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Fluff with sluff

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My fucking neck is killing me! Nikki dislocated four vertebrae in my neck and the chiropractor can't slide them back into place until the swelling goes down. The doctors at the hospital are hoping that this will happen by tomorrow but really nobody knows. The doctors pumped me full of anti-inflamatories and Demerol and injected steroids directly into my neck but all of it needs time to work. Duff shot me up and put me to bed and I slept for a few hours but I'm wide awake now and my neck is throbbing so badly that there are tears in my eyes. Duff is sleeping propped up next to me in the bed so I reach over and shake him. Big mistake; pain shoots through my neck and the tears that we're building up spill over. Fuck! I haven't cried over physical pain since I was a kid!

Duff’s instantly awake and he quickly surveys the situation and sees the tears running down my face and asks “Baby Boy what's wrong? Is it hurting that bad? Are you ok?”

“No Duffy, it hurts so bad I want to scream! Make it stop, please make it stop! Give me another hit or a fuck load of Demerol please, anything, just make it stop!” I sob. I don't want to cry like a bitch but I've never been in so much pain in my whole life!

“It's ok Baby Boy, I'm gonna cook up another fix for you and see if that will at least take the edge off ok?” He looks so fucking worried; I know that it's scaring him that I'm crying so much but it hurts! He scrambles around the room cooking up what looks like almost a gram of dope and then draws it up into a syringe. He ties my arm off with my belt and holds the end between his teeth. He's the one who's been shooting me up lately so my arms aren't as bad as they would be if I had been doing it myself. He smacks my arm several times making me wince every time it jarred my neck. When my veins are standing out enough for him to feel he slides the needle into one and pulls back the plunger to draw up blood so that he can make sure he's in the vein. He gets a flashback and slowly pushes down the plunger. He always hits a vein the first time whereas I will be digging around in my arm for 10 minutes trying to find one. You would think I'd be better at it by now but no I still suck at it; it's a good thing that Duff and Izzy are usually around to help me.

When the dope hits my veins I groan in satisfaction and the pain decreases greatly. “Better baby?” Duff asks anxiously.
“Way better, thank you, if you hadn't been here I would have been so fucked. I love you Duffy, I tell him. I feel tears welling up in my eyes again but not because my neck hurts but because a hit of smack that big makes me emotional. All the shit over the past couple of days with Izzy is really getting to me; I care about both of them and I wish that I could make them both happy but I can't. Izzy told me to stay with Duff who could love me whole-heartedly and I knew that he was right; this was where I belonged. Izzy’s pain broke my heart though but I couldn't fix it; he wouldn't leave Axl who was the source of his pain and I couldn't do anything about it. He literally handed me back to Duff so that I would be happy and cared for even though it hurt him but his love and sense of obligation for Axl was so strong that nothing could compete with it.

“Why are you still crying Baby Boy?” He asks, bending down to kiss my cheek.

“It’s the dope, I'm just emotional because it was such a big shot. I love you baby and that's not the drugs talking. You're so good to me Duffy, I don't deserve it half the time,.” I sob quietly.
“Baby Boy you’re my everything. Why wouldn't I treat you good? I'm not Axl, you see how bad it hurts Izzy when he flips out on him; I never want to make you feel that way. I've hurt you enough for a lifetime; I'll never forget the look in your eyes after I hit and kicked you and I don't ever want to see it again,” Duff says.

“I love you Duff, you're amazing and you're my heart. Get down here and kiss me because I can't move to kiss you and I want to feel your sweet lips on mine!” He gave me a goofy smile and bent down; gently brushing his lips over mine and then pulls away. I open my eyes and look up at him grinning down at me; fucking tease! “Hey, that wasn’t a real kiss!” I protest.

“That’s all you get; the doctor said no activities that could jar your neck, can’t have my kisses getting you all hot and bothered and you start squirming around!” He laughs too and bends down to press his lips to mine for real. He prods my lips with his tongue and I gladly surrender my mouth to him and sigh contentedly; the kiss is full of love and happiness for both of us. His tongue massages mine, runs all around the inside of my mouth, and makes me moan when he gently runs it right up the middle of the roof of my mouth. He pulls away every now and then to breathe and one of us always takes the opportunity to whisper to the other how much we love them.
I feel my eyelids growing heavier and heavier but I don’t want to stop; this feels too good. Duff notices though and finally pulls away nuzzling my nose with his. “Sweet Boy you need to rest, I can tell how tired you are. You have a long day of dealing with doctors tomorrow ok? I need to be awake enough to listen to what they have to say too. I love you my beautiful Baby Boy. Close your pretty eyes and rest ok?” he whispers to me.

“I love you too gorgeous,” I answer. “I love you more than anything.” It’s true too; Izzy or no Izzy it’s Duff who fills my heart again and again and again. He kisses me one last time and I feel my eyes slip closed. His warm, strong, arm wrapping around my waist is the last thing I feel before I fall into a deep sleep.
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