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Chapter 1

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Heinz wakes up after an entire night of being passed out from the cold, and he discovers who saved him from freezing to death in the streets of Moscow.

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From Heinz's POV

I opened one eye to see orange illuminating all around, and I wasn't outside in the snow anymore, I was in a room.

I sat up, my eyes wide and my breathing erratic, thinking I was kidnapped by an allied soldier.

After looking around frequently, I realized what caused the orange illumination was a fire, and I fell from what I realized was the couch, shouting.

I sat up, realizing it wasn't spreading since it was in a fireplace.

I sighed in relief, glancing down to see a blanket around my torso and legs, making me kick it off and stand up.

"Oh! You're awake!" I heard someone say, and I jerked around to see another man in a German army uniform.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I frantically asked, my eyes wide with distress.

"I'm Henryk Krause, I found you unconscious in the street. You appeared as if you were catching hypothermia." He explained, marching over to grab the blanket and toss it on the couch.

"Do you mind explaining who you are?" Henryk asked, seeming flustered, but I brushed it off.

"Heinz Koch." I sighed, looking out the window near the door and watching heavy snow flutter down.

"Do you desire anything?" Henryk asked, putting his hands behind his back, tapping his boot against the floor.

"Nein. I'm alright."

"Are you sure?" He asked, pink brightening his cheeks as I stared back at him with confusion.

"I'm alright Krause." I replied, a small bit of irritation in my tone.

"I'm sorry Koch." He nodded, holding up a hand in defense.

He marched to the kitchen and I sat down, sighing heavily.

I've been awake for 2 minutes and I already feel spiteful

I'm a rather friendly guy, but things get to me easily, especially Henryk, even though I've only known him for a minute.

I stared at the door, my eyebrows rising.

I could just leave

I stood up, rubbing my slightly numb hands before walking to the door, seizing the doorknob hastily before swinging the door open and walking out, closing the door behind me as I jumped the steps and walked away.

From Henryk's POV

I was watching Heinz from when he stood up to when he left, and a tear brimmed my eye, making my eyelashes glitter.

"He left..." I mumbled, adjusting my glasses as I stared at the door.

Most people knew me as an extremely resilient man but deep down, I was the opposite.

I genuinely felt a little hurt by Heinz leaving, thinking I was too forceful to him.

I took the beer bottle that I had been sipping out of for the past hour and downed it all, staring at it with blurred vision.

I angrily threw it at the door as it opened, and when the glasses shattered, it immediately closed.

After a moment, the door opened again.

It was Heinz.

He slammed the door behind him, his breathing heavy and erratic.

I rubbed my eyes away of any tears before looking up at the taller blonde.

"Hallo." He uttered flatly.

"Hallo." I replied, feeling my face heat up.

I looked into his eyes and saw how much of a soft blue they were, they were gorgeous.

"Do you have any alcohol?" He asked promptly, and I nodded eagerly.

I rushed into the kitchen and quickly grabbed an alcohol bottle from the refrigerator.

I gave it to Heinz, who took it, ripped the cap off as if it was paper, and drank half of it in under a minute.

He looked down at me and smiled, asking, "Were you crying?"

My face immediately flushed red as he pointed out my eyes were bloodshot.

"I'm just a little drunk is all." I retorted, looking away.

Heinz chuckled and snorted, and I immediately felt as if I was going to melt.

His laugh was so pleasant to my ears I wanted to cry tears of joy since I was the one who found him.

He drank the rest of the beer and slurred, "If you're throwing bottles, so am I."

He dropped the bottle on the floor, on top of the glass from my bottle, having glass scatter everywhere.

He sat down on the couch, and I sat beside him, smiling nervously as I traced the fine definitions of Heinz's cheeks.

"So... what position are you in?" I asked, wanting to strike up a conversation.

"Wehrmacht. What about you?" He asked.

I opened my mouth to tell him, but I forgot what I was.

I was too mesmerized with his soft hair and eyes.

"Krause? Are you having issues? Krause?" Heinz asked, making me jump slightly, then flushing pink.

"Allegemeine SS." I replied, and the aryan raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly.

"Have you ever seen Heinrich Himmler in person?" He asked, and I began to feel excitement bubble up inside of me.

We were actually having a conversation Mein gott

"I have actually. He's rather decent." I retorted, then adding, "I like the führer more."

I idolized the führer.

I found him to be a fantastic man, though he probably wouldn't be content with how I was acting around Heinz.

I don't think I'm a homosexual.

As least I think I do.
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