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Vacation time

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No no no no no! I can’t breathe and Tommy won’t stop fucking my throat and if he doesn’t soon I think I might pass out and fuck does my ass hurt, he tore the hell out of it and now Nikki’s fucking me and I can’t breathe and oh shit now he’s grabbing my hair and shoving himself further down my throat, no no…”
“Baby Boy wake up! It’s ok, I’m here, it’s just me!” There are hands on me and I’m trying to push them off, but when I open my eyes I see that it’s just Duff. “Shh baby,” he soothes and I stop trying to push him off. “Hey, it’s ok. It was just a dream, it’s not real. I’ve got you Baby Boy.” I look up at him and take a deep, shuddering, breath and latch onto his shirt. He pulls me into him and strokes my hair and rubs my back while I bury my face in his neck.

“I’m sorry I woke you up Duffy; you’ve gotta be so tired because I keep waking you up every night. I wish these dreams would stop!”

“It’s ok, I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about; I don’t like for you to wake up so afraid,” he says. I pull back and look up into his face and he leans down and kisses me softly. I smile and nuzzle back into him.

“You ok Baby Boy?” he questions quietly.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I love you,” I murmur into his neck. “Thanks for always being here for me; I couldn’t ask for anything or anyone better than you, you’re so good to me. I love you so much Duffy.”

“I love you too sweetness,” he says and kisses the top of my head. “I wish you didn’t have to wake up so scared.”

“Yeah I hate it! Duff I’m already sick of this! I don’t want to think about what he did to me, it’s been a few weeks and I know that’s not long but I don’t want to think about it anymore! I don’t want to wake up scared anymore! I don’t want to feel so, so, I don’t know, dirty? Violated? Fucking humiliated? I’m just starting feel really fucking angry!” I exclaim and slam my fist down on the mattress.

“That’s pretty normal baby,” Duff says. “When those fuckers from Avi attacked me it took a few weeks but I was pissed the fuck off! Then Axl talked you into sleeping with him and upset you and then I was pissed at him and then those fuckers from Virgin...yeah, I was angry for a long time. It’ll pass, it’s healthy to be angry about it. It means you’re processing it, you’re starting to heal.”

I nod and look over at him. I can see the worry in his face. I hate making him feel that way. He’s the person I love most in the world, I want to make him happy, not worried and sad or anything else he’s had to feel since those two psychos attacked me! I know he’s even angrier than me; he’s like bloodthirsty angry. I wish he had beaten Tommy within an inch of his life that night they got into it backstage. I think if Nikki was anywhere near him right now he’d happily douse him in gasoline and set him on fire. “I love you Duffy, I’m sorry that I’ve made you so worried. I know everything has been hard on you too,” I tell him sincerely.

“Sweetness, you don’t have to be sorry for anything, I’ve already told you that,” he responds and places a soft kiss on my lips. I love you so much and I don’t care if you wake me up 15 times a night I’ll still be right here to hold you and calm you down, ok?

I smile at the kiss. “Want to go for a drive? I mean I know it’s the middle of the night but I’m pissed off and I want to drive my car! Please Duff? You know driving helps me relax! Please baby?” I beg giving him puppy dog eyes. He sighs and agrees to go with me. We get out of bed and get dressed and I make sure I give him a nice show of my naked body before I put on any clothes. Fuck Nikki and Tommy and what they did; I love Duff and I kind of want to fool around with him. I look over at him and see him scoping out my dick. “Like what you see?” I ask him.

“You know I do. You’re beautiful; the downside is I’m going to have blue balls from you giving me a show like that!” he answers, his eyes still roving my body. Mine are doing the same to his, I think he’s beautiful too and I’m fucking horny! He gave me the most amazing blow job yesterday; it was the first time we fooled around at all and I came so hard I thought my head would explode along with my dick! I pull on my clothes, teasing him the whole time, and watch him put on his. When we’re both dressed I grab my keys and wallet and he does the same. Before we leave the room though I pull him close to me and kiss him, my fingers tangling in his long, blonde, hair. He groans into my mouth as my tongue sweeps over his and tightens his grip on my waist. When I finally pull away he whispers “I love you Baby Boy.”

“I love you too Duffy,” I whisper back. “Come on, let’s go drive!” We walk out into the hall and fortunately the party that seems to be going 24/7 here seems to have calmed down some. A few people greet us as we walk towards the elevators and we stop to sign some autographs for a group of over excited girls. I don’t get it, what’s so great about meeting us? We left last year to go on tour and girls didn’t give a shit if we existed or not, now it’s like we’re fucking royalty or something, it’s fucking crazy! One of them whispers in my ear that she’d love to suck my dick; what do I say to that? I end up just stammering that Duff and I are leaving and it takes every bit of strength I have not to grab him and use him as a human shield. I see Stevie down the hall with his face buried in some half naked chick’s tits; go Stevie! Duff and I finally break away from the girls and get in the elevator. When it gets to the level with the parking garage we get out and make our way over to our cars- two brand new black corvettes! I love this fucking car almost as much as I love Duff which is ridiculous but true!

We get in and I start the engine, reveling in how it sounds, that loud, low, growl of the engine is almost enough to make my dick hard! I carefully drive out of the garage and out onto the strip. We drive through the city, watching people watching us and then when we get a little further from downtown I get on the highway and let the car fly! I don’t care if I’m speeding, I just want to feel the rumble of the engine and enjoy how amazing it feels to drive this awesome car that I can hardly believe belongs to me! I can see Duff glancing nervously at the speedometer but he doesn’t stop me or scold me; he just lets me drive like a bat out of hell. My stress and anger evaporates with every mile we drive. We end up somewhere in the Hollywood hills at one of those scenic overlooks that tourists love during the day; but at night it’s deserted.

I park the car and Duff and I get out and lean against the waist high wall that skirts the edge of the rocky cliff we’re standing on. We stand there are look down on LA for a few minutes and then Duff says “Wow, the city’s beautiful at night, it doesn’t look like such a run down dump from up here.”

“Yeah, well, classic Hollywood right? Lures people in with the lights and glitz and then reality slams into them when the lights go up,” I reply.

“Well I found something beautiful here in LA so it wasn’t all bad,” Duff teases and pulls me into his arms and I relax against him. I feel the rest of my anger drain away as his huge hands gently stroke my hair and I let out a pleased sigh.

“I was an import though, I came from England, I’m not a native species,” I joke.

“That’s true,” Duff concedes. “Do you want to go away for a while baby? Maybe back to that resort we like in San Diego? Just you and me? I’d like to take you somewhere nice, somewhere where you could relax and just forget about shit for a while.”

His hands softly run up and down my back and he rocks me a little when I lay my head on his shoulder and melt into him. I feel my anger dissipate with every gentle touch and I nuzzle my face into his neck and murmur “I love you Duffy and the place in San Diego would be great. Laying in a hammock with you all day with nobody bothering us, nobody seeing us and screaming and asking for our autographs, nobody wanting money from us and pretending to be our friends, no Crue, just you and me; when can we leave baby?”

“I’ll call them when we get back and find out when we can go ok? I love laying in those hammocks holding you; it’s so comfortable and I love how relaxed you get, and how we get to be naked more or less all the time,” Duff says, raising and lowering his eyebrows at me and letting me know how much he likes the idea of being naked with me.

“I like being naked with you too babe,” I tell him and kiss the side of his neck next to where my face is nuzzled into him.

He smiles down at me and I lean up and kiss him. He smiles into the kiss and wraps his arms more securely around me. The kiss grows and I feel myself starting to respond. Duff feels me get hard and groans when I grind into him.

He pulls away though when I do it a second time and looks at me questioningly. “Slash, don’t feel like you have to do that or anything; I’m good with just kissing,” he tells me.

“I know I don’t have to do anything; I, do you not want me to touch you or something? You were funny about it yesterday too!” I remind him, remembering how he was hesitant about fooling around with me. I feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. “Is it because of Nikki and Tommy? Do you not want me because they had me? You know I didn’t want it Duff!”

“Oh baby no, I didn’t mean it like that! I told you yesterday, I just don’t want you to feel pressured; like you had to do anything. I always want you to touch me and I love touching you but I don’t want you to feel like you have to. I’ll wait forever if that’s what it takes but I don’t want you to do anything until you’re ready. I love you Baby Boy and I always want you but there’s no rush,” he soothes.

“I know there’s no rush; could you just let me enjoy kissing you? Please?” I plead. I just want to enjoy loving Duff and not think about what was done to me for a few minutes. No, I’m really not quite ready to have sex, he was right about that, but we never stopped kissing and kissing Duff turns me on and grinding on him feels good and I just want to enjoy rubbing my dick up against his. I just want to feel normal and being turned on by my lover is normal. Besides I’m with Duff and I’m safe; I know he won’t force me into doing anything or try and talk me into doing anything more than I’m comfortable with. I do want him to want me though. I know he’s worried about me and he’s done an amazing job of taking care of me and yeah, everything is still pretty fresh and traumatic but I don’t want him to view me any differently; I don’t want him to always view me as a victim. Yeah, shit happened and sometimes I’m still freaked the hell out but I’m still me: I’m a man and I like sex and I love Duff and I love sex with Duff and I don’t want him to view me as something less than that; something weak. I look at him and raise my eyebrows and wait for him to answer my question.

“No objections here!” Duff says and grins; bringing his mouth back down to mine. His tongue swipes along the roof of my mouth and I moan quietly, bucking into him again. The kiss grows and deepens and his hands slide down my back and grip my ass, grinding me into him even harder.

I growl in response and whisper “Duff, you make me so fucking hot!” He grips my ass harder and pulls me up and into his dick again, grinding us together hard. My cock throbs and I hiss and fist his hair and pull.

“You like that baby? You like rubbing up on my dick?” Duff growls.

“Mmm, yeah I like it!” I pant. We keep kissing and I moan quietly as he grinds into me hard again. Shit I’m so hard, I really, really, want to cum, it’s been almost three weeks and I’ve gotten off exactly one time and Duff and I used to fuck at least once a day, sometimes more. I’m not sure when I’m going to be ready to make love again but I am sure that right now I NEED to get off!

“Duff, my dick is so hard it fucking hurts, please baby,” but I’m cut off by Duff who places his finger on my lips.

“I’ve got it, take your shirt off!” he says. I scramble to comply and he has my pants open and my dick in his hand in under 5 seconds. “You ok with this?” he asks, stroking me slowly while he’s talking to me.

“Fuck yeah,” I breathe as he licks his palm and then twists his hand when he reaches the head of my cock.

“Does that feel good baby?” he whispers just before he takes my lips with his again. I groan a reply into his mouth. His hand begins to stroke me in earnest as his tongue dips into my mouth. My hands clench in his long, blonde, hair and he cups my face with his free hand.

“Fuck, Duffy, don’t stop!” I pant.

“I won’t, I wanna see you cum for me. You’re so fucking hot, I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you cum, I love that look,” he says and I feel my dick twitch in his hand. He grins and breathes “Yeah, that’s it baby.”

I can feel myself getting close, that familiar pleasure coiling up inside me, my balls tensing up, Duff’s hand skillfully stroking me, shit, I’m right there! Duff’s thumb runs up over the head of my dick and smears the precum that’s there into the skin and I lose it, letting out a little yell as the climax slams into me, my cock pulsating hard in Duff’s hand. The orgasm feels like it goes on forever and I hear Duff growl in appreciation as I blow a huge load onto my chest, stomach, and his hand. “Duff! Oh fuck!” I groan when I’m finally able to form words after I come down. “That felt so fucking good!”

“Yeah? It looked and sounded like it felt pretty amazing!” Duff replies.

“It was, thank you, I love you Duffy,” I tell him and kiss his lips lightly. I grab my shirt from where it’s sitting beside me on the hood of the car and wipe the cum off of myself and then hand it to Duff to clean his hands.

“I love you too Baby Boy. You were so beautiful, leaning back on the hood of the car, your head thrown back, that orgasm look on your face, fuck that was hot!” Duff growls.

I pull him into a heated kiss and work his pants open with one hand and grip his hair with the other. “You gonna let me see that look on your face now?” I ask him and spin us around so that he’s leaning up against the car. He shimmies out of his shirt and I lean back and just admire him. He’s beautiful standing there in the moonlight, the city spread out below him, leaning on the hood of my corvette shirtless with his long hair streaming down his back. “Duff, you’re beautiful to look at, you make my car look even better than it already does!” I halfway tease him. I reach down into his shorts and free his dick, wrapping my hand around it and smiling when it twitches in my hand. He lets out a loud groan when I start to stroke him. I look down at his cock and smile, I remember that first night in the strip club bathroom and how he had given me a hand job and then asked me to blow him and I did even though I had no idea what I was doing and had never done it before. I loved the way his cock looked then and I still did, every delicious inch of it, and I loved him so very much. He’d been with me through so much, he’d taught me how to love another man and what it really meant to love someone else more than I loved myself, he’d gotten me through unwanted sex, taken it right along with me even, we’d gotten through his rape, we’d gotten through the whole Izzy thing, and now he’s been here through what Nikki and Tommy did and he’s been amazing. There’s really nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him. I start to stroke his cock in earnest and he moans loudly. I seize his lips again in a heated kiss. I keep stroking him as our lips and tongues explore and he suddenly pulls away at the same time I feel his dick swell in my hand. He sucks in a breath and his hands clench my arm and my hair and he lets out a loud cry as he spurts out several jets of warm cum all over my hand and his stomach. He bucks into my hand and moans, panting through an orgasm as long as the one I had and finally slumps over and lays his head on my shoulder. “Feel good Duffy?” I ask.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Duff says weakly. I hand him my shirt after I clean off my hand and he wipes himself down. I nuzzle my face into his and kiss the side of his face where it’s resting next to mine.

We fix our pants and he pulls me close to him, his arms holding me under my jacket, his hands softly running up and down over the bare skin of my back. “Slash, I love you so much. I can’t wait to alone with you, naked, in a hammock watching the sunset. It’ll be the greatest Christmas gift ever,” he sighs.

“Yeah, it’ll be wonderful,” I reply. “But this, standing here with you, holding you, you holding me, looking down at the lights, it’s pretty great too. Thanks for coming out with me.”

“No problem. I agree with you, being here with you right now is pretty great. The only downside is that now I’m starving! How about we stop at Canter’s for breakfast? I’ll buy.

“Yeah, I could go for that,” I tell him and laugh when his stomach growls. We stand there for a little while longer and then get back in the car and drive down out of the hills and back to the strip. I wasn’t so angry anymore; Christmas was coming, I had a nice car, and best of all I had Duff and he was all I really needed
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