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Heroin, Nothing's More Fun

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We're free. I can't believe it, we're finally out of here. No more fucking MotleyRaping Crue. No more crowds of people throwing shit at us, screaming out ' Crue Crue Crue!'. No more Tommy with his horse dick. No more Nikki and his fucking smirk. No more busses. No more hotels. And we're rich! There's so fucking much for us to do, none of us have a residence or vehicle. But it's probably more likely that well just fucking spend the bulk of it on drugs and booze. Yeah, me too. The first thing I do before I lay my head down in LA is gonna be to shoot up with Izzy. Shit I might do that now on the bus. Everybody is loaded and ready, we're just waiting for Izzy. Where is he? He was right behind us.

Just as I'm about to file out and go hunt his ass down he shows up, running for the bus. Trust me, the skinny fucker can run! He hops onto the bus out of breath. He glances over at Duff and Slash. Duff is shooting Slash up. He slightly bites his lower lip and looks up at me. I nod giving him the telepathic answer he was fishing for.

"Where's Erin?" He asks.

"Lounge," I point over my shoulder.

"Come on," he whispers as he passes by me.

I follow him to the lounge where Erin greets us with a kiss and a bottle of champagne. Izzy sits down and reaches into his left boot. He pulls out two rigs. He reaches into his right and produces a third. He lays them beside him and looks up at me an Erin. Erin hesitates and eventually nods sitting next to Izzy's loaded rigs.

I kneel down in front of her and pick one up as izzy pulls off his belt. He slides it over her arm and pulls tight. I pull the cap off with my teeth and line it up over her bulging vein. I hit her on the first try. She just moans and slumps into Izzy. He wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head. "Don't fall asleep darlin," he gently coos at her.

I take the belt from her arm and slide Izzy's arm into it. He is still trying to bring Erin around.

"I feel so heavy," she mutters.

I get the needle ready as izzy tightens his belt. I haven't payed attention to his track marks in a while. They look awful, like he traced his veins in a reddish pink marker. They were several inches long in numerous places. I could see old white ones dotting the veins he could no longer use. No wonder he always wears sleeves now. Jesus, how many years has he been doing this now? Four maybe five?? I get a chill at the sight as I hunt for a viable vein. I finally find one, but it takes me twice to hit the vein. I inject him and he noticeably starts to slump. He rubs Erins arm and gives her a nudge to wake her up.

I pick up the last syringe and sit down on the floor leaning back into the wall. Izzy tosses me his belt and I stick my arm in and hold it in my teeth. Within seconds I can't hold the belt any longer. I feel my eyes relaxing to mere slits. I blink and pull the needle out. My hand falls limply at my side. The needle tumbles from it in slow motion "Axl?" Billy whispers my name. I smile because he fades away. I got rid of him. For a few hours at least.

I look up at Izzy looking down at me. He slides off the couch and into the floor next to me. We both make motions to take each other in our arms. "It's ok Fireball, it's over now," Izzy drawls softly.

"I love you Izzy."

He pulls away from me to see my face. He smiles slightly, "Say that again"

"I love you Izzy."

He kisses me softly.

"Mmmm I love you too Izzy," Erin mumbles.

Izzy and I smile at each other because we know right now she could love anyone. Izzy fetches the champagne bottle and struggles with the cork. I light a cigarette and watch as he stands up and holds the bottle with his knees and shoves out on the cork with both thumbs. Suddenly it flies off like a bullet, straight through the bus window. Izzy looks up with a shocked expression, "Oh shit..." then champagne starts fizzing out all over the floor. I can't help but laugh. Izzy starts to laugh too as He tries to suck at the foam. Erin wearily looks over at the broken window.

"It's going to get cold in here," she barely mumbles.

We just continue laughing. It feels really good to laugh again it feels like everything is actually ok for a change. I pull Izzy to me and kiss him just the way I know he wants me to, romantically and gently. It makes him moan into my mouth. His fingertips glide down my arms. After another moment my tongue goes into his mouth and his breath hitches. Hes reminding me of the first time we ever kissed.

"God the way... way you two kiss..."Erin mumbles, "makes me...envious..."

"We got some for you too sweetheart," Izzy says as he runs his hand down her leg.

"Come here baby," I say to her and tug at her foot. But nothing moves but her eyes when she blinks.

"Think she's paralyzed?" I smirk at Izzy.

"I dunno, let's see," he says as he gets up on his knees. He gently pushes her thighs apart and slides in between them. He strokes her cheek and leans in pressing his lips to hers. She weakly kisses back. Izzy smiles at me over his shoulder, "Well the good news is she's not entirely paralyzed. But I think she might be high as fuck."

"Oh you don't rightly say?" I huff. "Move, I think this needs a second opinion."

Izzy backs away and motions to her with his hand, "Be my guest."

I crawl over to her and slide my hands under her skirt. I grasp her panties and pull them down slowly. "Hold these," I toss them at Izzy.

"These would look good on you darlin," he smiles examining them.

"Maybe later, I'm trying to see if she's fucking paralyzed or not." I spread her thighs wide open and lower my head between them. My tounge grazes her clit. She moans out and I feel her hands limply rest at my shoulders. I grin at Izzy. "It's my professional opinion that she is not paralyzed...but indeed fucked up."

"Well don't just stop," Izzy says running his hand over his dick, "I m getting turned on over here."

I continue and Erin starts to come back to life.. Izzy moves up beside her and kisses her while she moans. After I get her off Izzy smiles at me quite coyly.

"That was pretty good, but I think I could do better."

"Oh yeah, prove it," I say backing away and wiping my mouth.

Izzy and I trade places. I watch as he slides a couple of fingers in her befor drawing her clit into his mouth. Erin moans out and I drown it with a kiss. And naturally Izzy's better at it than me. He's always been better with chicks than me. He makes Erin cum again in less than three minutes.

"Oh god I love you guys," she writhes in my arms.

"Glad it's good for you honey, how about you make it good for us too?" I ask.

The next thing I know she's giving me head while Izzy fucks her from behind. Watching Izzy move has got to be the biggest turn on in the world to me. I love watching the way he fucks. It's so goddamn graceful. Like the closet case romantic he is. Our eyes meet and we both watch them roll back in our heads as we cum.
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