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Who Has A Wonder cock?

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Nikki’s dead; the bastard who made our lives a living hell is dead. I don’t even know what to fucking think; part of me is so relieved that I’ll never have to worry about him hurting me or anyone else I care about ever again, I’ll never have to feel guilty for spending time with him and lying to Axl about it in order to keep Nikki from trying to do anything to anyone else in the band ever again. But part of me is sad because at one time he had been my friend; a really awesome, fun, friend and lately, a caring lover; not that I had cared but he had tried so hard. At the same time though I couldn’t look at him without seeing him standing by and watching Tommy raping me, or hearing him telling Axl I wasn’t there to save him, and most recently all of the horrible things he’d done to Slash, I still have nightmares about that bottle where I hear the Kid’s screams and wake up in a cold sweat.

Of course Nikki couldn’t go out without a bang either
You remember the first time you had to watch somebody hold me down and fuck me against my will? I remember the first time I had to watch it happen to you, Those smarmy fuckers from Warner records; I'll never, ever forget how angry and sad I felt looking at you trying not to cry when those assholes dry fucked you and you tried not to cry. I wanted to kill every one of those mother fuckers with my bare hands and then hold you and wave a magic wand and take away your pain and your memory of what happened. I felt so guilty too because we met with those fuckers because I set up the meeting thinking I might have scored us a big break and all we got was fucked, literally.”
“Yeah, I remember,” Axl says quietly.
“Well imagine that went on for over four hours instead of 20 minutes and you’ll have an idea of how Duff and Slash felt. Honestly if it hadn't been for Duff and how much he loves the kid I think Slash would have killed himself,” I sigh.
“I know how he feels; I would have bitten a bullet years ago in Indiana. If I hadn't been able to climb into your window and stay with you on the nights that that mother fucker came after me I would have offed myself; you were all I had; you still are,” Axl tells me, his voice growing thick with tears.

“Hey Fireball, don't cry darlin,” I soothe and pull him across the bed into my arms. He lets me hug him for a second and then I pull back and stroke the side of his face. “I'm always gonna be there for you if you don't push me away, I love you, I always have and I always will; as long as you don't push me away I'll be right here beside you Axe, I swear.”

He smiles a little and then leans in and dips his head down slightly and presses his lips to mine. The kiss is hesitant, tentative, like he's not sure how I'm going to react and I can't say that I blame him; I mean Nikki, the guy who was the instigator of my rape and near death, Axl’s rapist, half of the duo that raped and tortured Slash, is dead. The guy who proclaimed his undying love for me, who was extorting me for sex, was dead and it sounds like he died with me on his mind. Is it my fault? If I hadn't left with Axl would he still be alive? Did he overdose on purpose because I wasn't here to meet him or was it an accident? I guess I'll never know but like Slash I feel guilty about it. But I also feel the same relief that I could tell Duff was feeling. I would never have to cheat on Axl with Nikki again to ensure that my band mates remained safe; I felt fucking free! With that thought in mind I let my hands get lost in Axl’s hair and kiss him with more vigor than I have in almost a year. He seems surprised at first but then kisses me back just as eagerly. It's funny though; we’re both almost shy with each other, we can both tell that something has changed.

The kiss grows and deepens until Steven interrupts us and says “Geez fuckers, this is my room, go find your own!”

Axl and I pull away from each other sheepishly. “Sorry Stevie,” I apologize. I look back at Axl and he looks back at me hungrily.

I look back at him, breathing heavily. “Let’s go home Angel,” he says gruffly.

“Sounds fucking amazing,” I answer and stand up, pulling him off the bed too once I’m on my feet. I want to make sure Steven is going to be ok though once we’re gone. I know Duff will take care of Slash but poor Steven is all on his own. “Steven are you gonna be ok by yourself or do you want us to stay? Or do you want to come with us?” I ask him.

“I’m good, Slash was the one I was really worried about after I realized I wasn’t going to get arrested,” he says.

“You sure Popcorn?” Axl asks from behind me.

“Yeah, positive,” he says and kind of laughs. “I’m gonna call Adrianna, we’ve been talking on the phone for a few days and she said she might come over tonight,”

“Cool, I didn’t know you two had reconnected,” I muse. “Well, we’ll get out of your hair. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” I joke with him.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, it’s more that I would do things you would do...I think I said that right…” Steven said, obviously confused.

Axl smirks and shakes his head and we both give him a hug as we leave, even Erin who scolds him again for making her get an eyeful of Slash’s dick! “Yeah honey, are we gonna be enough for you after you’ve seen what the kid’s packing?” I tease.
“Holy shit! He’s fucking huge! How in the world did you ever take that Izzy?” she asks as we walk down the hall.

“Not just me Sugar, Axl’s taken that too!” I inform her.

“What?” she says, her mouth dropping open, “When?”

“Years ago, it got us an in with Virgin records, they offered us a deal but we didn’t take it,” Axl says giving me a look that lets me know he’s not happy.

“What? Why? What do you mean it got you an in? Why didn’t you take the deal?” Erin questions us, obviously not understanding what went on in the music business behind the scenes.

Slash and I were hiding from the cops; this girl accused us of raping her. She dropped the charges a week later when her friends told her that she might have been drunk but she happily fucked both of us. Anyway, we were staying with our manager at the time, Vikki Hamilton, and this guy from Virgin comes over and she leaves us in the apartment with him. He offered us a deal if he could watch us fuck. Slash of course freaked out. He’d never done anything like that before, the only guy he’d ever been with was Duff and he was fucking scared to death but I talked him into it. So we fucked and then the guy told us it wasn’t a done deal that we had to meet with the higher ups in the company and that basically what they really wanted was Slash. Guys all over town had apparently been competing to see who could be the first to get a piece of him. So we had dinner with them, he left with them for an hour in a limo and then I guess he saw Duff standing near Canter’s waiting for him and the guys invited Duff into the car with them. Duff of course got in the car with them so he could make sure the kid was alright and protect him and keep anything too terrible from happening to him. They bent over for those fuckers, got us all new instruments and me a leather jacket but in the end we just didn’t like what they were offering us deal wise. Well, that and one of those sick fucks really ended up hurting Slash, made him bleed a good bit and Duff threatened to kill him. Kid doesn’t know it but Duff went down to the record company offices, waited for the fucker to leave on his lunch break, jerked him into an alley and kicked his ass. Izzy and I went with him as lookouts and also to make sure Duff didn’t kill the guy. We let him beat him up pretty good but we stopped him once they guy was out cold. Poor Duff was still healing up from getting whacked over the head and attacked by two freaks from Avi records but it didn’t matter; he took it right alongside Slash because he couldn’t deal with the idea of letting him take it alone. Later he figured he should just have stopped them from touching him period but he was trying to let Slash make his own desicions and not baby him but he felt really guilty about it; that’s one of the reasons he pampers him so much.”

“What’s the other reason or reasons?” Erin asks, enthralled in the story.

“He fucking adores that kid and is head over heels in love with him that’s why!” Axl says looking at Erin with a look that clearly says “duh!” on his face.

“So, did it hurt? His dick I mean?” she asks us, clearly anxious to find out about Slash’s wonder cock and I can’t help but laugh.

“A little eager to know about that big dick Sugar? Want to try it out?” I ask, smirking.

“What? No! I was just curious is all, I mean it’s so...BIG and you guys put it in a very...sensitive area?” she stammers.

Axl just snorts out a laugh. “Nah, he didn’t hurt us; he’s not like that. He makes sure you’re good and prepped before he puts it in.”

“Yeah, he’s a really sweet lover,” I say quietly. “Can we stop talking about his dick? It’s a little weird for us Erin.”

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I’ve just never seen anything like it...I’ve never seen him so upset either. He’s always so mean to me, I didn’t think he’d be upset about someone like Nikki dying, I thought he would be happy,” Erin says.

“You don’t know him Erin. Slash is mean to you because you came between me and Axl and that hurt me. But the kid is sensitive and he’s sweet and pretty shy when he’s not drunk. He’s got a really big heart and Nikki dying in front of him like that is really going to fuck with him. What Nikki did to him was really, really, awful but he’s not the type of person to take joy in someone’s death. He’ll be okay though; Duff will make sure of it,” I sigh, wishing we could change the subject. I could praise Slash all day but I’m really trying to get things back on track with Axl and he doesn’t want to hear that. I put my arm around him once we’re in the elevator and door closes in front of the three of us. He looks up at me and smiles a little and I smile back and kiss the top of his head. When I pull my lips away I breathe in his scent; the familiar smell of cigarettes, and cinnamon, and strawberry shampoo; I love that smell.

Erin’s still talking though. “Slash and Duff are really beautiful together too, like you guys. When Duff came into the room and saw Slash sitting there he didn’t hesitate at all, he just walked over and like gathered him up, it was so sweet and Slash just latched onto him and then how Duff picked him up and carried him back to their room, it was so romantic! I hope someone loves me one day as much as those two love each other, or as much as you two love each other, I want something that real.”

I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Axl though, he has no restraint. “Those two are so sweet it’s almost sickening but honestly it works for them. Duff’s affection is sometimes over the top but it’s so genuine and he loves Slash so much that Slash’s shyness doesn’t matter, he can be totally open with him. But Erin, if that’s what you want what are you doing with us? We love each other and we’re not really trying to share that love with anyone else. You’re around for appearances and we’re friends but you and me or you and Izzy, it’s never going to be like me and Izzy, you know?”

Erin’s face falls and I feel bad but it’s the truth and she needs to realize what the truth is before she wastes her life on something that’s just not real and never will be. “Yeah I know Axl,” she snaps and looks at the floor. Axl looks at me, questioning whether or not he was too mean to Erin but I just shrug, I honestly care way more about Nikki being dead and moving in with Axl than how Erin’s feeling. I know that’s mean but it’s the truth and if she doesn’t like how things are she’s free to leave any time.

When we get downstairs we exit the elevator and duck out the back door; there’s a swarm of press out front because of Nikki I’m guessing. We jump in a cab and go directly back to the condo. When we get there we tell Erin that we need to be alone to talk and make a beeline to the bedroom. Axl sleeps in the master and Erin has her own room down the hall on the other side of the guest room. When the door closes behind us we fairly sigh in relief and I pull Axl into my arms and nuzzle my face down into his hair and breathe in his smell again. “I thought we’d never be alone!” I mutter into his hair.

“Yeah no shit, if I had to hear any more about Slash’s dick or how cute he and Duff are I might have thrown up! Some things are just better when they’re seen and not heard about and all of those things definitely fall into that category. Glad the kid has Duff though because he was pretty upset. How are you feeling about it Angel?” Axl asks.

“Conflicted, but ultimately I feel relieved, free! I don’t have to always have to feel like there’s this ever present threat hanging over all of us. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to keep everyone safe,” I sigh. “I don’t have to cheat on you anymore to keep Nikki from doing anything to anyone,” I think to myself.

“Nikki was definitely one of a kind...and thank fucking god for that!” Axl says and runs his hand over his face.

“Yeah,” I reply. “Let’s not talk about Nikki anymore, in fact let’s not talk, let’s not talk at all, I have other things for my lips to do,” I murmur as my lips move down Axl’s neck. He tilts his head to give me better access and groans.
“Fuck Angel,” he hisses when I bite down on his earlobe.

“Well, I was gonna do the fucking if that’s ok with you,” I tell him, my breath tickling his ear and he shudders with pleasure.

“Works for me,” he pants and I walk him backwards to the bed. When we get there we both strip down and he lays down on the bed and I quickly move between his legs. I kiss down his chest and stomach and then around his dick but I refuse to actually touch it, dodging it if he moves to towards me. Then when he’s not expecting it I lick it from base to tip and then suck him into my mouth. “Jesus Izz!” he yelps and grips my hair as I slide my mouth up and down his shaft. He reaches over to the bedside table and grabs the bottle of lube and lays it down beside his body on the bed. I raise up off of him with an audible “pop” and open the bottle of lube. I pour it over my fingers and slide them down between Axl’s legs and gently circled his hole. He moaned quietly and raised his legs towards his chest and spread them a little further.

I looked down into his green eyes and gently slid one finger into him. He bucks his hips and I smile down at him as I slide my finger in and out of him. I quickly add a second finger and then a third. It’s late and we’re both tired so this isn’t going to be an hours long marathon session like it was earlier. I stretch him out gently and then slick up my cock. “Ready for my wondercock Fireball?” I joke.

“Fuck yeah, you might not be as big as Curly Sue but what you do with your dick? You really do have a wondercock!,” he laughs but I can tell he means it.

“Well then, let me cast my spell on you,” I say to him as I start to slide into him. I can’t help letting out a moan at how good he feels, so tight and hot! “Fuck you feel good Ax,” I growl. He just groans in reply. I bring my lips back down to his and he kisses me back passionately. God how I’ve missed this! He starts to curl his hips into my thrusts and I speed things up a little, moving with quick, deep, even, strokes.

“Oh Izzy, it’s not gonna take long, I’ve wanted you for hours,” he pants. I’m kind of impressed with myself because Axl usually doesn’t cum so quickly. I change the angle a little and thrust a little more upwards, feeling my dick slide over his swollen prostate. He lets out a little yell and his hips buck hard. I throw his legs up onto my shoulders and grind up into him and he rakes his nails down my back.

“Gonna cum for me Fireball?” I hiss.

“Goddamn right I am,” Axl growls in response. Our eyes meet and lock onto each other. I keep thrusting, grinding into him each time our bodies meet. Neither one of us makes a sound other than our labored breathing. I can feel his body tensing up around my cock and I know that he’s going to cum any time now. Two more thrusts push him over the edge. He grips my hips tightly to his body and arches his back letting out a loud, wailing, moan as his ass clamps down around my dick. I pull back and thrust into him again as his body squeezes my cock for a second time and I feel myself tip over the edge and I go rigid above him and my cock explodes, filling him for the second time with what feels like gallons of cum.

We continue to move together until we can’t stand it because we rapidly become oversensitive. I lower his legs down to the bed and slowly pull out of him and roll onto my back, reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing his shirt to clean us off. He wipes himself down and I pull him over into my arms. “I love you Fireball,” I whisper to him.

“I love you too Angel,” he sighs contentedly. “Want to jump in the shower with me?” he asks.

“Sure,” I tell him and he sits up and pulls me up behind him. We shower quickly and crawl back into Axl’s bed which is covered in soft, silky, black sheets. He rolls over onto his side and I spoon my body around his. I kiss his soft hair, whisper in his ear that I love him, and we gradually drift off to sleep; both of us completely happy for the first time in months.
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