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This Wonderful Fucking Bed

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Duff surprises slash

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I rented us a limo and blindfolded Slash who is grinning like a kindergartner. He knows we're on our way to our first official home together. I found us this great condo right by the beach. The Santa Monica Pier is just five minutes up the beach. Our balcony looks out over the Pacific. Normally We'd never be able to afford a place like this with a rent of 1600 bucks a month. But our newly found fortunes allowed us to.

When the limo pulled up to the building I helped a blind Slash out on the curb. He still has the hugest smile plastered to his face. "Ok babe, we've got a flight of stairs," I say and take his arm. "Up one, two, three..."

"How many more?" Slash eagerly asks.

"One more flight," I say as I carefully help him up another step.

When we finally get to our door I stick the key in and turn the lock. Slash excitedly bounces on his toes. I reach in and flip on the lights. Slash starts feeling out the door frame to go in. I quickly bend down and scoop him into my arms. He screams at the suddenness. I can't help but laugh. "I've gotta carry you over the threshold damnit, you know that," I scolded him somehow through my laughter. I take a step through the door and carefully lower him to his feet.

Now he's in and he knows it so he rips the blindfold off and drops his jaw in amazement. "Oh Duff..."

I'd already furnished the place and hired a decorator. There's a vaulted ceiling with a badass chandelier hanging from it. In the dining room is Slash's Terrarium with Clyde in it and his new woman in it. It was twice the size of Clyde's old one. Our couch and loveseat is leopard print. The curtains are deep red velvet and block out ALL light. Our coffee table has a Budweiser keg base and a thick glass top. The carpet is off white and so thick it's like walking on a cloud. The kitchen is quite accommodating to me making my babies meals. It also has a bottle of Jack and a bottle of coke sitting on the bar. with it is some coke. Slash starts for the hallway to the bedroom. The room was black, red and tan. The bead was iron with rails. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with those rails. Our bed is king size too so we can roll all over and not fall off. There's a balcony going out of our bedroom and another in the front off the dining room. The bedroom has its own private bathroom and walkin closet. The bathroom was all mirrors, brass, and black ceramic. It's got a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower that could easily hold half a dozen with three shower heads.

"Do you like it?" I ask.

Slash throws his arms around my neck and gives me a quick kiss before doing a backwards free fall on the bed. He shouts excitedly and kicks his legs around.

"I fucking love it! I can't believe it's ours! This is like way better than I expected!"

"Look out the window," I point.

Slash jumps up and pulls back the drape on the patio door. He sees the sprawling ocean with the distant white caps. "Oh my god! We live on the beach?!"

I just smile at his enthusiasm. He's so fucking cute when he's excited. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around him staring out at the ocean. "Thought it was about time my baby lived somewhere with a bathroom, running water, and a shower that we didn't have to share with roaches."

"Duff this is better than perfect," he says and moans as I kiss his shoulders.

"So you up to christening our new place?" I whisper into his neck.

He spins around and kisses me deeply. I hoist him up by his ass and he wraps his legs around my waist. I walk him over to he dresser and sit him on top of it. We're all hands and lips and in full attack mode on each other. Slash quickly jerks off his shirt and runs his hands under my shirt and over my chest. I quickly remove it to give him more room. I let out a moan as he runs his tounge up my bare chest and takes my lips again. It feels better than ever before. Maybe it's the excitement of having our first place together. Maybe it’s because it’s Christmas. Maybe because we got through something as awful as what Nikki did to my Baby Boy and come out even stronger. I don’t know and I don’t care, I just know that I’m going to enjoy it.

I pull a bundle of coke from my pocket and pour some onto the side of my fist as Slash watches. I snort some then hold it up to his nose for him to do the same. I lick away the residue left behind and stuff the bundle back in my pocket. My hands reach down to his jeans and unfasten them. I reach my hand down into them and pull out his cock. God I fucking love his cock! I bend over and take him into my mouth. My mouth is numb from the coke so I can't really feel what I'm doing. But Slash apparently feels everything.

I feel Slash run a hand over my head and let out a moan. After a moment of teasing I smirk up at him. " Hey, did I see Jack in the kitchen?" He asks.

I nod and Slash hops off the dresser and shucks his pants as he does. I walk behind him and check out his pretty ass the whole way. He walks into the kitchen and uncaps the Jack and guzzles some down. I unfasten my own jeans and shove them down off my hips. Slash grins deviously and starts walking me backwards to the dining room table. I scoot onto it and Slash kisses me deeply. He shoves my heels up to the edges of the table and then lowers his head between my legs and runs his tongue across my hole.

I throw my head back in rapture as his talented tongue teases me more, licks and swirls around my hole interspersed with open mouthed kisses up and down my crack, fuck that feels good!. After a few minutes when I’m clawing at the table and his hair and practically losing my mind (points to me on teaching him how to give rim jobs! At least I think I taught him, who knows, maybe he ate pussy this good too?) he looks up at me and licks his lips. "Get on your knees in the chair. He turns the chair around backwards with its back butted up to the table. I come down from the table and get on my knees as I hang on to the back of the table. I feel him getting my ass good and wet. Then I feel him slide two fingers in slowly, ever careful not to hurt me and I groan as starts to slide them in and out of me. When the tips of them skim over my prostate my body jerks and I hear a weird, high pitched, sound leave my mouth. Then his fingers are gone and the next thing I feel is him starting to slide his huge cock inside me. Filling me completely, it feels so fucking good to have him inside me again! Fucl I’d forgotten just how big he was and how goddamn good it feels to get fucked with that huge dick! "That's it, fuck me baby," I moan as he starts a torturous slow grind. He stops when he feels my insides start tightening around his cock. I get up and lead him into the living room. I push him down to his knees in front of the couch and bend him over it.

"I wanna see you," he says rolling onto his back and scooting to the edge of the couch. I get on my knees and slide between his parted thighs. I kiss him and slide myself into him. He let's out this gutteral, primal, animalistic, moan and clenches the skin at my hips. Fuck he’s tight, I didn’t prep him either, I just slid in! I don’t hear any complaints or painful sounds coming out of him though, but that moan, so I of course have to ask just to be sure. “You ok baby?” I ask and hope he says yes as I feel my dick twitch inside of him.

“Oh hell yeah! Fuck me Duff!” he growls and raises his knees up and I use them for leverage to thrust. He moans my name and gives all the little tell tale signs that he's enjoying himself. But I'm not done with him yet.

I lift him up on the couch and throw him across the coffee table to do him from behind he clings to the edge of the glass so tightly his knuckles turn white. He begins thrusting back into me and it wouldn't take much to make me cum. So I switch us up again by throwing him down on our plush carpet and devour his throbbing cock in my mouth again. He squirms halfway up the hallway.

" Wanna test the jacuzzi," I gleam mischievously.

Of course he's all game so we go into the bathroom. I start filling the tub and as I'm bent over I feel his tongue cross my opening again.I’m afraid if he licks me very much I’ll fucking blow so I quickly spin him around and forcefully throw him on the bathroom counter. We make out and stroke each other while we wait on the jacuzzi to fill. I’m so happy he's over the whole thing with Nikki and Tommy, well over it enough to want to have sex anyway. There was a point, especially when he was practically catatonic that I thought he'd never recover. But my Baby Boy managed to get past it. God I love him so fucking much.

Slash starts kissing me and shoving me towards the jacuzzi. I step in, careful not to let go of his lips for a second. Slash steps in as well. I start to slide down the wall slowly while manufacturing the best set of I want you eyes that I can come up with. Slash returns a similar look but I can see love in his eyes above all. But the desire and excitement that was mixed in with it all was definitely worthy of note.

And as I seat myself Slash straddles me and takes me back inside of him with his eyes rolling back in his head. “Duff,” he whimpers. I cut on the water jets and Slash gives this rapturous moan. I have to admit, those jacuzzi jets felt awesome. The water sloshed just centimeters from flowing out of the tub and onto the floor. Slash was riding me with this teasing pelvic roll thing. He's got me so close. But then he raises up off me and gives me a come hither stare as he starts for the bedroom.

He instructs me to lie down while he starts digging through drawers. I can't help but wonder what he might be up to. He produces a couple of bandannas. I can't help but smile about whatever he's up to. He slithers over me and ties one bandanna to my wrist. "I'm gonna render you powerless. Your pleasure is in my hands and I'm not giving it to you until I'm good and goddamn ready," he informs me.

Then he takes measures tie my arms above his head through the rails of our iron headboard. I fucking knew this bed was gonna be a lot of fun. After Slash binds me I wriggle and twist my wrists about, but he's got me fucking good. He again gives me that devious smirk and starts by licking every spot that drives me wild. He teases my lips with phantom kisses before moving his lips down to my chest. God I'm enjoying this.

Then he teases my throbbing cock by kissing so closely to it without actually touching it. Fuck he loves teasing me. Finally I feel the heat of his mouth take me in. I can't resist arching my back and moaning. No body gives head like my Baby Boy; I'm fisting his hair and so into it, I could cum at any second. But Slash is in control and isn't going to let me anytime soon.

And just when I think I can't take anymore he straddles me and rides me so slowly if I had the use of my hands I'd flip him over and fuck the shit out of him to my completion. But I'll play nice and let him torture me.

He looks down into my eyes, " This is the best Christmas present of all, having you at my mercy."

“Is it? Torturing me is better than the new condo I rented for you?” I tease.

He grins. “I told you earlier, you’re my best present, torturing you is just a bonus,” he hisses as he sinks down onto my cock again.

He’s so hot and tight, there’s no way I’m going to be able to stop myself from cumming. “Slash, seriously, if you keep moving I’m gonna cum, I’m right there!” I whimper.

“Mmm...then let go baby, let me make you feel good. You’ve been worrying about pleasing me; let me take care of you right now,” he says in that slow, laid back, LA drawl. He slides up and down my shaft again and throws in this little twisty grind and I fucking lose it! I grab his hips and pull him down onto my dick hard and thrust up into him. He groans and strokes himself a little as I ride out my orgasm, grinding up into him as my cock spasms and twitches inside of him. When I stop shuddering Slash slides up and off of me, coats his dick in lube, and, keeping me on my back, pushes inside of me. His huge cock hitting my prostate after I just came makes me yelp because I’m oversensitive. He grins and grinds into me, buying himself to the balls. “Oh fuck Duff!” he growls.

He fucks me slowly at first, thrusting deeply and then grinding into me each time, little satisfied moans escaping him each time our bodies met completely. For me, even though the feeling of him hitting my pleasure zone was a little uncomfortable at first the pleasure never ended. By his fourth long, deep, thrust I was moaning and curling my hips into him. My dick, which never went completely limp, quickly hardened again. When he heard me moan he quickened his pace and I felt another orgasm building in me. “Are you going to cum for me again Duffy?” he asks.

“Yeah baby, that fucking huge dick of yours always feels so fucking good!” I pant. It doesn’t take long either. Less than a minute and a half later I’m clawing at the sheets and cursing as I feel my excitement reach a fever pitch. I feel Slash swell and grow super hard inside of me and he thrusts into me hard, his cock slamming into my prostate and I lose it, tilting my head back and screaming out his name as ropes of cum coated my chest and stomach. He growls loudly above me and I feel the heat of his load inside me.
We ride each other out, our snarls becoming quiet whimpers and soft kisses. I look up at him and am suddenly overwhelmed by how much I love him. Everything feels super fucking intense since Nikki, every emotion heightened because I knew what it took for Slash to be able to give himself to me. It took an amazing amount of love and trust on his part for us to be able to get to this point and it meant so much that he felt like he could trust me enough to take him and not hurt him; after what he went through that was no small thing. I stroke his curls back out of his eyes and whisper “I love you Baby Boy, more than anything in the world.”

He smiles, his beautiful grin lighting up my heart and says “I love you too Duffy.” We lay there, wrapped up in each other, content to just lie in the other’s arms, our fingers tracing the other’s face and stroking the other’s hair, our lips exchanging soft kisses every now and then. I know we make the others want to gag when we act like this but I’m so in love I don’t care and right now there’s no one else to see us. Eventually we manage to untangle ourselves from the other and jump into our new shower. I’d had Steven drop off our new stuff at the house on his way to Slash’s mom’s this morning so we have towels and stuff already and I’d stocked the house with soap and toothpaste and that kind of stuff the night Nikki died, that’s what I’d been doing, setting up our apartment. I didn’t know that mother fucker had found a way to torment my love one last time. But he’s gone now and we’ll go on where he won’t; I won’t let him drag my sweet love down in his wake, no I’ll hold him up till he can goddamn well fly on his own again.

We dry off and I pull my Baby Boy into my arms and we lay down together in our new bed which is awesomely comfortable. We’ve slept in the back of a station wagon, cheap hotel beds, and a rickety loft in that hell hole storage unit with all of the other guys but always together, always happy in each other’s arms no matter where we were. After all of the roach infested dumps we’ve slept in it feels wonderful to be curled up together in this huge, comfortable bed in this beautiful apartment. I’m so happy I could give him something like this. I need to tell him one more thing before we give in to the comforts of our new bed. “Hey, welcome home Baby Boy, I hope that we’re going to be happy here.”

He smiles sleepily and then answers “I love the apartment Duff, thank you, it’s beautiful. I think we’ll be really happy here. I love you, you’re so good to me, and I love you for it. This bed is so comfortable, it’s like sleeping on a cloud! It feels so good to lay here with you in this wonderful fucking bed!”

I laugh at his sleep drunkenness, he’s tired and half rambling but still coherent enough to know what we’re talking about. “Yeah, I’m enjoying laying here in this wonderful fucking bed with you too baby! Good night sweet boy,” I sigh happily and kiss his forehead which is all I can reach due to the way he’s nestled into me.

“G’night Duffy,” he murmurs into my neck. I feel a soft kiss placed there where his lips are next to my skin and within less than 30 seconds his breathing is deep and even and I know he’s fallen asleep. He’s so fucking cute and he feels so warm and sweet in my arms. It’s not long before I join him in that wonderful fuzzy, happy, oblivion of sleep.

That lasts about three hours. Slash wakes me up whimpering and crying and talking in his sleep. He’s squirming around which is what actually wakes me. He twists around in my arms and I can’t tell if he’s trying to get away or get closer to me. My poor baby, he was ok during the day most of the time now but those two motherfuckers Nikki and Tommy still come for him in his dreams every night; he literally hasn’t gone through a single night without nightmares since those fuckers assaulted him. I still hate thinking or saying the word “raped,” even though that’s what happened. I rub his back and stroke his hair and whisper “It’s ok Baby Boy, you’re ok, shh.” Maybe he’ll settle and his dream will change and he won’t wake up, poor baby hasn’t slept through a night in over a month and a half and so neither have I.

He settles for a minute but then moans like he’s in pain which is followed by my name in a distressed, pleading, tone. “Duff, Duff make them stop, please, make them stop!” he wails. God how I wish I had been able to make them stop hurting him! I don’t want his mind stuck wherever it is for a second longer than it has to be so I shake him and he jerks awake. His eyes are wide and terrified and I can feel his heart pounding under my hand on his back. His hands clench my shirt tightly and he whimpers my name, nothing else, just “Duffy,” really quietly.

“Yeah Baby Boy, I’m right here, you’re ok, you were just dreaming again, don’t be scared. I’ve got you, you’re safe here in our new house with me. It’s alright, don’t be scared, calm down sweet boy,” I soothe. He buries his face in my chest and whimpers. It doesn’t matter that a few hours he was Mr. Aggressive and fucked me into oblivion; when night comes and he dreams about what happened he’s right back to being a scared, traumatized, kid. I stroke his hair and rub his back and quietly soothe him for a few minutes and gradually his heartbeat slows down and his death grip on my shirt loosens. When I feel like he can probably talk again I ask “You ok baby?”

“Yeah Duff, I’m sorry for waking you up like this every night baby. I’m sorry you keep having to deal with me crying and freaking out every night,” he whispers, his voice laden with shame.

“Oh Sweetness, don’t worry about that. I’m here for you, I don’t mind taking care of you in any way, doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, I love you. You’re my Baby Boy, and I’ll always take care of whatever you need. Something terrible happened to you and it hasn’t been that long and it’s normal to be scared and dream about it. None of it is your fault baby, and I’ll never be upset with you for how you react to it. It’s ok, whatever you’re thinking and feeling it’s ok,” I assure him and stroke his hair. Gradually he relaxes more and his breathing becomes slower and more even and he moves his face from where he’d been hiding it in my neck.. “That’s it, relax sweet boy, you’re safe. I’ve got you and you’re safe. I love you, you’re my everything, do you know that?” I ask him.

“I do know; you’re my everything too Duff and I don’t want you to get sick of me, I don’t want you to feel like I’m weak or a baby or a burden you have to carry! I’m so afraid you’ll get tired of dealing with crap like what happened tonight!” he says in a rush.

“No, baby no, I’ll never get sick of you. I don’t care if you wake me up every night from here to eternity so don’t you worry about that. I don’t want you to hide your feelings from me or try and pretend that you feel ok when you don’t; I want you to tell me how you feel. I love that you open up to me and only me; I know it’s not easy for you to talk about how you feel but that makes it even more special that you open up to me. I hope I make you feel safe enough to do that whenever you need to because you don’t ever have to worry about me judging you for anything. I’ll always love you no matter what. You’re safe with me, your heart’s safe with me, and shit, after I saw how brave you were that night and how strong you’ve been since then I could never think of you as weak.” I reassure him. “You’re my love and I absolutely fucking adore you ok!?

“I know Duff, you’re so good to me. You make me feel so safe and so loved. I’ve never loved someone the way I love you and I’ve never had anyone love me the way you love me. I’m so grateful for you, I don’t tell you enough probably but I am really, really, thankful for you. I can’t imagine my life without you, I want to spend forever with you Duff! You and nobody else!” he tells me, his beautiful brown eyes looking up into mine are tinged with sadness but also full of love and hope, and my heart fucking melts.

“I want to spend forever with you too Baby Boy,” I reply. “I love you so much, I can’t imagine spending forever with anyone but you. I’m never going to let anyone hurt you again if I can help it either. I’m sorry I left you alone that night, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you when they were hurting you, I’m so sorry baby,” I sob. I can’t help it, just thinking about it is overwhelming. I hate the thought of him being hurt and they hurt him badly in more ways than one.

I squeeze him to me and he clings to me every bit as hard as I’m clinging to him. “It’s not your fault either Duff, you didn’t do anything wrong,” he tells me and lets out a quiet sob. We hold onto each other, locked in our sorrow for a few minutes, offering each other the only comfort we have: each other’s arms and soft words. After a while we both calm down and he cups my face in his hands. “Please stop thinking it’s your fault Duffy because it wasn’t; it’s all on Nikki and Tommy. You couldn’t help what happened. I don’t blame you, please don’t blame yourself.”

“You either, you didn’t do anything to deserve what they did to you and I don’t think any less of you because of it. I know it was humiliating for you to have that happen in front of Izzy and me, but we don’t think anything other than you were incredibly brave. I’m so proud of you, you’ve done so well. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if you’d do what Izzy did and stay drunk or high all the time, and then you stopped talking and I didn’t know how long that would last, I was so afraid I would lose you, that you’d get lost in the dark inside yourself. But you didn’t, you were so strong, you fought so hard to speak, and you didn’t pull away from me, you did the complete opposite of what Axl did when Nikki attacked him. he pulled away from Izzy but you fucking clung to me, you needed me, and you let me be there for you. You didn’t push me away because I left the room and Nikki got to you, I was so afraid you’d blame me and that you’d push me away, I was so fucking scared of that Slash!” I babble, my words spilling out rapid fire and my voice rising in pitch. and I clutch him to me, holding him tight. He feels my need and fear though and grips me back just as hard. I hadn’t told him, I hadn’t really told anyone but Izzy how scared I was and then I only sort of told him, he mostly just knew how I felt. But I hadn’t told Slash until just now how afraid I’d been that he would blame me, push me away and withdraw into himself and then I’d lose him forever to an overdose. Or maybe just lose him to his own demons. It felt so good to just get it out and not hold it all inside any more.
“I was so fucking glad when you let me take care of you! I would have gone even more out of my mind with worry if you had flinched away from me or been angry at me; I wanted to hold you and take all of your pain away, I still do, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t let me help you! I probably would have had a stroke! I hope I’ve done what you needed, I hope I’ve helped. You’ve been so brave Baby Boy and so strong and you’re pulling through so well and I’m so proud of you. I, I didn’t think you’d want to make love so soon, but I’m glad you did. It means so much that you trusted me to be with you like that so soon after what happened when I know you’re still scared and vulnerable sometimes. I love you and I want you to be happy and get better and I don’t want you to feel any pressure ok? Just because we’ve done it a couple times now doesn’t automatically mean we have to. I love you and I always want you I just want you to be sure that it’s what you want to be doing. I’m sorry, I know I’m talking way too much it’s just that I saw Izzy at your mom’s and I asked how Axl and him were doing and he said good but that Axl’s still having some issues because of Nikki and it just hit me really hard how lucky I am to have you! If I had one last thing to say to Nikki besides that I’m glad he’s fucking dead is that all his efforts to break us were wasted; he just made us even stronger! I love you much Slash!”

Slash looks at me, with his eyes a little wide and says “Duff, baby, are you ok? You’re talking really fast, your heart’s racing, your mind is obviously racing, and you’re shaking. Are you gonna have a panic attack babe?” He’s right, all of those things are happening and I’d think I was having a panic attack but I’m not afraid, just kind of overwhelmed I guess.

“Yeah, I mean no, no panic attack, just intense relief I think! I just, after talking to Izzy, I started thinking about everything and I’ve been feeling this way the whole time I just never said anything. It wasn’t really important, you needed taken care of, not to worry about what I was fretting about!

He pulls me close to him again and softly strokes my hair. “Duffy, it’s ok baby, calm down. I’m glad you finally told me how you were feeling, you know everything doesn’t always have to be about me and how I feel about all of this, I know it’s been really hard for you too. Don’t hold things in until you have an anxiety attack, talk to me when you need someone to talk to about your feelings. I’m here for you too Duffy, it’s not just a one sided thing! I love you so much and I wouldn’t be here without you! If I hadn’t had you I would have died, those days when I wasn’t talking, if you hadn’t been there to distract me that’s what would have happened; I would have overdosed and killed myself. I thought about it but you were there and your love was so constant and strong that I knew I had something worth living for, somebody worth staying alive to be with. Every time I got pulled down into what felt like total darkness inside you were there with a smile, or a kiss, and always with open arms. You were my light! You held me and loved me and fed me, shit, you even bathed me! You comforted me when I’d get upset or scared, you read to me at night no matter how tired you were because you knew it kept me calmed down, you’re there every night to soothe me when I have nightmares, I couldn’t ask for any better care Duff. You’re always there to listen if I need to talk, you’ve done everything you could do to make sure I’m ok and I love you for it. If you’d done what Axl did and called up Mandi the way he called up Erin when Izzy was laying in the hospital I would have died inside, not that I think you would have done that, I’m just saying if you had it would have killed me. But you’re not like that, you’re sweet and you’re loyal and I know you love me and I love you more than I could ever tell you. But I’m here for you just as much as you’re here for me, don’t ever forget that. Don’t think that you have to care for me and only me, you need to take care of yourself and let me take care of you too.”

“I know you’re here for me too baby and I love you for it. We’re both pretty lucky to have each other,” I tell him. I think I’m about the luckiest mother fucker alive because I get to be loved by you.”

He smiles and whispers “That’s how I feel about you, lucky that I get to be loved by you because you’re amazing and I love you more every day.” He brings his lips to mine and doesn’t let go, barely even backing away to breathe. I kiss back happily and his tongue prods my lips and I willingly open my mouth for him. Our tongues dance together for a few seconds before I run mine up the middle of the roof of his mouth and he groans, just the way I knew he would. I keep teasing him, sucking on his tongue and his plush bottom lip. He groans into my mouth and I smile, moving to flip him over. He lets me and I look down into his eyes and he smiles. “I love you beautiful baby,” I purr.

“I love you too, I suggest we get naked and show each other exactly how much we love each other right now, what do you say?” he teases, his eyes shining. It’s so good to see that light in his eyes.

“ I say let’s get to it!” I quickly shimmy out of my shirt and shorts and of course he’s “Mr. Sleeps in the Buff” and is already naked. Our kisses grow deeper and more urgent and I pull back to breathe and also to see exactly what Slash wants. We’re grinding into each other and he’s under me but it doesn’t have to stay that way. I look down and raise my eyebrows, wordlessly questioning whether he wants top or bottom and he nestles a little further down in the bed and spreads his legs a little more giving me a silent surrender which again surprises me and warms my heart after Nikki. I reach over to grab the lube and soon I’m inside of him, gently sliding in and out of his wonderfully hot, tight, sweet, little body. I hold him close to me and kiss his plush lips and he slides one arm around my waist and the other hand ends up tangled in my hair. His legs are around me as well, urging me to push in deeper and I gradually work my way into him. Once I’m fully seated in him I give him a minute a adjust. I’m not superhuge like him but my dick is pretty damn decent and it works on my baby and makes him feel good and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t last a super long time, just 10 minutes or so, but it’s enough time to love my Baby Boy, and comfort him, enough time to pull an orgasm out of him that leaves him shaking and calling my name and telling me how good I feel and how much he loves me. I return his professions of love with my own, my body exploding in time with his, releasing myself deep inside of him.

When we come down we’re both breathing hard, our hands are still lovingly stroking and petting, but our eyes never look away. “I love you Duffy,” he whispers and softly kisses my cheek.

“I love you too my sweet Baby Boy,” I reply. We hold on for a few more seconds and then I pull out of him and lay down next to him on our new, fabulously soft, bed. I grab one of our wet shower towels from the floor and clean us off and then Slash curls up in my arms with his head on my chest and I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. He’s asleep again in less than a minute and there are no more nightmares. Maybe I’ll have to start giving him slow, intimate, hot sex every night before bed and those nightmares will stop. I’m allowed to live in that delusion until the next morning when the phone rings.
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