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Chapter 4- Bad Twin, She's Coming Home

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Gahh. It's not perfect

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I hated my dress.

Hated it.

It was so unfitting for me, not my style at all. Our school colors, blue and white were well represented on both Patrick and I. Him in a fairly cheesy powder blue tux, and after my fussing I managed to get him to fluff out his hair, leaving it in his face. I stood in front of the mirror as one of my cheerleader friends, Stacy stood behind me tightening the corset. Off in the distance of the under-bleacher locker room I saw Patrick observing quietly, Pete with him, giving him a talk.

"Ok, breathe in Jenny," I took a sharp breath as it tightened once more and the final knot was tied.

"Jesus, Jenny," I turned to see Pete with a smirk, shaking his head while Patrick stood quiet, fixing his tie. Adjusting the straps on the blue formal dress, I tried to take a breath, failing- miserably.

"I can't freaking breathe, let alone walk," I mumbled, taking slow steps towards them, having to grip Patrick's shoulders as I nearly fell. He caught my elbows and I sighed, catching my footing as the coach came in, catching us in the worst possible position.

"Hey, wait until the hotel room after the dance for that," he mumbled and turned away. I sarcastically rolled my eyes at him, standing up and brushing myself off while Patrick blushed, Pete snickering. I glared at him as I heard footsteps behind me.

"This makes me the evil twin, doesn't it?" I smirked as I saw Ashley walking towards us in a similar dress, except it was shorter and black, her hair obviously straightened with a bright pink bow on the right side, making her stand out.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pete gulp and his smile fade, replaced by an 'oh-snap, we just fought' flat smile. Ashley looked down for a minute before smiling back up at me and shaking her head.

"I think you could have gotten here even without the votes fixed," I smirked and rolled my eyes as I heard the marching band start up. Ashley looked up with me as the ceiling slightly crumbled, stomping heard and loud, very loud shouts echoing from outside.

"Come on, we gotta go," I turned my head as Patrick's hand slipped into mine and nodded once, seeing Ashley and Pete awkwardly walk by each other, then next to each other as they followed.

The coach smiled as he saw us and sighed, directing us to the doors. I took a deep breath and bit my lip, Patrick tightening his grip before letting go. I raised my arm and linked it with his and the doors opened. Bam. It was like you were in football heaven- cheerleaders doing cartwheels across the football field, varsity football players slamming their helmets against the ground as they kneeled among the sidelines, students from both sides of the field screaming as we took our first steps out onto the green grass.

"Holy shit," Patrick breathed and I broke out into a smile, slightly giggling as he squinted from the bright lights. We walked and I heard a familiar voice from the stands, turning and seeing Joe and Adi, Andy off to the side waving like they were landing a plane.

"Don't trip!" Andy screamed and I rolled my eyes.

"Don't barf!" Joe commented and Adi shrugged.

"Don't get pregnant!" I widened my mouth in a laugh and we climbed up onto the makeshift stage in front of the crowd. Glancing over at Patrick he stood behind me, letting me talk.


Great way to start, Jenny.

"I have no idea how we got here, but who really cares? Let's play!" I screamed and the confetti guns were fired sprinkles of blue and white spreading everywhere, some getting caught in my hair. As tradition, Patrick hoisted me up bridal style and had to walk me over to the throne at the bottom of the stands before taking his own.

"Homecoming queen," Patrick mumbled in a very sarcastic way and I laughed at him.

"Homecoming king," I said back and he shook his head before turning back to the game. I stared at his profile for a minute and sighed inwardly. Something about him made him different than the rest.


Dancing in that packed cafeteria was hard enough, the boy's band playing loud and hard, screaming students dancing like there was no tomorrow. Ashley was next to me, dancing around, while I tried to. This damn dress pretty much limited me to everything.

"Pete apologized," she said to me and I smiled, nodding.

"That's always a plus," Ashley sighed again and shrugged.

"I have my doubts...there are some days when I say to myself we'll never last," I rolled my eyes.

"You guys have been flirting since we were freshmen- dating since we were late juniors, guys are just," Ashley smirked.

"Chaotic?" She asked and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head.

"No, perfect," Ashley looked up at the stage where the boys were finishing their set, now packing up as the next band set up.

"Perfect is fake, and fake is ugly, ugly is disastrous- disaster equals death," she said, not even looking at me. I watched her as she looked down at the ground before catching my eyes. "You'd have to kill me before I became the perfect couple," I nodded once and then smiled as the boys came back over, newly dressed in what they were playing in.

"You haven't changed?" Joe asked me and I shook my head, looking down at my dress.

"I hate it," I mumbled and saw Andy shrug, walking off with Adi towards the small bleachers on one side. Pete soon too got dragged away with Ashley, her saying something about there being a dance circle. Joe rolled his eyes and turned his head as a rather pretty cheerleader walked by, shaking her hips as she walked. He walked after her and Patrick smiled.

"Come with me," I raised an eyebrow and he dragged me ot of the swinging doors into the white hallway where balloons had drifted out, the giant HOMECOMMING banner falling down.

"Here," I mumbled and blushed as he gripped my dress, giving it a light tug as it ripped. I widened his eyes but he went on, ripping it until it went all around, making it shorter, and breezier. I smiled and clapped my hands, moving my legs around.

"Thank you," I whispered and Patrick nodded and took my elbow, whisking me back into the dance where I saw Pete in the middle of the dance circle, completely in charge, Ashley looking on with a bright smile. I sighed happily.

Everything was, well, not perfect but just right.

God, I loved this dress.
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