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Comet Doesn't Go Up Your Nose

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Nikki strikes again. This chapter is a true story.

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Well I managed to get three nights off by taking a bullet. That's cool. I also told the cops that Steven didn't shoot me. No. I didn't tell them Izzy did. But that's cool. I know. I'll deal with it accordingly. Where would the fun be in Izzy going to prison? Not like I was gonna get myself sent just so I could watch his misery. No, his misery suits me better right here. They got lawyers and shit involved to try to get out of the rest of the shows they had to play with us. I pulled some strings and made it to where they had no choice but to stay. So we're in Atlanta until I can play. I wanted to play immediately but no one will let me. Trust me, I'm of enough smack to not feel a thing. But I suppose the front row probably doesn't want me to bleed all over them.

So we crash in Georgia. I throw a big party and it's basically our entire floor. Izzy is holed up with Axl. Duff and Slash never come out of their room either. But eventually I do see Steven. "Hey Stevie!" I call out to him and motion him over. He hesitates but slowly makes his way over to me.

"Hey man, I wanted to thank you for telling the cops I didn't shoot you," he sheepishly says.

"Well you didn't," I smirk. "I know it was Izzy."

"Yeah...thanks for not telling the cops that."

I just smile a moment. "You want something to drink? It is a party."

"Thanks," he nods and picks up the nearest bottle.

"Mingle dude, have a good time," I wave him off and he disappears into the crowd of people.

I retreat into my room. I go over to my coke and make out a few lines. I glance up and notice that the cleaning lady left behind the toilet cleaner. Comet. Hummmm. My curiosity draws me over to it. I turn it sideway and let the powdered cleaner empty out onto the sink. I smirk for a second and return to the coke with the Comet in hand. I pour some of it out next to the two lines I had made out. I shape it out into a one as well. You couldn't tell the difference between it and the coke. I smile broadly as I stash the Comet container in a drawer.

I return to the door and call out for Tommy. He cheerfully comes bounding over to me. "Hey bro!"

"I'm gonna invite you and Steven in for a line. You do the middle line, you understand me?"

"Yeah, sure!" He nods. I look for Steven. I motion for him to come over. ,"You want a bump man?"

He looks at me smiling, "You sure?"

,"Yeah, it's in my room," I motion him in.

I hand the straw to Tommy and let him go first. Then I take the straw and snort up the bottom line. Steven is left with the Comet. I hand him the straw. He bends over it and inhales deeply. The Comet disappears. Steven grabs his nose, "Fuck man, that shit burns." When he lowers his hand blood starts gushing out his nose. "Holy shit!" He panics.

I cross over to him with a wicked gleam. I lean in toward him and whisper. "Next time don't get in the middle of my shit."

"Oh fuck! What did you give me?!"

I just die laughing. Steven turns and runs out of the room holding his bloody nose.

"What the fuck was that about?" Tommy looks at me.

I laugh some more and open the drawer. I pull out the Comet and toss it to him.

"Dude did he just snort this?!" He asks with huge eyes.

I just laugh more.

"Dude, what if it kills him?!" He asks in shock.

"Fuck him," I continue to laugh.


What the fuck do I do?! This crazy fuck just tried to kill me! What did I snort?! It's draining down my throat and it burns so fucking bad! Oh god what do I do?! Do I need to get to a hospital?! I grip my nose closed and shove my way through the throng of fucking people to Axl and Izzy's room. I frantically beat on the door. "It's me Steven! Please open up!!"

Izzy opens the door and his eyes go wide "What the fuck happened to you?"

I rush inside. Axl's on he bed. He looks up at me and just rolls over on the bed with his back to me. "Izzy! Sixx gave me a line of coke but it wasn't fucking coke! It burns!"

"What the fuck are you even doing around him!?" Izzy yells at me grabbing my shoulders.

"He was being cool! I thought he was burying the hatchet! But then he whispers to me not to fuck with his business! Oh god I'm gonna die!!"

"You're not gonna die! Calm the fuck down!!" He shakes me.

"Yes I am! I'm gonna die!!" I'm 110%sure of this man! I'm dying! Steven Adler dies from fake drugs!!

"Come on," Izzy says and drags me in the bathroom. He cuts on the faucet. "Snort some water!"

I stick my bloody nose under the water and snort some. I start coughing like crazy.

Izzy slaps my back, "Easy. Just calm down. Come on, get some more in there."

Again I try. And again I break out coughing.

"Does it burn any less?" Izzy asks.

I nod and snort some more. When I swallow I taste my blood. After about 12 snorts up each nostril Izzy fills up a glass with water.

"Here, drink as much water as you can. It'll dilute whatever it was you snorted."

I clutch my stomach. "I'm gonna be sick Izzy!"

He quickly moves aside and I fall to my knees in front of the toilet and start puking. It makes my throat burn even more. Jesus Christ! I'm gonna die! Right here! Right now!

"Come on, drink some water, try to keep it down," Izzy coaxes me.

I turn the glass up and guzzle it. Izzy takes it and refills it. He hands it back to me and I drink it as fast as possible.

"You got any problem breathing? Chest pains? Numbness, tingling?" Izzy asks.

I shake my head no.

"You're gonna be ok Stevie," he says softly.

I nod yes and try my best to believe it. But I still don't know. Though my nose does burn less and the bleeding has stopped. Izzy stays right next to me trying to talk me through this. This all goes on a few hours. Finally I start to realize that I'm not actually dying. Maybe I'm going to be ok.
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