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Going Down

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, Duff

Slash is sitting up in the bed playing a soft melody on his acoustic. I can't help but smile at how easily his hands glide along the neck. He's gotta be one of the best guitarists I've ever heard. When he plays it's like he just loses himself. The notes come out so effortlessly. Some people practice around the clock and aren't as good as him when he's twisted drunk and smacked out. And when he's onstage it takes everything I have in me to not fuck up songs because watching him mesmerizes me. He leaps off seven foot risers like they're a step on a front porch. You can hear over the music how hard he lands, but he never misses a beat.

I smile and sit at the end of the bed watching him. He has his hair pulled back and I can see all of his beautiful face for a change. He looks up at me and smiles, but his hands never stop playing that sweet melody. I don't know what he's playing, but I love it. For all I know he was making it up right here on the spot. That's how he usually wrote everything. He'd write it down, but he didn't really need to. He really only did it so Izzy could write his rhythm parts.

"That's beautiful, what is it?" I ask him.

He just shrugs with a smile, "Nothing, I was just fucking around."

"I love it," I tell him.

"Really?" He asks seeming surprised. He always under rates himself; he has no idea how good he really is.

"Yeah, you should play it for Axl. I'm sure he can find lyrics to go with it," I sit at the end of the bed.

Slash just glances down at his guitar again, "Or maybe it doesn't need lyrics. Maybe I can play it on the nights Axls busy looking for a contact," he gently laughs.

I laugh too, "Fuck, maybe you're right. Hey maybe I should come up with a super long bass solo."

"Yeah, we can just do a two hour long guitar and bass solo," he smiles, "Maybe they won't throw shit at us."

"Well, if they're throwing good shit, like pints of Vodka, bundles of coke and stuff it might be cool," I shrug. “Shit, maybe our new female fans will throw panties at us; Steven said if that started happening he wanted to hang them from the ceiling in the bus like Crue does.”

"Oh yeah," he nods , "but they’ll still probably just want to hear Axl and his screeching."

"I could watch you all night on an empty stage by yourself baby,"I say and rest my hand on his leg.

"Thanks Duffy," he gleams. "Hey maybe we could find a look alike to lip sync when Axl is being Axl."

"Maybe I could sing some time? I mean I'm not Axl, but I can carry a tune."

"A punk tune," he smirks at me.

"Asshole," I laugh and playfully pinch his leg, "I sing better than you!"

He giggles, "That's why I stick to the guitar and leave all that backup shit to you and Izzy," he leans forward over his guitar and kisses my nose.

"Yeah it probably is best if you leave the adult work to the adults," I sarcastically play.

Slash raises an eyebrow, "Oh that's it," he says tossing his guitar aside. He tackles me onto my back and push my hands above my head, "I'm just two years younger than you! And my dick certainly doesn't belong to some kid!"

A huge smile crosses my face as my eyes instinctively look down between us where he straddles me. "That’s true. You somehow managed to get in the line for dicks twice; not that you'll catch me complaining about that! I love your cock. I love the size, the way it looks, the way it tastes...everything about it."

Slash's smile turns coy, "Do you now?"

"Mmmm," I nod.

"You hungry? I've got this tasty dick you can lick on," he teases.

"Ok, lets see it," I nod completely serious.

Slash's playful expression changes as he looks down at me. I can tell the thought appeals to him, but he’s a little nervous; we haven’t fooled around at all since he was...assaulted. I don’t want to think about that and I definitely don’t want him thinking about it. I sit up with him still straddling me and tilt my head and press my lips to his. I can feel his hands go into my hair. I feel his tongue probe my mouth. I can't contain the groan that comes out of my throat. That makes Slash just kiss me deeper. My fingers run through his curls as I turn my head for an even better fit for his mouth. I can feel my dick getting hard between us. It's just seconds before I can feel Slash growing hard too.

"Duffy, I want you," he pants between kisses. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Shit, I fucking wanted him too but... I was afraid I might hurt him. It's just been a few weeks since Nikki and Tommy... I remember the blood, so much fucking blood, no way was Slash ready for this. He's just wanting to please me cause he got me hard. But I'm not worried about that. I love that he cares about my needs but I won't risk hurting him. He needed more time. "Baby, I want you too but.... I just think it's too soon yet," I say stroking his cheek.

"I feel fine. Come on, I can feel how hard you are. We haven't done it in weeks," he practically begs and kisses me again.

I moan and my eyes roll back getting lost in the feel of him. God I wanted it! I wanted to fuck him for hours. I wanted to feel him get off around my dick. I wanted to cum inside of his hot little body. But I know he needs more time to heal. He didn't have to have stitches like Izzy, but he tore and he bled and the muscles and skin needed time to fix themselves. I wanted him to be 100% healed before I try anything on him. I don't want him to be only 85% healed, fuck him, and re-injure him. I'm aware I don't have Tommy's circus cock, but friction is friction. I won't hurt him for my own selfish libido. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to top but he told me a few days ago that he wanted me to make love to him when we finally sleep together again. But I guess that’s just how it’s gone between us up until now. I topped the first time we had sex, I topped the first time we had sex when we got back together, so maybe that’s just the way he likes it which is fine with me but not if it means hurting him. "No baby boy, I think it's too soon," I say lightly grabbing his arms, stopping him from kissing me.

Slash just looks at me really strangely. "It's fine Duffy," and he kisses me anyway. "Please do it."

"I...," I say turning my head away from his lips. Shit I just want to throw him down and fuck him like a rabbit! Jesus I fucking do, but I've gotta do what's best for my Baby Boy.

Tears start to fill his big brown eyes and I instantly feel like shit. I didn't mean to fucking make him cry. "You don't want me now do you? You think I'm not the same anymore," he says and bravely tries not to cry. And I know exactly how he feels. After the guys from Avi I thought I'd never feel the same to him again. I felt ashamed and disgusted because those men had their way with me. No amount of water could wash them off of me. I wasn't trying to make Slash think like that at all.

"What? No. No Baby Boy of course I still want you. I love you. You're still my Baby Boy, same as always. The only thing that’s different is that you’re braver than I ever knew, braver than me, braver than Izzy, and so strong. It's just...just I don't want to chance hurting you I just want to be sure you're all healed up you know? I want you baby, I want you so much it hurts. Please don't think that I don't want you, that's not it at all. Fuck I do, I really really fucking do..but I can wait. It can wait until you're better," I attempt to explain.

Slash slightly shakes his head, "I feel fine and my dick definitely does, look how fucking hard I am," he points down at his bulging pants, "Really Duffy, I'm fine, I can take it."

"I know you can take it Slash," I sigh and can't help but think of how brave he was when Nikki and Tommy were raping him. He did his best to not make a sound and just took it. I don't want him to just take it. I want him to be able to enjoy it and if he’s hurting he won't be enjoying it. "I just don't want to hurt you by getting out of control. I know how long it takes to heal after something like this and...and I want to wait. I want the first time we sleep together again to be amazing, not painful. But that doesn't mean I can't take care of this rather large problem you seem to be having," I give a coy half smile and palm his crotch. Slash looks pretty interested in what I'm saying and bucks into my hand.

I smirk and lay him back on the bed. He just smiles shyly and goes along with it. I unbutton and unzip his jeans and work them down off his hips. He just shifts his weight from side to side allowing me. His head lifts up and watches as my mouth goes around him. He let's out a deep moan and rolls his hips, thrusting into my mouth out of uncontrollable reflex. "Oh fuck Duff...don't tease me right now if you aren't going to fuck me," he almost whines.

I lift my mouth off him and smile up at him, "I’m not going to tease you, I told you, I fucking love the way you taste." And I allow my mouth to devour as much of him as I can without gagging. He continues moaning like I am fucking him and squirming and thrusting into my mouth. Fuck it's sexy. He's sexy.

I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. I grip his shaft and can feel his pulse throb in it. I reach down with my other hand and unzip my fly. I pull out my own dick and wrap my left hand around it. I can't help it. If I don't I'm going to risk an implosion and my dick will never work again. I just start jacking it while I blow Slash. I lap at his precum and savor it. I can't help but moan around him he tastes so fucking good and my own dick throbs when the familiar taste hits my tongue.

"Duffy! Oh fuck!" Slash calls out and I feel him fisting my hair with both hands. I grip my dick tighter. I use my own precum to lube up my hand so I can pump it faster. I'm so close already. Slash let's out this cute little noise between a whimper and a moan "Oh shit. Duff...Duff what are you doing?" he asks when he sees my left arm working my cock.

I don’t answer though; I don’t want to take my mouth off of him. I show his cock no mercy and move even faster, if that's possible, twisting my wrist each time I stroke him. Hes writhing on the bed like the first time I blew him, I remember how loud he yelled when he came that night in that shitty roadside motel on the way to Seattle; Izzy and Axl rode me about it all week long. I can feel his dick twitch in my mouth and he continues moaning and squirming like a snake with its head cut off. I guess over he last few weeks he's built up some tension that can be only released by orgasm. Shit I have too, but I've been jacking off regularly so I'm in a little bit better shape than Slash. I know he needs this. I need this.

"Oh...oh Duff! Baby I'm gonna cum!" He taps at my shoulder giving me fair warning but I don't move. I'm prepared to suck him down like honey.

I move my mouth faster as I curl my lips. I stroke my dick so fast I'm like setting land speed records here. I increase my lapping around his head. I can feel him clenching my hair so tight it hurts. Then, like a bullet out of a gun my dick starts pulsating. I can feel myself cumming so fucking hard that I'm forgetting about blowing Slash. A grunt escapes me and then I feel Slash's dick exploding in my mouth and down my throat. He yells and arches his back and pulls my hair so hard tears spring into my eyes but I don’t care. I continue sucking him as I still stroke myself. Finally we both become still and panting. I raise up off Slash with a fantastic chuckle and collapse next to him on my back as well. I look over at him and he looks at me, completely relaxed and satisfied.

"I love you so much baby boy," I pant.

"Where the hell have you been hiding this? Who knew you could jerk off and suck my dick like a Hoover at the same time? Jesus Duffy..why have you been holding out on me like that?" He pants in amazement.

I just chuckle, "It's just been a while is all."

"No, I think you've been holding out on me," he smirks.

I just shrug, "Well you don't expect me to show you all my tricks at once do you? Be a good boy and I might show you more later." He just rolls his eyes at me and smiles and I pull him over into my arms and he snuggles up with his head between my chest and shoulder and his leg draped over mine. “I love you sweetness,” I murmur into his hair as I kiss the top of his head.

“I love you too Duffy,” he says quietly and yawns, sleepy as always after sex. Some things never change and that’s just fine with me.
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