again and start working my dick in. I hear him draw in a breath and his hands grasp my hips. I start slowly thrusting my hips. He feels so good that I know I won't last long if I go any faster.

A moan draws me back in on Slash. I hook my hands under his arms and lift him up as I sit and throw my legs out straight. He starts to ride me. Thankfully he's going slow. I wrap my hand around his dick and start to stroke him in time with his own movements. His hands pull at my hair. Mine are rested between his hips and thighs. I'm digging into him with my nubs. God I've missed this. Missed him. Missed all of it.

After a minute Slash pushes me back so that I'm flat on my back. He continues to slowly ride me with this little twist thing in his hips. Im still stroking him and feel his dick getting super hard. I roll my hips with him and he moans out. It makes my dick twitch. I moan too, I can't help it. God I fucking love him.

"Duff you feel so good," he groans out.

"You do too baby," I answer as my hand strokes him.

"Are you close Duff? I'm close."

I start moving faster from under him, thrusting up to meet his body every time he slides down my cock. I increase my speed on his dick. I could feel the orgasm building up in both of us. Fuck yeah I was close. And then it happens. My body goes stiff and I can't stroke him anymore. His hand quickly picks up my slack. Then I can feel the warm release on my chest. The room is spinning and my toes curl. I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life.

"I love you," Slash pants as his body just goes limp.

"I've never loved anything or anyone the way I love you Baby Boy. Don't you ever leave me again."

"I promise."

After a moment we ok to untangle from one another and get cleaned up. Then we grab our respective bottles and cuddle in the bed watch some horror flick on TV. I'm so happy that it's hard to give poor Axl any thought. I really hope Izzy's there for him like he was for Izzy; I think he'll be better even. Izzy's been where Axl is now so he knows how much Axl needs him. I guess I just hope Izzy doesn't come back for Slash. Would Slash go to him if he did?
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