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Christmas Is Coming The Goose Is Getting Fat

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So by some miracle the whole band is going to Slash's mom's for Christmas. I figured that would put a hair up Axl's ass going to the home of one of Izzy's exlovers, But he was somehow cool with it. In fact, he's been pretty cool about everything lately. I guess that has something to do with Izzy moving in with him. Maybe Izzy gave him hourly blow jobs. Whatever he was doing was working so that's awesome. Hopefully we can get through the day without any drama. But Slash has the coolest mom in the world. My mom hasn't talked to me in a few years. She probably got remarried and moved out of state. We were never what you might call close, but whatever. The guys are my family now.

Slash's mom can't wait to meet Duff. Slash is lucky he can talk to his mom about anything. And as long as her baby is happy she always approves. Slash had told her how wonderful Duff was to him. He told her how he was always looking out for him. He told her how funny he was. He told her about his growing up in Seattle and his weird accent. He told her how tall he was. His mom being the jovialnperson she is asked Slash if that meant he was the girl in the relationship. Only Slash's mom. But I guess Slash was the chick. It just suit him more than wearing the pants.

Besides Slash Duff is the only one of us who really has a good relationship with his family. He had been getting Christmas cards and congratulations from all his siblings. A lot of them were musicians too. They all thought it was so cool that he was on MTV and doing well. He called his mom last night and they talked for hours. He hadn't told her about Slash yet, but she had read about Mandy and wanted to meet her. Duff said they were having problems and that he thought marrying her was a mistake. But she said she supported any decisions he made. She just wanted him to be happy.

He plans to tell his family about Slash when he plans to go up for is birthday in February. His birthday is the 5th and Axl's is the 6th. He's a little bit worried that they won't approve. But his family loves him and has never not supported his decisions. For all he knew they might have expected it, after all, Slash wasn't his first experience with a man. Duff had had girls, but personally, I think Duff's more gay than bi.

Axl called home and talked to his brother and sister. They urged him to call their mom but he said he had nothing to say to her. He damn sure wasn't going to talk to his step dad. He told Stu and Amy that he'd fly them in after New Years for a visit. That seemed to make them happy. They both seemed intrigued to rub elbows with celebrities. It's still a little hard for us to see ourselves as celebrities now.

Axl even talked Izzy into calling his mom. Naturally his dad had told her about the not so pleasant meeting they had had at that show. His mom was disappointed that Izzy was still using. I don't think she really knows how bad he is, but apparently he used when he still lived at home with her in Indiana. Obviously she disapproved. I don't think she knows Izzy was a dealer until recently. She probably would never speak to Izzy again if she knew Izzy gave the cartel her address as an insurance policy. But he's still paying them their money so i guess she's safe. Needless to say their conversation got heated. Izzy yelled a lot. Eventually he just fucking hung up on her.

After that Axl spent hours holding him and trying to calm him down. No one seemed to bum Izzy out like his parents. His brothers and sisters got all the praise in the world. And here Izzy was, a rock star on TV, getting rich, but did they congratulate him for it, no. In their eyes it was just another of his many problems. They disapproved of the entire lifestyle. They would certainly disapprove of his bisexuality. But Axl always knew how to make Izzy feel better. And lately he's been real good to Izzy. They haven't fought in days. Axl doesn't even voice his disapproval of Izzy's drug habit. Maybe that's because he's getting high with Izzy sometimes now. Erin sometimes too.

I don't know how three people can be in a relationship together but somehow those three pull it off. Erin doesn't even seem jealous or feel left out. She's completely understanding and devoted to them. They never argue anymore about her being around. But then, this wasn't the first time Axl and Izzy have shared the same girlfriend. There was that Desi chick. But they rarely mention her. Izzy hates talking about her. I think he still feels guilty about leaving her alone to die. He and Axl had both cared a lot about her, loved her even. She got Izzy hooked and then he got Axl hooked. I think it Izzy could change one thing it would be the night Desi died.

You can tell Izzy doesn't like how much Axl has been using lately. I think it scares him. He does the dosing so he knows Axl won't overdose, but I don't think that's what bothers him. I think he's worried that Axl will get strung out again. But Axls strong willed. And to be honest, we all liked him a lot more when he was high. He was like a completely different guy. He wasn't moody. He didn't bitch. He smiled. He laughed. He joked. He hung out with us. The drugs kept him on this even kill and we all found him enjoyable. And seeing him with Izzy made even me envious.

I think this Christmas is going to be a turning point for all of us. We have money. We're not starving. We're getting famous. We're on the TV and radio. Personal relationships seem to be going good. We haven't heard shit about of Nikki since he overdosed. I think 1988 is really gonna be our year. I'm happy that things are finally going our way. Two years ago we ate from dumpsters, stole cigarettes, and fucked chicks just to rob them or get free hand outs. Look at us now. And it's just getting better and better.
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