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Happy Birthday Baby Boy

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Slash bday

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The morning of my birthday is perfect; well, as perfect as my fucked up life could be I guess. I wake up to Duff banging around the room getting my presents out of the closet where he had hidden them. When he sees that my eyes are open he grins. “Happy birthday Baby Boy!” he says and quickly crosses the room and gives me a long, sweet, kiss.

“Thanks Duffy. Are those my presents?!” I ask eagerly.

He rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Yes baby, those are your presents; have at em!” I practically jump out of the bed and eagerly walk over to the boxes that are sitting on the little table across from the bed. “Open the big one first,” he encourages me.

I pick up the biggest of three boxes and make quick work of the wrapping paper. I open the box the paper covered and I find, wrapped in two layers of tissue paper a beautiful black leather jacket. It has fringe and zippers and buckles and a patch with our band logo on the shoulder and a metal snake on the collar! I just hold it in my hands for a minute; shocked at how perfect it is. Finally I look up at Duff who’s looking at me anxiously, probably worried that I don’t like it. “Duffy it’s, it’s fucking perfect,” I breathe. “I love it!”

He looks immensely relieved. “Try it on!” he suggests and I slip my arms into the sleeves. It fits perfectly.

“Thank you, I love it,” I tell him and stand up on my toes to wrap my arms around his neck and plant a kiss on his lips.

“I’m glad, I had it specially made for you. I ordered it almost six months ago and I just got it this week! It looks good on you!”

“Thanks, it’s wonderful; you’re wonderful,and I love you so much,” I tell him quietly and kiss him again.

“I love you too,” he replies and gives me a sweet smile. “Open the rest baby.”

So I turn and pick up a second box which contains several silver bangles and a skull earring. “They’re real silver!” Duff says excitedly. “They’re treated with something too so that they won’t tarnish easily. We exchange more kisses and I finally pick up the last box. I tear off the paper and open the box and my face lights up. It’s a whole box of my favorite guitar picks with a replica of my Guns n Roses tattoo embossed on them!

I turn to Duff and pull him into a deep, soft, kiss. “Thank you Duffy, I love them, I love all of my presents; but I love you more,” I tell him. The kiss grows and we soon find ourselves back in the bed, tangled up in one another so that I can claim my last birthday present; him. I work on stretching him out for a long time before I finally slick myself up and slowly push into him. “You ok Baby?” I ask him when I’m finally all the way in. His eyes are closed and he’s biting his lip.

“I’m good; you’re so fucking big!” he moans. “It’s ok to move now; please, it’s been so long since I’ve felt you inside of me.” I start out slow because if I don’t I’m going to blow my load and this will be done.

“Duffy, fuck, you’re so tight and hot around my cock,” I breathe. I pick up the pace and end up slamming into him by the time we both hit our peak. His ecstatic cries and his ass clamping down on my dick set off an orgasm that leaves me completely breathless and spent by the time it’s over. When my head stops spinning I settle down on my forearms and kiss Duff softly. “I love you Duffy,” I tell him.

“I love you too Baby Boy and happy birthday. That was amazing baby; that fucking huge cock of yours felt even better than I remember. After a quick shower we get packed up to get back on the bus and head to our next stop. Duff drops off his suitcase beside the bus and climbs on board. I head over to check on my guitars and make sure they’re loaded right, scratching my nuts on the way; whatever this hotel used on it’s sheets is bugging the fuck out of both Duff and me.

When I get there Steven’s standing by the side of the bus smoking a joint which he gladly shares with me. Suddenly Duff is storming off the bus with a furious look on his face; I quickly try and think whether or not I’ve done anything that would piss him off but I can’t come up with anything unless Izzy told him that I kissed him yesterday which I’m fairly sure he didn’t. But to my surprise he walks over and grabs Steven by the collar! “You dirty whoring bastard how long have you fucking had crabs asshole?”

“You think that’s why my nuts itch so bad? How do you know I have crabs?” he asks trying to squirm out of Duff’s iron grasp.

“Because Erin’s got crabs and she didn’t before you fucked her!” Duff hisses.

I’m a little confused; why does Duff care if Erin has crabs? Steven asks him before I get the chance. ”Dude, why do you care if that bitch has crabs?”

Duff’s face turns red and he looks over at me and it all falls into place. Duff fucked Erin and then slept with me and that’s why our nuts itch; she gave Duff crabs and he gave them to me. Fucking slutty little bitch! I can’t believe Duff slept with her! I guess this makes me the only member of this band that hasn’t fucked her and I have no intention of getting anywhere near her. Duff sees the realization run across my face and a look of shame overtakes him and he hangs his head. “Baby Boy I’m so sorry. I fucked her the night Izzy brought you to my door; I was in the stall when you were getting fucked by Izzy in the bathroom that night, I heard the whole thing. I was so fucking upset when I got back here and Erin was standing there in the hallway in that little neglige and somehow I ended up with her bent over in front of me. I didn’t know you’d end up in my arms that night and I didn’t know she had crabs; I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t know!” he says

Shit. “You were in the bathroom when I was having sex with Izzy? Why didn’t you say something? We would never have done anything if we had known you were in there! Duff, I, I’m sorry you had to hear that’ I know it must have hurt you!”

Duff lets go of Steven and pulls me over into his arms and squeezes me tightly. My arms go up and around his neck. “I just got you back; I can’t believe I gave you fucking crabs! I’m so sorry Baby Boy! I love you so much! I’m sorry about Erin; I didn’t know Izzy was going to hand you over to me that same night after what I heard in the bathroom; you too sounded so happy and it broke my heart. I just wanted to not think about it. I’m sorry. I love you.” I can tell he’s on the verge of tears.

“Don’t worry about it Duffy. It’s ok; you didn’t know. I’m sorry about you hearing me and Izzy. I would never hurt you that way no matter how angry I was or how much you had hurt me,” I tell him quietly. He cups my face in his hands and leans down and kisses me and I can feel so much relief and love in that kiss. I kiss him back until Steven pretends to gag beside us.

“You two are so lovey dovey that it’s disgusting. I’m sorry about the crabs man. I’ll get us some lice shampoo and fucking razors. I’m outta here,” and with that he walks back to the front of the bus and leaves Duff and I to snuggle and kiss to our heart’s content.

Later that night

We arrived in Kentucky later that day and checked into our new hotel. The first thing Duff and I did was shave our pubes off and drop our sheets from our bunks in the bus into the hotel laundry bags. Then we left for soundcheck. Duff’s bass was fine but something was off about mine and Izzy’s guitars and the way they sounded bouncing off the walls of the arena. I sent Duff back to the hotel to get some rest before the show.

When we finally get the amp settings right Izzy and I end up walking down a back hallway together trying to find the exit door but we end up in a dead end with small rooms for equipment on either side. I’m turning around to walk back the other way when Izzy stops me. I look at him curiously and he grabs my wrist and pulls me into one one of the little side rooms. He pulls a box out of his pocket and hands it to me. “I got you this for your birthday weeks ago; I still want you to have it. Just tell Duff it’s from both Axl and me,” he says in a rush.

I open the box and inside is a silver bracelet in the shape of a coiled snake with fangs and glittering green stones for eyes. I’m instantly in love with it. “Izzy, I, it’s awesome. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I saw it in this weird little junk shop and I knew you would love it. I had a jeweler clean it up for you.” He looks down at his feet. “Are you enjoying your birthday so far? Did Duff get you something nice?” he asks.

“Yeah, he got me some picks that have the outline of my skull tattoo on them and some bangles and the most beautiful leather jacket. It's got fringe and a snake on it!” I tell him excitedly.

Izzy’s eyes hit the ground again. “I’m glad you’re happy,” he says quietly.

I know he means it but he won't meet my eyes. “What about you, are you happy Izzy? I ask.
He sighs and it sounds like the weight of the world is on his shoulders; or maybe it's his heart that's so heavy it makes look weighed down. “I’m trying to be happy with Axl and take care of him but he doesn’t always make that very easy; like right now he’s fine and everything’s great but two hours ago he went off on me because I took too long in the shower. I didn’t get out fast enough for him so he busted into the bathroom calling me an inconsiderate piece of shit; didn’t I know that he was waiting and why didn’t I want to shower with him? Gee, could it have been because he’d been a total dick to me all morning? Slash, I miss you. Sometimes I miss you so much that my chest throbs! I meant it every time I said I loved you. I love Axl too; he’s part of my fucking soul but I feel like most of the time he doesn’t love me back. He just takes and takes and takes but he doesn’t give back much. I know he’s really fucked up right now but it’s not just now it’s been years of his shit. One minute he’s nice to me and the next he’s telling me to fuck off! You were always so good to me and I miss that, I miss somebody loving me back,” he blurts out and then lets out a choked sob. “You were always so good to me; you’re so easy to love!”

Before I even completely process what I’m doing my arms are around him and he’s crying into my shoulder. “Hey, Izz, don’t cry. I’m sorry he’s so mean to you. He’s been through a lot but so have you so I’m not going to make excuses for him. I’m not going to lie and tell you I don’t miss you too; I’ve never been so confused in my life. I love Duff, I love him a lot but I wasn’t lying either when I told you I loved you. I don’t know what to do Izzy; I don’t want to see either of you unhappy because of me. I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated,” I reply. This results in Izzy clinging to me and sobbing his heart out. I just squeeze him a little harder and stroke his hair and rub his back.

“What you do is stay with Duff, Pretty Baby. I can’t let Axl be alone right now; he needs me, I’m the only one who understands him, I can’t abandon him. I love him, I just wish he’d show me that he loved me back; I’d even settle for him not calling me names! Duff will care for you the way you deserve to be cared for without any conflict; I’d always feel guilty if I abandoned Axl when he needed cared for the most. Part of my heart is always going to belong to you but you deserve more; you deserve somebody who can give you their whole heart, not just part of it,” he tells me sadly.

“And you deserve somebody who respects you and shows you how much they love you every day.” Tears start to flow down his face again when I say this and I do the only thing that I know to do to completely stop them and take his pain away, at least for a little while: I pull him close and kiss him. He gasps quietly and immediately kisses me back. I know this is wrong, very, very, wrong but it feels so good to be kissing him again.

We stay like that, just kissing for several minutes before he pulls away. “I gotta stop; I can’t drag you down this road again, I want you to be happy. I’m going to want too much if we keep this up. Come on; we need to find the door,” he says gruffly. He turns away from me but he doesn’t even take a step before he whirls around and presses his lips to mine again. “Thanks for listening and thanks for showing me how it feels to be cared for and loved all the time; not just sometimes and thanks for always being my friend no matter what. I love you for so many things and I’m sorry for so many things too,” he says sadly.

“It’s ok Izzy; I’m always here when you need someone to listen and when you need someone who cares ok? I’m always here for you,” I soothe. He nods and sucks in a deep breath and runs his hand down over his face wiping away the tears that are still running down his cheeks. When he’s pulled himself together we turn and walk back up the hall. By the time we manage to find the exit and get in the car he looks as cool and self assured as ever and no one would ever know that just a few minutes before he was sobbing in my arms. My heart aches for him but I have no idea what to do to make it better. Maybe I’ll ask Duff to have a talk with Axl; Axl sat Duff down and gave him a talking to after Duff beat me;maybe he’ll listen if Duff tries to talk to him; all I can do is hope.

The rest of that night is awesome. The guys pick up a cake somewhere along with a tube icing and write “Happy Fucking Birthday You Fucker!” on it and we drink and get high and fuck chicks and live it up like rockstars. I think it might be one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.
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