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I leave Nikki’s house in a state of disbelief and doubt and as much as I hated to admit it a twinge of regret was there too. Nikki was a strange and complicated fucker but then so was I. He said he’s setting me free but I have a hard time believing him. Anyone who had gone to the lengths he had to get to me can’t just let go no questions asked can they? I mean he’d really hurt people and almost killed both me and Axl, he tortured Slash, he and Tommy raped him repeatedly for hours which in turn emotionally gutted Duff, and let’s not forget that he got Steven to sniff Comet! He’d carved his name in my Fireball’s chest and lets not forget that he almost killed me too! I will never be able to forget the pain inside when Tommy ripped through my intestines and how Nikki laughed when I screamed! I’ll never forget the sight of Axl laying limp and bloody in my arms and how afraid I was because he wasn’t breathing! And I’ll never forget Slash’s pleas and cries for Duff and I to help him while Nikki and Tommy stole his innocence. Now the person who did all of these things wants me to forgive him?! What the actual fuck? I don’t know what to think about any of it.

Then there’s my own internal struggle about how I kind of liked being with Nikki a little. Maybe I just liked the way he treated me, catering to me and trying to please me. It had been nice to have someone care for me that way, I hadn’t had someone just try to make me happy since Slash. Axl and I had been going through a hard time and admittedly it was nice to have someone care about how I felt. But at the same time it made my skin crawl. I hated thinking about any of it because it made me so uncomfortable and guilty. Liking anything Nikki did made me feel like I was betraying everyone I cared about in the worst way. Fuck him! I need to cool down so I jump on my bike and head towards the beach, I want to drive for a while and then just sit and watch the water.

Several hours later I climb back on my bike and head towards the condo I share with Erin and Axl. The sun is starting to go down and the sky is beautiful with streaks of orange, pink, and yellow. Axl’s probably having a fit wondering where I am and worrying about me but I needed to clear my head for a while. When I get home and open the door I see Axl pacing back and forth with the phone in his hand. I don’t know who he’s talking to but he must have been trying to find me because he says “Nevermind, he just walked in,” and hangs up. He walks over to me and grabs me and hugs me hard. “Izzy god damnit where were you?! I’ve been fucking worried sick! I’ve been calling everyone we know trying to find you! I’d started to wonder if you’d jumped in the car with Duff and Slash and skipped town! Then I was worried that Nikki might have really hurt you so I had Alan go over to his house and make sure you weren’t like being held prisoner there! When you weren’t there I was afraid you had gotten into a wreck on that death trap you drive! I was just about to start calling hospitals! Where the fuck have you been baby?!” he asks.

I pull him to me and hold him tight. “Calm down Fireball, I was at the beach. I just needed to think. Nikki said he wants me to forgive him and that he’ll stop coming after me, that we’re free of him, he says he won’t come after us anymore and that he’s sorry about everything. I don’t even know what to think or if I believe him, he’s just fucked with my head so fucking bad Ax, I mean everything that happened to you and the other guys was all because of me! All of it so that he could get to me! He hurt you so that he could make me hurt Ax and I know he got into your head bad too and I’m so sorry! I feel terrible and so fucking guilty!” I tell him and then let out a choked sob.

Axl backs away a little and cups my face with his hands. “Hey, Angel, it’s not your fault, you didn’t make him do any of those things, he did it because he’s a crazy, sadistic son of a bitch! You don’t hurt people out of love Izzy and I know that sounds weird coming out of me because I feel like I’ve hurt you a lot over the years but it’s true. Nikki might think he loved you but he wanted to possess you and that’s not the same thing. Normal people don’t try and get someone to love them by hurting the people closest to their love interest! Don’t let what he did make you feel guilty Izz, you didn’t do anything wrong, Nikki did, you got that?”

“Yeah but there’s more Ax, the night you left Franklin Plaza and moved in here with Erin I went to his house and I slept with him and I’m sorry Axl!” I tell him quietly.

He just stands there and looks at me for a few seconds but then shrugs and pulls me close again. “It doesn’t matter Izz, I was a dick that night, I shouldn’t have just dropped the fact that I was moving in with Erin the way that I did, I should have talked to you about it. I mean I even asked Duff and Slash what I could do to make you happy and then I went and acted like a total dick anyway! I’m sorry too, I should have talked about our living arrangements with you, I never should have made the decision to move in with Erin without you. I’m so much happier with you here and I love you! Nobody is blaming you for what Nikki did, I don’t blame you, Stevie doesn’t blame you, Slash and Duff told you they don’t blame you, let go of that guilt and let it rest on Nikki’s shoulders where it belongs. Don’t carry it around with you anymore,” Axl soothes.

I nod and squeeze him again. “I love you Fireball,” I murmur into his hair and then kiss the top of his head. “Is there anything to eat? I’m starving!”

“Yeah, Erin made some kind of fish with lemon sauce it’s good, your plate is in the fridge,” he says and takes my hand and pulls me to the breakfast nook in the kitchen. “I’ll heat it up for you.” He sure is taking the fact that I slept with Nikki well. But maybe he does actually realize that what he did regarding moving in with Erin the way he did was hurtful and he really has been trying to make things better between us since I moved in here.
“Thanks Axl, for dinner and for not getting angry about what went down with Nikki,” I tell him.

“Don’t worry about it Angel, the past few months have been so crazy and up and down. I’m not blaming you for what went on, I was being a jerk and I basically abandoned you when we got back to LA and I’m sorry for that. But we’re here now and that’s what’s important.” He hands me my plate out of our new microwave and I wolf down the food. It’s good, lemon butter trout and long grain rice and broccoli, having Erin around is useful for some things…

“Where’s Erin?” I ask.

“Oh, she’s over at her mom’s, her sister is in town so she made dinner and then went over there. They’re coming here tomorrow just so you know and they don’t know about us so please just go along with the whole me and Erin thing, you don’t mind do you?”

I shake my head. “Nah, I don’t mind. Did you say Duff and Slash went out of town?”

“Yeah, after you stalked out Slash said something about how you’d be ok because everything happened because Nikki loved you. I thought he was blaming you so I called him a prissy little bitch and Duff jerked me up by my shirt collar and told me not to talk to him that way and that he wasn’t blaming you, he was saying that you would be safe because Nikki loved you. He was right, Slash wasn’t blaming you. Anyway, I guess after I left the room Slash kind of freaked out because he’s afraid Nikki will think that he didn’t try hard enough to save him or something and that he and Tommy will come after him again, Tommy threatened him at some point I guess saying he wanted more of him and he’s scared, I would be too. He stopped talking again for a little while I guess and Duff took him down to San Diego to just get away from LA, take him somewhere that he knows he’s safe. Nikki did a number on Slash’s head too I guess.”

“Yeah he did, he took all that was innocent in that kid and destroyed it and it’s not like he just set a match to it he blew it up with dynamite! I still have nightmares about them shoving that bottle into him, it was awful Axl and he begged for us to help him and we couldn’t! It was like the bat incident all over again! Thank god they didn’t tear him up as bad with that bottle as that guy did with the bat!” I shudder at the memory of Axl’s screams and our bloody footprints on the floor of the emergency room.

“He seems to be doing ok though, especially if he and Duff are down in San Diego laying in a hammock naked and having a fuck fest all week!” Axl points out.

“Yeah, he’s doing better than I thought he would, I was worried he’d get really strung out and od or something, especially when he stopped talking, I was really, really, worried but Duff pulled him through it. Duff is really good for him, he loves that kid more than anything. They’ll both be ok as long as they have each other,” I sigh.

“I love you more than anything my Dark Angel. I know I don’t always do a very good job of showing you but I do. You tried to take care of me after Nikki and I didn’t let you do much and I’m sorry because I know you wanted to but honestly I couldn’t have done it without you either,” Axl says quietly looking at me for a second and then looking down at the table.

“Do you mean that?” I ask him.

“Of course I mean it! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it, you know that!” he says and then suddenly he’s in my lap with his lips pressed to mine. I’m surprised for a second but I quickly relax and begin to kiss him back. The kiss quickly becomes deep and heated but we don’t move from the chair for quite a while, both of us just enjoying the feel of each other’s lips and hands that are busy petting and stroking and every now and then Axl will move a little and grind his pelvis into mine making me growl and pull his hair when my dick twitches in my pants.

Within a few minutes both of our shirts are on the floor and he’s pressed up against me, chest to chest and it feels wonderful to have him close to me this way. Eventually he pulls back and says “Izzy, bedroom, now, I’m gonna fuck you into next week!” Hell fucking yeah! We both get up and hurry into the bedroom, shedding clothes as we go. When we get to the bed he shoves me down onto it and crawls up over me and then sits straddling my thighs. “You’re just going to lay there Angel and let me ravish you, you got that?” he says.

“Shit, no argument here!” I respond and smirk up at him. I can’t resist touching his dick though, reaching out and wrapping my hand around it and stroking it lightly. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back letting out a satisfied sigh. “You look so fucking beautiful like that Fireball, I could just lay here and look at you all night darlin.”

“I hope you don’t just want to look at me because I have bigger plans than that,” he chuckles. He removes my hand and then leans down over me kissing me again. Then his kisses trail down my neck and chest, tongue swirling sinuously over my nipples, down my stomach and I jolt when I feel his tongue swipe over the head of my dick, lapping up the precum that’s been leaking out since we were making out in the dining room. “Mmm,” Axl groans, “You still taste the same even after all these years and I fucking love it!” he growls. The next thing I know he’s swallowed me whole, his mouth sinfully sliding up and down my hard cock, his hand tugging on my balls.

“Fuuuuuuck…” I moan and bring one hand up and place it on the back of his head twining my fingers through his hair. “Axl, that feels so fucking good!” His response is a hum around my cock and my hips jerk a little at the added stimulation. He sucks me for a few more minutes and then sits up and grabs the lube out of the night table drawer. I watch as he pours some over his fingers which he then uses to circle and tease my opening. “Damnit Ax, just push them in, both of them!” I growl.

“You’d tell me to hold my horses and let you take your time,” he teases, fortunately I’m not you.” He gently works his two fingers inside of me and begins stretching me open, crooking his fingers every now and then to hit my prostate sending little electric jolts of pure pleasure through my body. He soons works a third finger in and makes sure I’m good and ready for him. When those talented fingers are pulled out I let out a little groan of disappointment. “Patience darlin,” he chides me. He picks up the bottle of lube again and pours some into his palm and I watch with lust filled eyes as he strokes it over his cock and I bite my bottom lip as I enjoy the view. “Ready?” he asks.

“Hell yeah,” I answer and he lowers his body down over mine, pushing my legs a little further apart and up. He lines himself up and brings his lips down to mine as he pushes into me, filling me with one long, controlled, thrust. I moan into his mouth and curl my hips up into his as he grinds into me, completely burying himself inside of me. “Fuck that feels good baby,” I whisper.

“Yeah it does,” he groans as he starts to fuck me with long, deep, slow, thrusts. His lips start to roam, kissing my cheek, and my neck, and my ear, his teeth gently pulling on the hoop earring that I’m wearing. He moves at a leisurely pace which gradually gets faster and harder but after several minutes he says “I want you from the back, turn over!”

I scramble to comply and get onto all fours in front of him. I hear him make a small, appreciative noise and he gently smacks my ass. The next thing I feel is him pushing into me again and he starts up a quick, steady rythm but I want more, I want it harder. “Axl, fuck me harder!” I demand.

“Anything you say Angel,” he answers and he grabs my hip bones and starts giving me what I want.
It doesn’t take long to bring me to the edge of orgasm with those deep, punishing, thrusts. “Axl, I’m gonna cum, give it to me as hard as you can, please Ax!” I plead. He obliges and slams into me a few times, the pleasure mounting and then exploding out of me with a loud yell! “Fuck Axl! Holy shit!” I manage to get out as I cum harder than I have in weeks.

Behind me I hear him say “Oh fuck!” when I clamp down on him and he speeds up for a second before letting out his own roar of pleasure and I feel the heat of his spent desire deep inside of me as he cums hard, grabbing my hips in a death grip and pounding into me over and over until we’re both completely spent. He leans down and wraps on arm around me, balancing himself on the other and nuzzles into my back. “I love you my Dark Angel, he whispers.

“I love you too Fireball,” I tell him. His lips softly kiss my back and then he sits up and pulls out and I collapse down onto the bed which now needs new sheets since these now have cum all over them. He smiles down at me and I hold out my arms. He moves into them and lays down with his head on my chest. I squeeze him and softly kiss his forehead, getting in all the affection I can before he becomes a prickly little hornet again. He’s rarely cuddly and sweet like this and I want to enjoy it while I can. “That was really good, what got into you tonight?” I ask.

“I was worried about you and then I was relieved and I was thinking about how much I loved you all evening and how upset I’d be if something had happened to you so I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me, I need you Izzy, I love you so much.”

“I need you too Axe, tonight was great, we should be like this more often, I like it when you want to fuck me and I love it when you’re all cuddly like this, you should let me hold you more often.”

“Mmm, it does feel pretty nice to lay here in your arms like this,” he murmurs and nuzzles his face into my chest. We lay that way for a while and then eventually get up and shower. I change the sheets while he’s combing his hair and we climb into the clean bed and I pull him back into my arms. He doesn’t fight or squirm away for once, he just lets me hold him and we fall asleep cuddled up together. Fuck you Nikki, I think, you can’t touch this.
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