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Chairopractors and Threats

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Slash is in some pain

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I'm fucking scared to death. I'm laying face down on a table in some chiropractor’s office and Duff is sitting in a chair beside me holding my hand. After re-x-raying my neck to make sure that the vertebrae hadn't slipped any further and some other scan to determine if the swelling had gone down enough to put them back in place I was whisked upstairs into this chiropractor’s office where I'm currently waiting for my neck to be put back into place. Put back into place, or slip and become paralyzed, or even more painful or pinch the wrong nerve and kill me instantly… "Slash! Baby it's okay, don't break my hand!” Duff squeaks, bringing me out of my terrified thoughts and into the present.

“Sorry Duffy,” I tell him and loosen my death grip on his fingers. “Do you think it’ll hurt when they put everything back in place? What if something goes wrong and I end up paralyzed? I'm scared baby!”

He brings my hand up and kisses it and gently strokes my hair with his other hand. “It'll be ok Baby Boy; settle down and just relax. It's gonna be fine; you're not going to be paralyzed or any other crazy thing you can think of. The doctor knows what he's doing. I know you're scared sweetness but I promise it's going to be fine,” he reassures me.

Just then the door opens and I see three pairs of feet walk into the room. I can't turn my head to look up and see who it is but it appears to be a doctor, a nurse, and Alan who's been fretting all morning about getting my neck worked on; his anxiety might actually be worse than mine which is only contributing to my own worries. “So Mr. Hudson the scans all look good. The swelling has gone down substantially and we should have you fixed up here in a few minutes. All I have to do is slide those vertebrae into place and you'll be good as new. Are you ready? Do you have any questions before we get started? It’ll be very quick, less than five minutes and you'll be right as rain,” the doctor said.

“Is it going to hurt?” I ask, dreading the answer.

“Only for a second,” he answers. My grip on Duffs hand tightens.

“Don't be scared baby,” Duff croons. “Just think about how much better you’re going to feel after a few seconds of pain.”

He’s right but I’m still beyond freaked out. It gets worse when the doctor tells me that I have to put my arms down beside my body on the table and let go of Duff’s hand. I can’t do that; he’s the only shred of comfort that I have! “No! I don’t want to let go of him!” I blurt out in alarm. I can hear the doctor sigh in exasperation but I don’t give a fuck I’m fucking scared to death because my neck already hurts so bad I can’t see straight and he’s going to touch it and things could also go terribly wrong, I want to feel Duff there beside me; it’s all I ask!

Alan ends up saving the day though by suggesting that Duff lay on the floor so that he can look up at me and I can see him where my face is laying in the hollow circle on the chiropractor’s table. Duff does what Alan says and I hear Alan snap at the doctor that he had better not repeat any of what happened here or he’d find himself slapped with a lawsuit so fast his head would spin! “Hey Baby Boy,” Duff soothes from below me on the floor, “just look at me, ok? I’m right here, just relax so the doctor can work.” He reaches up and strokes my cheek and I can feel the doctor’s hands and fingers on my neck, feeling out the position of the bones and muscles under the skin. I start to tense up again and the doctor tells me that I have to relax but I’m scared. “Look at me Baby Boy, only at me. It’s just me and you ok? You’re safe, you’re going to be just fine, just relax sweetness,” he says quietly. He runs his fingertips over my cheek and the tip of my nose and I let my body release all of the tension it’s been holding onto and then my eyes go wide as a pain so fierce that it steals my breath and my voice shoots through my neck and head and shoulders.

“There, all done,” the doctor says from behind me and I feel his fingertips checking his work, making sure that everything is aligned correctly. I still can’t speak, I can’t breathe, the pain is fading but it’s not gone.

“You ok baby?” Duff asks from below me, worry starting to cloud his face.B

I just look at him with wide eyes for a few seconds until I can suck in a little breath and hiss out an answer “No…”

“No? What’s wrong?” Duff asks the worry now reaching his voice. “Is he alright?” he asks the doctor.

“He’s fine, it just hurts; but the vertebrae slid back into place beautifully,” the doctor tells him. When the shock and the pain fade I realize that my neck is no longer stiff and throbbing. In fact, once the pain of having my neck jerked back into place fades I realize that I actually feel pretty good. The doctor has me sit up and turn my head from side to side, move it backwards and forwards, up and down and other than a little residual muscle pain my neck feels fine; it’s not even stiff! “So, Mr. Hudson, you don’t need to wear the neck brace anymore but you do need to be careful for the next few weeks so that your muscles and the connective tissue have a chance to properly heal. So no roller coasters, head banging, or getting slammed into floors for a while ok?” he chuckles.

“Yeah baby, no getting absorbed in your guitar solos and banging your head and throwing your hair all over the place onstage!” Duff teases.

“Whatever, you know you love watching me when I do that!” I joke back.

“I love watching you do most things Baby Boy but I’ll admit that you’re pretty hot when you get lost in the music and just let your heart flow out through your guitar and play with your eyes closed; you’re so beautiful then,” Duff gushes.

I feel my face turn red and shake my hair back over it but I can’t help the grin that spreads across my face.” Nah, I’m not all that Duff,” I respond.

“Well you are to me,” Duff says quietly, “to me you’re everything.” I squeeze his hand and look up at him through my curls and he leans down and kisses me softly on the forehead.

I snake my arm around his waist and pull him closer and lean my head on his chest. “I love you Duffy,” I murmur.

“I love you too Baby Boy,” he replies as he wraps his long arms around me and hugs me gently to him.
We’re so wrapped up in each other that we only remember that there are other people in the room with us when Alan clears his throat pointedly.

“Earth to the lovebirds! You can pet all over each other in the limo where no one can see but you know better than to be all over each other in public! If the press found out they’d have a field day! Before you knew what was happening your faces would be on every magazine you can think of saying horrible things about you!” Alan exclaims.

“Our faces are already on every magazine there is and they’re already saying shit about us man,” I remind Alan.

“Yeah but they’re saying shit about the band and how crazy you are; it’s good press for them to say you guys are a bunch of delinquents and hell raisers, it’s what kids that buy records want to hear; they want to hear about rebellion and sex and drugs,” Doug says, dramatically using his hands to emphasize his point. “What they don’t want to hear is how you guys aren’t straight. They want to believe the rock and roll lifestyle of free drugs and free pussy everywhere; they don’t want to read about how you guys always slip out of the aftershow party so that you can go back to the hotel and be alone together. They don’t want to read about how in love the two of you are with each other and how Duff was pining away for you when the two of you broke up a couple of months ago! They definitely don’t want to read about how the two of you are so fucking cute together that it’s almost sickening. I’m your biggest supporter guys; you two were made for each other but if you want your paychecks to keep rolling in you’ve gotta keep it under wraps ok? It’s one thing when the press is trashing your band; it’s another thing entirely when they start trashing you personally and talking about people you love. I don’t want to see you two get hurt by something like that; you deserve to be happy together. I’m not trying to rain on your parade or harp on you; I just don’t want to see you two get hurt by a bunch of fuck heads because you love each other and aren’t out whoring with groupies.

I groan into Duff’s chest and belly because it’s the same speech we’ve both heard countless times. Duff strokes my hair and squeezes me again and then reluctantly pulls away from me. “We know the drill, don’t worry,” Duff grumbles. “We won’t let anybody see us touching each other.” It’s a touchy subject for both of us; we’ve been through so much trying to hide it up to and including Duff marrying Mandy. I hate the thought of them together so I push all thoughts of her out of my head and I can’t help reaching up and squeezing Duff’s hand which is still resting on my shoulder even though he’s not holding me anymore. He squeezes back and then it’s Doug’s turn to roll his eyes.

We leave the doctor’s office and climb into the limo where Duff and I immediately snuggle up together again on the seat and Duff kisses my cheek. Alan smiles faintly and then tells us that he saw Doc this morning and that he said my new guitar will be here in a couple of days; I can’t believe he’s actually buying me a guitar to keep quiet about Nikki hurting my neck but whatever, I’ll take it. Duff and I are both tired; we didn’t sleep much because my neck hurt so bad that I woke up about every three hours almost in tears until Duff could get a shot prepped and into my veins. When we get back to hotel Duff and I head back to our room and as soon as the door closes I start peeling my clothing off until I’m down to just my boxers so that I can climb back into bed and sleep. I expect Duff to follow me but when I turn around he’s still dressed. “What are you doing?” I ask. “I thought we were going back to bed.”

“We are but I need to grab some smokes first, I’m almost out; you want some too?” he asks.

“Yeah, if you’re grabbing some anyway but I need a fix before you go, help me please?” I beg.

“You’re spoiled, do you know that? Get my cigarettes Duff, shoot my drugs into my arm Duff, rub my hands Duff, suck my dick Duff,” he laughs.
“I can’t help it if you do those things so well! Besides, you usually offer to suck my dick; I don’t generally have to ask,” I huff, teasing him.

“That’s true I suppose; I do like to suck your dick…” he replies. “Lay down Baby Boy, I’ll get your fix ready. So I do what he says and make myself comfortable and cooks up my fix and sucks it up into the syringe. He ties off my arm with my belt and I hold it tight while he feels for a vein; releasing it when the golden liquid starts to flow through me. I feel a slight itch in my fingers and then the rush hits me full on in the chest and then the back of my head and warmth starts to flow down my whole body; the only thing better than this is sex. I sigh and burrow deeper into the bed. I try and fight it but I can’t; the last thing I remember before falling asleep is Duff kissing me lightly on the lips and telling me he loves me.


After Slash drifted off I went downstairs to the cigarette machine in the lobby. I was shoveling in change when I heard that fucking hyena laugh. I don't need to turn around, there's no way I don't know who the hell it is. I sigh and simply try to ignore him in the hopes that he hasn't seen me or something.

"So how's the baby's neck?"

I sigh again, "I'm in no mood for your shit today Sixx."

And again he laughs, "Well I'm sorry Duff, but it's up to me and me alone as to what the fuck I dish out. But I'll consider your statement as a request."

I turn with my pack of smokes in hand and try to leave but Nikki stops me with a hand on my chest.

"What's the rush Blondie?"

"Don't call me that," I lowly growl.

"Oh right, that's what the hands on business suits like calling you. I'm sorry Duffy, I forgot," he smirks at me.

I know he's just trying to push my fucking buttons. Nikki's the kind of guy that really loves making people miserable. I don't know if he's bored or just plain mean. We didn't even cross the son of a bitch to make him do this to us. Well...Slash and I hadn't when he blackmailed me into marrying Mandy. But since then it's just been tit for tat between us and him. And every time we think we've one up him, he hits us ten times harder. And we never see him coming. I've never hated a person the way I hate him.

"Just fuck off Nikki."

His eyes narrow at me. "You don't get to tell me when to fuck off. I tell you. The little incident with Slash's neck was an awesome accident, but still an accident. It's not what I planned for your baby boy."

"What you had planned?" I ask in shock.

"Oh yeah," he gleams at me, "it's a killer plan. Maybe I can still use it."

"What fucking plan?!"

And he just gives me that sarcastic smirk. It's so intimidating. It's also scarry because Nikki is like a fucking psychotic sociopath. He can back up any threat he spits out, and I know it. How is it that no one has murdered this bastard yet? Right now I wish I was killer enough to do it. I fucking loathe him. Considering what hot heads Axl and Izzy can be, I'm surprised one of them hasn't yet.

"Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise."

I try not to snap. I know that would just tickle Nikki. That's what he got off on and I'll be damned if I give the prick the satisfaction. "I don't have time for your mind games," I say and again try to get past him.

"Your time belongs to me. You're here because of me. You're getting paid because of me. I fucking own you and all your little Gunner friends. If I want you to stand here till fucking dawn you will do just that, got it?"

"You do NOT fucking own me," I point my finger in his face.

"Really?" He smirks. "Who got you a meeting with David Geffen? Me. Who made sure your little band got air time? Me. Who took you on a sold out tour? Me. Who got you to marry Mandy? Me. I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds cause I bite back motherfucker. With the snap of a finger I can put you right back in the gutters you came from. still think I don't own you?" He breaks out with that annoying fucking hyena laughter again.

I just stand there with him blocking my pay while I roll my eyes. "Tell me something Nikki...we're you this big of a dick when people still called you Frank?"

"Bigger," he glints his teeth at me, "you should thank your lucky fucking stars for heroin."

"I'll leave the heroin worshipping to you."

"And almost all of your band, including your precious Curly Sue?"

"Fuck you," I hiss through my clenched teeth.

"I prefer to do the fucking," his smile goes sideways.

"Well at least I don't lie about being bisexual," I huff.

"Neither do I," he says now staring at me like he's trying to use telekinesis to burst me into flames or something.

"Mmmm, do those words rub you the wrong way Nikki? I'm sorry, I guess I just don't understand how you could fuck Axl if you didn't have those underlying tendencies?" Now I'm grinning. He wants to attack with words...well I've got a few words of my own.

"He deserved it," Nikki almost shouts growing more agitated.

"Be it as it may does a 100% straight guy get hard for another guy? Did you picture him as some sexy chick? Did you have to get really fucked up? Or maybe you were thinking about a guy you love? Maybe a guy you love but can't, or won't show? A guy like Tommy?"

Without warning Nikki punches me hard and fast. I can taste blood in my mouth. I just spit it at his feet.

"What's the matter Sixx? Too close to home? Does the truth sting a bit?" I taunt.

He grabs me by the shirt collar and pulls me to him. "Will it be too close to home when I fucking bend over your little baby boy and show him who owns him?

I shove him off me. "Over my dead goddamn body."

"That's ok, I don't need a welcoming mat, I'll be coming in through the back door," he sneers at me. "Do give him a kiss goodnight for me."

"Go to hell," I sigh and walk the fuck away.
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