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Chapter 2- That Boy Can Sing

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Are we ready for some Patrick?

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It's good to know that Yearbook was last period, and crazier that Joe happened to take it, and well, he sucked. The only thing we found he was good at was getting impossible pictures, taken. We were walking down the hallway when Joe ran off and grabbed some small and fragile looking boy by the elbow, making him jump almost out of his black converse. Ashley whipped her head at me and arched her eyebrow, confused as me. I cleared my throat and made Joe turn around with the boy.

"See? Told ya!" We both gave him glares and he smiled, making the boy turn around and wiggle his fingers at us.

I was skeptic of this kid.

His hat hid his features and his tuffs of hair flew out of the camouflage material, slightly hiding those ridiculous sideburns. He looked down at the ground and Ashley tugged my arm, us both walking down the hallway where Joe had his arm throne over his shoulder, wiggling him around a bit.

"Ashley, Jenny, meet Patrick, the kid that's gonna audition today," Ashley smirked.

"He seems too shy to be a singer," I saw the slightest hint of a blush rise to his cheeks and I smiled at Joe.

"Is he going to talk to us?" I asked and Joe shrugged, taking his arm back and turning his head to look down at the shorter boy.

"I don't know will ya Patrick?" he asked and Patrick cleared his throat before looking up, rather thick black glasses outlining his eyes.

"Um," he started and Ashley crossed her arms, already bored. Patrick gulped again and shrugged. "I kinda don't have anything to say, really," he mumbled and I looked at Joe who shrugged before fishing out his car keys.

"So, you girls need a ride?" he asked, directing Ashley's attention and she shook her head.

"Andy's got us," she said and I nodded in improvement.

"Andy's always got us," I added and Joe dropped his shoulders while Patrick lightly smiled.

"Damn vegan always stealing my thunder," he muttered and Ashley and I started a fit of giggles while Patrick showed a toothy grin, Joe pouting.

"Yeah, and Pete's got Ashley here," I said, bumping her with my hip. She stumbled slightly and rolled her eyes, an exasperated sigh escaping her lips.

"Stop pestering me about that, I'm 18, thank you very much, it's totally legal for us to be dating," Joe smirked and mumbled something.

"And fucking," Patrick flashed a blush and bit his lip while I grimaced, a disgusted groan coming out.

"I think my soul just through up!" I moaned and Joe laughed while Ashley proceeded to smack him in the arm.

"Joe, god damnit, you know we don't..." he interrupted her.

"Yet, you don't /yet/," Ashley's eyes went up in flame and she smacked him harder while I laughed, watching as even Patrick smirked at her behavior.

"Say it, Joe...say it," Joe whimpered and shook his head.

"Just because you're hurting me doesn't mean I'm going to give in that fast," he said and Ashley sighed, giving up.

"I hate you," she muttered and Joe kissed her cheek, making her cringe and wipe it off on her hand.

"You love me," he replied and I felt my front pocket vibrate. Pulling out my phone I answered it.

"You know, I'm usually calm and patient, but Jesus Christ Jenny, did somebody lock you in the red room?" I laughed as Andy's voice rang through the phone and shook my head, Ashley stepping towards me.

"We'll hurry up," I said and soon hung up, Ashlee sighing and gathering her things again.

"Andy here?" she asked and I nodded, waving at Joe and stepping backwards.

"See you guys in...ten?" I asked and Joe nodded, nudging Patrick who snapped his head up, waving awkwardly.

"Bye," Ashlee finished and again we crossed the courtyard to the car parked across the street, Andy leaning out and smiling.

"So, some cute twins need a lift?" he asked and then narrowed his eyes in pain. I climbed in after Ashlee to see a familiar hair of short black, whacking Andy in the arm.

"Stop hitting on the illegal, Andy," she hissed and he smirked rolling up the window. Ashley cleared her throat and reached an arm around to poke Adi in the shoulder.

"We're 18, you know," she mumbled and Adi turned around in her seat.

"So that's why you're dating Pete," she said, a big, fake, plastic smile on her face. I laughed at the look on Ashley's face- priceless.

"Shut it, you dated Andy when you were in high school," I nodded, and Adi sighed.

"But I was a junior and he was just out of high school," she smiled at Andy as he drove and looked back at Ashlee who crossed her arms. "Pete's 23, for god's sake," Ashlee pouted and I twitched my eyebrows at her.

"She's got a point, you know," Ashlee rolled her eyes.

"Age doesn't matter; it's all..." she paused. "It's all love," she whispered and I sighed, looking back out the window.


Twin sisters.


I tapped my foot impatiently as the boys set up, waiting as Patrick prepared himself for this...this /audition/. Pete mumbled something and turned to Joe who shrugged. Ashley shifted from next to me and Pete spoke up.

"Girls, we need a song for Patrick here to sing," he said and Ashley shrugged while Patrick nervously turned his attention towards me.

"Gahh, I don't know," I mumbled and smiled. "Now I do," Pete nodded expectantly and I smiled wider looking back at Patrick.

"Do you know that Joy Division song?" I asked and Patrick nodded while Joe whistled.

"Wow...this is gonna be good," he pulled his guitar on and strummed a few chords and I sat forward, watching Pete nod his head in time. Ashley soon copied my actions and we waited, Patrick parting his lips as the time came.

"When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low, and resentment rides high, but emotion won't grow, and we're changing our ways, taking different roads," My emotions were completely dragged out of me, and my heart beat faster as he went on, Pete's face completely losing color and his arms dropping from a cocky posture to his side, completely mesmerized. Ashley caught my eyes quickly and nodded, eyes wide.

"And, will tear us apart, again," Pete stepped forward and clasped a hand on Patrick's shoulder, making him stop momentarily.

"Patrick," he mumbled and Patrick sheepishly looked down. "Dude, you''re /perfect/," he breathed and Patrick tightened his throat muscles, looking back up at him.

"I am?" he croaked and Pete flashed a smile, nodding.

"Right guys?" he asked turning to us and Andy nodded feverishly while Joe smiled, nodding as well. Pete turned to us and we flashed our identical smiles.

"Fan base, what do you say?" he asked and we looked at each other for a minute before we nodded once each.

"This is defiantly going somewhere," Ashley commented and I smiled agreeing.

"Timing won't be flawed..."
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