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Chapter 6- Motion Lotion and Parking Lot Quickies

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It's not what you think. Matter of fact, it's never what you think.

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It was very clear to me about the severity of this dilemma. However, Ashley made me promise not to blow it out of proportion.

We didn't tell anybody.

For me, I was losing something that I couldn't exactly explain. It was just seeing her come home from the first treatment all pale faced and weak when I realized it could be me. In a way I was the lucky twin- but that was being selfish. All I wanted was help, for my sister.

My twin.



It was early November when the sprinkle of the snow began to fall from the heavens, making everything illuminate, and it was refreshing to see Ashley feeling a lot better than she had been. As the month passed, it still went unnoticed, but every time we hung out with the whole gang, Pete included, she would always feel like crap, especially when he would bring this girl I didn't like for the pure reason she was completely fake. It crushed Ashley. And when we all got together, I always felt like we were drifting apart, even if it wasn't verbally or physically put out there, it was a mental...premonition of sorts. The end of November was nearing, and of course, that came with Thanksgiving.

"Jenny, word has it that you cook a fantastic Thanksgiving diner," I smirked as Patrick talked on the phone it squished between my neck and shoulder as I picked something out to wear today.

"Guess so," I mumbled and heard a faint laugh.

"Even trough odd circumstances, do you think we're having a friendly get-together Friday, like our own Thanksgiving away from the parental units?"

God I loved this kid.

"Um, yeah, I don't see why not, I mean, if Pete starts shit, or brings that Miranda chic, then he's not allowed to step foot in this house," I joked and Patrick smirked.

"Well, it's Thursday, and I've already eaten, you gonna go shopping?" I leaned on one leg in serious thought. This house was pretty low on food, why not.

"Yeah, food shopping with Patrick. Sounds fun," Ashley walked by and shook her head, smirking.

Throwing the house phone on the bed I saw her sit down on the chair to my vanity and smiled as I adjusted my black hoodie, grabbing my dark red jacket that Ashley had actually made with Pete when they were both in fashion design as a joke. She smiled as I ruffled the furry lining of the hood and sighed, sitting across from her on the bed.

"Thanksgiving tomorrow?" she asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, I told Patrick to make sure Miranda doesn't come," Ashley gulped and nodded before playing with one of my bow hair clips.

"You think it's wrong we're keeping this a secret?" she asked slowly and I sighed, looking down at the ground.

"I'm not sure, Ashley, I just...I just don't know how long we can keep this up," Ashley shrugged, biting her lip and looked in the mirror, and I followed her eyesight, standing to walk and stand behind her.

"We look so different," she whispered as her hand trialed down the mirror.

It was at this moment I couldn't tell just who I was anymore.

If I was alone or right here, listening and watching my sister fall apart at the seams. Our ears perked and both whipped in the direction of the front door as a honk from outside was heard. I looked down at the ground as Ashley sighed.

"Have fun," she whispered. It saddened me that I dashed right out of the house, nearly falling into the passenger seat of Patrick's car- and it broke my heart to see the solemn look on his face as he noticed my blank and sad stare at my shoes.

"Jenny, ok?" he asked and I gulped before tilting my head to see his face.

I nodded.



"Cucumbers and Zucchinis scare the living crap out of me," I laughed as I tied up the bag of vegetables while Patrick leaned forward on the cart, mumbling about random occurrences every time I picked up something.

"Ok, I think that fully demonstrates why you're straight," Patrick rolled his eyes as we went down more isles.

"I think it's because we always have it in our fridge, but we never unwrap it, or use it. It's weird," I smirked and shook my head, going down the soda isle.

"Would you grab some coke, please?" I asked and Patrick reached up grabbing two bottles.

"You know, those glass bottles are always fun," he mentioned and I shrugged.

"Why not, grab like five," he smiled, satisfied and loaded the cart up.

"Truth or dare?" he asked a few moments later from behind me as we walked down the aisles.

"What? Oh, um, truth, I guess," I mumbled, grabbing some Oreos and also watching as Patrick threw in some Cheez-its.

"Why do you not go to the dances, like you said you didn't?" I sighed and casually pushed the cart, Patrick following on my left side.

"Because...well, just like every other girl, never have a date, and hate sitting out on dances, watching every body else's shit," I mumbled. "I hate it," Patrick smirked and shrugged. "Truth or dare, Patrick?" I asked and he smirked.

"Dare," he mumbled and I smiled.

"Wanna freak out the old lady at the counter?" I asked and he laughed.

"What's going on in that dirty mind of yours?" he asked, tapping my head.

"Grab a box of condoms, me and Joe did it once and she totally freaked, but that was also when we were 15," Patrick laughed for a minute before directing the cart over.

"Warm sensations or for her pleasure?" he asked and I couldn't help but laugh as he looked so serious holding one in each hand. He blankly stared at me and I laughed harder as he arched his eyebrow, almost in a serious way.

"Whatever you want, Patrick, it's your night," I saw the old lady eye us suspiciously from the counter and shake her head.

"You want some motion lotion?" he asked next and I suppressed a giggle.

"Whatever floats you're boat," I spoke and his eyebrows wiggled as he dumped the stuff into the cart.

"Or rocks it," I shook my head and the old lady widened her eyes.

"Come here," Patrick whispered and took us out of view. "I don't think I can hold out until night time, babes," he said and I giggled lightly before nodding, catching his drift.

"Patrick, behave, we still have to get home with all this stuff," I mentioned, walking back out, the old lady watching us intently. I pushed the cart towards her isle and Patrick grabbed my hips, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Quickie in the car?" Her eyes widened even more and I broke character completely, laughing so hard as she bagged our things quickly, and telling us we didn't have to pay.

We escaped the store and ran to the car where we both landed in the seats in fits of laughter, both gasping for air.

"Oh my god, Patrick, that was genius," I breathed and saw him nod, starting the car and beginning to back out.

"None of this gets to the diner, alright?" I nodded and sighed as we soon appeared at my house. Walking in, I heard his car pull away and I started to unpack the groceries. Ashley soon came down the stairs and helped out for a while.

"For her pleasure? Jesus, Jenny, what have you been up to with innocent little Patrick?" she asked and I shrugged, placing the milk in the fridge.

"We just had a quickie in the car, no biggy," I turned to see the look on her face and she widened her eyes and dropped the box. "I'm kidding, Ashley," I said and Ashley shook her head.

"Dumbass," she mumbled and then screeched again.

"Motion lotion?!" she asked and I laughed again.

"We want things to go smoothly tomorrow," Ashley sighed and shook her head, rolling her eyes.

"You scare me more and more each day," I smirked.

"Oh yeah, well," I seriously couldn't think of anything. "I don't like you're pants!" Ashley gave me a blank stare before walking away.

"At least I can keep mine on," I blinked a couple times before yelling after her.

"Hey, I said that was a joke!" she didn't answer me.

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