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9 - Just be here

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Juliet wakes up to Ryan.

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“She totally blew me off.” Ryan fell back in to his bed, as Brendon listened to him bitch and moan about Juliet leaving despite what Ryan regarded as ‘begging’.

“She’s just going through some stuff.” Brendon defended her a little.

“We are all going through stuff.” Ryan exclaimed, mildly irritated. He wasn’t used to girls turning him down, especially not when he went so far out of his way- which was unusual. “I wonder what she’s doing.”

Brendon laughed. “I don’t think I have ever seen you be so in to someone before.”

“It happens.” Ryan sighed loudly. “I need to get my mind off of her. I hate being turned down.”

“Is that really all it is?” Brendon asked, smirking.

“What else would it be?” Ryan asked, rolling his eyes. “I just like the chase, but I don’t like when the deer fucking disappears.”

“Never took you for a hunting analogy type.” Brendon replied, amused.


Jon was enjoying the scenery, having decided to go for a walk. They had visited Italy before, but Jon hadn’t been as stressed. It hadn’t been to put Ryan in to rehab but here they were.

He didn’t know how to get his friend out of control and the honest truth of the situation was that Ryan’s drinking was affecting everyone, and everything.

There were only so many times a famous dude could get drunk and fuck shit up before it became a legal nightmare as well.

Jon drifted in to his thoughts and ran in to someone, knocking the person off of their feet. “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Jon just hoped they spoke English. He didn’t know Italian and was having a hell of a time communicating with people.

“It’s fine.” The girl spoke quietly, but as Jon looked over her porcelain skin he realized it was Juliet. She looked exhausted and was wearing baggy clothes, she was almost unrecognizable.

“Juliet.” Jon offered his hand. “I’m surprised to run in to you.” What were the odds?

“Well, I have been all around this town – or so it feels.” Juliet didn’t look amused, or like she even wanted to be holding their current conversation.

“Ryan was a little bummed when you took off.” Jon commented, feeling as if she needed someone to talk to. Even if she looked like she wanted to be left alone.

“I’m sorry I disappointed Ryan.” Juliet replied, so quietly.

“You made quite the impression on him.”

“Or maybe he is just looking for a 6th girlfriend.” Juliet joked, cracking the smallest of smiles.

“I wish I could say he wasn’t like that…” Jon placed his hands in his pockets, after making sure Juliet was standing again. He looked her over, trying not to stare too much. He couldn’t see much with the baggy clothing but she was clearly pretty, in a natural way.

He could tell something was wrong, but then again her father had just died. So something was wrong.

“It is really pretty here at night.” Juliet tried to change the conversation. “You should head towards Elms.” She pointed down the road. “Fireflies light up the night, and it’s quite the sight.”

“Would you like to accompany me?” Jon could just tell she shouldn’t be left alone. It was a gut feeling.

Juliet hesitated, but then slowly nodded. “Sure…”

They walked beside each other in awkward silence for a little while. “So, why not just live here since your dad was here?” Jon finally asked, breaking the silence.

“My mother was from the US, and she still has some family there… Mostly my aunt, her sister. I am a little close with her.” Juliet yawned.

“What happened with your mom? Is she still in the US too?” Jon asked.

“My mom died a long time ago.” They reached a small park and Juliet sat down on a bench. “It’s really pretty here. It seems like a small park, but it’s still pretty- especially as it gets darker like I was saying.”

Jon sat down next to her.


“It is beautiful here.” Jon mumbled. Their conversation had died. Juliet clearly didn’t want to talk to him. She just seemed to want company, without the conversation, and Jon could respect that.

He glanced over to see that Juliet had dozed off.

Jon’s phone off and he laughed at his luck, not sure what to do. “Hello?”

“Where are you dude?” It was Ryan. Of course it was Ryan.

“Well, actually… I’m at the park.” Jon said, glancing around.

“That sounds boring as fuck. You should come back with food. Brendon is losing his mind with hunger.”

“We literally just ate.” Jon responded, not sure why he even bothered. Brendon’s stomach was never ending.

Ryan laughed, “So?”

Jon laughed as well, but the laugh died. Juliet’s head had fallen to the side, and he could see her neck… and some obviously new bruising. “Does Juliet know anyone here aside from her step family?”

Ryan was silent for a second. “I don’t think so. She didn’t mention anyone. Why?”

“Just wondering.” Jon wasn’t stupid, and remembered the arguing from earlier. He wondered who had hurt her, and why.

“That’s a weird thing to wonder about.” Ryan answered, suspiciously.

“Well, I’m hanging out with her… and she fell asleep.”


Juliet blinked tiredly, looking around. It took a few minutes for her to realize where she had fallen asleep, and she expected Jon to be gone… and he was, but beside her sat Ryan. He was playing on his cell phone, looking beyond bored.

“Ryan?” Juliet yawned.

“You slept pretty solidly… in a park.” Ryan glanced over at Juliet, he looked exhausted.

“What time is it?”

“3:40 AM.” Ryan yawned in response to Juliet’s yawn. “You know, unlike in the US no cops even came and asked me why the fuck we were in a park this late.”

“Why are you here?” Juliet asked, standing up. She had to go. It was late. This was such a mistake.

“I wasn’t going to leave you alone, asleep, in a fucking park.” Ryan responded, as if she were stupid.

“I’m sorry. I should go.” Juliet turned away but Ryan stood and quickly grabbed her wrist, not even noticing as Juliet winced in pain.

“Why do you always push me away?” Ryan asked, just a little hurt by her reaction.

“Why do you keep trying?” Juliet snapped, losing her cool a little. It was so unlike her but every emotion she didn’t let herself feel hit her all at once. It was almost 4 AM and she was tired, and she felt more alone than she had ever felt before.

“I don’t know.” Ryan stated, being honest. That caught Juliet off guard.

“I just.. I just want to be alone.” Juliet’s eyes filled with tears, as she tried to hide her feelings. It wasn’t working anymore and it took everything within her not to cry in front of Ryan.

She had been doing that too much lately.

“I don’t think that’s true.” Ryan spoke softly, unsure of why he even cared. She had been one hell of a chase but he wasn’t getting anything out of it.

“Yeah, well you don’t know me.” Juliet just wanted Ryan to let go of her wrist. It was pushing her to her breaking point, and reminding her of Alex.

“Will you just fucking stop?” Ryan nearly yelled, despite how late it was and the fact that they were in public. “Will you stop struggling, and stop running off?”

“I just want you to let me go.” Juliet whispered, as a few tears slid down her cheeks. She sounded about as broken as she felt. “You’re hurting me.”

Ryan instantly let go, and a complete look of regret crossed his face.

“I just want to be alone because I feel so alone.” Juliet admitted. “I don’t feel like I have anyone left, and I don’t know how to let you be here for me. I don’t know what you want in return, and I’m not sure I can give you anything. I’m not like those other girls, Ryan. I don’t want you to hurt me. I don’t want you to pretend you’re in to me so that you can sleep with me. I don’t want to be another girl on your long list. I would rather just be alone because that sounds even lonelier.”

Ryan swallowed hard. “I wasn’t pretending.”

“I’m sure.” Juliet turned away, and this time Ryan didn’t stop her.

“I feel alone too.” Ryan said, to her back.

Juliet wiped some tears away before turning back towards Ryan. “Then maybe you should stop treating people like they don’t matter. How else are you supposed to matter enough to someone to not be alone?”

“I don’t feel alone when I’m with you.” Ryan stepped towards Juliet, brushing some hair away from her face. “And I haven’t pretended. Not yet. I haven’t lied.”

Juliet leaned her face against Ryan’s gentle touch, enjoying it more than she wanted to. “I don’t know how to do this.” She admitted.

“Why do we have to do anything?” Ryan asked, getting even closer. “Why can’t we just let things happen? We don’t have to do everything everyone else does. We don’t have to do anything at all.”

Juliet’s bottom lip trembled, as she nodded. “Okay.”
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