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Bad Apple

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one bad apple kills the field

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" eugh " The tree groaned as Apple's feel from the weakened branches.
" Rotten " she Sighed as once again the basket filled with vile , rotten fruit. A once beautiful Grove of tree the orchards that once profited the town , it was now a barley savable patch of land. Since granny Smith and Big Macintosh disappeared Apple Jack was left to take care of Apple Bloom who had grown up to be a stunning mare - her red pony tail was now in two braids , strands of hair framed her face. although Scootaloo , Rarity had disappeared as well her little sister kept her chin up and a smile on her face.

The next day Apple Jack had salvaged what little apple's she could and trotted inside.
" Apple Bloom I'm home , and - " she froze : the house was empty . Something was off . Apple Jack ignored it .
Her hooves hit the gravel and dirt covered road in a fast but steady momentum.
The town was quite , then again ever since the Celestia , Cadence and shining Armour went missing everypony backed into hiding.
" Apple Jack , what a surprise , have you seen Apple Bloom today she didn't turn up for work today " Sweetie Belle glanced at her hopingly .
" No ... I haven't seen her .... " It clicked . Sweetie Belle burst into tears .
No . Not yet. Not now .
Apple Jack turned on her heels and sped out of the town and up the gravel road. little flecks of flint scratched her hooves . She had no time to lose .speeding towards the farm she heard it .Death. The haunting song of a woeful mare stabbed her ears . It emitted through the land warning everypony , warning Apple Jack That her little sister may not have long left .
Countless ponies died this way , each time Pinkie made cupcakes with the help of her secret baker friend ; Rainbow Dash would as the Rainbow Factory to create a dedicated rainbow for every month in which ponies died .
Apple Jack slammed into the door . The enthralling Chorus quieted .they had peeled of her skin , Apple Bloom's eye sockets where filled with a white substance that had mixed in with the blood , one was fucking the mutilated body: blood pooled on the table and floor .she felt sick as the hooded figure ejaculated in her dead sister .
" No " Apple Jack whispered pulling her ears back
" Your too late . Sweet.Apple.Jack. " A hooded mare cooed as two other masked figures carried the unrecognized corpse of Apple Bloom.
" NO! You leave my sister alone - " the first hooded mare held out her midnight blue and zebra striped hoove " Insanity di essere liberi in voi ( Insanity to be free in you )." Her vision went black . Violent images of Apple Bloom screaming for her life as the hooded figure raped her .
Snap it was like her mind it wasn't there anymore .
" Apple Jack , wake up " Apple Bloom called to her unconscious older sister .
" Apple Jack are you work- "
Apple Jack slowly stood and shook her head. She sauntered close to Apple Bloom " No you aren't meant to be here " Apple Jack twitched standing on her hind legs she used brutal force to kick back ; her hoove contacting with Apple Bloom's jaw it , shattered . Before Apple Bloom had time to fight back Apple Jack spun round and stood on her front legs bucking Apple Bloom in the ribs . She continued to beat her former sister until she was nothing more than a bloody mess.
Apple Jack pulled her ears back and twitched .
" I told you so " Jade Silver murmured as she , Rainbow Dash , Pinkie pie , Scootaloo and Rarity Sauntered into the bloody kitchen : a puddle of blood sat on the floor as more of the crimson fluid dripped off the table .
" C'mon Apple Jack we will get you clean and warm it's ok now our mother Nightmare moon protects us " Scootaloo smiled
" And she throws the best parties , although not as good as mine " Pinkie chimed and the five laughed . " Why aren't y'all freaking out , I've just killed my own sister " Apple Jack questioned : " We've all killed someone " Rainbow Dash smiled as they walked out, a rotten apple core was on the grass next to a rotting tree.

The farm was still rotten as one bad Apple can kill the rest...
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