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Fucking Hell Is About To Break Loose

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The surprise

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Things between Slash and I are just so wonderful. I never thought we could be this happy again, not after all the things we had been through. But somehow we were ok. Though the same can’t really be said for the other two. Since Nikki Axl has changed so much. I can see him fighting whatever it is but I think he must be losing the battle. Izzy’s trying really hard to help him get past it too. But it’s like all attempts blow up in their faces. Axl having punched Izzy the other night had really set Izzy back. Of course he forgave him almost immediately the next day, but Axl’s damage had been done.

Yeah, I get that Izzy was having sex dreams about my Curly Sue, but I totally get that it’s Slash’s nature Izzy’s so attracted to. Loving Slash is so simple and he returns it tenfold. That was all that Izzy wanted, to be loved unconditionally, completely, constantly, and without all the time Axl won’t let him touch him. Sure, Axl’s had it bad, but so has Izzy. He wishes Axl were more like Slash after bad times, clingy. But Axl rarely clings anymore and I think that’s something Izzy really misses. To hear him tell it, Billy worshipped Izzy. He hung his moon and kept him safe from monsters. There was a time when Izzy was all Axl needed. Izzy liked feeling irreplaceable. And a long long time ago that was exactly how Axl made him feel.

I’ve heard them both say how much like Slash and myself they used to be. Now there isn’t even a shadow of what we’re like. I can’t imagine if Slash and I ever lost that. My heart just couldn’t take it. So I guess I can empathize with Izzy. Not too crazy about his obsession with my boyfriend, but I guess it makes sense anyway. But if he touches him again I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my cool.

So It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. Too much coke is naturally to blame and I’ve killed off my bottle of Vodka. Slash is sound asleep so I decide to go down to the bar. Slash is heavily guarded so I feel comfortable leaving him for a bit. I’ll be back before he ever wakes up. So I shimmy into my leather pants and a New York Dolls t-shirt. I slip out of the room and nod to the two security guys posted on our hall. The opposite direction I see Crue’s guards. I get in the elevator and head down to the lobby.

As I walk into the hotel lounge I find Izzy laying across the bar using his outstretched arm as a pillow. An empty shot glass and an almost empty bottle of in sit on the bar next to his head. As I walk closer I can see the distant glaze cast over his eyes. He doesn’t even acknowledge when I sit on the stool right next to him.

“Izz? You ok man?” I nudge his arm.

He blinks and raises up to seating position. “Duff. Sorry, I didn’t see you.” His hand goes for the Gin. “You want a shot man?”

“I came for Vodka,” I say motioning the bartender, “besides, it looks like you’ve just about polished off the Gin.”

Izzy sighs and holds the bottle up, “Seems I have huh?” He thoughtlessly mutters.

“You and Axl have a fight?” I ask as the bartender brings me a bottle of house Vodka.

“What makes you think that?” Izzy asks gulping straight from the bottle killing it all off.

“You only drink like that for a handful of reasons. Axl seems like the most likely cause,” I shrug.

Izzy says nothing for a long while. I have time to uncap my bottle and pour myself three shots before he utters a word. “Axl’s…changed…since Nikki…it’s like that broke the last thing inside of him that he had left to break.”

“How so?” I ask and glance over at him.

I can see a tear roll down his cheek. “How many times do you think a person can take being violated…once, three times, half a dozen? At what point do you think you stop being able to heal? There’s gotta be a point of no return, right?” His tear streaked face is pleading with me for an answer as if I actually have one. I had no answer because there was no answer.

“It’s different this time I guess. Sixx really did a number on Axl.”

Izzy wipes away his tears, “What he did to his body is nothing compared to what he did to his head. Believe me, I know how Nikki creeps inside your head and pokes at all your fears and insecurities. His words hurt and they never stop. And Axl won’t tell me everything, he never does. What little I know comes from his dreams. The nightmares are so much worse since Nikki.”

“He’s trying Izz, you just gotta give him more time,” I clamp my hand on his shoulder.

Izzy’s eyes fall to the bar. “I don’t know if I’m strong enough Duff. He’s not the only one who has walked through hell to be here. And we always promised each other that when we made it we’d start over. But what if that’s just not possible anymore?”

“He loves you, you know that. Anything’s possible as long as the love is still there, and it is.”

“Yeah,” he sighs, “I’m just drunk and depressed I guess.”

“Awe, what’s got the baby so sad?” Say’s a condescending voice just over our shoulders. I turn and see Nikki standing there with a curious smile. Maybe it was proud, hard to say with Nikki.

“What the fuck do you want?” I ask him as I watch Izzy stiffen and freeze with his eyes facing forward.

“Well that’s no way to talk to someone who’s trying to be nice,” he says with his evil sideways smirk.

“No, it sure isn’t,” says yet another voice over my other shoulder. Tommy.

“Come on guys, just back off tonight,” I sigh.

Nikki chuckles, “But you and Izzy are the guests of honor at a very special reception T-Bone and I have planned.”

Izzy looks at me and I can see his face flush with fear and he gulps. Right about then I see Nikki brandishing a needle next to Izzy’s jugular. But before I can move or say a word I feel one going in my neck as well. Obviously Tommy did it. Izzy and I just look at one another as our eyelids get heavy. Izzy’s starting to nod when I fall face down, out cold.

When I’m finally able to open my eyes again I’m sitting up in a chair. I try to move but realize that my hands are tied behind my back to the chair. I try to move my legs but they’re tied to the chair as well. I try to speak but I’m gagged. I raise my heavy head up and see my baby boy tied to a bed spread eagle and naked. His mouth is taped and tears are streaming from the corners of his eyes. I try to hop and move the chair closer but can’t find the strength.

I look next to me and see Izzy bound to a chair and gagged as well. His head hangs. He’s still out from whatever they shot us up with. I grunt and try to get Slash’s attention. He turns his head to face me. His chest rises and falls with sobs that are muted by the gag.

“Ah, I see Blondie’s awake,” I hear Nikki’s voice from across the room. I quickly turn to look and see him breaking out lines of coke with Tommy.

“You’re just in time,” Tommy says.

“Yeah, we were just about to have a few lines and go play with your precious kid on the bed there until Izzy comes around. Wouldn’t want him to miss when we stick our cocks in the kid.”

I mumble curses behind my gag as tears flood my eyes.

“I told you I had to see what makes him so special to all of you. You’re all gaga or him. Izzy’s obsessed with him. Fuck, even Axl’s had his go at him. Must be some pretty amazing shit if you all put so much effort into keeping him untainted. Well that stops tonight,” Nikki smirks leaning over to do a rail of coke. He then throws his head back holding his nose. “Don’t worry though, we won’t start till Stradlin comes around.”

I scream and beg from behind my gag but it’s pointless. Something very bad is about to happen and I can’t do shit about it. All I can do is watch and pray Axl or Steven comes to our rescue. Steven’s probably passed out in a pile of chicks. And Axl is filming something for TV. That could take all night long. No one will probably miss us until morning. That’s more than enough time for Nikki and Tommy to do whatever sick shit they had planned for Slash. Please God, help us.
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