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Safe For Now

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'I just keep staring at the wall but I’m not really seeing it; all I’m seeing is the slideshow of what Nikki and Tommy did to me that keeps playing on repeat in my head. The water’s running, Duff’s going to put me in a bath because my legs won’t hold me to stand up in a shower. Duff’s crying silently and he looks so worried; no,more like he’s ready to just come unglued but he won’t because he’s taking care of me, I know him and he’s going to try his best to be strong. I’m so tired and everything hurts so much; my arms, my legs, my jaw, my ass everything.

Duff wants me to go to the hospital but I don’t want to so I just shake my head and say no. He asks if I’m hurting inside, if I’m ok, I say no, I don’t have any internal pain, nothing inside is damaged. He walks over and picks me up off of the bed and gently carries me into the bathroom. He lowers me into the tub and when the water hits my torn skin it feels like someone’s stuck a branding iron up my ass and I can’t help it, I haven’t full on screamed all night but when I feel the burning caused by the water touching me I lose it and scream like a girl.

A look of terror crosses Duff’s face and he babbles “Oh my god Baby Boy what is it? What’s wrong?”
I’m scrambling to try and get out of the water but my arms and legs just don’t have the strength. “Get me out of the water, out,now! It stings!” I babble. He quickly leans down and hauls me out and sits me on the side of the tub where I let loose and sob. Duff’s arms are immediately around me and I bury my face in his neck and just let go. Duff holds me tightly to him,not only comforting me but supporting me because I’m shaking like a leaf because the muscles in my body have more or less had it and it’s a miracle I’m sitting up at this point.
“I’m sorry Slash, I’m so sorry Baby Boy! I promised you that I’d keep you safe and then I left you alone and went down to the bar! There were guards and I thought I had the only key! Baby I’m sorry!” Duff sobbed, cupping my face in his hands.
“It’s not your fault Duff,” I whisper.

Just then the door flies open and a blur of blonde hair comes barreling into the room in full on fight mode. “What’s going on in here? Is somebody hurt? It sounds like somebody’s killing Slash in here? Are you guys ok?” Steven asks, his questions coming rapid fire until he actually slows down and looks at us. I have no idea what I look like but I know it’s not good. “Oh my god, what happened to Slash?” he asks with a shocked look on his face.

“Nikki and Tommy happened to him. Nikki has Izzy right now, Izzy made us leave. He stayed so I could get Slash out. Listen Popcorn, I need some help. I need you to send somebody to find Axl, tell them it’s a life or death emergency, which it might be because I have no idea what Nikki will do to Izzy. Then I need you to get me a bucket of ice. Call the front desk and ask for a roll of bandages, some q-tips, and some tape for the bandages, can you do that? Also, before you do anything else look in my cosmetic bag there on the sink, the black one is mine. Find a bottle of ibuprofin and give me four with a glass of water, it will reduce the swelling where those mother fuckers hit my Baby Boy!” Duff exclaims, holding me tighter for a second than he already was.

I’ll take the ibuprofin for the swelling but what I really want is a hit! “Duffy,” I ask quietly but desperately, “I need a hit, can I please have one? I know it’s an extra but please baby!” I beg.

“Oh baby, don’t worry about it being extra, I’m not worried about that I just can’t give it to you until you’re ready to get in the bed because you’re already so weak, if I put any dope in your veins I won’t be able to move you at all! I can’t believe you worried about it being an extra shot; like I would deny you something to take the pain away sweetness,” Duff soothes and gently rubs his hand up and down my back. I bury my face in his neck until Steven finds the pills and hands Duff four of them and Duff puts them into my mouth while Steven helps me drink, holding the cup up to my mouth. “Thanks Stevie,” Duff says. “Now go find Axl and all of the other things I asked you for.

As soon as Steven leaves I let go of the tears that I’ve been holding back since Duff told me I couldn’t have a shot just yet. I know he’s not trying to be mean and I know that I’ll get one but the thought of waiting is just overwhelming on top of everything else. “Baby why are you crying so hard?” Duff asks, his voice full of trepidation.

“I, I, I just want my shot right now! I sob. I hurt everywhere, I want it to stop! It will make everything not seem so bad too! I just want it!” I let the tears and emotion take over then and full on sob for I have no idea how long but it feels like a long time. Duff holds me and pets me and loves me while I cry and bawl out my misery. “How about just a little one?” I beg,”then a bigger one when I get out?” He finally relents to this and in less than two minutes that golden brown nectar of the gods is flowing through me. It was just a small shot but it was enough to take the edge off. “Thanks Duffy,” I sigh in relief.

After that things don’t seem quite as dire but I still can’t stop crying. Duff drains the bathwater and turns on the heat lamp over top of the tub. He turns the shower on and removes the shower head from the stand and hands it to me. “Can you hold that over your back Baby Boy?” he asks and I try, I really do but it’s too much. Fortunately Steven comes flying back into the room at that second. “Steven, get in here!” Duff orders. Steven walks in and Duff tells him that he needs him to hold the shower head while he cleans me off; that I can’t do it. Steven, always happy to be helpful, especially if one of us is in trouble readily agrees and holds it over my back while Duff washes and conditions my hair and then soaps up a washcloth and begins the process of washing all of the dried cum off of me. He gently wipes down my face, and neck, and ears before moving down to my shoulders and chest and back. He scrubs my whole body making sure none of Nikki or Tommy’s disgusting body fluids remain on my skin. Then he and Steven get me out of the tub and dried off and Duff lays me on the bed.

Steven makes a quick exit to go find out what’s taking so long for Axl to show up and Duff approaches the bed with a miniature bottle of vodka, a q-tip, and antibiotic ointment. I know what’s coming and I smother my screams with a pillow when he cleans the tears Tommy left and then slathers them with ointment. The pain sets off another crying jag and Duff quickly mixes up a huge shot for me and as soon as the rush hits me the tears stop. Pretty much everything stops and I can barely keep my eyes open. I can make out Duff worriedly asking if I was ok, if it was too much. “S’not too much…” I slur. “Feels good. Hold me, please and don’t let go; don’t let them come back for me! Please Duffy! Keep my safe with you,” I whisper. He starts to cry again and I realize I’ve probably said the wrong thing. “Don’t cry Duffy, it wasn’t your fault; looked like they drugged everyone, even the guards. But you’re here now and I’m safe with you. I love you.”

I love you too my sweet Baby Boy. I swear that I’ll never go, never,” he promises. His arms holding me and smelling his smell, that safe, Duff, smell, was the last thing I remember before sleep washes over me and takes all of the bad things that have happened slowly disappear.
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