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Slash bday

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What a crazy fucking show tonight! I can’t believe Axl dived off the stage and punched a fucking security guard and that he did it with all of those stitches in his legs! Jesus Izzy was going to have his hands full tonight! Speaking of Izzy, I’ve only been alone with him once since everything with Axl and Nikki went down. He hadn’t gotten there in time to save Axl from being sexually assaulted but he had saved him from dying. I could tell that he felt partly vindicated and that he still felt hugely inadequate for not being able to get to Axl before Nikki fucked him and sliced him up. I’d run into Treader (who’d obviously given Izzy the slip) during soundcheck yesterday and had gone looking for Izz so that I could return him. Treader’s my buddy; cats are more my thing but I’ve made an exception for Treader and he seems to think that if Izzy’s not around I’m the next best thing. Some of the crew are afraid of him due to his sheer size but he’s the sweetest dog ever and he fucking adores Izzy. Izzy’s pretty whipped for him too; it was cute and they were good for each other.

Treader had had a hard life before Izzy got him. I had contacted the pound where Izzy picked him up right after Izzy and I had gotten together and they’d given me what information they had on him. He was rescued from the backyard of a vacant house; the owners had moved away and left him behind but that wasn’t the saddest part. The worst part was that he had spent most of his life chained to a reinforced clothesline. He had the run of the 15 foot backyard he was in but he could only walk the length of the clothesline. He had a rundown dog house and food and water but unless someone took him for a walk or brought him in the house (which the neighbors told the Humane Society that they almost never did) all he could do was walk around his little yard and hope for some affection. He had spent a lot of time alone so he matched Izzy’s loner personality that hid a desperate need for affection perfectly and Izzy spoiled the hell out of that dog. He had giant dog beds on our bus and in our hotel rooms and our dressing room backstage and Izzy always had Milkbones in his pocket that he’d give Treader for no good reason at all other than Izzy liked making him happy. The dog always had giant rawhide bones to knaw on and balls to chase and a squeaky stuffed raccoon toy that he dragged everywhere. Consequently the dog was majorly protective of Izzy and anything he perceived as a threat to his master got a menacing snarl and growl. Naturally Treader hated Axl most of the time because Axl was so loud and he and Izzy used to fight all the time but like all good animals he senses that Axl’s hurting so he’s started walking over during practice or soundcheck and laying his head on Axl’s leg and sighing until Axl scratches his ears.

So the dog and I went walking down some back hallways calling for Izzy who I knew would be out looking for him too since Treader wasn’t in his dressing room. We’d found each other pretty quickly and Izzy looked at me with a mixture of relief, happiness, and wariness in his eyes. “Hey,found our buddy here checking out the dumpsters when I went out for a smoke; figured I’d better bring him back before he ate last night’s moldy hot dogs or something,” I joked.

“Come here you rotten mutt!” Izzy playfully growled at the Rottweiler. Treader happily trotted up to him and licked his hand. “Cut it out man, you licked your own balls with that tongue!” Izzy teased as he petted the dog.

“Being a dog has it’s advantages,” I commented. If guys could lick their own balls we’d never leave the house.

Izzy laughed. “True,” he said. “Slash, I’m sorry about how I ran out the way I did I,”.

I cut him off. “It’s ok, I know you had to do it. You had to go after him Izz; you would never have been able to live with yourself if you didn’t. I understand. I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt because it did but I would never have tried to stop you.”

He looks at me for a minute and then grabs me and pulls me into a fierce hug. “No matter what anyone says you were never a mistake Pretty Baby, you were one of the best things to ever happen to me. You let me know that I’m worth something, that I’m not just a piece of shit junkie and that it’s ok to be me. I love you, I’m always going to love you, but I think we’re both back where we belong now. I’m so sorry if I hurt you. You and Duff look so happy to be together again; are you?”

“Yeah, we’re happy,” I answer, trying to suppress an idiotic grin which is weird because I sort of want to cry at the same time because Izzy’s arms are around me and I’m holding him close to me again. So much has changed in just a few days but in some cases I guess things are very much the same. “I’m always here if you need me though Izzy, that’s never going to change ok?”

“Same here kid,” he says quietly. He pulls back and looks at me for a second and then dips his head and gives me one of those kisses that takes my breath away and I feel myself start to kiss back but just like that he’s gone, pulling Treader down the hallway by his collar and he doesn’t look back.

I have to lean up against the wall for a minute to process what just happened. Shit, was he always going to have the power to leave me reeling from just a kiss? Yes, I decide, he probably will. But it doesn’t matter, Izzy’s where he needs to be which is with Axl who came around the corner at that moment and almost collided with Izzy and the the dog. I had stepped back into the shadows so that I didn’t look like I was staring like a creepy stalker. Izzy had gently swept Axl into his arms and kissed him softly before brushing his hair back out of his eyes. Axl had sagged into Izzy’s chest, his legs and chest had to be hurting more than he let on to the rest of us but the walls came down in front of Izzy. Izzy had kissed his forehead and scooped him up in his arms. Axl let his head drop onto Izzy’s shoulder as Izzy headed for an exit that inevitably had a car waiting to take them back to the hotel and Treader padded along behind them. I had to smile, Izzy’s body language said he was thrilled that Axl trusted him enough to let him care for him and Axl genuinely seemed to appreciate Izzy’s unwavering care and attention to his needs. For once he was actually grateful for the way Izzy cared for him which was all Izzy had ever wanted. I guess we’ll see if Axl returns any of Izzy’s affection; the fact is that they’re both so broken and trying to care for each other but it was what they did, what they’d always done and they weren’t likely to change. Those two needed each other to survive the horrors the world had thrown at them, I just hoped that they could find joy and light somewhere within themselves and each other as well. I’m pretty sure they did though or they wouldn’t have made it this far for this long. I hadn’t seen them since Izzy had carried Axl away last night and I’m assuming Izzy’s trying to nurse Axl through the pain of at least a few ruptured stitches.

Speaking of joy mine is sprawled out on the lawn chair beside me toweling water out of his bleached blonde hair and when I look at him I’m struck dumb by how gorgeous he is with the sun shining down on his blonde locks and creamy skin which is starting to bronze after several days in the sun. My own skin has turned a dark, coffee, color and my tan line is ridiculous looking. Oh well, Duff doesn’t seem to mind. I’m ready to go back in and take a shower, we’ve been out here sunning ourselves and swimming for about an hour and a half and I’m ready to relax on our huge, soft, hotel bed in the air conditioning. “Duffy, can we go in? I’m starting to feel all sticky and gross from the sunscreen and I’d love to just lay in the a/c with you,” I tell him.

“Sure baby, come on,” he replies and we stand up grabbing our bottles of water and towels and discarded t-shirts and head inside. Once we get there we immediately jump into the shower. When we’re finally standing under the hot water Duff pulls me close to him and circles his arms around my waist. He smiles down at me before leaning down and giving me a soft kiss which I gladly return.

“Have I told you how much I love you today?” he asks me and strokes my cheek with his thumb.

“No, but feel free to,” I tease but desperately wanting to hear it. I move my arms up and around him, gently running them up and down his back.

“I love you much that I think my heart might explode out of my chest. It feels so good to have you back in arms that I almost can’t believe it’s real. I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and you’ll have just been a beautiful dream. Ironic that now I don’t want to be dreaming, when we were apart all I wanted was to wake up from the nightmare of spending everyday without you. But Baby Boy I really need to know what you’re feeling. You told me that you loved me the night before last when we made love and you told me again last night right before you dozed off. You’re so cute when you’re sleepy and cuddly like that; I love to just lay there and watch you sleep with that sweet little smile on your face that you get when you know that you’re finally going to get some rest after a show. But anyway, did you mean it when you said it? Are you back for good? Is Izzy going to come back to retrieve you the same way he came and dropped you off? If he did would you go with him? I can’t stop wondering about that and honestly it scares me to death,” he says a little desperately.
I tighten my grip on him and smile. I’m sure of what I want and I’m happy to reassure him. “Duffy, I wouldn’t tell you I loved you if I didn’t. I realized when I was sitting there in your arms crying the other day that that was where I belonged. I belong in your arms, I belong with you. The other night when you kissed me I didn’t tell you this but it felt like I’d come home somehow after being gone for a long time. Izzy’s not coming back baby and even if he did I wouldn’t go with him. I love you and my heart belongs to you as long as you keep it safe. Please don’t sleep with Mandy again, don’t build me up just to let me down, and please, please, don’t ever hit me again. That broke my heart and you scared me Duff; you were totally out of control because you were so drunk and coked out. It was embarrassing too; you made me look like a little bitch. But if you can do those three things for me and love me the way that you say you do then I’m all yours,” I tell him honestly, spilling out my heart to him and never breaking eye contact.

His pretty hazel eyes fill with tears and he looks down to where his fingers delicately trace over the last remaining bruises on my ribcage. He looks back up into my eyes and the tears that had been welling up spill over and run down over his cheeks. Seeing him cry makes me cry but we reign it in so that he can answer me. I swear to you Baby Boy that I won’t ever, ever, hit you again. I was so ashamed every time I saw you in pain and every time I looked at those bruises I wanted to die. I couldn’t believe I’d hurt you that way; I was horrified and so disgusted with myself. Axl ripped me a new asshole that night too and told me that if I loved you I could never hit you again; that violence did nothing but destroy love between two people, that it had destroyed him and Izzy just as much as all the unwanted sex and cheating had, that it might have been the worst thing for them as a couple actually. As for Mandy I’ll never lay a hand on her again. I can’t believe she saw you in the doorway and laughed when she saw how hurt you were. She’s been really nice to me over the past few weeks but I could never feel anything for her; when I would wake up in the morning and it was her in my bed and not you it was all I could do not to cry right then and there, I would wait until I got in the shower and then I’d cry. You’re my everything baby and I didn’t realize how true that was until you were gone. I was hurting too, when I saw you and Izzy kissing in the club my heart shattered into a million pieces. Axl saw it too and we were both standing there crying in the middle of the dance floor like two weirdos. It’s funny that you said that you felt like kissing me was like coming home, I felt the exact same way. I love you so, so much and wherever we’re together is home to me,” he tells me and I can see the sincerity in his eyes.

“I love you Duff, forever, I promise,” I reply.
His response is to practically pick me up and kiss me the way he did a couple of nights ago when Izzy left me here. “Let’s get cleaned up and out of this shower,” he says urgently. “I need to touch and kiss every single part of your body and show you how I feel so let’s hurry up!” I laugh quietly and we quickly wash our hair and scrub every part of our bodies clean. When we’re out of the shower and dried off he picks me up and carries me out to the huge bed and lays me down, quickly climbing over top of me and laying himself down between my legs propped up on his forearms. His lips on mine are soft and his touches are light and tender. I run my own hands down over his sides, up over his ass which I squeeze lightly and I feel him smile into the kiss that I hope never ends, and then up his back and into his hair. His lips move down my jaw and onto my neck and he teasingly licks that spot behind my ear that he knows will make me moan and squirm every time it’s touched and if he’s fucking me and I’m close if he sucks on that spot I’ll cum almost instantly every time. He teases me for a few minutes, softly licking and sucking at that spot and I can’t help but pant and moan and writhe underneath him. My dick gets so hard it throbs against his leg and he groans a little.

“You’re so sexy when you react when I touch you there,” he whispers. I smile at him and grab his face and pull his lips down onto mine again and this time the kiss is harder and needier.
He pulls away after a few seconds and his lips glide down my chest, stopping at my nipples. He looks up at me then and says “I want to do this for you, let me make love to you, don’t you move a muscle unless it’s because I’m making you feel good, understand?”

“But Duffy I want to make love to you too,” I protest.

He smirks playfully and tells me “That’s what round two if for.”

“Fine, I agree. “No problems there.”
He grins again and then turns his attention back to my left nipple; swirling his tongue over it before lightly sucking and biting at it, pulling small cries of pleasure out of me. He moves to the other side and then his tongue trails down my stomach and he kisses all around my cock but he won’t touch it and I growl in frustration. “Settle down,” he warns me or I’ll tease you for even longer.

“Why? I thought you wanted to touch me and I want to feel you touch my cock sooo bad, it’s been so long and I want you to touch me, please!” I beg.
He smiles and sits up a little and wraps his hand around my dick. I close my eyes and my head drops back; a sigh escapes my mouth. “God you’re beautiful,” he groans as he strokes me. He moves down and I cry out as I feel his tongue run over the tip of my cock, swiping up the drops of precum. He growls primally and grips my thighs hard. “Fuck I forgot how much I love the way you taste and how much it turns me on.” He licks me again and then lowers his mouth down onto my shaft and I practically scream.

“Mmmf Duff, oh shit baby!” I pant. He looks up at me with smiling, lustful, eyes and keeps sucking me, taking me in as deeply as he can and I moan loudly as I feel my dick slide into his throat. His hand moves up to fondle and tug at my balls and my moans and cries get louder as he keeps going. Then suddenly that wonderful, wet, heat is gone and my eyes fly open to see what he’s doing because he’s not touching me at all and I think I might die because he’s got me so worked up.

He’s sitting up on his knees between my legs, his cock hard and dark with blood against his belly. I want to feel him in my mouth so badly, I want to taste him and smell how aroused he is and feel his cock throb and twitch in my mouth while moans and pulls my hair. But he’s not having that. “Turn over,” he commands. I scramble to obey and lay flat on my stomach in front of him. I feel his big hands start to knead my ass and then hear rustling as he scoots down the bed. I know what’s coming and it’s all I can do to be still and not beg. When he gets comfortable his hands cup my ass again and then spread me open and I feel his tongue gently swipe over my hole and a high-pitched, very aroused sound comes out of my mouth.

He repeats the motion a second time and then flicks his tongue back and forth quickly over my opening like he would a girl’s clit. “Holy shit!” I squeak.

He pulls back a little and quietly asks “Does that feel good baby? Do you like that?” and then lowers his face and licks up my crack from one end to the other; starting at my balls and stopping at the end of my tailbone where he places a soft kiss. Another excited little noise escapes my throat.

“No answer?” Duff teases while he kneads my ass cheeks with his big, calloused, hands. I feel another kiss at the top of my crack which is followed by a series of tiny kisses all the way down to my balls.

“Mmm, Duffy, oh,” another slow, firm, lick, to my hole, “it feels good, really,mmmmm,” a harder lick, “really, good baby!” I manage to get out. His tongue flicks back and forth rapidly again but he’s pressing harder than he was before and I shriek. Again he slows down and runs his tongue from my balls to my tailbone.

He squeezes my cheeks harder. “You’re so sexy when you make noise for me like that. I love listening to you when I do things to your body; I love listening to the way your breath catches in your throat when you’re surprised, I love hearing you make those little high-pitched sounds when something gets more intense and you’re not expecting it.” He gives me another lick which earns him a low, desperate sound, “and I love hearing you lose control of your voice when you try and answer my questions while I’m touching you. I love that you’re so vocal, it’s such a fucking turn on,” he hisses. “You were so shy and innocent when it came to sex when I first got a hold of you but you were always so responsive when I touched you, not fake, loud, responsive; just, genuinely, unashamedly, responsive and you still are and it’s fucking sexy as hell.” Most of his words are punctuated with more teasing licks to my opening; some fast, some slow, some are hard, some are soft, and a variety of quiet sounds spill out of me with each touch of his sinfully skilled mouth. Then his tongue pushes into my hole and you fucking bet I respond!


Oh my fucking god I could cum right now and I’m not even being touched at all! Just listening to and watching Slash right now is enough to make me want blow my load right onto the mattress! He’s so beautiful laying there on the mattress on his belly in front of me, back muscles straining and rippling under his, dark, sun-tanned skin. It’s even cute that his tan line is so severe. His ass is a light caramel color but everything else has darkened into a darker coffee color. My tongue is up his ass, wriggling and teasing deep inside of him while my hands squeeze his firm little butt. He’s keening and pushing back against me, trying to push me further inside of him but my tongue’s already all the way inside him. I pull back and begin to thrust my tongue slowly in and out of his his tight hole and he almost sobs with pleasure and frustration. I know what he needs and my tongue isn’t going to be able to give it to him but I can’t get enough of watching the need for release grow inside of him along with the mounting frustration of being so close but unable to attain it. I withdraw my tongue and begin to lick his entrance again and he almost wails with desire and disappointment all at the same time.

I could listen to him all night and never get bored. I keep teasing him and let my mind drift back to that first night we hooked up in the Cathouse. When I had pulled him close to me and kissed him that first time he had sucked in his breath and made a little surprised sound, followed soon after by a more aroused, contented one. He didn’t hold back when I jerked him off in the bathroom later that night either; I’d had to more or less smother the beautiful noises of his orgasm with kisses which sort of sucked because I wanted to hear them, I wanted to absorb his every reaction to how I made him feel but I didn’t want everyone else in the club to hear him. I’m pulled back into the present by his soft, almost desperate voice.

“Duffy, I need more, please baby, I need something inside of me, or I need to touch my dick, I need to cum so bad it hurts Duff! It literally hurts! Your teasing is driving me fucking crazy, your tongue feels so good, I can’t take it without cumming for much longer or I’m gonna fucking lose my mind! I’m like right there; I have been for like ten minutes, please Duffy please!” he begs. He’s so frustrated that tiny tears are starting to well up in the corners of his eyes. I’m not anywhere close to done with him but I want him aroused and happy when I slide my cock into him; not so ready to cum that it’s over before my dick is even all the way inside of him or something!

I smile at him and kiss his hip and push up onto my knees. I lean down and kiss his pretty lips and when he’s not expecting it I push two fingers inside of him. He’s already wet inside and out from my tongue fucking him for the past few minutes. I don’t even need to look for his prostate; I know his body better than my own and even if I didn’t his spot is so engorged that even a fucking virgin couldn’t miss it; that probably did hurt! My fingers press down and rub and he fucking screams! He lifts his hips and arches into my hand as best as he can and yells MY FUCKING NAME! I just watch in awe as I continue to stroke him from the inside as he convulses and a load of cum like I haven’t seen for months shoots out into the empty air between him and the mattress. His huge fucking cock jerks against his belly. “Yeah baby, that’s it, you’re cumming so hard for me and I haven’t even fucked you yet; goddamn that’s hot,” I sigh as I watch his muscles ripple under his skin and feel them contract around my fingers. When he’s done he’s exhausted and his body goes limp and he would have collapsed down into the mess on the bed but I caught him around the waist and pulled him back onto my lap. He’s shaking, his strength spent and his muscles weak from expending so much energy and he feels so warm and sweet in my arms and my heart’s full and there’s nothing in this world but him and me and the feeling of his lips on mine.

I hold him against my chest while I lean over the side of the bed and grab one of the towels we dried off with and lay it over the cum splattered sheets. Then I lay him gently down onto the bed and crawl between his legs. My own cock is rock hard after watching and feeling him get off so hard and I just want to bury it inside of his tight little ass. I look down at him, silently asking permission and he nods and spreads his legs further apart, opening himself up to me further. He’s still wet and stretched out so I just lube my dick up with a handful of spit and slide into him. He’s so tight and hot and I love the way he moans when I push into him. When I look down at him I still see that innocent kid that was laying underneath me in that Motor Inn on the way to Seattle. He was so nervous that night; trying not to let on that he was scared but he was. But he gave himself to me then the same way that he is now and I love him even more now than I did that night.

He pulls me down into a kiss; his tongue running over my lips begging for entry. I gladly open my mouth for him and his tongue dances around mine and explores the inside of my mouth before I gently suckle his tongue and he moans quietly. His dick is hard again already and is rubbing against both of our bellies I keep teasingly rubbing my own hard cock against his making both of our dicks twitch each time. “I want to be inside of you so bad Baby Boy,” I whisper into his ear.

“Then take me; I’m all yours,” he replies. I’m going to need a little more than spit for this so I grab the lube out of the drawer and slick up my fingers. I start with two since I had already had two inside of him and then quickly added a third one. I looked down into his dark brown eyes as my fingers moved in and out of him opening him. up to me and I could have cum just from seeing the look on his face; his eye-lids were have half closed, heavy with sex and his lips were parted.

I lowered my mouth down onto his and kissed him softly; unable to resist those, soft, plush lips.
“You ready beautiful?” I ask and he nods. I pull my fingers out of him and line my cock up and then push into him in one long, slow, thrust. He gasps and his hands reflexively clutch at my hair. “You ok Baby Boy?” I ask him, hoping that gasp was a pleasurable one and not one that meant he was in pain.

“I’m good,” he answers and looks up at me. He squirms a little, bucking up against me and trying to get me to move. “Please Duffy, I need this so bad, I need you, I need to…”

“I know what you need; you need the intimacy. I need it too,” I tell him and kiss his cheek. I start to move and a tiny noise escapes him. I smile a little and then groan. “Fuck baby you’re so tight, shit that feels good!” He feels amazing; so warm and tight and familiar. When I look down at him my heart throbs a little because I know that the most important thing in life is right there in my arms and his eyes are telling me that he feels the same way. How could I have done all of those things to him that hurt him and drove him away? All I had ever wanted to do was hold onto him. So I gather him close to me and hold him as I make love to him; one hand under his back and one hand cradling his head. I never look away as I move inside of him and his cries and small moans are music to my ears.

“Duff, you feel so fucking good, you’re gonna make me cum again,” Slash pants.

“Yeah? I make you feel that good huh? I can’t wait to see you arch your back and blow your load, it’s so fucking sexy! I wanna get off inside of you so bad, I love to feel you cum hard around my dick,” I hiss in his ear.

“I’m so close Duffy, just, ahh, mmm, Oh Fuuuuck!!” Slash growls loudly and arches up into me like I knew he would. He clamps down hard on my cock and I let out a yell of my own as I explode deep inside of his body. We cling to each other as we spiral first up and then down through our orgasms. Finally I pull back and look down into his beautiful face. He smiles up at me sweetly and I can’t help but smile back. “I love you,” he whispers.

I feel my smile growing. “I love you too. Oh and happy birthday, it’s after midnight so it’s officially your birthday now,” I tell him.

“Can I have my presents now?” he asks happily. I think if I wasn’t laying on top of him he’d be bouncing up and down on the bed.

“No, you can’t have them until morning. The only one you can choose when you get it is me, my ass I mean. You haven’t fucked me since we got back together and I know that it’s going to take some time to get used to that huge fucking dick of yours again but I’m ready whenever you are,” I reply.

“Mmm, I need a little breather since I just came twice in 30 minutes but it sounds like a great thing to wake up to!” Slash laughs.
I climb off of him and pull him up off the bed for a quick shower. Just before we climb back into bed I pull him into my arms and kiss him softly.

“Happy birthday Baby Boy. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Duffy. Having you back is my present. I know I’ll love all of my other presents but I love you the most,” Slash tells me and my heart melts. He’s the best present I could ever ask for too and it’s not even my birthday.
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