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Dad, It's Not What You Think

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How Izzys family visit goes

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So I called up Izzy's mom and got his dad's number down here in Florida. I'd only met him once or twice, when he would fly up to Indiana to visit Izzy and Joe for the holidays. But Izzy had always talked about his dad more often than his mom so I figured it was time to give him a 'shove in the ass to bridge the gap. So I called up Mr Isbell and invited him to tonight's show. It's less than a two hour drive from where he lives. He assures me he will come and bring Izzy's step mom and two teenage sisters. So now that that's lined up I gotta try to make sure Izzy doesn't get too noticeably wasted before they show the fuck up.

Everything goes according to my plan...right up to the moment that I walk Mr Isbell to our dressing room to surprise Izzy while his step mom and sisters find their seats. The fucking second I open the goddamn door I see Izzy snorting a line while some chick is blowing him. And his fucking dad saw it all. He was so mortified he had to leave. This was exactly what I had been trying to prevent all fucking day.

Izzy runs after his dad and I linger in the dressing room for a moment staring at everybody just fucking wasted and partying. I'm used to this shit, but it's why Izzy hasn't talked to his fucking parents in years. I try to fix his shit and it blows up in my face. I decide that I'm probably needed as a mediator and go to track down Izzy and his dad.

I find them out in the corridor. Izzy's blocking his dad's path and trying to explain to him that it wasn't what he was thinking it was. Yeah right izzy, it was pretty fucking obvious from where I was standing.

"Jeff... I almost brought your two teenage sisters back here. But I stopped and thought about it. I was worried about them seeing things they shouldn't have. I see I was right."

" was nothing... I was just..."

"Snorting drugs with some easy girl sucking your dick!? Oh yes Jeff, I may not have been born yesterday but I know perfectly well what I saw! You think I want my daughter's exposed to this shit?!"

"So...just fuck your son then?" Izzy asks and I can hear the pain in his voice.

His dad shakes his head, "My son is a grown man! And you certainly have always gone your own way! I told your mom to put you in sports or something, to not let you just sit around listening to records all day. It was apparent to me even then how you idolized the fools on the covers of those records. You wanted to be just like them. Well congratulations son, you've succeeded admirably. Was it all you hoped it would be?"

"Now you want to give your fucking fatherly advice?! Where the fuck were you when it was happening huh?!"

Oh shit. No Izzy don't fucking tell him off while you're wasted! You're just gonna say shit you wished you wouldn't, and you can't take it back once you blurt it out. I reach over and grab Izzy's arm.

"Oh no, don't stop him," Mr Isbell says to me, "he's about to enlighten me on being a man. Im just dying to hear this. You're 26 and still acting like you're 16. Do you know what I was doing at your age? Being a husband and father, working..."

"Yeah, bang up job dad," Izzy huffs, "you hung in a whole eight years before you bailed!"

"That's what you think? That I abandoned you?" He raises his eyebrows at Izzy. "Your whimsical mother left me! She packed you kids up and left in the middle of the night for Lafayette! I followed her there a few days later! Don't you remember that?! I tried to work it out! But when your mother makes up her mind about something..." he slightly snorts, "but then, you're exactly the same. You've already made up your mind about me obviously. I'm going to get my daughter's out of here," he says and tries to get by Izzy again.

"Your daughter's, your daughter's, always your precious fucking daughter's! Do you forget that you also have two fucking sons! I'm your fucking firstborn for Christ sake! I wish you would have brought those little bitches backstage! Somefuckingbody would have fucked that goddamn precious off of them by now!!"

Oh holy shit Izzy, that's it, the line you don't cross and you fucking cross it!? I watch his dad's hand flash up and smack Izzy right across his cheek leaving his red handprint across his face. Izzy just glares hatefully at his dad but his eyes are filling up with tears. This either means his dad has somehow hurt what feelings he had left, or Izzy's about to motherfucking go diabolical on his dad. Come on Izzy pull it the fuck together! Say you're fucking sorry!! I steady myself and get ready to grab Izzy if he goes off. But just then, at the worst possible moment, here comes fucking Nikki...

"Oh please tell me this is Izzy's dad!" He all but leaps over. "Hi, I'm Nikki! I m kinda your son's... Mmmm," he gleefully leers at Izzy, "'s so nice to meet you!"

Izzy's dad just looks at him like the weird fucking freak he is. "Fuck off Nikki," Izzy very lowly growls and grabs Nikki's wrist.

Nikki smirks, "Now now, is that any way to talk to your boss?" He jerks his wrist away from Izzy and smiles back to his dad. "Did you bring the family?"

"Goddamnit Sixx, fuck off!" I shove him in the back.

He spins around and looks at me with one raised eyebrow, "Heal...sit...stay."

Izzy grabs Nikki by the shirt and just fucking head butts him. Nikki covers his forehead, "Ok, that fucking hurt you little shit!"

I look at Izzy and Izzy looks at me. We make a telepathic diplomatic decision. I go low and Izzy goes high. And Sixx goes down. And that's when Mr Isbell grabs Izzy's arm. "This is not how people live!"

Izzy spins around to look at him and I watch his eyes glaze over and go black. "What the fuck would you know anyway? Just fuck off, that's what you do best dad, right? Maybe you want to hit me again? Take your best fucking shot old man, get in fucking line! You don't know a goddamn thing about me!! Fucking fuck you!! Better yet, fucking forget you! You don't have a first born anymore!" And Izzy storms off leaving poor Mr Isbell befuddled and speechless. And Nikki's coming around.

I quickly take him by the arm and lead him off. "I'm so sorry Mr Isbell, I know everything looks really crazy and I know Izzy said some things that he didn't mean. Just watch the show, please. I'll calm him down and..."

"Don't bother Billy. I'm leaving." And that's just what he fucking does.

God what the fuck is it with that family of leavers?! Does anybody ever fucking stay? Do they all fucking run? Well at least Izzy comes by it honestly.
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