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We hadn't so much as stepped off our bus back in LA when a swarm of people crowd around us. Some take pictures, some want autographs, some offer us drugs and drinks, some give us their remember when stories, some are chicks we've fucked. It sorta throws us for a loop cuz when we left LA we were nobodies. We had a following, but not like this. No one has ever asked for our autographs like this. It's fucking weird, but it feels pretty gratifying. Everyone wanted to be our friends.

Slash shyly smiles as he signs his name across some hot chicks tits. Stevie starts making out with the first chick who approached him. Axl smiles and cordially makes small talk with Erin on his arm. Izzy just bows his head and tries to remain unnoticed. He's never been one for attention.

Wow, so this is what it's like when you have a number one song? It's pretty fucking awesome. I honestly didn't expect it to be like this, not after being pummeled with bottles and shit at the Crue shows. Yesterday I believed we had no fans. But today it's obvious that we do. Everybody knows our names. They know our songs. It's fucking crazy.

"Duff, who are all these people?" Slash softly asks me.

"Our fans man," I chuckle.

"I didn't even know we had any," he says sounding amazed.

Stevie jumps up and down behind us with his hands on our shoulders, " This is so fucking awesome man!!! Woohoo!!" He thrusts his fists into the air and just takes off running and laughing as our newly discovered fans take off in chase. our poor body guards try to keep up and fend off grabbing hands.

We all laugh and get escorted to a waiting limo while our bodyguards try to catch Stevie and throw him into the car. Geffen is putting us up at Franklin Plaza till after the holidays. It's where lots of other bands stay for short periods between tours. Kinda like the Riot House. The limo has a fully stocked mini bar and we deplete that shit before we ever reach our destination. We were in good spirits and quite jovial with each other. It hasn't felt this care free in a long fucking time.

When we got to Franklin Plaza we were bombarded by more people screaming our names and thrusting paper at us and pens. Drugs and phone numbers get slid into our pockets. I can't get over how fucking it we are! This is like being high, a type of high no drug can mimic, I oughta know. I wonder how long this high will last? It's so much more intense than the nights we come off a stage. If we're so fucking the shit right now, why ain't we headlining yet?

We're led up to our rooms which are basically just another set of hotel rooms like Wed been living in and out of for something like 19 or 20 months. At least it's more roomy than the fucking tour bus. They didn't design those things for guys over six feet tall. We have a great view of the strip and it feels like home here. Slash decides to test the bed's springs by jumping up and down on it.

I laugh and reach out and grab his ankles, forcing him to fall on his back. He lands with a soft "oof" and laughs. "We fucking did it motherfucker!" I shout to the rooftop.

But our harmony is rudely interrupted by a loud crash against the wall next to us. That was Axl and Izzy's room. Fucking great. Didn't Axl listen to what Slash and I said to him on the bus? I sigh and walk to the door and open it. I see Erin cowering on the wall and staring blankly into their room. I walk out into the hall for a better look and Slash follows.

"Say it! You want to live with Erin to punish me!" Izzy yells and hurls a lamp at Axl.

"You know the deal Izzy! Erin knows! It's not like you're aren't taking it!" He shouts back at Izzy.

"Then fucking go!" Izzy screams reaching for a glass ashtray. He hurls it and it hits Axl right in the forehead. Blood starts pouring out. Axl touches his head and looks at the blood dripping down his nose and chin. He looks so shocked. Izzy grabs him by the arm and growls, "You're bleeding in MY fucking room."

Axl shakes his head, "Fuck you Izzy," then he just leaves pulling Erin along by the hand.

Izzy slams his door shut and we hear him kicking shit around and cursing the weirdest combinations of profanity. "Ass monkey shittard fuck cunt!"

Slash and I just look at one another and chuckle. Man nothing could ruin this high for me, not even Axl and Izzy's bullshit. I'm untouchable L.ike A. M.other F.ucker! My baby boy is laughing and happy. I'm so thankful to hear his sweet laugh and see those beautiful lips smiling since hair hides every other part of his face. Today's a good day. It seems like there's been far too few of those. And after what happened to Slash, it's a miracle he can smile at all, let alone laugh. I'd like to give a shout out to every god listening! Thank you for this day, this one fucking happy day!
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