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Merry Christmas

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Duff carries me out of Steven’s room and away from the others and I nuzzle into his neck so that all I can smell and feel is him, his arms around me, his familiar smell filling me up and making me feel safe and calming me down. I can’t forget how Nikki looked laying on the bathroom floor, his lips blue, his eyes closed, and so eerily still. I looked down at him and felt so many things; fear, frustration, a little of grief, but mostly relief and I feel guilty about it. I mean what kind of person feels relief when somebody dies in front of them? Me apparently and that doesn’t say much about me as a human being. I’m lost in thought when I hear Duff ask me quietly “Are you really ok Baby Boy? You’re shaking pretty badly, are you still scared?”

“Not so much scared but upset; I’m sort of glad that he’s dead and I feel so guilty about that! I feel like I should have tried extra hard because I didn’t care if he was dead if that makes any sense. I did try Duff! I tried to breathe for him and everything and he just wouldn’t wake up! Also, I should have had my shot an hour ago and I feel like shit!” I tell him.

“Baby you tried everything you could but you’re not a miracle worker. He took too many drugs, probably more than one thing, and his body couldn’t handle it this time; there isn’t anything you could do about that. And what do you mean you should have had your shot an hour ago? It’s just 8:00, you’re just now due,” he says as he unlocks the door.

“No it’s not, it’s 9:00. What watch are you wearing? Is it one you didn’t change the time zone on yet?” I ask him.

“Shit! You’re right! I haven’t changed the time on this watch! I’m so sorry sweetness! Why didn’t you just let Izzy hit you off? You didn’t have to wait for me to get back if it meant you were going to get sick! You know I don’t want you to be sick,” Duff tells me and I know that’s true, he’d prefer to be the one monitoring my intake but if it means I’ll be sick he doesn’t mind if I take matters into my own hands.

“Well Nikki had just died from an overdose; it didn’t really seem appropriate to ask Izzy to shoot me up you know? Plus Axl was there and he’d probably have made a big deal out of it, he even said something along the lines of how I should learn from Nikki’s death. But I’m fucking crashing, my body temperature is starting to get all out of whack, I hate feeling like this!” I whine as Duff sits me down on the bed. He quickly starts cooking me up a hit and has it in my arm in under a minute. I groan as the rush hits me; loving the feeling of absolute heaven that ran through me. All of my worry floats away with the drugs that run through my veins.

“Better Sweetness?” Duff asks. He’s kneeling on the floor in front of me where I’m sitting on the bed. His hazel eyes look into mine worriedly.

“Yeah, a lot better, thanks Duffy. I love you,” I tell him quietly.

“I love you too Baby Boy. I’m sorry that I wasn’t here when everything happened with Nikki earlier tonight. He’s put you through so much already; I can’t believe he showed up and fucked with your head one last time! Even though that most likely wasn’t his intent it’s still what happened! Please don’t blame yourself for him dying Slash; you did way more than you had to and I know you and Steven tried your hardest because that’s who you are, you both have good hearts. It was just his time to go; it’s something nobody could have helped. He’s the one who decided to do whatever drugs he was on to the point of killing himself. I worry about that happening to you on accident which is why I try and monitor your intake. I just take it on faith that you don’t take any more than I give you. I don’t want what happened to Nikki happening to you,” Duff says earnestly.

“I know Duff. I know it scares you; that’s why I let you manage it. I don’t want what happened to Nikki to happen to me; I just don’t want to feel what Nikki made me feel either; him and quite a few others. I don’t want to talk about it any more ok? I just want to feel you hold me, talk about something else now that I’ve got some smack in me and can calm down. Do you want to use that big, round, tub in the bathroom and take a bath with me?” I ask him.

Duff looks up at me and smiles. “That sounds really nice; my back could use the hot water and having my arms around you is always good. Ten minutes later I’m leaning against Duff’s chest in a tub of hot water and he’s telling me about the craziness he saw in the mall while he was shopping; people fighting over popular toys, old men following their wives around weighted down with packages. It feels so good to just sit here and talk about normal things. I’m excited; tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we’re going to Axl’s house to hang out and exchange gifts with the guys and then on Christmas Day everyone is going to my mom’s house. She’ll finally get to meet Duff for more than five minutes and there will be presents!!!! But tonight it’s enough that I’ll fall asleep with Duff’s arms around me and I’ll be safe, and warm, and glad that I’m alive.

Christmas Eve
I wake up to a heavenly smell, a familiar, wonderful smell: pancakes and coffee! I open my eyes to see Duff standing in the kitchenette area of our hotel room in boxers with reindeer on them and a matching apron and chef’s hat; where the hell did he get that get-up? I snort in laughter at the sight of him standing there cooking in that ridiculous outfit and he turns around grinning. “What’s so funny that you’re waking up laughing?” he demands with a playful grin on his face.

“Where did you get that ridiculous outfit?” I ask him, laughing harder .

“K-Mart if you must know! What’s the matter with it? You didn’’t enjoy waking up to a Christmas chef?”

“That depends on what you’re cooking; it’s not stewed reindeer is it?” I tease.

“No, I’m not making my little Elf eat reindeer meat, it’s too gamey tasting for him. I like to spoil him so I made him blueberry pancakes!” he informs me.

“For real? Your blueberry pancakes are my favorite! Thank you Duffy!” I reply excitedly.

“I know. They were supposed to be for tomorrow morning but I thought you could use something to cheer you up after last night. Let me finish the two in the pan and I’ll get your shot ready and then we can eat,” he says, turning back to the stove, I stretch and pull myself out of bed and head into the bathroom to empty my bladder I wash my face and hands and brush my teeth and Duff walks in just as I finish rinsing my mouth. He picks up the little cosmetic bag that has my works in it and starts cooking up my shot. I sit on the toilet and wait and when he’s got it drawn up he comes over and kneels down beside me. I hold out my arm and he ties a tourniquet around it and then smacks my arm to get a vein to stand out. When he finally finds one he gently slips the needle in and pulls back on the plunger checking to make sure he’s actually in a vein before he pushes the plunger down and that beautiful dose of liquid heaven flows into my bloodstream and I sigh in absolute rapture when the chemicals hit my system. I look up at Duff and smile a little. “Ready for breakfast now sweetness?” he asks.

“Yep, I can’t wait to get some of those pancakes!” I reply excitedly. He holds out his hands and I take them and he helps pull me to my feet.

I wolf down six pancakes and two cups of coffee and then spend about an hour moaning and groaning about how full I am. Around noon there’s a knock at the door. Duff opens it grinning like an idiot and a guy wheels in a huge room service cart with an aquarium perched on it and inside of it is a beautiful boa constrictor! I jump off the bed and practically start hopping up and down I’m so excited! “Duff!!! The snake is for me? For real?!! It’s mine?! We can breed her with Clyde!! I love her!!!! Thank you baby!!” I blurt out at light speed, talking a million miles an hour because I’m so excited that Steven was right about my Christmas gift!!

“Yes she’s yours Baby Boy, do you like her?” Duff asks still grinning like a crazy person.

“Are you kidding? I love her!! Thank you Duffy! She’s the most amazing Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! You’re so good to me and I love you so much! It’s just now noon and already it’s already the best Christmas eve I’ve had in forever!” I babble. I can hardly contain myself I’m so excited! I grab Duff and pull him into a kiss that’s full of happiness and adoration.

Duff winds his arms tightly around me and returns the kiss whole-heartedly. ‘You’re welcome Baby Boy; seeing you smile and get excited like that is the best present I could ask for this Christmas. I love you so much sweetness,” he coos.

“Do you want your present now?” I ask him. “I mean there’s more than one but the biggest one, do you want it now? I can’t wait for you to see it!” I practically sing to him.

He laughs at how excited I am. “Hell yeah I want it now!” he replies.

I nod and run over to the bed. I stand up on it and lean down behind the headboard and pull it out very carefully and give it to him. He looks at me strangely because I just handed him my guitar case. “Just open it!” I encourage him. It’s not my guitar that he finds inside the case it’s a beautiful white bass with Prince’s autograph on it. “Is that Prince’s autograph?” he asks dumbfoundedly, picking it up and holding it like it’s made of fragile glass.

“Yep!” I answer proudly. “I had Alan find it for me. Prince not only signed it but he used to own it!”

“For real?” Duff asks. I just not and grin. “Hell yeah!!” he whoops and puts the guitar down and then grabs me and hugs me hard. “Thank you baby! You know Prince is like my idol right?”

“Yeah I know baby; I think it’s a little weird that your idol is like a five foot tall sex machine but whatever makes you happy!” I tease.
“You make me happy my little elf!” he tells me and pulls me close to him for a kiss. “From what I remember you’re a little sex machine too, one with a big dick too!”

“Mmm maybe I’ll show it to you later if you’re lucky!” I joke.

“You can show it to me whenever you’re ready babe,” he murmurs and pulls me into him for another soft kiss.

We spend the rest of the day playing with our new toys; I name my new snake Geraldine and get her used to being handled by me. Duff plays his new bass and I play guitar with him so that he can practice some of our songs with it. Around six we head over to Axl and Izzy’s condo for a Christmas party. There are quite a few people there including Angie, Wes Arkeen, Del James, Tracii Guns, Rob Gardiner, Michelle Young, Adrianna, Barbi Von Grief, Vikki Hamilton, and lots of other people we knew before we went on tour. We exchange gifts with the rest of the guys before the other guests get there. Izzy and Axl give us a really nice set of pots and pans and Steven gives us a shower curtain and bathmat set along with a toothbrush holder and handsoap dispenser; am I missing something here? We give Steven a necklace that’s kind of like my shark tooth one except his is a bear claw but it screws open so he can put drugs in it. We get Axl and Izzy a set of fireplace tools which Axl excitedly uses to stoke up the fire. The party is great and we have fun with our old friends. Duff and I both drink a good bit and we pass the fuck out when we get home.

I immediately start to dream and it’s ok at first but it quikly goes downhill. Nikki’s death was still subconsciously on my mind…

“Please Duff! You know I didn’t want them! I didn’t do anything to make them think I did! I know you probably don’t believe me after the whole thing with Izzy but I didn’t do anything! Why would you believe anything Axl told you instead of what I’m standing here telling you?” I ask Duff, desperate to make him stay, to make him listen to me! He’d come into our hotel room pissed as hell saying that Axl told him that I set the whole thing with Nikki and Tommy up so that Izzy would feel like he needed to save me and could come running to my rescue and give me an excuse to leave Duff and welcome Izzy back with open arms or some stupid shit! I don’t want Izzy I want Duff! I love Duff! More than anything I love Duff and I need him! He can’t leave me!

“Duff you saw what they did to me, you heard me scream and you saw all the blood, how could you think I wanted that?” I ask disbelievingly, trying to fight the tears that are building up inside of me.

“Slash, you’ve lied to me so many times about Izzy; Axl said that he heard Tommy telling somebody, he didn’t see who he was talking to, but that’s what he told them, that you set the whole thing up! You lying little shit! How could you toy with me like that? Do you know how guilty I felt? Do you know how badly it hurt me to think that I went to the bar and left you alone and that was all that it took, just a few minutes, and they had you! I’ve been blaming myself and in reality you set it all up! I can’t even look at you! You disgust me!” I try and grab his arm but he jerks away. “Don’t touch me you little piece of shit! All this time I thought you were the one, the person I was gonna spend the rest of my life with, and you’ve been plotting to be with Izzy behind my back? I thought we were past that! I thought you were mine, my Baby Boy, turns out it was all nothing but lies! Don’t touch me you lying son of a bitch!”

He turns around and walks towards the door and I reach out and grab his arm. “Duffy wait! That’s crazy and it’s not true! Please Duff, don’t leave me! I need you! I love you!” But my screams didn’t matter, he pushed me away from him hard enough that I fell, and slammed out the door. What the fuck was Axl talking about? Why would he or Duff believe such a bullshit story? Did they really think so little of Izzy and me? I don’t know, all I know is that Duff doesn’t want me because of what they did to me and because he thinks I’m a liar! What am I going to do? I don’t know how to live without him! Since we had gotten back together I’d fallen in love with him all over again, fallen hard and absolutely, he’s my whole heart! I curl up on the bed and sob while my chest feels like it’s being shredded by shards of glass.
I jerk awake; it’s night and I’m still crying and scared and confused, I must have fallen asleep but I didn’t forget what happened earlier, I didn’t forget that my love left me. The thought hurts so much and I let out a huge, wrenching sob. I jump when I hear a voice from behind me say “Baby Boy what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt baby?”

Duff, it’s Duff behind me! I open my eyes and look around and realize that although the room looks like a hotel it’s not, it’s Franklin Plaza. We’re in LA, we’re not traveling anymore, and, he didn’t leave me! I was dreaming! Shit, it was so real! I turn around and bury my face in his chest and cry and I don’t mean just cry a little bit, I let go with heaving sobs, I’m just so relieved he’s there! He squeezes me to him hard and then sits up and pulls me up and into his lap and I cling to him. “Hey, sweetness, it’s ok, calm down, just breathe baby,” he soothes. He rubs my back and strokes my hair and kisses my forehead while trying to soothe me. I close my eyes and lean into his touch. “What were you dreaming? You’re safe now, it’s not real whatever it was. I’m here, I’ve got you, you’re mine, you’re safe, and I love you Baby Boy.” That makes me cry even harder. “Hey, shh, I didn’t mean to make you cry more! What’s wrong Slash? Why are you crying? Why is my sweet baby crying so hard?” I can hear the worry in his voice and he kisses the top of my head, strokes my hair, rubs my back, and then just holds me tightly and nuzzles his face into the top of my head and kisses it again.

I finally manage to reign in my tears and gasp out “Duffy, you’re here! I dreamed you left me! You thought I set up the whole thing with Nikki and Tommy so Izzy would save me and, and, and, then I could be with him and you, you left me! Duffy you left me!” At this point my hands are twisted into his shirt I’m gripping it hard and it’s soaked where my face was because I’ve cried so hard.

“What? Baby I would never leave you, it was just a crazy dream, don’t be upset, I love you so much, don’t cry sweetness!” he says when I let out another sob. “Shh, I’m not going anywhere, you’re my sweet Baby Boy and I love you more than anything. It’s ok baby, it’s all ok, you don’t have to cry.” He pulls up into a sitting position with me straddling his legs and facing him so that he can hold me with both arms.

He holds me and rubs my back until I stop crying. When I get a hold on myself I look up at Duff who’s looking back at me with worry. I need to tell him how I feel while I have the chance. I know it was just a horrible dream but it felt so real and I never, ever, want to feel that way again. I wonder if that’s how he felt when we broke up? That thought brings on a massively heavy wave of guilt. Even more reason to tell him. “Duffy, I love you so much. I’m so, so, sorry about everything that happened with Izzy. I’m sorry I hurt you, if you felt even half as bad as I did in my dream you probably felt like you were dying and I’m sorry, I never wanted you to feel that way. You’ve been so good to me since we got back together. You were always good to me but since we’ve been back together I’ve fallen for you even more, I don’t ever want to lose you again! You’re my everything Duff, I can’t imagine my life without you and I hope you feel the same way because I need you!” I blurt out.

He looks down at me with tears in his eyes and cups my face, wiping my tears away with his thumbs. He takes a deep breath and steadies himself and then says “I did feel the way you felt in your dream when you left me. I was so lost and my heart hurt so bad that it really, physically hurt; I wanted to fucking die. I’m so happy to have you back and I love you more than anything in the world. I won’t leave you, I promise, not ever.” When he’s finished talking he leans down and kisses me softly. I reach up and twine my fingers through his hair and kiss back fiercely. I feel like my whole fucking soul is in this kiss, Duff’s too. I don’t think that emotions have run this high and intensely between us for a long time, at least not over something good. The night before Duff left to go marry Mandi things were pretty intense like this but they were sad. That conversation we had in the hammock in San Diego after I slept with Izzy was intense but also angry and sad. This isn’t sad, this is amazing, ecstatic, a relief.

The kiss deepens and I press myself as close to Duff as I can, only pulling away to pull his shirt over his head. I don’t sleep in a shirt so I have nothing to pull off and now we’re pressed together, skin to skin and the warmth of him is comforting and sexy at the same time. Duff’s tongue dips into my mouth and I moan quietly. I can feel both mine and Duff’s dicks coming to life and I roll my hips, grinding us together. He moans into my mouth and brings his hands to my hips and guides me into doing it again. His kisses are deep and needy and so are mine but then his lips leave mine and begin to kiss down my neck and then move to that spot behind my ear that makes me whimper with need and go weak in the knees. His lips brush over it followed by a small flick of his tongue and I jump and fist his hair hard. He chuckles under his breath and flicks his tongue again and then sucks the skin there and I let out a long, quiet, whining sound of pleasure. He reaches into my shorts and frees my dick and slowly strokes it while he continues to gently suckle behind my ear. When I grind into him again and pull his hair he hisses and then gently lays me back on the bed and looks down at me. I know what he’s going to ask and the answer is yes so I just look up at him and say “Please.”

“Are you sure you’re ready? We don’t have to do this, I don’t want to hurt you and I want to make sure you’re ready,” he says softly.

“I’m ready Duffy, I love you and I want you, please don’t turn me down. Everything’s healed, it’s been over a month. I’m fine physically, please Duffy. I love you and I want you, I need you, please baby,” I plead with him.

“If it hurts you’ll tell me right?” he asks and strokes a stray curl back out of my face. “I just would feel terrible if I hurt you. After everything you went through I want everything to be perfect for you, you know?”

“Duffy, I’m with you, it’s already perfect. I love you and I really, really, want you baby,” I reply and grind up into him. He groans and looks down at me and smiles.

“I love you too Baby Boy and fuck do I want you! But I want you to tell me if we need to stop for any reason; if it hurts, if you’re scared, if something freaks you out even if you don’t know why, I want you to tell me, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do ok? I’m not gonna be mad if we have to stop I promise. I want you to be comfortable and enjoying yourself otherwise we shouldn’t be doing it yet,” Duff says and kisses the tip of my nose.

I smile up at him and say “I’ll tell you if I need to stop I promise. It feels like the first time all over again; I’m pretty sure we had this same conversation before we did it that night. It was perfect that night and tonight will be great too because I love you even more now than I did then,” I try and assure him.

“You were so cute that night, so almost innocent, and I was so scared you wouldn’t like it and that would be then end of us before we ever really got started. Now I’m scared for a different reason but you’re still cute, cuter even because you’re not all sunburned! You sure you’re ready sweet boy?” he asks.

“I’m sure. I was scared that night too but I’m not scared tonight. I love you and I trust you and sex with you is always amazing and I know it’s going to be even more amazing tonight than it was that night because I know how much you love me and I love you more than anything. So yeah, I’m sure.” Duff smiled and brought his lips back down to mine. His kisses quickly moved from my lips down my neck, and to the spot behind my ear that drove me insane and he showed me no mercy- kissing and licking and sucking that spot until I was weak with want; pulling his hair, moans mixed with whimpers coming out of my mouth. My stomach had precum from both of us smeared across it from where he was grinding his dick against mine as he he tortured me with his mouth on that spot. “Duff, you’d better stop that or I’m gonna cum…” I squeaked out.

Duff groaned in my ear and then flipped us over and propped himself up above my lips. “That sensitive huh?” he asked.

“Yeah, that spot, my dick, all of it’s pretty sensitive because it’s been so long. I want you so bad,” I pant.

“Mmm...that bad huh?” Duff chuckles.

“Yeah, that bad!” I whimper as he runs his tongue over my collar bone and into the soft space between it and my throat. His mouth moves down my body until he gets to my dick. His tongue flicks over the head of it and then runs up the crease of my thigh on the right. He repeats the motion on the left side, his tongue brushing the skin near my dick but not touching it. I buck my hips towards his mouth trying to get him to touch my dick but he won’t.
I look down at him pleading with my eyes and he just gave me a mischeivious smirk. “Patience my Little Elf,” he laughs. The next thing I feel is him sucking one of my balls into his mouth which draws a small moan out of me. He gently releases one and sucks in the other and then runs his tongue straight up the back of my dick and my hips snap up towards him. But he still doesn’t give me what I want! No, he pushes my legs back even further and nips the inside of my thigh! I know what’s coming and I can’t help squirming in anticipation! I feel his hands spread me open and then a feather light touch over my hole. I let out a small whimper and my whole body jolts when he follows that barely there lick with a hard, firm one. “Oh fuck Duff!” I practically squeal. I can almost feel the grin on his face when I said that.

“You like that do you?” he asks playfully.

“You know I fucking do!” I reply and groan when he graces me with another long, firm, lick. He groans and keeps teasing me, alternating those long, hard, licks I loved with feathery, quick flicks of his tongue. I’m lost in absolute rapture and when his tongue stiffens up and pushes into me I let out a loud, excited cry. My dick is so hard it’s practically throbbing and if I know Duff he’s going to torment me for as long as he can; probably until I’m at the point that I can’t take it any more! “Duff! Fuck that feels good!” I manage to get out. “I’m already close baby!” and I was close, it wouldn’t take much to tip me over the edge! I whined and whimpered through more of his teasing and then suddenly there’s absolutely no stimulation whatsoever; he pulled away and I opened my eyes and looked up at him with crazy, lust filled eyes.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m not done with you yet,” he reassured me.

I tried to be still and not squirm around impatiently but it was hard! But finally he gives what I want and I close my eyes and groan as his hot, wet, mouth slides down over my cock. One of his hands ghosts over my lips and I suck two of his fingers into my mouth. I lick and suck them until they’re completely wet and he pulls them out. I feel one finger ghost over my hole and a small sound of pleasure escapes me as he circles my hole with his finger tip. He gently begins to slide one finger into me and I gasp when it gently runs over my prostate. “You ok baby?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m good, I pant. He slides in a second finger in and starts to stretch me out, his fingers stroking my spot on the inside and his mouth sliding up and down my dick. I’m lost in the sensations and I know I’m not going to be able to hold out for very long; we haven’t done this in such a long time. “Duff, I can’t hold out baby,” I whimper.

He stops for a second and says: “Don’t worry about it Baby Boy, I want you to feel good, I hope you cum over and over, and over.”

His mouth slides back down my cock, further than he had gone previously and I feel his throat constrict around my dick. My hands clench in his hair and I moan loudly. He does it again making sure that his fingers hit my prostate just as his throat constricts around my cock and I can’t help it, I let out a yell and blow my load straight down Duff’s throat. He groans around my cock and teases the fuck out of my prostate. I cum so hard my fucking toes curl! “Oh Duff, oh fuck!” I pant as I start to come down. “Oh my god Duffy, that felt so good!”

“Mmm you taste good baby,” Duff sighs. “Your dick is still hard! Still ready to go?” he asks.

“Yeah, I want you Duffy,” I reply. He’s right, my dick is still fucking rock hard and I’m still horny as hell.

Duff reaches over and opens the drawer on the bedside table and pulls out the lube. He greases up his fingers again and gently slides them back inside of me, making sure I’m lubricated and stretched and relaxed. “I’m going to put the third finger in ok? You ready?” he asks softly. I just nod at him and try and relax. I feel his third finger sliding in with the other two and I wince quietly. “You ok Baby Boy?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m ready, please baby?” I plead.

“Ok, if you’re sure you’re ready,” he says, sliding his fingers out.

“I’m sure,” I tell him and watch as he slicks up his cock.

“I love you so much Baby Boy,” he tells me.

“I love you too Duffy,” I reply.

He positions himself over top of me, gently pushing my knees back and spreading my legs. He leans down over top of me and I feel him maneuver his dick into place. “Ready sweetness?” he asks. I nod and he brings his lips down to mine at the same time I feel him start to push inside of me, He pulls back a little and looks down into my eyes as he continues to push in. I breathe deeply and force myself to remember that it’s Duff who’s doing this to me and not someone I don’t want there. He must see my inner struggle and the slight fear in my eyes because he stops about halfway in and asks “Are you ok? You look scared.”

I look back up at him and answer “I’m ok, just, just, I don’t know!” I blurt out, my voice wobbling where I’m trying not to cry or freak out. I don’t even know why I’m afraid, I just am.

“Shh, baby, don’t be scared. Just look at me; I’m right here, I’m not going to hurt you, I’ll stop if you want, it’s all up to you ok? Being scared and nervous is a normal reaction. Do you want me to stop?” he asks.

“No, not really, just don’t look away and I’ll be fine,” I tell him. So he keeps his eyes locked on mine and twines his fingers through mine as he slowly pushes the rest of the way in. I can’t help but smile at the moan that leaves his lips.

“You feel so good Baby Boy,” he whispers as he brings his forehead down to rest on mine.

“So do you,” I whisper back. He smiles and touches his lips to mine. The kiss is soft, and deep, and intimate and I’m able to relax and adjust to the feeling of having him inside of me again. There was a dull throb almost like a bruise around my entrance but it wasn’t enough to make me want to stop.

“You good?” Duff asked me, biting his lip. I knew what that meant; he bit his lip when he was trying not to get off too quickly. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I felt that good to him.

“I’m good,” I answered. “It doesn’t hurt.”

I saw relief cross his face. It was quickly replaced with a powerful mixture of love and lust. I roll my hips slightly and he gets the hint and slowly starts to thrust. His movements are slow and languid at first, his strokes deep and slow, each one sliding right over that little spot inside of me that gave me so much pleasure, his eyes never leaving mine. I curl my hips up to meet him each time he thrusts into me and he groans into my mouth when he brings his lips down to mine again. When he releases my lips he places soft kisses on my cheek, my jaw, my throat, and then that spot behind my ear that drives me insane. I squirm and pant, and moan as he relentlessly teases that spot with his tongue and lips. I feel his dick twitch inside of me and he asks “You gonna cum again for me sweet boy?”

“Yeah, soon, do it faster,” I beg. He bends down and scoops up my legs and puts them on his shoulders and then increases his speed although with the new angle the pressure on my prostate is much more direct so it wouldn’t have take much anyway. I feel my muscles clenching tightly and then clamping down hard on Duff’ s cock and spasming over and over . He lets out a loud, low moan, thrusts twice more and then stiffens above me. I feel the heat of his release inside of me and that thought makes the spasm that follows it even stronger.

“Fuck!” he growls when he feels my muscles contract around him. “You feel so good Baby Boy!” All I can do is whimper in return. Our eyes meet and stay locked together. When we both come down he leans his forehead against mine and smiles softly. “I love you so much sweetness,” he says and plants a soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you too Duff,” I tell him and stroke his cheek with my hand. “I don’t know what you were worried about but it was perfect to me.”

“It didn’t seem to hurt, are you ok pain wise?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine baby. It didn’t hurt. There was kind of a bruised feeling in the beginning but it went away. You felt really good,” I reassure him.

“So did you, so warm and tight, fuck, it was all I could do to hold back when I pushed in you felt so fucking good!” he says shaking his head. I just smile back up at him and make a small sound of acknowledgement. “Ready to take a shower with me my little elf?” he teases.

“Yeah, let’s get cleaned up,” I agree. We shower and then climb back into the bed and Duff gives me another hit so I can go back to sleep. I snuggle into him, my head resting comfortably between his shoulder and chest, his arms wrapped tightly around me. I get a look at the clock and it’s after midnight already. “Look Duff, it’s Christmas already,” I murmur as I start to doze. “Merry Christmas Duffy.”
“Merry Christmas Baby Boy,” Duff replies quietly. It’s the best Christmas I’ve had in years; I’m safe, and warm, and loved and that’s really all I need.
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