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Love Conquers Nightmares

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I doze off being cradled by Duff and a hammock in a state of pure relaxation and bliss thinking Nikki can go fuck himself. Unfortunately my subconscious still feels the fear that Nikki and his trained monkey will come for me again. I don’t know how long I”m asleep before I start to dream but another nightmare finds it’s way into sleeping brain. I’m back in Franklin Plaza and Duff is out. There’s a knock on the door and I stupidly answer it thinking it’s a fangirl because they knocked on our door about ten times a day but it’s not-it’s Tommy and NIkki. I try and shut the door quickly but Tommy puts his foot in the door jam and prevents it from closing. He and Nikki both push and they manage to force their way into the room. Like I was afraid of they’re angry that I didn’t do enough to revive Nikki and they’re out for revenge and they’ve decided to take it out on my ass. I try and fight them but there’s two of them so it’s a losing battle. I end up with my hands belted together and bent over a dresser. Tommy’s behind me greasing up his cock and telling me how bad he’s wanted to fuck me again and then I feel a searing, tearing pain as she shoves into me and I scream in agony as I feel myself tear and blood starts flowing down my thighs. Tommy and Nikki just laugh and Nikki moves in front of me, pulling my hair, and then shoving himself in my mouth and down my throat.

I jerk awake freaking the fuck out! I guess I really screamed and woke Duff up out of a dead sleep and just about gave him a heart attack! He immediately jumped about a mile, his long arms and legs swinging around in the hammock, and then he started trying to deal with my flailing limbs that were fighting off imaginary attackers which rocked our already precarious boat. Between the two of us we sort of ended up flailing around fighting off each other while swinging around in the hammock! Somehow we didn’t tip over but it probably looked funny, it sounds funny. But it wasn’t funny because I was crying and really scared, the dream was especially vivid for some reason and then I found myself sort of restrained in the hammock by Duff who was trying to pin down my arms so that I didn’t hit him but I was fighting him because in my mind I was still being attacked. Fortunately I realized fairly quickly who was with me and where I was so we didn’t end up on the floor.
“Baby Boy, calm down, it’s ok sweet boy, it’s me, it’s Duff, you’re safe, I’ve got you. I won’t let anybody hurt you, shh, it’s ok,” he soothed as I cried. “I figured your nightmares were going to get worse since we found out Nikki’s not dead. What were you dreaming sweetness?” he asks. His arms are wrapped tightly around me, cradling me to his chest in the flexible hammock.

“Nikki and Tommy, they came to our door in Franklin Plaza and I thought it was some fangirl so I opened the door and they pushed their way into the room and I tried to fight them but they tied me up and Tommy ripped me open bad and it fucking hurt Duff! It hurt so much and there was so much blood and they were just laughing!” I tell him.

I can’t stop shaking and crying and Duff squeezes me tighter. “It’s ok baby, I’m not gonna let them or anybody else hurt you ever again,” he reassures me. “I love you Baby Boy,” he whispers and kisses the top of my head.

“I love you too Duffy!” I tell him. What I don’t tell him is how I don’t trust him or anybody else to keep me safe any more. He and Izzy couldn’t stop Nikki from drugging them and me and getting me in a room alone the first time and they wouldn’t be able to if Nikki ever tried it again. Nikki was one sneaky son of a bitch and if he wanted me he’d find a way. But for now I cling to Duff; the feel of him and the way he smelled and the sound of his voice all meant love and safety to me so I tried to concentrate on that and relax but I couldn’t. I’d started to feel safe again after Nikki had disappeared from our daily lives and then when he’d died I thought I would never have to worry about his crazy ass again. I was a little worried that Tommy would come after me as revenge but he wasn’t smart or sadistic like Nikki, if he tried to get to me it would be straight out. But now that I knew Nikki wasn’t dead I was terrified that he would be angry at Steven and me, that he would think we didn’t try and save him and he would come for me purely to make my life a living hell! That was the kind of shit he did and for whatever twisted reason the fucker used rape to punish us, what kind of sick weirdo did that? Maybe it was because he knew we were gay and he didn’t like it. Or maybe he did like it and it gave him a chance to experience it without having to admit that he himself was gay. He didn’t get or he didn’t care what his violation of mine and Axl’s bodies did to us. He didn’t care that he physically hurt me, that it took almost a month for the tearing to heal. The internal bruising and shit from that bottle took even longer. He cared even less for the mental damage, he didn’t care that I felt violated in the worst way, that I couldn’t stand for anyone other than Duff to touch me, didn’t care for my nightmares, he didn’t give a shit about any of that, I was just collateral damage in his quest to get to Izzy.

Duff, who is endlessly patient with me, strokes my hair and rubs my back until I fall asleep again but the dream comes back three more times and in the end I’m so tired and frustrated that I end up sobbing into Duff’s chest while he tries to soothe me. He’s just as tired as me but he never gets angry, never snaps at me or tells me to stop being a baby, no, he just holds me and soothes me and talks to me quietly and tells me over and over that he loves me and that I’m safe. But finally it comes down to one thing: a bigger hit, one big enough to put me to sleep and keep me there, one big enough to numb my mind and Duff is not happy about the idea. “Please Duff,” I beg, “Please baby, I’m so tired and I don’t want to dream anymore, please Duffy!”

“Slash you know that I don’t like you having any extra dope! You get used to the extra so quickly and it won’t be any time until you want an extra dose every day!” he argues.

“Duff I know I can’t have it every day but I’m so tired and so are you and the nightmares won’t stop, please, make it stop Duff!” I beg him.

He sighs and shakes his head and I think he’s going to argue with me but he doesn’t; instead of continuing to tell me why he hates for me to have more dope he presses his lips to mine hard. His kiss is full of desperation and determination, like he’s going to kiss the nightmares away. He pulls back for a second and looks at me. “Sex isn’t an act of terror, it’s an act of love and damnit I’m not giving you more drugs to get rid of those nightmares, I’m gonna love you until you remember how things are supposed to be and you’re gonna be so tired from that that you don’t have the energy to dream!” Duff informs me. Works for me. I wrap my arms around him and hold on tight, kissing back just as good as I’m given. He sits up and pulls me out of the hammock and over to the bed where he kisses me down onto the mattress. His kisses move down the side of my face, up my jaw and behind my ear and I lose my fucking mind squirming underneath him as he teases the living fuck out of that spot behind my ear with his mouth and strokes my fucking cock at the same time. What starts out as a panting growl ends up with begging and keening as i claw at his back and wind my hand in his hair as he plays. “I love it when you’re totally at my mercy like this!” Duff hisses as his hand circles the head of my cock and I whimper and buck into his touch. I could cum but I hold it in because I know more is coming. Besides he’s giving me a look that clearly says he’s testing me.
“Duff!”I whimper.

“Don’t even think about it, self control is the name of the game baby,” he laughs and strokes my dick again and I buck into his hand and shake my head back and forth.

“You’re mean Duff!” I tell him.

“Mmm, making you feel so good you could cum any second, yeah, I’m real mean!” he says and suddenly turns back to tormenting the spot behind my ear all over again and I fucking keen and arch into him. Then his mouth leaves my ear and I feel his tongue swipe over the head of my dick before it’s suddenly enveloped in the warm, wet, heat of his mouth. Fuck that crazy bastard is really pushing my limits, I seriously don’t know how I’m holding off cumming and then I feel lubed up fingers push inside of me, when did he lube his fingers? They go straight to my prostate and stoke that spot and I can’t help it, his teasing is too much, his tongue is swirling around the head of my dick, his lips are sucking me and he’s fucking playing with my prostate, I don’t know what he expects! I’m not fucking superman! I can’t hold it, I let out a wail and blow my load into a suspiciously eager mouth. He moans and sucks me fucking dry and then crawls up over top of me. He looks like a satisfied cat licking his lips and smiling. “I fucking love the way you taste Baby Boy,” he says. “Now I’m gonna make love to you and make you cum again on my cock, would you like that?” All I can do is nod, I’m still recovering from the orgasm he just gave me, holy shit! He wasn’t joking about leaving me too tired to dream. He knows all of my sensitive spots and exactly how to make me cum so hard that I can’t see straight and I can tell that he’s gonna put that knowledge to good use. He looks down at me and smiles affectionately. “You ok sweet boy?” he asks.

“Yeah, just trying to catch my breath, I came so hard, I wasn’t expecting that!” I tell him.

“Mmm I couldn’t help myself, once I had a little taste of you I needed it all. Now I want to pound that tight little ass until you cum again. I want to feel your little spot swell and get hot as my cock hits it over and over until you explode and squeeze the fuck out of my dick and I blow my load inside you.”

“Well aren’t you a horny fucker!” I laugh.

“Yeah, I told you, once I tasted you it was on! You ready? I’m so hard, I’m not gonna lie, I’m so hard it almost fucking hurts, I want to fuck you so bad!” he confesses.

Hearing that he wants me that bad is a huge turn on and I grin and nod, spreading my legs for him and offering myself up. He lubes up his hard, apparently aching dick and lines himself up. He’d already stretched me out when he was sucking me so he pushes into me in one long, controlled thrust. I feel him throb inside of me and he groans and grips my hips hard. I look up into his eyes and hold his gaze as he starts to thrust. I yelp as he hits my spot because I’m oversensitive but that quickly turns into pleasure and we have an entire conversation in which he asks if I’m ok, I answer, if I want him to stop and I say no without saying a word. I watch as Duff’s eyes fill up with desire and pleasure. “Cum with me,” he whispers.

“Don’t look away,” I answer.

“I won’t baby,” he pants and he doesn’t. He looks into my eyes as he brings me to the edge of the cliff, his cock teasing that spot inside of me, pounding it and stroking it. “You’re squeezing me so tight Slash, let go and cum for me baby,” he growls and thrusts particularly hard and that’s it, I let go and my body clamps down hard on his cock and he lets out a yell and then says “Oh yeah baby!” and then just wails as I feel him explode inside of me, that rush of heat filling me as I feel his cock pulsate deep within me as mine does the same thing between our bodies, my cum slicking up both of our stomachs and chests. I grip him to me, burying my face in his neck and he burrows into my hair, both of us clinging to each other, lost in pleasure, lost in the feel of each other, in the closeness. Our bodies are pressed together, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck, close in every possible way. I feel way more than safe, I feel complete, loved, not alone. After a few seconds Duff pulls back a little and presses his lips to mine. I cup his face and kiss back. “I love you Duffy,” I whisper.

“I love you too,” he answers. After a few minutes he sits up and helps me up as well and we make our way into the beautiful glass shower and get cleaned off. The hot water feels amazing on my skin and Duff and I scrub one another off with the fruit scented soap. When we make our way back to the hammock we wrap ourselves around each other and I snuggle comfortably into Duff’s chest. He kisses the top of my head and strokes my hair. “Now maybe those dreams will stay gone,” he murmurs and they do. We both sleep for about 10 hours straight and when I wake up I feel totally and completely happy and safe and loved. Duff was right, loving those nightmares away was way better than drugging them away. We spend the next three days swimming and sunbathing and riding jet skis but only three days because it was all the resort had available because it was a last minute trip. Two days before New Year’s Eve we head back home to our new apartment but by that time I’ve managed to calm down a little about Nikki still being alive. I also know that if and when I freak out again Duff is there to love the fear right out of me.
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