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Chapter 1- Chaotic

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Read the prologue first, please.

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Good morning Chicago, its 6 am sharp and the sun has just peeked out from the horizon on this early August day, so students, get's here...

My hand crumbled against the snooze button in a desperate attempt at adding more to my hefty ten hours of sleep that I had miraculously managed to catch. Sighing as my heavy eyes closed again, I heard my cat jump onto the windowsill, the blinds rustling and hitting the window, bright sunlight slipping into my room. In the distance, down the hall I heard a door open and a few moments later, a skipping was heard and I narrowed my eyes, pulling the covers higher over my face. My door burst open and a familiar voice filled my room with a very high pitched, very out-of-key 'good morning'.

"Go away," I mumbled and rolled over onto my stomach before hearing their feet shuffle closer and my body shift slightly as the indent took place in my bed. Sighing, I opened my eyes to see my sister, Ashley staring down at me, smiling.

"Senior year, baby," she smiled and I groaned, rolling my eyes, closing them again.

"No, sleeping time, /baby/," I mocked and she sighed, smacking my arm and standing back up, walking towards my closet.

"Come on Jenna, you gotta get ready, I mean...Pete's gonna pick us up today and take us to school," I slowly sat up and stretched, my skinny arms cracking as they reached up. A yawn took over my mouth and Ashley rolled her eyes, throwing me a pair of ripped jeans and a simple black tank top. Cracking my neck I stood and sighed.

It was going to be a long day.


Pete smiled a rather cheesy smile as his car pulled up to our driveway, Ashley and I jumping off the porch to jog across the front lawn, dandelion dust tickling our exposed, flip-flop clad feet. His face was eaten by a pair of oversized sunglasses and I cringed as Ashley kissed his cheek. When she noticed my disgusted look she rolled her eyes and I immaturely stuck my tongue back out at her.

"Now, now...stop fighting, kids..." Ashley smiled innocently and I mocked her again.

She glared out of the corner of her eyes and I flashed a smile, one that somewhat looked like Pete's at the moment. He coughed getting our attention again and put the car into gear, pulling into the residential street.

"So I hear its senior year for baby cakes and sister," I leaned my head back against the headrest and sighed as Ashley went on.

"Last year is the best year..." I glanced out the window and watched as scenery started to blur as Pete picked up speed, turning out into the main road.

"So, do you think they will get you mixed up again like when I was a junior and you guys were freshmen?" he asked and Ashley looked over at me, waiting for me to say something witty.

"Being a twin is harder than it looks Pete," I mumbled and he let out one of those half laughs that he always has. Ashley smiled and nudged me with her elbow. I adjusted my binder that sat in my lap and smiled a small smile back.

"But it's fun, because...well, you know," We both shared a laugh as Pete got lost for words. The car slowed and he turned in his seat to stare back at us.

"Alright, I'll see you after school then?" he asked and I arched an eyebrow.

"You're picking us up too?" Pete shook his head and pushed back his sunglasses, it pushing past his hair that he had recently straightened out. Ashley sighed and started to shuffle out but Pete spoke up.

"Andy will though, we invited this kid over, and we want him to audition for the band," Ashley smiled and kissed his cheek again before sneaking out.

"Why do you date my sister?" I asked and Pete shrugged before patting my head, messing my hair up.

"Because she dates me back," Shaking my head I snuck out and caught up to Ashley who was walking into the building.

We walked past many regulars and stopped right in front of our regular lockers. Everything was placed right where I left it from last year. Ashley fumbled with a few things before shutting it and turning to me as I loaded it up with my books for this final year.

"So...I'll see you in Yearbook?" I nodded once and she smiled, poising her hand, ready for another cheesy twin handshake.

We did so and she walked away, towards her first period class. A locker opened next to mine and I glanced over to see another familiar face. I grabbed my Calculus book and purse out of my locker before shutting it and slicking over behind the the locker. They shut it and jumped before calming down, taking a breath.

"Jesus, Jenny, stop doing that...every year, gosh," I smiled sheepishly as Joe adjusted his binder in his hand before scratching his head, a nervous habit I had noticed.

"Sorry Joe," I mumbled and he smiled, shrugging.

"So, together in math, again, ehh?" I smirked as he leaned to look at my schedule I had somewhat crumbled into the slip of my binder.

"I guess so, fro Joe," he glared at the nickname and I let out a closed-eye laugh, stepping back towards the math building. "Come on, math we go!" Joe rolled his eyes and followed closely as we snuck into class.


At lunch I laughed as Joe cracked jokes about random stuff and played with the straws from Subway. Our school was open lunch, meaning we could leave campus as long as we returned in time for last period, if we had it. Shaking my head I watched Ashley hang up her phone and place it back down, throwing a very surprised face at Joe who was imitating apparently her on a Sunday morning.

"Leave me to my beauty rest, stop pounding on that drum...stop with the loud music, wait till I'm up," Ashley titled her head to one side and bit her lip, glaring. I snickered as Joe wiggled his fingers at her, tearing the straws from his nose.

"So," he completely changed the subject. "You hear about the audition after school?" I nodded once and Ashley smiled.

"Who is this kid?" she asked and Joe smirked.

"He's a senior and goes to our school, actually...but that's not important, I've heard his voice, his singing voice, and's amazing," My eyes twinkled and Ashley shifted slightly.

"Can he scream?" she asked and Joe sighed.

"We're shying away from that, this time around," I smiled.

Score one for Jenny- no more loud screams and sloppy drumming and no more Joe bursting holes into her living room wall with his guitar, on 'accident'.

"Why?" Ashley asked and then took a frowned filed bite of her sandwich.

Joe shrugged.

"We want something different, something.../modern/," I smirked and Joe glanced over at me.

"What, Jenny?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm glad, but I can't wait to hear this guy's voice, seriously, he sounds cool," Joe shrugged.

"If you like shy boys with an innocent smile," I smiled wide and Ashley nudged me for the second time today.

"Ohhhh," she hitched her voice high and I rolled my eyes and Joe coughed, interrupting us.

"In argyle socks and thick rimmed glasses," I bit my lip, stifling a laugh and Ashley covered her mouth with her fingertips, her eyes closing in a giggle. Joe shook his head at us and tilted back in his chair, folding his arms in the air behind his head.

"He's till pretty cool," I nodded and sighed.

"We'll have to wait and see about that, right Ashley?" I asked turning to her and she smiled that evil smile we shared.

"Right, Jenny,"

"Right, Joe," Joe mocked and we both whipped our heads at him, glaring.

"Shut it Joe," we said at the same time and he jolted his hands up using his two index fingers as a makeshift cross.

"Jesus, you girls are crazy, like...robots or something," I smirked.

"We're programmed to be awesome," Ashley smirked as well and jabbed a finger in his direction.

"We're the Chaotic sisters, biznatch," I laughed at the pathetic attempt at scaring Joe and he rolled his eyes, going back to his sub.

"It's funny how only a few handful of students know that's not you're guys last name," Ashley's finger curled and she threw a pathetic glare at Joe who shrugged. "What?" he asked innocently and I shook my head.

"We still kick-ass," I mumbled, arms crossed. Ashley soon copied and sighed, nodding her head.

"Awesome, kick-ass, smart, beautiful, and..." she paused and I looked over at Joe who was nodding at our words.

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