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A Nasty Itch

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Erin has crabs

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Axl and Izzy wanted me to help them get back at Nikki. They understood that everything I had done was because Nikki had convinced me that I was helping them. But it was all lies. Nikki didn't love me at all. He used me. I honestly liked Axl and Izzy. I don't want to hurt them. I want to help them and myself. Nikki would pay for what he had done to me and everyone of the Gunners.

I was shocked when Axl and Izzy invited me to ride on their bus to the next gig in Lakeland, Florida. That was rather a shock. But he wants to discuss how he can use me to get back at Nikki. I discretely reach down and scratch my privates. They had been itching for days. I think I must have a yeast infection. Unfortunately I didn't hide it close enough. Izzy looks at me with furrowed brows.

"How long?" He dryly asks dragging from his cigarette. Axl looks at me too.

"What is it?," He asks Izzy.

"Erin does it sometimes feel like a bug bite?" Izzy then asks me.

I nod.

Izzy sighs, "She has crabs."

"What?!?" I ask in shock.

"Well sweetheart thats what happens when you fuck everyone who's path you cross.," Axls sneers.

"It happens,' Izzy cuts his eyes over to Axl. He then looks to me. "Who have you been..." he stops talking when he sees Duff blunder in, half drunk and scratching his nuts. Izzy's mouth kind of drops open in disbelief when he makes the connection and then a wicked smirk crosses his face; not a mean one just one that says he's amused by what's about to happen. "Duff how long you had that itch?" he asks.

"A few days, think it's the soap or laundry detergent or something. It's bothering Slash too."

"Duff, it's not allergies. You got crabs man. So does Erin. And I'm guessing Slash too," Izzy replies. Both he and Axl are trying hard to keep straight faces but they both fail miserably.

"WHAT?!" Duff screams at me, "You fucked me knowing you had fucking crabs!?"

"I didn't know! I thought it was a yeast infection! I had to use gotten it from Steven or you!" I say emphatically to Duff because I know Nikki doesn't have it.

"I didn't have shit till I fucked you!" He yells at me, " Now I've fucking gave it to Slash! That's just what I want to tell him," he fumes. "What am I supposed to say? 'I love you Baby Boy and I'm so happy to have you back,'" at this point his eyes drift over to Izzy and I swear I see sadness flash through Izzy's eyes for a second but it's gone so fast and replaced by that cool, slightly amused look that I'm not sure that I saw it at all. So, Izzy really had cared about Slash after all; interesting because I knew how much he adored Axl but I got the whole caring for two people at once thing, boy did I ever... "but I've got to tell you something; I fucked Erin right before we got back together and she gave me crabs and then I gave them to you, I'm so sorry!' Yeah, he's going to love that!" Duff runs both of his hands through his hair in a worried gesture and sighs with a stressed out, worried, expression on his face.

"It'll be fine Duff," Axl pipes up. "Slash won't be happy about it but I doubt he'll be mad; it's not like you did it on purpose." Duff looks up him and nods but he still looks upset.

"Duff,I didn't know, I swear!" I tell him emphatically.

"Ok guys chill," Izzy sighs. "It's just crabs. Shave your pubes. Get some flea and tick shampoo and wash your clothes and sheets and shit. But not you Erin " he looks at me. "You're gonna go visit Nikki," he smirks. Axl looks at him and smirks as well.

"Wait, guys, Erin, who else did you fuck? Any idea where you got them?" Duff asks.

I think back and besides Duff and Nikki the only person I've been with is...oh no, I didn't want to admit to this! "Um, well, Axl, you know that night you threw me out of your room? Well, I didn't have anywhere to go and Izzy and Slash wouldn't let me into theirs and Nikki had told me to stay away from his room and I didn't know what to do and then Steven came out of the elevator and I was standing there in that garter belt and, well, I fucked Steven so I could stay in his room that night!" I admit. My face heats up and I cover it with my hands.

There's dead silence for a few seconds and then I hear Izzy start to giggle. Then Axl snorts and starts to laugh. I don't know what those two think is so fucking funny! I'm not amused! Neither is Duff apparently because his face gets a pissed off, annoyed look on it and he says "That whoring little mother fucker, I'm going to go find him and then I'm going to kill him after I make him explain to Slash how he started a crab epidemic that's now been passed on to him!" He stalks back off the bus, presumably in search of poor Steven. Izzy and Axl just laugh even harder; both of them have tears streaming down their faces they're laughing so hard. I just pout and wait for them to finish with their giggling but I have to admit it's nice to see both of them laughing and happy, even if it is at my expense.

They both finally settle down and Axl gets a serious expression on his face and says "Izzy, Erin, let's go in the back and talk." He gets up without looking back to see if we're following and starts for the back.

Of course we do obediently follow Axl to the back lounge. I go in first and Izzy closes the door behind us. Axl sits and Izzy sets next to him throwing his arm around the back of the couch behind Axl. I sit across from them. They look to one another a moment holding an entire conversation without saying one word. Axl speaks first.

"So Erin, how do we know for sure that you're really done with Nikki? What reason do we have to trust you?"

" Then Izzy looks at me. "You played us for him for over a year. He wanted you to break us up, which you did. You hurt me so much for the fuck you did to us. Why should we trust you now? How do we know you ain't playing us now?"

" He broke my heart. I thought he cared. I thought he was one of my best friends. My lover.but it was all a lie. He played me too. I want to hurt him back. He should pay for what he's done to me or your entire band. I'm the only one who can get on the inside. He doesn't know I found the diary.. He thinks I'm still on his side. I'm the only one who can help you guys make him pay."

Axl nods, "We just keep up the pretenses Izzy. Let him think we fight over her. Let him think we split up. Let he keep thinking we're both fucking her."

Izzy smirks and licks his lips. "Well darlin, we like a chick in the mix sometimes. We did have fun that one time, didn't we?"

Axl smiles and shakes his head. "My dark angel, always plotting. Icant believe you're for this cause of all the whining and bitching you did about her. now it ok? But don't you think you might wanna ask if she's into it, not to mention wait till she kills the crabs?"

Izzy looks at Axl. "She was out to get us and I knew it. Now she's on our side." Izzy looks at me, "You down for fucking us, keeping this charade going and keeping Nikki in the dark?"

I blush and chuckle. Hell yes I was down. "As long as I don't cause any problems between you two. I've done enough of that."

"Well first things first honey, gotta fix this crabs issue." Axl says.

"Not yet," Izzy says and leans forward to face me. "Not until she gives Nikki a little token of our appreciation."

Axl Smirks, "My criminal genius."

So we made it to the next city and Izzy prepped me on spying and things to look for. Then we get to the next gig.. they each kissed me goodbye. Izzy in the bus just before I got out. Slowly and tenderly. Then outside the bus Axl kissed me as cameras took our pictures. Axl whispers into my ear, "Find out the next move he plans to take. Watch him like a hawk. Eavesdrop. Prove you want to help us."

I nod and walk off in the direction of the Crue bus where I know Nikki will be. He opens the window and leans out. "Get in here before the fucking press see you."

I board the bus and notice that it's empty. That was perfect if I were to seduce Nikki.

"What are you doing here anyway?" He asks taking a chug of Jack.

"I miss you baby. I wanted to see how you're healing up? Is the pain bad?" I ask sitting next to him and lightly touching his wound.

"The smack keeps me pretty pain free," he sighs. "So how's things with my pets? Did Izzy run back to Axl after my little fun with him?"

"No... Axl's real distant. Izzy's think to help him deal with whatever happened, butAxl just shuts us all out... Nikki...what did you do to Axl? No one is talking."

"Oh I just asked a few questions and eased some curiosities. Got in his head some. Maybe planted some seeds of doubt about his precious Izzy. Things are still going as planned, right?"

"I think so," I nod.

"Don't think. Make it happen. Make Axl love you. Take him from Izzy."

I smile, "Oh I will. But right now I need you so bad. I haven't been fucked proper since the last time we were together." I'm doing my best to be seductive.

"You're aware I have a gunshot?" He asks me with a droll tone and rolling eyes.

"You can just lay there. I'll do all the work baby. I'll do you so so good. It'll be really fun. Don't you miss being with me too? Or do you prefer all those stupid groupies?,"

Nikki slightly chuckles with his sideways smirk. "You wanna ride this cock baby?" He coos as he runs his hand over his cock. I can see the budget in his pants growing.

,"Yeah baby," I smile at him as I start to undress from the waist down, ," I've got something real special for you baby." He whips out his dick and I slide down on top of it.
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