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I jerked awake; it's dark and I'm high and at first I don't know where I am I hear axle breathing next to me and I remember what happened earlier. What had gotten into him? Why did he want to hurt me while he was fucking me? I still don’t understand; and he kept looking in the mirror, was he watching himself or was he seeing something else? He was being weird about the mirror the other day too, he said he saw little Billy. I just figured he meant it metaphorically; what if he meant it literally? I think maybe we need to have a serious talk. I can’t forget the look on his face; it was vicious, feral, fucking scary. I want Slash. I want to talk to him, I want him to hold me, I don’t want to lay here beside somebody who set off a whole rash of horrible memories for me earlier and who now had somewhat violated me himself. Fuck fuck fuck!!!! I so don’t want to live my life anymore.
I stifle my sobs and slip out of the bed. I creep over and grab my jeans and slide them on along with the white button-up I had on earlier today. Then I put on my socks and boots and jerk my hat down over my hair, grab my keys and wallet and walk out of the room, leaving behind the stranger in Axl’s body. I walk towards Slash and Duff’s door with my head down and my shoulders slumped. I hope they don't mind having a guest for a second time this week.

I know Slash doesn't but I feel like I'm pushing my luck with Duff; he doesn't treat me that way though. In fact he's been really fucking nice to me; especially considering that I was dreaming about his Curly Sue the night I ended up sleeping in their room. Duff knew who I'd been dreaming about when I told them why Axl had hit me and he'd let me stay anyway; he's a better friend than I deserve. He's been amazing to Slash too since they've gotten back together. Being apart for a few weeks must have made him realize how much he loved Slash. Watching them together the other night, the way Duff cradled Slash against him when he held him, the soft kisses to the kids sweet face and dark hair, the whispered endearments, he was still head over heels for the kid and I was glad; Slash deserves someone who loves him with everything they had to give. Slash had looked like he was floating in a cloud too: basking in Duff’s affection and happily returning Duff’s love with his own. It's painful to watch but the thought that I did what was best for Slash is the only comfort I have left. It’s fucking masochistic though and I know it.

When I get to Duff and Slash’s door I pause and lean my head against the door to listen before I knock to make sure I don't knock at a bad time. I’m glad I did because what I hear is an exquisite groan of pleasure from Slash followed by the words “Yeah Duff, just like that, don't stop!” and then a breathy moan.

Duff replies with his own moan and the words “Like that? You like my dick inside you?”

“You know I do, you know I love the way you fuck me!” Slash replies.

There’s more moaning and panting and what sounds like kissing and then Duff growls “Oh fuck baby you're tight; you feel so good on my cock when you tighten up like that!” I know what’s coming next; Slash is on the edge of getting off and god do I want to hear him. I know this whole thing is fucking sick but whatever; man what I wouldn’t give to be the one pounding his sweet little ass right now! My body over top of his, holding his hipbones down to the bed so that my dick got a better angle and I could thrust up into his spot while he squirmed and begged underneath me, pleading with me for just a little more so that he could cum, the same way he is with Duff right now. If I wasn’t on so much smack right this second I’d have to go jerk off after hearing this; I might have to anyway.
I hear Slash moan again but it’s a higher pitched sound and I know he’s close; I still remember the way he sounds just before he cums, the way he breathes, the way his eyes close and he grips whatever he can get his hands on be it the bedsheets or your hair or shoulder.

“Duffy, I, oh,” he whimpers.

“Cum for me Baby Boy,” Duff breathes and Slash pants a couple more times and then cries out loudly. I can picture him arching his back, his face flushed, his huge cock spasming against his belly as he shoots his load onto his chest and onto Duff’s stomach. Then I hear Duff almost yell Slash’s name as he climaxes and I remember that it’s Duff in bed with Curly Sue and not me and that hits me right in the chest for some reason and an almost crippling depression comes with it. It’s not me in bed with the kid, it’s Duff. What they’re doing and what they have right now is what I wanted earlier with Axl and what I got was some weird shit that hurt me. I’m so tired of what my life is at the moment. All I wanted was to be intimate with him, to love him and to feel him love me back but what I got was something far different. He’d tried to make up for it after I called him on it but it still felt weird; there was something dark inside of him now. I back away from Duff and Slash’s door and head towards the elevator. Maybe I can find some peace at the bottom of a bottle in the bar.

I’m so happy. I’m standing in the shower with Duff who’s pampering me and washing my hair and it feels so good that my eyes practically roll back into my head; I love to have my hair washed and he knows it. We just made love for over an hour and it was amazing. In that I know I'm lucky; Duff makes me feel amazing physically, he always has, but it’s more than that. I feel so close to him and so cared for when he’s inside of me. It’s an intimacy that I’ve never felt with anyone else besides Izzy but it was ten times as intense with Duff. Duff was part of my soul and half of my heart and I hope we never lose that connection. Just then I feel a soft kiss to my cheek. “What are you thinking about Baby Boy? You have this far away look on your face and you’re quiet,” Duff chuckles, kissing my temple.

I nuzzle into his touch and smile. “I was just thinking about how close to you I feel when we’re in bed; how I like how cared for you make me feel when you’re inside of me. I love you Duffy. You’ve been so good to me since we got back together and I’m so happy,” I tell him and feel my face turn red.

He turns me around and pulls me close to him, tilting my chin up so that I’ll look at him. “You’re adorable when you blush,” he says and grins. I try and duck my head but he won’t let me, he just gives me a soft kiss on my lips. “I’m really happy too and I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you; let’s not lose this happiness ok? I want us to stay this happy and this close. I want to see you smile like that every day for the rest of my life.”
“Sounds good to me,” I reply and raise myself up so that I can kiss him again. We eventually manage to disentangle ourselves from each other and finish showering. We throw on some clean shorts and Duff gets my nightly shot ready. Once the liquid is in the needle he gently ties my arm off with my belt and I hold it tight while he slips the needle into a vein and pulls back the plunger. He’s magic with that thing, he should be a phlebotomist because he hits a vein the first time every time. I watch as the dark red blood swirls with the golden liquid in the syringe and he slowly pushes the plunger down and I let go of the belt. My lips go numb and then slightly itch as a warmth floods me and I sigh in happiness. My body feels warm and fuzzy, I feel super creative and happy but it’s late so I’m also tired. Duff crawls under the covers beside me and holds out his arms and I happily move into them and snuggle up to him with my head on his chest.
“Holding you like this is always the best part of my day. I love you my sweet Baby Boy,” he almost whispers.

“I love you too Duffy and being alone with you at the end of the night is always my favorite part of the day too,” I tell him. He smiles and feeds me several soft, deep, sweet kisses. We settle in and watch some late night TV and I drift off to sleep; safe and warm and happy in his arms. I woken up later by a slight stinging in my neck, it felt almost like a needle poked me. Confused, I open my eyes and look up into the eyes of...Nikki? No! He and Tommy are standing over me with an empty syringe, where’s Duff?!

I want to say something but I can’t, I can barely keep my eyes open from whatever they gave me! “Well hello pretty one,” Nikki hisses. “We’ve got a surprise for you.” Then everything goes black.
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