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He'll Never Be The Same

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Izzy saves slash

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My fucking chest throbs as I listen to Tommy grunting and thrusting behind Slash. Every time I try to look away Nikki puts the knife to Slash's throat and forces me to watch. I'm only able every once in a while to sneak a pleading look over at Izzy. He's as fucked up by watching this as I am but he holds it together far better. I've never understood Izzy's methods of detachment. I simply can't detach myself from what was happening. And right now I really wished that psychotic Izzy would make a cameo appearance.

"Mmmm you two have taught this one a lot, I still can't get over at how good he is at giving head!" Nikki licks his lips and smiles at Slash who he's forcing to blow him...again...and strokes his hair before he shoves himself down Slash's throat and chokes him; something he likes to do when he knows it will catch him off guard. "Bet this is a favorite part for both of you isn't it? Those full fucking lips were made to suck dick and his throat was made to choke on it!" He laughs and looks back and forth between Izzy and I. I can hear Izzy sigh.

"I like his tight ass," Tommy groans and grinds into Slash who closes his eyes, the only sign he gives that he's in pain but he doesn't say anything. Tommy grinds into him again and Slash's brows furrow. The way Tommy does it is so purposefully vulgar. A tear rolls down my cheek.

"Well he certainly is taking you better than Izzy did," Nikki smirks then throws his head back laughing and forcing my Baby Boy to choke on his dick again.

I look at Izzy who was just still staring blankly. "Just stop it Nikki." He calmly says.

"No, no I don't think I will, I'm having far too much fun right now. What's the matter? Are you jealous Izzy?" Nikki taunts.

"No. Actually I'm picturing your brains splattered across the wall behind you," Izzy dryly answers.

Nikki pulls his dick out of Slash's mouth and walks over to Izzy. His dick is so close to Izzy's face that Izzy is cross eyed looking at it.

"You want to shut your fucking mouth voluntarily or do I need to stick my cock down YOUR throat?" He stares down at him menacingly.

Izzy glares up at him, "You better pull my fucking teeth first motherfucker," and he says this in a completely cool headed Izzy way.

Nikki smirks and traces his knife across Izzy's cheek and Izzy doesn't even flinch or bat an eyelash. "Such a cold creature you are. I bet you make loving you nearly impossible. It would explain how easily Axl tosses you away. Do you suck his dick to get him to take you back? Most recently I suppose you can thank me for getting him back for you. I think we all know you'd be in a bed in a similar predicament with Slash if Axl hadn't come across misfortune."

"Uh Nikki," Tommy uneasily says. I look over at Slash and Tommy. Tommy's got his arms circled around his hips, more or less holding him up. My poor baby's arms and legs have been shaking and threatening to give out for a while now, guess they've finally had enough because he's now got his face laying on his arm with his ass in the air where Tommy's holding him up.

Nikki blinks and turns to look at Tommy. "You keep fucking him you fuck! This doesn't concern you!" And Tommy goes back to it as instructed. I can feel a tear roll down my cheek. Between Nikki's words and the shit I'm forced to watch I feel as though I might pass out. I can't breathe! I'm having a panic attack. Nikki grins evilly at Izzy. "You sit there and think about that while I go get my nut." And he returns to Slash, jerking him up by his hair and gagging him with his dick.

And it all just continues. Their jack rabbit movements, their disgusting groans, the sound of their skin clapping against Slash's, his empty grunts when they hurt just doesn't stop. "Please stop!" I cry out.

Nikki glares up at me. "Same deal goes for you as Izzy!" He shouts pointing his knife at me. He then lowers it down to Slash's dick. "If you don't want him to have a sex change shut your fucking face!"

I nod as I cry harder. What else could I doubt comply? Nikki wouldn't hesitate to hurt Slash just to prove his point.

"Stop crying Duff," Izzy whispers to me. "Just play his fucking game."

"Game?!" Nikki snaps his head up, "I think you already know this isn't a game!"

Izzy doesn't reply this time. He just shuts up and they go back to taking Slash.

I'd been crying for hours. Pleading...begging... threatening, but not one thing I said made any difference. Nothing made them stop. My tears were like fans screaming in their ears, to which they just put out more effort. It seems that the only thing I'm able to do is just silently sit and watch. I know my silence was actually making them take it easier on Slash. After a while I just ran out of fucking tears. I found myself growing numb. So numb it's like I wasn't even there anymore.

Izzy just looks down and stays looking down because he just can't watch anymore. There's too many demons that would be awakened in his soul. His eyes close every time Slash cries out or whimpers. By now Izzy knows even better than I do that nothing would make them stop or let up on Slash in the slightest. He doesn't cry, but the look on his face says he would if it wasn't for Nikki and Tommy. But Nikki soon notices and threatens him the same as he does me with the knife pressed into Slash's jugular every time he looks away.

Slash would never be my sweet Baby Boy again. Nikki and Tommy have crossed that last line and taken him to the point of no return. Until now Slash had never been 100% raped, we had deflected most of that. He had agreed to sex he didn't want. He had been touched against his will, but not like this. Not like this. That last shred of innocence I loved so well is now dead. And I can hear how broken he is in his emotionless grunts. He would never come back from this. I oughta know. His eyes are glazed over, his lips are swollen and raw and bruised, there's cum in his hair and dried on his skin; it's crusted and flaking all over his back. There's dried blood criss-crossed with sweat running down his right arm where Nikki sliced his skin open in the beginning. More blood in various stages of drying runs down his thighs.

He hasn't said a word in over an hour since he begged them to let him up to take a piss or even piss in a bottle and they said no. They'd been giving him water to drink so that his mouth would't get dry while he sucked them off so I'm sure he really had to go by the time he asked them. Instead they took the empty liquor bottle sitting near the bed and shoved the neck of it inside of him and used it to fuck him while Nikki growled something at him about how he told him he wouldn't forget about using bottles as weapons; I guess that was Nikki's sick revenge for Slash trying to hit Nikki in the head with a bottle last week when they got into the fight in the bar that ended in Nikki fucking up Slash's neck. Slash shrieked when they jammed the neck of that bottle into him tearing his skin and making him bleed more. He cried out in pain every time they shoved it inside him which just egged them on until they finally got bored with that game and Nikki jerked the bottle out of Slash and Tommy immediately replaced it with his dick. Slash had let out a wail of pain when he felt Tommy enter him again and even more blood had started to run down his legs but Nikki had slapped him, shoved his dick down Slash's throat, and told him to shut the fuck up or he'd cut his nuts off; Slash hasn't made a sound other than a grunt since.

I come back down to reality just as Nikki and Tommy swap ends once again. They've been going at it over and over for hours. They've both cum more than once already but they show zero sign of soon stopping. They just wouldn't fucking stop. Guess Nikki is enjoying himself too much to stop. For the love of God why couldn't he just fall over fucking dead? Why couldn't he just overdose right now, right here?

"You sick fuck!" I hear Nikki shout then he punches Slash in the face. I look up to see that Slash has pissed all over himself and the bed. Blood pours from his nose as his eyes slightly roll, almost knocked out cold. I wish that Nikki had hit him just a little harder so that he'd be out now and not be feeling any more pain. His body's exhausted and I'm not sure how much more he can take before he passes out from exhaustion or his heart decides that it's had enough and he has a heart attack. His arms and legs have been shaking for the past couple of hours and he's on the verge of total collapse; can't they see that? He doesn't even have control over his bladder anymore can't they see that he can't take much more before his whole body gives out?!

I'm getting ready to beg them to stop again when I'm startled by Izzy speaking, "Just stop! I think we both know what this is all about! Erin told me and Axl EVERYTHING she read!! I know Nikki! I know what caused everything! Just let him and Duff go and you can..."

"How sweet," Nikki snarls, "offering yourself to save the precious should have tried that hours ago. Besides, I already had the pleasure of you."

"I know it's not really Slash you want," Izzy almost whispers. "I know what it is you want, it's not Slash, or Axl or Duff or's me. You want me to fuck you like I did that night at your party." Izzy just swallows hard while keeping his eyes locked on Nikki's.

Say what? Did Izzy just say??

Nikki flies off the bed and punches Izzy twice. Izzy just spits out blood and looks up at Nikki. "It's ok to admit it. You know if you just came to me after that party...well I just might have came back for seconds."

Nikki grabs his knife from the bed. In half a movement he's sitting on Izzy's lap. He has a fist full of his hair in one hand and his knife to Izzy's throat with the other. His face is frozen in a silent growl. And Izzy's face shows absolutely nothing. He's not scared at all, like he knows Nikki won't hurt him.

"Do it," Izzy says lowly, "no one else could have me then. That's your reason right? Your goal? Where all of this is inevitably going?" Jesus, he's fucking begging for it.

Then a smirk crawls over Nikki's face. His eyes travel down Izzy's body slowly. For a second he seems like he wants him. But just like a flash it's all gone. Nikki grabs the legs of the chair Izzy's tied to and flips it backwards. "Nice fucking try Stradlin... I almost bought that. You thought I was your fucking Fireball that night. You thought you were with him."

What the fuck did Nikki just say? Am I hearing them correctly? Even Tommy has stopped raping Slash long enough to hone in on the conversation they were having. He looks more shocked than I even am.

"Did I?" Izzy winces. Then he just starts laughing like a crazy person. "What if I did know it was you? What if I pretended to save face with you? Maybe I liked it."

Nikki just sort of looks confused for a moment as he stares back down at Izzy.

"You said no one ever made you feel the way I had," Izzy carry's on.

Nikki's eyebrow crease together as he just stands there staring.

"You called me your Gunner."

Jesus Christ, what was Izzy saying? He had willingly been with Nikki? Holy shit.

"I didn't forget Nikki, not completely," Izzy strains to hold his head up to look Nikki in the eye, "just like you can't completely forget."

The confusion on Nikki's face is really evident. "What are you saying?" He asks Izzy.

"Let them all go, get rid of Tommy...and I'll tell you... I'll show you," Izzy says quietly.

Nikki blushes, I swear to fucking God. He glances back at Tommy. "Get the fuck out T-Bone."

"Izzy no..." Slash mumbles from the bed.

"What kind of shit are you trying to pull Sixx?" Tommy questions, "My dick is fucking two minutes away from cumming bro!"

Nikki grabs Tommy by the arm and hauls his naked ass to the door. He opens the door and pushes him out and then slams and locks the door behind him. He walks up behind me and I can feel the knife going between my hands. I look at Izzy. He just nods at me. Then I'm cut loose. I fly from the chair and rush over to Slash. I quickly start to untie him. When I go around to the other side of the bed I can see Nikki picking up Izzy's chair with him still tied to it. Then he sits on Izzy's lap and rests his forehead on Izzy's.

"Take him and go Duff," I can hear Izzy saying and I know he's talking to me.

"Mmmm, yeah, take him and go Duff," Nikki coos as he starts to untie izzy.

I briefly think about getting Slash dressed but I realize that isn't going to work; it was only shorts anyway but it would have afforded him some dignity. He's shaking and crying and his arms and legs can no longer support his weight after being forced to hold himself up on all fours for the past few hours. He's laying in a limp ball on the bed and he's mumbling incoherently and I have no idea if he knows what's going on right now or if he's completely delerious. I should be worried about Izzy but I just can't think past Slash. I've got to get him out of here! I end up grabbing the discarded bed spread from the corner of the room and swaddling Slash in it. I try and get him to stand up for just a second and put his arm around my shoulder so I can pick him up but his legs immediately give way under him when he puts any weight on them. I have to scoop him up from a sitting position and I tell him to hang on tight and I pray that he has the strength to be able to hold onto me long enough for me to get him up and into my arms. I manage to pick him up and get him secured in my grip and we make it to the door just as his mumbling is starting to make sense and Izzy and I realize that he's trying to beg Izzy not to do this.

"I'm fine kiddo, just go with Duff," Izzy says as he rubs his wrists. He won't look at us at all. He just keeps his eyes locked with Nikki's.

Nikki smirks at us, "Lock the door on your way out."
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