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Who Owns You

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Nikki's depravity

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I wake up and the first thing that runs through my head is that I’m damn uncomfortable. I start to open my eyes and move my arms up to stretch but they won’t move; something’s holding them back. My eyes fly open and the scene before me couldn’t be more terrible. I’m tied to a fucking chair with a gag in my mouth. Duff’s tied up the same way in a chair next to mine. But the worst thing of all is in front of me: Slash is tied to a bed, naked and helpless and sitting next to him are an amused looking Tommy and Nikki. “No!” I try and yell through the gag in my mouth but all that comes out is a garbled noise. Please tell me that this is all just a dream and that they’re not going to hurt that kid; ruin him beyond any hope of fixing him. If he ended up strung out before trying to forget what happened in the backseat of that limo with those guys from Virgin records it’s a sure bet that he’ll end up that way again because whatever they’re going to do to him will be so much worse. Nikki and Tommy are completely without mercy.

Duff is already awake and scuffling around and I look over to see him struggling against his restraints; trying in vain to get to Slash. He looks over at me and we exchange horror filled looks. We both turn to the bed when Nikki cackles evilly. “Good to see you two awake; it means we can get started with our little show! You know, I think I’m going to take Duff’s gag off; I kind of want to hear him beg for his little Curly Sue,” Nikki says with an evil smirk.

Nikki crosses over and unties Duff’s mouth. He’s instantly talking and begging for them to let Slash go. “Nikki please don’t hurt him! Take me instead; he doesn’t deserve this, it’ll ruin him! Please let him go! But take the tape off of his mouth right now Nikki! His nose is getting more and more stuffed up; he can't breathe!” Duff pleads with tears running down his face.

“Well we can't have him passing out in us,” Nikki says and rips the tape off of Slash’s mouth. He yelps as the tape pulls at his soft lips. “As for letting him go,not a chance McKagan! I want to find out what all the fuss is about; every record company in town had execs that wanted a piece of him before you got signed, you and Izzy can’t stay away from him, shit, even Axl’s fucked him! Tommy and I can’t wait to see if he’s better than Stradlin, better than Axl even. He must be fucking amazing if everyone wants him so badly and protects him so much.” Nikki informs us. He looks over at Slash who seems to have passed out again from whatever drugs Satan shot us up with. “Wake him up Tommy!” he commands.

Tommy eagerly straddles Slash’s body and tries to shake him awake. He doesn’t even stir; whatever they gave all three of us is still going strong in his system. Nikki snorts and climbs onto the bed next to Tommy. Before I can even blink Nikki hauls off and slaps the fuck out of the kid. Blood immediately starts flowing from a cut made by one of Nikki’s rings. Slash jerks awake with a cry and tries to raise his hand to his injured cheek but he can’t because he’s tied up. A look of fear and recognition comes across his face when he sees Nikki and Tommy leering overtop of him. He knows it won’t do any good but he panics and begs anyway.

“Let me go Sixx! Let us all go! What else could you possible want from us?” Slash exclaims and begins to struggle.

“Not a chance Hudson; you know what I want from you. I told Duff what I was going to do to you last week. I’m gonna bend you over and I’m gonna have you; Tommy’s gonna have you, and we’re gonna see what it is that all those record execs wanted and what it is that Izzy still wants and what Duff was pining for when you were apart, shit, even Axl got a little taste of you, you must be a damn good piece of ass to get such strong reactions! Your two lover boys over there are going to watch. Slash turns his head and a myriad of emotions are evident on his face. Relief maybe that we’re there and he’s not alone with these two monsters, sadness, and humiliation; he knows that we’re going to see everything that they do to him, and fear mixed with resignation. He knows that there's no getting out of this, no one is going to come and save us and he knows that whatever they do it's going to hurt and humiliate him and he can't hide the fear and dread in his eyes.

“Duffy,” he says sadly

“Baby Boy, I’m so sorry; I don’t know how they got us, I left you with four se unity guys in you but I never should have left you alone; I’m so sorry baby!” Duff says and tears start to flow down his face.

“Aww look, McKagan’s turning into a sniffling little bitch because he can’t get to his precious Baby Boy,” Nikki laughs. “Incidentally, a little angel dust in a coupleof drinks goes a long way interms of knocking out security. Enough small talk. You ready to get started Tommy?” he asks.
Tommy, who looks drunk rubs his hands together and says “Hell yeah I’m ready; I was born ready!”

“Alright Hudson, we’re going to test out those sweet lips and mouth of yours; best not to fight or both you and one of your little boy toys will get carved up every time you resist;got it?” Nikki asks pulling a switchblade from behind him on the bed. Slash’s eyes get huge but he nods silently. Nikki leans down over poor Slash and places a long, lingering kiss on his lips. Slash doesn’t move; he doesn’t kiss back and he doesn’t make a sound, he just lets Nikki try and kiss him. Nikki nudges his lips with his tongue but Slash doesn’t open his mouth. In a flash Nikki’s drawn blood from a little cut on his arm. Slash cries out in surprise and Nikki forces his tongue into Slash’s unwilling mouth. Nikki raises his head and says “You’d better kiss back you little bitch or Duff’s going to get a cut to match yours!” Poor Slash cooperates as his blood drips onto the bed. Nikki finally moves away and looks at Tommy and grins. “Here’s what’s going to happen kid; I'm going to fuck your pretty mouth and then I'm gonna fuck your ass and see what all the fuss is about. Tommy’s gonna fuck your mouth while I fuck your ass and then we’re gonna switch back and forth until we’re bored got it?” Slash just looks at him; terrified because he knows how much damage Tommy’s cock can inflict and that Nikki and Tommy have no mercy.

Duff starts to plead with Nikki to take him instead and let Slash go but Nikki just laughs. “Duff, remember how you told me that I don’t own you? That there was no way I’d get to your Baby Boy unless it was over your dead body? Well, I’m not interested in you dying but I am going to prove to you that I own you. You also told me once that I don’t know what love is but that’s not true; I know what it is I just don’t feel it for anyone who feels the same way about me. But you and Izzy love this kid. You love him with your hearts and you love him with your bodies. Well, now we’re gonna love him with our bodies; we can do that because we own you. We’re even gonna be nice and let you see exactly what we do with him so you won’t have to imagine it; you’ll be able to close your eyes and remember!”

“Nikki please!” Duff says again and Nikki snarls and punches Slash in the stomach. He grunts and his eyes go wide. He curls up in a ball on the bed cradling his stomach; stunned and in pain but not seriously hurt.

“Now look what you made me do McKagan! Keep aggravating me, he’ll keep paying the price!” Duff’s head dropped and he sobbed quietly. “Tommy, get that gag out of Stradlin’s mouth, I’m sure I’ll have questions that I need for him and McKagan to answer,” Nikki commands. Tommy obeys and Nikki sneers at me. “Guess we’ll see if he’s as good as everyone says he is, maybe he’s even better than you Stradlin.”

I’m almost afraid to answer, afraid he’ll do something hurt Slash but I pull it together and say “Did you ever think that we protect him because we care about him? Because he's just a sweet, innocent kid and we care about him and want to keep him happy so we try and keep him safe? It doesn't have anything to do with him being a good fuck; don't you know what it means to care for someone and want to protect them?!” I ask him hoping that at some point he's cared for someone that much and gets my point.

He just smirks and gives me a funny look and says “Stradlin you have no idea who’s kept you safe all this time do you?” Then he shakes his head and looks at Tommy and says “Let’s get this shit started.”

Tommy sits back in the bed and Nikki kneels in front of Slash and nudges his lips with the head of his cock. Slash refuses to open his mouth so Nikki hauls and slaps the shit out if him and Nikki takes advantage of him opening his mouth when he cried out in surprise and shoved his cock into Slash’s mouth but he still wouldn't suck Nikki’s dick until Nikki had Tommy slap the shit out if Duff; then Slash sucked Nikki’s dick like it was all he’d ever wanted to do.

Nikki’s eyes rolled back in his head as Slash’s soft, sweet, mouth took him in, his tongue circling the head of Nikki’s dick and then pressing into the sensitive spot on the back as he slid down it. Nikki groaned in pleasure and kept groaning as Slash kept going, doing his best to please Nikki, probably hoping that he would get off and leave him alone. Poor kid hasn’t realized yet that Nikki will just get off and keep going until he gets off again. “Oh fuck this kid can give good head,who taught him? He’s better than you Stradlin, must have been Duff. Come to think of it Duff always walks around looking like one satisfied, well-fucked mother fucker. Was it you Duff? Oh shit…” Nikki groans. “That’s enough kid,” he hisses and jerks Slash up off of his cock by his hair. “I’m not gonna cum in your pretty mouth, I’m gonna cum in that ass that I hear is so sweet.” Nikki moves behind Slash and Tommy takes his place in front of him.

Tommy eagerly climbs over top of Slash’s face and brings his cock to Slash’s lips. “Open up and suck bitch,” he says.
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