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Prologue- Let's Give It Up For the New Year

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I was an innocent,a bystander in thier crazy and hectic lives. It never used to be that way, however. Our past was plauged with countless, restless nights filled with B-movie marathons, convincing ...

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Never in a million years did it occur to me that I would be standing where I was today, staring up at the large glistening disco ball, slowly descending down as the minutes passed. I shivered involuntarily and smiled as another gloved hand slipped into mine, my peripheral vision catching his eyes twinkling up at the night sky, breath hanging in the air.

Smiling, I watched as two familiar boys came running in front of me, laughing, chasing each other as the giant clock tower chimed 11:58 pm. My hand tightened and I turned my head to see a bright smile, one that was rarely seen, even for me. Sighing, I let his arm snake around my shoulders and rested my head against his chest, still watching.

Still waiting.

The boys came back and we all stepped closer, from under the trees and closer to the lake that separated us from the base of the tower where all people, dressed up and screaming like maniacs stood, waiting and watching as the one minute mark was reached.

"One minute and it'll be another year done well," I smiled as a familiar voice rang out behind me his vintage bottle of coke raising to the sky in salute as 20 was shouted in the freezing cold.

I sighed again and the arm around me rubbing my own in a desperate attempt to warm us up. I smile tugged at my lips and I saw another couple scoot up to us as well. Glancing over for a minute I caught her eyes and she smiled, snuggling up with that familiar head of brown.


"Can you believe it's been four years?" I rolled my eyes and sighed as a voice hushed him; the arm shifting again as the ball twinkled, falling faster.

"2006, here we come!" the girl next to me turned her head and shot daggers through her eyes.

"Shut it Pete," she hissed and I smirked as he huffed, the cold air hitting my neck.


"Don't bicker, this year should be brought in with peace, babes," I smiled.

Thank god for Andy.

She sighed and fell back against him, Pete mumbling something before keeping quiet. I shook my head silently and watched again, keeping my focus.


Maybe I should start from the beginning.
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