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Chapter 5- Once Again, Something's Happened

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The first thing that might just make you cry.

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It was Saturday, the day of the big gig for the boys. As much as I loved them I hated Saturdays. Don't get me wrong about the weekends, but it was the week's end- Saturdays, that is. And the whole commotion about this Saturday with doctor appointments and band practices, my tires beginning to wear down from driving from one point to another, almost out of breath as I reached my own couch.

I watched as Ashley came down the stairs, clutching the yellow doctor's notice as she gripped her purse, slipping on some flip-flops.

"I'll probably be back in time for the show, but I'll meet you there, ok?" she asked and I nodded once as she slipped out. It was around 3, and I had still not eaten lunch. Sighing, I grabbed my phone, dialing a familiar number.

"Didn't we just see you five minutes ago?" Joe asked and I smirked.

"I'm hungry and all alone," I spoke, using my pathetic flirting voice. Joe sighed and shifted the phone a bit.

"Well, I've got Patrick driving right now, do you want us to pick you up for some late lunch, early diner?" I nodded to myself before smiling.

"Cool," I said and heard a honk from outside. I hung up the phone and walked over to the window to see Joe halfway out the window, waving at my house. Rolling my eyes I grabbed my chucks and skipped down the sidewalk into the backseat.

"Where's Ashley?" Joe asked and I rested my elbows on the front seats, my head level with theirs.

"She had to go back to the doctors, to get test results and all that jazz," I mentioned and smiled, thinking about tonight. "Tonight, I'm so excited," I squealed and Joe clapped his hands together, a smile on his face. Patrick smirked turning the steering wheel and starting down the highway.

"We're pretty much ready to wet our pants from the excitement," he mumbled and I laughed while Joe patted his thighs.

"I couldn't feel my legs after all that practice today," I shook my head and sighed.

"Just play it cool and be yourself," I smiled and Joe turned his head.

"We're playing a gig, not going out on a date, Jenny," he sarcastically put it and I rolled my eyes, seeing a Denny's ahead.

"Ohh, Denny's!"

Curse my ADD.

Joe rolled his eyes turning back to the road and Patrick cleared his throat.

"Is she always this...weird?" I pretended not to hear him but Joe, well, he's a different story.

"No, she's not weird, just challenged, both vertically and horizontally,"



I laughed at Joe as he still had the slight red hand mark on his face as we walked through the backstage, a scowl on his face as he walked ahead of me.

"Jenny," I turned to see a pumped up Pete smiling wide as his eyes searched around me. "Where's Ashley?" his smile diminished and I sighed.

"She hasn't called me back yet, but she left to the doctors around 3, she promised she'd be here, so don't fret," Pete attempted a smile and I patted his shoulder before he sneaked off to their own little dressing room. I walked after him and Andy came up next to me.

"Are you sure Ashley will be here? Pete's gonna be so disappointed if she's a no-show," I sighed and turned to him, shrugging.

"I know I should know my sister, my twin sister, but I have no idea what's going on in her mind at the moment, she hasn't even called /me/," Andy nodded and sighed, shaking his head.

"Pete's changed a bit, I don't know how he'd take it," I gulped and he to snuck into the room, Patrick behind him. He smiled at me and I followed, the door closing behind us.


My worry started to rise as the band played, Ashley still missing. Pete's scornful face still glowed, but he refused to smile as bright as he usually did. I snuck to a quiet place in the crowd and speed dialed the house.

"Hello, you've reached the Chaotic sisters, Jenny and Ashley," I sighed, closing my eyes as I got the answering machine of our own phone. "Leave a message!" I did just that.

"Ashley, it's Jenny, you haven't called and..."

"Jenny," My breath hitched as a scratchy voice answered the phone. "I'm sorry," I sighed as Ashley's voice rang through- she had been crying.

"Ashley, what's wrong, how come you're not here? Pete's crushed!" I tried my best to yell over the music and heard Ashley sigh quietly.

"Jenny, please don't worry, just...have fun and tell Pete I couldn't make it," I bit my lip as I looked up on stage to see Pete watching me as he played.

"What about you're date you were supposed to have after the gig, Ashley, you said you wanted to make things work," Ashley hiccupped and then sniffed.

"Jenny, just...keep him away from the house, I...I'll talk to him when I'm ready," I sighed and closed my eyes again hearing the end of the last song.

"Alright, but you have to explain this all when I get home," Ashley sighed and I heard the dial tone.

"...give it up, for...well, they don't have a name yet," I saw the host with a confused face and Joe with a weary one as the crowd still roared.

"Fall Out Boy!" some college kid jumped from the crowd and flopped back down, and I saw the smile break out on Pete's face. I giggled to myself and they shrugged, looking back at the host.

"Give it up, for Fall Out Boy, then," I smiled, the crowd screaming and the boys running off stage, Pete running back stage.

"What. A. Rush!" I smiled as Patrick came up first, arms in the air, smiling brightly, young and innocent eyes widened as far as they could go. I braced myself as he swung me around in a hug and I landed just in time to feel two other arms wrap around me, swinging me full circle again.

"That. Was freaking awesome!" I smiled as Joe jumped, Andy laughing as he gave me a normal hug. Adi soon came rushing over and jumped on his back, kissing his cheek.

"Ahh! You guys are so amazing!" she yelled and we all shared breathless smiles, my mind drifting slightly as I felt the presence of Pete behind me.

"Jenny, where's Ashley?" he asked into my ear and noticed out of the corner of my eye Patrick eyeing him out the corner of his eye as he talked to Joe. I gulped and sighed, shaking my head.

"She couldn't make it..." I said and Pete sighed, gripping my waist and ushering me through the crowd and out the back doors.

"Lies," he muttered and I shook my head, slightly fearful of where this was going.

"Pete, she didn't tell me what was wrong, she just told me that she didn't want you to worry, and that she couldn't come," Pete's face took a stern composure and he looked towards the car.

"What about our date?" he asked in a whisper and I sighed.

"She...she didn't want to talk to you until she was ready, whatever that meant,"

In a flash, his feet picked up and he started to dash towards the neighborhoods behind the club. My eyes widened and I did the first thing I could think of, I ran after him, my un-zipped hoodie fighting against the September wind.

"Pete! Stop!"

Those soccer legs ran ahead of me, and my own ran close behind, our distance from each other staying the same, our ragged breaths hanging in the air as we passed parked cars on the side of the road, jumping over fences for shortcuts and dodging mailboxes as the got in the way.

His head turned to look back and I shook my head, telling my mind to hurry up. In the distance I spotted my house, the wind was blowing harder, my hair whipping behind me as we slowed down, both panting on the front lawn.

"I...I have to," Pete breathed out and I shook my head, diving to stop his arms, gripping them as I nearly fell.

"Pete, Ashley doesn't want her promises broken," Pete's eyes went up in flames.

"She doesn't want her promises broken?" He pushed me off of him and ran towards the door.

I hesitated before kicking myself up and running in to see a shocked Ashley in the tiled part of the living room, glass in front of her, her hand poised like she was recently holding a cup. Pete stepped towards her and she backed up, tears brimming her eyes.

"Ashley, what...why didn't you come?" he asked and I stood in the doorway, my legs unable to move. Ashley quivered before standing up straight, brave.

"Pete, you're not ready to hear what I have to say, what happened today," Pete's eyes flashed with a semi hurt twinkle.

"Are...are you breaking up with me?" he croaked and Ashley sighed, looking down at the ground. I gulped and my hand shook as Pete's eyebrows furrowed together.

"You /are/!" he yelled and Ashley shook her head, tears seeping out already.

"No!" she fought back and Pete turned slightly.

"Don't lie," he whispered and Ashley narrowed her eyes.

"I'm /not/," she said sternly and I believed her, Pete looking back, just a tad angrier than before.

"I said, don't /lie/, Ashley," he hissed and I saw the shock in Ashley's eyes, her eyes glazing over in confusion and thought.

"Pete," she breathed and he looked sternly at her as she took a deep breath, before shaking her head.

"I wasn't going to," she whispered and then creased her eyebrows together, anger seeping into her features.

Again, my hand twitched and I heard screeching tires behind me, rushed footsteps coming up behind me. Semi-familiar hands landed on my hips as they tried to fit in the doorway to see what was going on.

"Patrick," I whispered, my own tears starting and I gave a questionable glance before holding me closer, the two staring with glares, Ashley's mouth poised open, ready to yell.

"...but, maybe breaking up with you doesn't sound like a bad idea," Pete's face completely softened.

"Ashley..." he whispered and Ashley shook her head.

"If you're going to get so worked up every time I can't make it out, or something stupid like that, maybe you're not worth fighting for," she yelled and it made no sense to me as I shook in Patrick's arms, his own confused gaze looking from one of them to the other.

"No, I...I didn't mean it like that," Pete whispered and Ashley shook her head, falling to the ground in a fit of tears, hand thrusted towards the door.

"Just go, Pete," she pleaded and he hesitated before dropping his head and walking over to us. He glanced at me and caught my eyes once before shaking his head, before stepping down the steps to the sidewalk. I turned around in Patrick's arms and held his head, widening my eyes.

"Take him home, watch him for me, even if they just broke up, I don't think Ashley could forgive herself if Pete did something stupid," Patrick nodded once and I leaned up, kissing his cheek once before he dashed off.

I slammed the door and locked it, dashing to Ashley where she kneeled on the ground, hands limp on the floor next to her thighs, blank stare fixated on the pane of glass in front of her.

"Jenny, did I do the right thing?" she asked and looked up at me, he eyeliner completely smudged and mascara slipping down her cheeks. I gulped and sat down next to her, careful of the glass.

"What's going on, Ashley?" I asked, and she ignored the fact I had changed the subject.

"Jenny, I...well, the doctor had some news..." I bit my lip.

"What...oh Ashley," My mind raced.

"Remember how Aunty Marie died a long time ago, when we were 5?" she asked and I nodded. "And Grandma's twin died as well?" I shook my head, seeing where she was going.

"Jenny, it''s a genetic thing, this..." I bit my lip and caught her identical eyes. It was like I was staring into a mirror, except I felt like the image was slipping away.

"What's wrong with you, Ashley?" I asked in a whisper and Ashley looked away.

"I have cancer," she whispered and I looked down at my shaking hands.

I hated Saturdays, that much more.
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