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This Magic Moment

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Nikki always gets what he wants

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So the door shuts. I'm still straddling Stradlin. I can't help this fucking nervous smile on my face when I look down at him. His face is blankly hiding his emotions. I don't have a fucking clue what he's thinking. But those eyes are looking into mine. And would you fucking believe I'm a loss of words? Not one thing comes to my mind of what to say to him.

So I came up with, "So where is Axl? I have expected him to bust in and play hero."

"TV shit," he says softly in his quiet Izzy voice I love so much. I can see him slowly bring his hand up to my face. The back of his fingers glide down my cheek. His eyes are still locked on mine. I can't resist the urge of mine closing as I softly gasp from his touch. I'd dreamed of him touching me so tenderly, just like this.

I open my eyes when I feel both his hands cupping my face. He tugs me down slightly as he brings himself up. His lips feather across mine and he pauses and gulps. Then his lips part again. His head tilts and his lips go fully on mine. Well kissing is my specialty. My tounge goes across his lips begging for entry into his mouth. He opens up and I dip my tounge into his mouth and flick my tongue across his. I can't help the moan that escapes my throat. My hands go into his hair. He let's go of my face and I feel his fingertips gliding down my spine.

I can feel a shake starting in my body, but I'm not dope sick, not by a long shot. I'm shaking like the first time I ever got laid. Am I nervous? Is this what's up with all that this shaking shit? Well, I guess I am nervous. But really it's more like finding. Let's face it, I've been chasing his high right here for two years. I'm antsy and anticipating it. Craving it, wanting, needing it. Then I feel Izzy grinding up into me as his breath draws in. My heart races. Fuck I wanted him.

Then I find that he has stopped kissing me. I open my eyes to catch his. "You're shaking," he whispers.

"It's your fault," I say before taking his mouth as my hostage. But at this point, I think he's not too much caring that they are hostages. Hes kissing me back with this ferocity.

This is it. I've got one shot with him. One fucking shot to get it right. One Chance to make him see and feel what he means to me. This has to be perfect. It's already so not perfect, I kidnapped him and tied him to a chair to get him here. But he's here, untied, kissing me, thats something, right? I'm gonna call it something anyway, fuck you if you don't think so. He could totally get away, but he's not running people!

Then I feel his hand going for my pants. I grab his wrist and retract my lips with a smirk, "Where's the fire? There's no rush. Let me enjoy this. I promise you will too."

Izzy just looks at me with that blank expression. I stoop back down and kiss him some more. He kinda looks indifferent about being here. I guess I got his apprehension. I've done some crazy shit to him. He hesitates because he's scared of me. I guess I can't blame him for that. But I don't want to hurt him. I don't want him to just lay there. I want to feel his pent up passions. I want him to enjoy this. I want him to just open up and let himself go. I want him to drop his wall and be here with me for this.

"Relax my little Gunner, I'm not gonna hurt you," I pant looking at him desperately wanting to feel him let go.

He grips the back of my head and pulls mine down to his, "You serious? You won't hurt me? You promise?"

My tongue licks his lips. Then I look into his blank mostly black glassy eyes. "I'm so in love with you."

"From just one night?" He asks me with scrunched brows.

I lightly trace his cheek, "That's all it took. Just one look at you standing in my front door. I felt this weightlessness in my chest and this rush just shot through me. You glowed. It's like you activated this program in my head. It's the only time I've ever fucking felt my heart. And I knew."

His eyes divert to the floor. He doesn't have a clue what to say.

"Look, I get that you don't feel that way about me... but if you gave me a chance to show you, I can really surprise you. I have a passion for you. I could hold you in my arms and be so content. I can love you better than anyone because I understand you. You and me are just alike, I know you don't believe that, but we are. I'm just loud. I want attention. You, you just stay quiet and observe. Axl doesn't understand he smack, he doesn't get how unhappy you are. He doesn't know how much you secretly wish that every time you spike a vein it does you in. He doesn't get that and he don't even know who you are anymore."

Izzy looks back up and wipes a tear from hi cheek. "As you clearly pointed out, I'm not worth loving, I'm too fucked up."

"Oh my precious Gunner. Everybody needs someone to love and understand them. Even us junkies who live inside our walls and just go through the motions day in and day out feeling so little. It takes extremes to feel. We just know what's expected of us and we act it out."

Again he looks at me with his wet eyes barely holding the tears that are about to spill. "Why me?"

"We can't care who we love." I shrug as I play with a lock of his hair.

"Nikki, you know I love Axl."

"Yeah and you love Slash too. You could love me if I let you. Just open your heart to me.," I whisper, but I'm fucking begging. "Just really try to give me a chance. Forget all I've done, I'm sorry...I get mean when I'm hurting. I honestly am more than that. Let me show you what love is...please."

"Nikki how do you expect me to forget what you did to me, to Axl, to all of us. You think some good sex can make me fall in love with you? You think I'm going to forget Axl. I took vows with him. See this ring," he says holding it up for me to see.

I take his hand and pull it to me. I take the ring finger n my mouth swirling my tongue around it and getting it really wet. My teeth grasp the ring and I slowly graze my teeth up his finger as it exits my mouth. I look to him with the ring in my teeth. "It's just a band of gold, see it comes off." I reach over and lay it on the luggage rack by the door. Izzy's eyes just follow he ring. "You took it off for Slash...why not me too?"

"Th....this is different," he says still looking at his ring.

I cup his chin and turn him to face me. "It doesn't have to be."

His eyes flutter and look down. "I'm not leaving Axl for you or anyone."

"Well I'm still going to try to change your mind."

"Some sex isn't going to change my mind. I'm doing this so you will stop this vendetta against us all," he says flatly."

"This isn't gonna be just sex. I'm gonna make love to you. I know what you want Izzy. You want to feel loved. You want to be adored. You want soft kisses and gently professions of love whispered in your ears. Axl's not like that anymore. I can be. Just try to be open. Feel me. Feel my love," I say and kiss him again. Izzy's eyes close as he softly kissed me back . "See, he can't kiss you like that anymore. He can't see how beautiful you are anymore. He thinks you're dead on the inside. You're not Izzy. He just doesn't get it. I get it. I get you. Just close your eyes and lose yourself in the feeling."

He looks at me thinking long and hard. " Will you stop hurting everyone if I do this?"

"I only did it because of you. I want you to be mine."

"Promise me you won't hurt anybody." He says with the most honest and shamefully hopeful look.

"Gonna take more than just one night of magic. I need you more than just one night."

He's silent and deep in thought again. "I won't hurt Axl."

"Discreet is my middle name. I'm cool with keeping this on the down low. I promise your precious Fireball will never find out." And I mean that if it gets me Izzy.

He looks down and nods. "Ok," he whispers.

I get off his lap and smile down to him extending my hand out to him. He looks at it a long moment, questioning everything, wondering if I'm on the level, wondering if he can hide this from his Fireball. This is my moment. I didn't want that red headed bastard to fuck this up. I want Izzy to think of me. See me, touch me, feel me. I long for him to let me in. I tug him up and he stands. He looks down at his legs. "My legs are asleep," he comments.

I stoop down and pick him up bridal style. Our eyes meet again and I try to project everything I feel. His arms go around my neck. I can't resist the urge of kissing him again. I start to walk to the bed as I kiss him. I lower us fown to it, never breaking the kiss. Then I start to slide his shirt down off his shoulders. I kiss each one as they become revealed. Izzy sits up so he can take the sleeves off his wrists. He let's it tumble to the floor.

I run my hand down his smooth hairless chest. I lean forward and kiss him back down to the bed. His hands say he's into this. I pull back and look at his face. I've moved heaven and caused help to have him. "You have no clue how much I love you," I say as my teeth nip at his ear.

Izzy writhes below me, grinding up into me, "Show me," he whispers as he seizes my lips again.

I work my knees between his thighs as I hold myself up off him as we kiss. Izzy's eyes are shut again. My brain reels, are they closed in euphoria, or is he conjuring up memories of Axl. I sit up on my knees and reach down to grab the laces on his leather pants. His eyes open and look up at me. I can seen apprehension in his expression. I guess I can't blame him for all the shit I've done to him.

"Don't be scared," I whisper, "I promise I won't hurt you, not like Tommy, not like all those creepy guys in the industry. I just want to show you that it doesn't always have to be bad." And I did honestly mean it. I just want to love him and show him that. All the while I'm slowly opening up his pants.

He closes his eyes again and his expression softens. I bstoop over and kiss his hip as I shove the pants all the way open. He draws in a breath. I start to tug his pants down. He raises his hips for me to peel them off his ass. I take a moment to look at his cock. It makes mine twitch. I reach down to his feel and slide off his boots. I fold his socks off and work the pants off all the way. They drop off the edge of the bed when I sit them down. I look down at him all exposed. His eyes are still shut tight with a look on his face like he just shot up.

"God you are beautiful. I get the dark angel thing now," I say and lift his leg so I can reach his foot.

I open my mouth and lick between two of his toes. His mouth opens and he draws in a breath. Good he likes it. I take a few of his toes in my mouth and swirl my tongue around them softly. I glance up to his dick. It's getting bigger and I smirk to myself. Yeah, he's starting to enjoy this. He's loosening up. I graze my teeth across his toes then move my lips to his ankle for a gentle kiss. My hand slowly runs up his leg all the way to his thigh. I grip it hard and hear him moan. So I run my tounge all the way to that same spot. My tounge swirls it. I suck his burning skin into my mouth and nip it with my teeth. I can see stomach curling as his head raises off the pillow for a second. Yeah, I've got him now.

I spread his thighs apart further and hook my hands under his knees. His eyes open just to investigate, but I've still got my pants on. I push his legs up as far as I can and glide my tongue over his ass. His head returns to the pillow as his back slightly arches. I swirl around his opening then dip my tounge into that spot my dick is throbbing for. But I want him to ask for it. I want him to beg me to be inside of him. I'm gonna make him beg to cum too.

Then I move my way up to his balls. I suck one into my mouth and swirl it around with my tongue. Then I inhale the other, my tounge tracing each. I reach my hand up and grab his hard cock. I smile and drawl back up to his mouth. "You want me to stop?" I ask as I stroke his hair and look into his dark hazel eyes.

He goes rigid just looking at me. I can see him swallow, then he simply nods.

I run my tounge slowly down his chin, neck and chest. I stop at his hairline and give the soft skin a kiss. I take his cock n my hand again. This time I can feel his racing pulse in it. I see him shut his eyes again. I lower my mouth down and swipe my full flat tounge across his precum. I push the thoughts of unwanted blowjobs I have given from my mind. This is Izzy. I take the head into my mouth flicking my tongue over it. I can feel Izzy arching his hips up to me. I slowly use the accumulated spit in my mouth to glide down his shaft slowly. I go all the way to he base and hum si he can feel it in my throat. I feel his hand go to my hair. He gets a good grip as I slowly start to slide up and down. Head to halfway then down my throat every few moments when he least expects it.

"Oh yeah," I hear him barely whisper over his heavy breathing.

I grip his balls a moment as I blow him. A few of my fingers get wet from my spit which has trailed down to them. I slide them down his taint and slowly work in two fingers. Izzy pushes against them. I lightly start to stroke his insides in search of his prostate. When i find it I wiggle my fingers across it.

"Oh fuck," Izzy whispers as his hips start to roll. I start stroking his shaft as I suck him. I twist my hand as I stroke making sure that when my mouth is at the tip of that my hand is too. My thumb grazes his most sensual spot every time. I work in a hurry finger and Izzy moans out. I glance up at him. His eyes are completely shut in a squint.

I pull my mouth off him. "Do you want me?" I smirk.

He nods with his eyes still pressed shut.

"Look me in the eye and tell me you want me."

He raises his head to look at me through half lidded eyes. "I want you."

"Say my name when you say it," I coo.

"I want you Nikki," he whispers and I can see his eyes flutter in place without blinking.

"Do you want me inside you?" I ask hen luck away another drop of precum as my relentless finger continue teasing his prostate.

"Fuck me Nikki," he says laying his head back again.

So I sit up on my knees and undo my pants as I watch him the whole time. I can see his chest heaving. I slide my pants down off my hips. I sit on my ass and pull them the rest of the way off. Then I return between his thighs. His unsure eyes look up at me. "Just trust me," I say hooking my arms under his knees and pulling him to me. I lean down and give him a deep passionate kiss. My hand reaches for some lube I have in my pants. I flip the cap and sit up again. I squeeze some onto my singers and stroke it all over my purple cock. "You ready for me?"

Izzy gulps and nods.

I look down and move my cock towards his hole. I grab his knees as I start to slide in him. My eyes roll back as I moan. He felt so fucking good and I have waited for so long. I lay on top of him rested on my elbows and steal a sweet kiss as my hips start to slowly move. Izzy moans in my mouth and his hands are rested on my biceps.

"Oh Izzy you feel so fucking good. I've been dying for you. Now you're here in my arms. I don't know if I'll be able to let you go."

"Would be a bit difficult to play bass this way," Izzy says.

I smile and kiss him once more. His tongue moves in time with mine. I cold kiss him a thousand times a day and it still wouldn't be enough. I love the taste of him, the smell of him. I'm so lost in him. He's the only one I've ever felt like this with. I'm positive, I'm in love. Izzy's fingers glide down my sides as I continue my slow aching rhythm. I never wanted this moment to end. I feel all his shit I've never thought before, I dream about this motherfucker, I care if he enjoys this. This has to be love and my brain is working double time analyzing it.

The hand on the clock slowly moves position each minute. One minutes turns to five, turns to twenty, turns to forty five, turns into an hour. Hours. We're so close. I keep pulling back when Izzy starts tightening around my cock. His sounds have become unbridled. Grunts, moans, gasps, growls, hisses, cursing to let him cum. But he isn't cumming until he says my name one more time.

His back arches. I raise up on my palms and work my hips like a Latino dance. He starts to pant. He's right fucking there. I stop moving.

"Don't stop...god don't stop. Please Nikki," he writhes beneath me.

He said my name! I get up on my knees so I can grab hisvdick while I fuck him. I still continue to move slow and deep. I stroke his cock like I would stroke my own. Izzy's hands grasp the sheets and his head goes to he side. He groans loudly. His shoulders jerk up, his stomach contracts. I look at his feet, his toes are curled. And I feel his ass pulsating around my dick. And izzy looks up at me finally as his orgasm fades. And that's all he fuck I took for me to let go. I pressed my cock deep inside him as it pulsed and filled him with my cum. I cum so hard it hurts because I held off so long, because I've wanted it so long. And fuck me it was worth the wait.

I look at Izzy's relaxed face as he looks up at me. I slightly shake my head in wonder. "Nothing has ever felt to great. I feel you all over. I'm so in love with you."


"I know I know, Axl. When you leave here you'll go to him, I know that. But I'm gonna make you love me. I'm gonna give you awesome sex every time you sneak away from him. You will love me. I know you don't, but you will."

I kiss him as I pull out. Then we both sit up and light cigarettes. I fall back on the pillow with a sigh. Izzy lights his and holds it in his lips as he puts his legs in them.

"You're leaving?" I ask.

Izzy turns to look at me. He leans over me and kisses me, "I gotta go. I've gotta go check on the others."
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