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Merry Christmas 2

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Christmas two

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Christmas Morning-Slash
I wake up on Christmas morning still wrapped in Duff’s arms. Both of us had hardly moved since we fell asleep. I wake up because he’s stroking my hair. It’s still dark in the room because the curtains are pulled shut but I can see daylight peeking through them. The little Christmas tree in the corner that Duff bought and put up just for me is merrily twinkling in the corner. Duff notices that my eyes are open and says “Good morning Baby Boy; Merry Christmas!”

I grin up at him, “Merry Christmas Duffy!” I respond and lean up to kiss his sweet lips. I can’t help but smile like an idiot at him after last night; I’m so fucking happy! I feel whole again and closer to Duff than ever. Fuck you Nikki, it doesn’t matter what you did to break us it only made us stronger and look where you ended up, in the ground! That thought sort of dims my happiness; nobody should be spending Christmas Day in the morgue. I wonder what his family is going through right now? I try and push it out of my head and snuggle into Duff but he knows me too well, he knows what I’m thinking.

“Well that smile faded fast; thinking about Nikki?” he asks quietly.

“Yeah,” I answer. “I was just thinking about his family and what they must be feeling. I don’t think he really had anyone but his grandma but still, I mean he’s spending Christmas in the morgue Duff, it’s just kind of weird to think about you know?”

“I know Baby Boy, it is weird and kind of sad but honestly I’ve never thought I’d be capable of killing someone until Nikki came along...he’s taken up enough of our day, no more thinking about him ok? It’s Christmas, it’s a happy day for a lot of reasons. We’re together, we’re going to spend the day with family and friends, we got each other awesome presents, we’re going back to our favorite resort for New Years, and I got the best present of all last night-you trusting me enough to let me make love to you after what Nikki did to you. I know it probably wasn’t the easiest thing and I know at one point you were scared but I hope I made you feel safe and loved among other things because you are loved. I love you so much Baby Boy.”

“I love you too Duffy and yes, I did feel safe and I did feel loved and very um….like, connected I guess. I know you were all worried about everything being perfect and it was perfect to me,” I tell him and it was. He was so sweet and gentle and good to me and he didn’t get upset when I sort of freaked out on him; he just slowed down and made me feel safe enough to be able to do it. I felt so close to him last night and it was amazing.

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself sweetness; I know I enjoyed it, I was nervous as hell but I enjoyed it. I felt really connected and close to you too. Speaking of closeness…” he says reaching over to the drawer of the bedside table and pulling something out, “I found some Mistletoe!” he crows and holds it up over my head. “We’re going to have to kiss now that we’re laying under it!”

“You just happened to find some in that drawer huh?” I asked him, raising my eyebrows and smirking.

“Yep! Santa must have put it there because he knew I wanted to spend Christmas morning kissing my little elf!” Duff replied and I laughed.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t want to waste his gift do you?” I tease.

“Nope, can’t waste it that would just be rude!” he agrees and brings his lips down to mine. His kisses always give away his true feelings no matter what he’s telling you he’s feeling and this morning his kisses and his mood matched my own; joyous, loving, exilerated by what happened last night that brought us closer together. I kiss back enthusiastically and pretty soon kissing has turned into major foreplay. Duff is on his side facing me and I throw my leg over his and pull his crotch into mine and grind. A loud moan comes out of his mouth and I grin. “You’re a naughty little elf! I’m pretty sure Santa left you a lump of coal in your stocking!” Duff teases.

“Santa might only have a lump of coal for me but it feels like you have something better!” I tell him and raise my eyebrows as I grind into his crotch again.

“Mmm,” he groans, “I think you’re right, I do have something better than a lump of coal for you if you want it.” He grinds into me this time, squeezing my ass in his huge hand.

“Fuck yeah I want it,” I pant.

“Top or bottom?” Duff asks through pants and kisses me again, his tongue plunging into my mouth and massaging mine.

“Bottom,” I breathe. I know it might be weird but I like bottoming. It feels fucking amazing when I get off and I like giving myself to Duff; I like the intimacy that comes with being that vulnerable and exposed and trusting him not to hurt me. The pleasure it brings both us makes us even closer. I never realized how the intimacy of sex makes you feel until Duff; before that I didn’t give a shit how the girls I slept with felt; I didn’t understand why they would get so clingy and want me to call them or date only them; I just thought it was a stupid girl thing. Then two things happened: I fell in love with Duff and I had sex where I wasn’t the one in charge, sex where I had to give myself to someone else and trust them absolutely even though I was a little afraid. Suddenly I understood why those girls got so attached so quickly. Giving myself to Duff made me totally vulnerable to him physically and emotionally and thankfully he didn’t take advantage of that; he loved me back and he took care of me and I loved him and cared for him the best that I could. Now, after what happened with Nikki I need for Duff to love and care for me more than ever. But I trust him; I trust him with my heart, mind, and body and that’s how I was able to get through last night. Duff makes me feel safe, and loved, and so fucking horny I could hardly stand it!
Duff grins and rolls us over so that he’s on top of me. He grinds against me again and we both groan. His kisses move down over my jaw, trail down my neck, his hand reaching between us and stroking me slowly, his thumb circling the head of my cock and smearing the leaking precum around and teasing the slit. I buck into his hand and he laughs. “Anxious huh?” he asks. I grin at him in reply. “Glad to see that hasn’t changed,” he says and reaches for the lube that’s sitting on the nightstand.
“Wait baby, let me play with you a little,” I plead.

“Well I’m not going to object,” he says and grins.

I sit up on my knees and pull him to me for a hard, deep, kiss. I move from his lips down his neck and suck on the spot at the base of his throat in the curve of his collar bone that makes him crazy. He makes a funny, high pitched noise and I can’t help but smile. I play with that spot for a while and then move my lips down his chest, over his abdomen, and kiss each of his hip bones. I look at his cock which is hard and dripping. I run my tongue up the back of it and he groans and his hips jerk towards me. I suddenly get a flash of Nikki’s dick bucking towards my face. I try and push it away and flick my tongue over the tip of Duff’s cock, lapping up the precum that’s leaking from it. When I taste his salty, familiar, taste my own dick throbs and I let out a loud groan. “Baby, I fucking love the way you taste, it’s so fucking sexy. I want to taste more of him so I move to take him into my mouth and when he’s about ¾ of the way in his hips jerk involuntarily and his dick hits the back of my throat, choking me and making me gag. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal but I totally freak out! It reminds me of Nikki choking me with his dick when he and Tommy were fucking me. Actually I barely have time to register the thought, I just jerk back and push him away. It isn’t even until after I scramble backwards that the entire thought forms.

Poor Duff immediately jumps up apologizing. “Of shit! Baby Boy I”m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! My hips just jerked!” He pulls me close and hugs me hard. “I’m so sorry sweetness, I’d never do that to you on purpose after what happened.”

“I know,” I manage to get out. My heart’s racing, my hands are shaking, and I feel terrible for ruining the moment! Fuck Nikki for making me like this! But Nikki’s dead and fuck him for fucking dying in front of me!

Duff holds me tight and rubs my back for a few minutes trying to soothe me. “It’s ok sweet boy, just calm down. I’d never do anything to hurt you! We don’t have to do anything, just relax.”

“No! I want to do something! That mother fucker Nikki’s already taken enough from me; he’s not going take away how much I enjoy making love to you! Fuck him! I love you so much Duff, Nikki can’t touch what we have! Now, let’s stop talking about him! Please, I want to be with you,” I tell him.

“You sure baby?” he asks and smiles softly at me.

“Yes, I’m very sure,” I reply.

“Ok, come here,” he says and gives me a gentle kiss. I kiss back and soon we’re making out. He wraps his hand around my cock and I moan into his mouth. Duff grins. He’s rock hard again too. “You ready baby?”

“Yeah, I’m ready Duffy.” He lays me down and coats his fingers in the slippery liquid and then circles my hole with one. I spread my legs further apart and he gently slides a finger into me. After giving me a few seconds to adjust he works a second one in and then a third which hurts a little. I try not to let it show but Duff can read me like a book. “Does that hurt baby?” he asks and withdraws his probing fingers.

“Just a little, it’s fine Duffy. Come on, I want you inside of me. Please Duffy,” I beg.

“I don’t want to hurt you Baby Boy,” he says.

“You won’t, please baby,” I plead again and he nods and rubs lube over his hard dick. I reach down and wrap my hand around it and stroke him a few times. He moans and throws his head back in pleasure. I can’t help but smile and bite my lip; he’s quite the sight: his blonde hair falling over his shoulders and down his back, his muscular chest and arms and tight abs, his beautiful cock throbbing in my hand. “Duff, you’re so fucking beautiful to look at,” I tell him.

“Mmm, so are you sweetness,” he says and stops my hand. “You’d better stop that; do it much more and I won’t make it to being inside you.” He leans over and kisses me again and slowly pushes into me. “Oh fuck Slash; you’re so tight baby, you feel so good!” He’s biting his lip again and I’m betting he’s going to have to stop and give himself a minute to cool down so he doesn’t blow his load right away. He does stop once he’s all the way in and looks down at me, panting. “You ok Baby Boy?” he asks. “Does it hurt?”

“I’m fine Duffy, you’re not hurting me,” I reassure him. I reach up and pull him back down to my lips. He starts to slowly move, deep, long, slow thrusts that end in him grinding into me so that he’s buried to the balls inside me. Every one of those thrusts hits my prostate and then drags across it when he grinds his body into mine so I can’t help but moan into his mouth every time he pushes in. My fingers are wound through his hair, my lips are swollen from the heated kisses we exchange, and my cock is hard and leaking precum that’s being smeared onto Duff’s stomach with each thrust.

He continues those slow, deep, thrusts and keeps his eyes locked on mine. “I love you Slash,” he whispers and kisses me softly.

“I love you too Duffy,” I breathe and stroke his cheek. I curl my hips into his thrusts as he continues to make love to me and I hear a quiet moan escape him and watch him close his eyes for a second or two and worry his bottom lip with his teeth.

“Baby you feel so good,” he pants and picks up speed. The increased pace of his thrusts draws a groan out of my mouth and the faster nudges to my prostate send jolts of pleasure through me and my body jerks slightly under him. “You alright?” he asks.

“Yeah, just feels good, I’m getting close Duff,” I reply and my cock jerks on my stomach. Pleasure and heat are starting to build up in my groin and I know it’s not going to take much more to get me off.

Mmm, good, I want to feel you cum so bad,” Duff says and thrusts harder. The harder thrusts make sparks of ecstasy shoot through my body and I arch my back and raise my hips to meet Duff’s hard, direct, strokes. My eyes start to close as I begin to lose myself but Duff pleads with me to keep looking at him. I open my eyes and look back up into his beautiful hazel ones and I force myself to keep them open and locked in on his heated gaze.

“Duff…” I groan quietly as I start to lose control.

“Yeah baby, that’s it,” he whispers when he sees and feels me start to get off followed by a louder “Oh fuck!” when I clamp down on him hard as my orgasm slams into me full force but he never looks away. I let out a loud cry of my own and clench my hands in his hair as he grinds into me hard and my dick twitches, shooting ropes of cum onto our stomachs and chests and smears in between us. He growls and I feel the heat of his seed deep inside of me as his body stiffens above me. When we both recover he props himself up on his forearms and looks down at me and smiles. “Happy?” he asks me when I smile back at him.

“Yeah, really happy,” I reply. “I feel almost whole again; I love you Duffy.”

“I love you too Baby Boy. It’s Christmas morning, I haven’t gotten out of bed, and I’ve already gotten the best present of all, you!” he enthuses and gives me a long, sweet, kiss.

“Well then I guess that makes two of us because nothing else I’m gonna get today is gonna compare to making love with you,” I tell him. I mean it too; I love him so much and he’s the best present I could ask for. I’m hoping everything else will heal in time. We exchange several more soft kisses and then Duff grabs my t-shirt from the day before which is laying on the floor next to my side of the bed and gently cleans the cum off of both of our bodies. We shower up, get dressed and ready to go over to my mom’s. All of the guys are coming for a late lunch/early dinner and I’m excited at the prospect of getting to eat food made by my grandma and my mom.

When we get there Duff looks at me nervously, we’ve visited my family before but never for a whole day and never before as a couple; that was something I dropped on mom while we were touring. I’ve seen Mom since we’ve been home but Duff hasn’t. I squeeze his hand in mine and kiss his cheek. “It’s gonna be fine Duff, they already know,” I reassure him. Sure enough, Mom opens the door absolutely beaming and grabs both of us and hugs us.

“Merry Christmas boys!” she says excitedly.
“Merry Christmas Mom!” we say in reply.

“Come on in, there’s waffles and fruit and cheese and things to nibble on before dinner and of course we have gifts for all of you, do you want to wait until everyone gets here or do you want yours now?” my Mom asks.

“Oh now! Please can we open them now?” I answer.

“Mom laughs. “I should have known, not even sure why I bothered to ask! Come on then.” She leads us to the living room and we sit down on the couch while she calls upstairs for my brother and grandmother. Ash comes bounding down the stairs and I hear Grandma start down behind him.

“Hey man!” Ash says coming into the room. “Hey Duff!”

“Hey Kiddo!” I say to him and stand up to hug him. Duff greets him and does the same. Grandma walks into the room and hugs both Duff and I and we sit back down. Mom hands us several packages. Duff hands out gifts to the others from a bag he was carrying and we let Ash start opening his gifts first. We had gotten him some clothes and shoes that he wanted and a new custom made skateboard.

“Hell yeah!” Ash says, grinning when he opens the board. “That’s so awesome! Thanks guys!!”

“You’re welcome man,” Duff replies.

“Glad you like it,” I tell him.

Mom goes next and opens up a pair of white leather boots and some earrings. “They’re beautiful, thank you boys!” she enthuses and hugs us both.

Grandma goes last and opens up a string of pearls and matching earrings, real pearls, not plastic ones now that we can afford them. Her face lights up and she says “Saul, they’re beautiful! What a generous gift boys!” She hugs both of us and then they sit back to watch us open our gifts.

I open the first box they sat in front of us. I tear off the paper and Duff chuckles at my enthusiasm. The box contains a set of dishes, black ones with a white band around the top, a set of 12, plates, bowls, smaller dessert plates. They’re awesome but I don’t understand why everyone keeps getting us stuff like we were setting up a house or something, I mean we live in what’s basically a hotel! I look up at them in confusion and all of them, including Duff laugh at the expression on my face. I turn to Duff. “What’s with all the household items? You know something you’re not telling me Duffy!” I say giving him an appraising look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about my little Elf, I’m just enjoying your reactions to your gifts! The dishes are awesome, thanks Mom!” Duff says grinning.

“You so are up to something!” I tell him. He leans over and kisses my cheek and I can’t help but grin. “The dishes are really nice Mom, I don’t know what you guys are up to but I will find out!”

Mom just laughs. “Let Duff open the next one,” she laughs. He tears open a box of black glasses some tall, some short, a bunch of different ones. The next box is a set of black and white coffee mugs. The last two packages contain a black and white striped comforter and a set of grey and white checked sheets and a second set of white ones with thin black stripes. Something is definitely up! No one will tell me anything though. I tell Duff he’s mean and he tells me that if he’s so mean that he won’t need to kiss me anymore today so of course I relent and he laughs and cups my face and kisses me.
After we open gifts we just sit and visit for a little while before we have to get up and finish cooking. My brother, who knows nothing about what happened with Nikki and me, asks if he’s really dead. I can’t even answer for a minute; I just look at him until I feel Duff take my hand and squeeze it. He answers for me and saves me from having an anxiety attack from having to talk about Nikki dying. “Yeah, he’s dead, he died at Franklin Plaza. Your brother and Steven tried to revive him but he was gone,” Duff informs him.

“Slash! Why didn’t you say anything honey?” my mom asks.

I just shrug. “I don’t know, I don’t like talking about it,” I mumble.

“I know you don’t like talking about your feelings Slash but baby you should have told us! I know Nikki was your friend,” my mom says.

“No he wasn’t!” I growl. She looks at me funny and I look down and hide behind my hair. Duff pulls me closer and kisses my temple.

Mom changes the subject. “Ok, who wants to help make sweet potatoes and stuffing?” Duff happily volunteers because he loves to cook.

He’ll be happy in the kitchen for a while so I kick back and watch TV with Ash. Eventually I doze off and go straight into nightmare land. Nikki’s back in my dreams and he’s shoving his cock down my throat while Tommy pounds me from behind. I gag and choke and gasp for air but he doesn’t care, he just keeps doing it. I wake up to Duff shaking me and latch onto his shirt. Shit, I’m at Mom’s, fuck like I need her to ask any more questions. Fortunately no one is in the room but the two of us. “Hey, you ok Baby Boy?” Duff asks me quietly. I just nod and look at him sitting in front of me with huge eyes. I can’t talk yet. Fortunately Duff understands this and just strokes my hair until I calm down enough to speak.

“Did I scream like a girl? Did everyone else hear me? Shit! Now they’ll for sure have questions!” I babble.
“Yeah they might but I don’t think your mom’s going to push you on it. You didn’t say anything; you just yelled and I came in and woke you up. It’s ok sweetness. You should get up anyway, the guys will be here in half an hour,” he tells me.

I nod again. “Yeah, ok, I’m up I guess.” Duff leans down and gives me a soft, lingering kiss. Then he stands up and pulls me to my feet with him. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and fix my hair and then head back to the kitchen. Nobody asks me anything which suits me just fine. Axl, Izzy, Erin, and Steven show up a little while later and we all sit down to eat. After eating we all go into the living room and watch a couple movies on Mom’s new VCR. It’s a nice day, a good day and just when I think it’s over Duff says he has another surprise for me. I think I know exactly what it is, there has to be a reason behind all of those household gifts but he won’t tell me, in fact the fucker blindfold’s me! It better be awesome if I have to wear a blindfold!
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