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Sleep In Peace

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Duff finally sleeps

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Normally being awake at 5:00 in the morning would not be a cause for anything that could vaguely resemble happiness but getting woken up by Duff’s tongue running up the back of my cock sort of changes my outlook on early morning; well at least this particular morning. At this second his lips are wrapped around my shaft and he’s slowly sliding his mouth up and down it. I move my hand to the back of his head and clench my fingers in his hair as he starts to move faster and suck harder. “Mmmm Duffy I think you should wake me up like this more often,oh, mmm, oh fuck that feels good,” I groan. He just hums around my cock and keeps going. It’s not long before I’m bucking my hips and thrusting into his mouth. “Baby I’m going to cum!” I pant and he hums again and raises his eyes to mine; they’re sparkling with wicked delight. He suddenly sucks hard and tugs on my balls and I let go with a loud cry, shoving his head down onto my cock as I blow my load deep into his throat. He keeps sucking until I stop him but he stays where he is looking up me from between my legs, his tongue slowly, softly, lapping up the small drops of cum that are still slowly leaking from the tip of my cock, letting me watch him hold each drop on his tongue for a second before he swallows it. I just stare at him, fucking mesmerized by how fucking hot he is doing that. “Duff, I don’t know you’re doing but it’s fucking hot as hell, my dick can’t even go down watching you do that.

“Good,” he says, his voice dripping with sex, “I can’t get enough of the way you taste. I want every, last, drop.” The last three words are each punctuated with tiny licks.

“Get up here!” I hiss and pull him up into my arms and into a deep kiss that leaves him groaning with want. I wrap my hand around his cock and start to stroke him slowly and he draws in a deep, shuddering breath. There’s a fairly large sized spot of of pre-cum on this belly and the head of his dick is practically covered in it already. I grin at him and decide to give him a little show since he gave me one. I rub my thumb over the slicked up head of his cock and then press my thumb between his lips, running it over his tongue and forcing him to taste himself before dipping my tongue into his mouth so that I can taste him too. I suck in my breath at the familiar taste and then let out a loud moan; my dick’s already rock hard again. “You want me baby? Feels like you do, tastes like it too,” I tease and grind into his crotch and he groans and reflexively clutches at my hip and hair where his hands are exploring..
Yeah, I want to be inside of you so bad; I need to feel your tight little ass around my cock” he growls.

“Well I’m always up for that,” I reply and he quickly reaches for the lube that’s in the night table drawer. He slicks himself up, rubs some more over my entrance, and gives me an almost pleading look, his eyes begging for permission to do this without stretching me out. “It’s ok Duffy,” I whisper and pull his lips down to mine.

He kisses me for a second and then pulls away to line himself up with my hole and slowly starts to push into me. “Oh fuck,” he groans as he slowly sinks inside of me. When he’s all the way in he sits still; giving me some time to adjust to having him inside of my body. He’s always careful with me, but he’s extra careful right now since he didn’t stretch me open. He rocks slightly backwards and then gently pushes forwards, just barely thrusting. “You’re so fucking tight; oh my fucking god,” he gasps and then spends a minute just gently rocking back and forth; both of us enjoying the pleasurable feelings that come from the gentle motion of his hips.

He props himself up on his arms and looks down at me with a little smile on his face. “What?” I ask.

“Besides how good you make my dick feel I was just thinking a few minutes ago about how I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I love you and how I fall further and further in love with you every day. You’re my everything Baby Boy, he says quietly while looking into my eyes.”

My heart fucking melts and I can’t answer for a second because there’s so much emotion running through me. Finally I manage to speak. “I feel the same way about you Duffy and I want things to always feel like this between us; I don’t ever want them to get bad again. I know that we’ll have some days that aren’t so great but I want us to always love each other this much,” I blurt out before I have time to think too much about what I’m saying and chicken out. “You make me so happy; I love you so much.

“I love you too,” he says and leans down to kiss me. I kiss back happily and as the kiss deepens he starts to thrust slowly. I moan quietly into his mouth as I feel my dick throb and I can feel him grinning into the kiss. He makes love to me slowly and tenderly and our lips and hands roam and explore eagerly. I know the TV’s on but all I can hear is him breathing and his small moans and gasps of pleasure. After a while he starts to thrust harder and faster, and more purposefully; driving the head of his cock right into where he knows my prostate is. I cry out softly. “Mmm, gonna cum for me Baby Boy? I don’t know how much longer I can hold out, you feel so good,” he pants.

“Just a little more and harder, please, really hard Duff,” I beg. He gives me what I ask for and slams his cock into my prostate with what feels like everything he’s got and I explode without realizing quite how fast it’s going to happen. My body arches up into Duff and my back goes stiff; my whole body contracting so hard that it’s almost painful but it feels so fucking amazing. “Duff!” I wail when the first spasm lets up and I can draw in a breath which is quickly taken by the second spasm that runs through me. Duff lets out a yell above me and stiffens up as well and I feel a warmth deep inside of me as he spills himself into me. Both of our orgasms seem to just go on and on until we’re both exhausted and trembling and he pulls out and moves to the side and collapses next to me.
He lays there for a second and looks like he’s going to fall asleep but then jumps up and grabs my arm telling me that we have to shower. He seems to be pretty wired, almost manic, on edge, like when he’s had too much coke and too little sleep and I wonder when the last time he slept was. Come to think of it every night this week I’ve fallen asleep before him and woken up after him. From the way he’s acting and how jittery he is I’m betting he’s been wired on coke for a few days but I’m not sure why. We clean ourselves off and return to the big bed but Duff sits up instead of laying down beside me so I sit up in front of him and ask “Duff, how long have you been awake? You’re damn edgy and you look like you have two black eyes you’re so tired.”

He looks like he wants to avoid answering my question but I give him a knowing look and he fesses up. “I don’t know, it’s been a few days,” he admits.

“But why baby? What in the world would you need to stay up for? Is it because Nikki threatened me?” I ask because that’s really the only reason I can think of.

He nods miserably. “I can’t let him get to you Slash, I can’t let him hurt you, I’ve got to keep you safe!” he almost wails. He’s ridiculously exhausted and past the point of controlling his emotions which really shows when tears start to drip from his eyes.

I move over beside him and pull him into my arms. “Duffy, we’re safer in this room than we would be anywhere else. We’re on the 8th story and there’s no balcony. He can’t rappel down the building. The door has it’s keycard lock, a deadbolt, and the steel safety latch locked and the frame is also solid metal; he can’t bust in here without using a damn battering ram and that would wake anybody up, it’s not like you’ll miss that kind of noise! You need to lay down here beside me and go to sleep! I know you want to protect me but you won’t do me any good if you’re sleep deprived and a wreck. Besides, I can’t stand to think about how bad you must be feeling right now from lack of sleep. Let me take care of you a little and rub your hair until you go to sleep.” He looks like he might like the sound of that.

“I guess you’re right about the room but if I go to sleep and you leave the room he could get to you!” Duff says in a panic.

“I swear to you I won’t leave the room and that I’ll wake you up before I answer the door for room service ok? We’ve got like 9 hours until we have to get up, you need to go to sleep! Don’t even think about arguing with me,” I tell him.

“You swear to me you won’t leave the room and that you’ll wake me up before you open the door for anyone, anyone at all?” he asks.

“I swear I won’t leave the room and I’ll wake you up before I open the door for any reason. I’ve got three packs of cigarettes up here so I don’t really have any reason to go downstairs anyway. Now, lay down and close your eyes,” I say firmly. He sighs but does what I ask and I lay down beside him and rub his hair until he falls asleep like I promised I would. It takes all of 30 seconds for him to be out he’s so exhausted. Shit, Nikki wasn’t even around and he was getting to us; he was going to give Duff a heart attack without laying a finger on him. Duff’s determined to keep me safe from Nikki; I know he wants to prove that he can keep me just as safe as Izzy can. But a dazed, half out of it Duff isn’t going to be able to do much more than a sleeping Duff and I can’t stand having him feel like shit just to keep Nikki away; especially when there’s no way in hell Nikki could get into this room. I lean over and kiss my sweet Duff on the forehead and lay on my back and flip the channels on the TV until I find a reptile documentary; I can’t believe he hissed at me earlier; goof ball. Duff sleeps all day, only waking when I have breakfast and lunch brought upstairs and falling asleep again in minutes once the door was locked up tight again and he stays that way until it’s time to get ready for the show. I spend my day dozing in and out of sleep, watching TV, reading, and watching my beautiful lover sleep and dream beside me.
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