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Chapter 3- Brush Your Shoulders Off, Holmes

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My eyesight got blurry as my hand nearly got yanked out of my hand, my feet barley hitting the ground in time as Joe guided me down a steep hill towards an open field by, from what I could hear, a flowing lake.

"Joe," I hissed and he turned back for a minute, slightly slowing down. "Where are we going?" I asked and I smirked, before sighing.

"Meeting up with everybody, first month of school's over, Jenny, it's time for celebration," I sighed and let my arm be yanked out of its socket again.

"Can you be gentler, please?" I asked and we stopped to see Pete setting up a bonfire, Andy coming from the distance with a pile of wood.

Patrick was sitting in a lawn chair tapping his fingers against his chest as he slouched and I caught his eyes for a moment before turning to Ashley who was calling for me.

"Jenny, you got some matches?" she asked and I arched my eyes, slightly confused.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly and she rolled her eyes, fed up already.

"You know those things you light fires with?" I rolled my eyes and grabbed them out of my back pocket before throwing them at her.

"So, got a homecoming date yet, Jenny?" Adi asked and I turned to her, taking a nervous seat next to her.

"Come on, Adi, I haven't gone the last three years, what makes you think I'm gonna go this year?" I asked and Adi shrugged.

"Change of heart?" she pondered out loud and I smirked while Ashley and Pete proceeded to light the fire.

"Adi, she resents against those kinds of social gatherings, the last time she went to a school even was Pete's last soccer game when he was a senior," I rolled my eyes and watched as the flames went up, the two backing off and finding their own seats. Adi sighed and turned to me.

"You should go, Jenny," she mumbled and I shrugged.

"I will the day the band gets a gig and I get nominated for homecoming queen," A glimmer of mischief flashed through Pete and Joe's eyes and I groaned as Andy laughed at my reaction.

"God damnit, I've jinxed myself..." Pete smiled evilly, the fire making him look positively /devilish/.

"Oh yeah," he said slowly.


"God," I slammed my head against the desk. "Damn," Again. "Wentz," I slammed it one more time before groaning and turning my head to Patrick who was looking on at my actions as I freaked.

"What?" he asked and I shoved the official piece of paper at him. "So?" he asked like it was no big deal. I sat up straight and shook his shoulders, that innocent face scrunching up in fear.

"I don't want to be homecoming /queeeeeeen/!" I screeched and he took my arms off of his shoulders before shaking his head.

"Maybe it'll be alright," he mentioned and I whimpered as the teacher came back into the room with another slip of paper.

"Ha, never would have thought," he mumbled placing it down on Patrick's desk. Patrick looked dumbfounded at it and nervously laughed.

"What?" I asked and Patrick gulped.

"I think they attacked both of us," I glanced over his paper and closed my eyes, secretly cursing Joe.

"Homecoming king," Patrick hummed and I bit my lip, awkwardly looking at him.

"I don't like big crowds," he mumbled and I smirked.

"And you're in a band?" I asked and I broke out into a smile.

"We have our first gig at the homecoming dance," I smiled wide and playfully punched him in the shoulder, a light blush hitting his cheeks.

"Woo hoo," I cheered and Patrick smiled.

"Then again the next night at an underground club..." I smiled and sighed looking back at the white board.

Homecoming Game & Dance- Tomorrow Night- 7:00pm

I sighed and turned back to Patrick who had followed my eyes to the white board.

"So you ready to hit the field?" I asked and Patrick shrugged before gulping.

"Maybe," he mumbled and for a few seconds caught my eyes. "Maybe,"


Pushing Ashley's door open I immediately closed it as a dart came flying at my head. I heard her yell a sorry and I opened it wide eyed as she covered her mouth, eyes wide. Closing the door I took a double take of a picture on the wall, five darts in a picture of Pete. I looked un-easily back at Ashley and she sighed, looking down at the ground.

"What happened?" I asked, eyeing the picture one more time before sitting down next to her.

"We had our first fight," she mumbled and I sighed through my nose, shaking my head.

"About what?" I asked and Ashley shrugged.

"I kept telling him not to tamper with the votes and he still did it, and...and you know how I am with people not listening, and on top of that he told me he didn't," I looked back up at the picture.

"Nice aim," I commented seeing the one right through his crotch. She giggled next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Joe's taking me to homecoming, in hopes of making him jealous...even though he's gonna be there for the gig," I sighed and shook my head.

"I have walk practice right after school with Patrick," Ashley nudged me and laughed.

"I heard about's like...Revenge Of The Nerds," she mumbled and I laughed, my eyes closed.

"Beauty and the geek," I added and Ashley sighed us both looking at the picture.

"You think tomorrow night will be fun?" she asked and I shrugged my mind drifting.

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