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Don't Apologize

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I’m in the kitchen making lunch when the phone rings. Axl answers and then comes around the corner and hands me the receiver. “Who is it?” I ask him.

“It’s Duff, he wants to talk to you,” he answers.

I reach out and take the phone from Axl. “Hey! What’s up? How’s the new apartment?” I ask.

“The apartment is fine, what’s not fine is that Nikki was here, he came here, to our house, the very thing that Slash has been having terrible dreams about came true today when that fucker showed up at our door! He’s freaked out as hell and I’m taking him back out of here for a while, he doesn’t feel safe here now because that mother fucker came to our door, told us he was sorry, gave Slash a jacket and an extra top hat and me some pictures of Mandy with some dude so I can use them to divorce her! But I don’t give a shit about any of that! He upset Slash in our own house and I just got him calmed down enough to stop dreaming about the fucker constantly! Now I’m gonna have to start all over thanks to him! Why couldn’t he just stay dead?! Does he really think his “I’m sorry” is going to cut it?! Hell no it doesn’t cut it! I don’t think he gets what he did to any of us, he doesn’t seem to get that he fucking raped my lover! He doesn’t know that at night he wakes up screaming dreaming that Nikki’s let Tommy have at him again and he’s tearing him up! He’s so scared when he wakes up Izzy! It usually takes me a good 20 minutes to get him to calm down and just stop shaking! All I can do is hold him and love him and tell him he’s safe but how can he feel safe when the fucker showed up at his house?!”

“Whoa man! I’m so sorry he did that, how did he find you? Is the kid ok?” I ask, my voice laden with worry.

“He’s rattled as hell! I mean yeah, he’s physically fine but he was shaking like a leaf when Nikki left, he wasn’t ready for that and Forcing his way into our house and apologizing is just one more way for Nikki to get one over on him! Anyway, I need to run over to the travel agency, can you come and sit with him while I’m gone? He can’t stay alone and you make him feel safe,” I sigh.

“Yeah sure, no problem, is it alright if I brink Axl?” I ask glancing over at me and my obvious worry.

“Yeah man, that’s fine, when can you come?” he inquires.

“We’ll leave now, see you in a few minutes,” I say and hang up the phone. I turn to my Fireball who’s slightly scowling but i can tell he’s intrigued.

“What’s going on? Why are we going over to their house? Are we Slash sitting? He seemed fine to me the other day what’s wrong w…”

But I cut him off. “Nikki showed up at their house, said he wanted to apologize. I guess it’s almost what Slash has been having nightmares about and he’s freaked as hell about it. Duff said they’re skipping town again, kid doesn’t feel safe right now for obvious reasons. Duff’s pissed because he just got Slash’s nightmares kind of calmed down. I’d be pissed too if that fucker waltzed up in here and tried to say ‘Sorry and here’s a present to go with that!’ Oh hell no would I put up with that either! Duff is most likely also going to go out and find Nikki and seek some revenge which I can’t blame him for, he did just violate their space you know?”

“That motherfucker just never stops does he?” Axl asks shaking his head. “Let’s go, are we taking your suicide rocket?”

“Hell yeah we are! You can hop on the back and cling to me! Be my bitch!” I teased, This got me a glare and some grumbling but he put on his leather jacket and helmet and got on the bike behind me. We sped over to Duff and Slash’s apartment and arrived just over 15 minutes later. The doorman phoned up saying we were here (how did Nikki avoid the doorman?) and we went up. Duff answers the door and we step into their new place for the first time. It’s really nice, leopard print sofas and all! “Hey man, nice place!” I say to Duff as we come in.

“Thanks! We like it, well, we might if we could ever stay here for more than a day at a time. Thanks for coming to sit with him, I can’t leave him alone after that bastard showed up here today.” he growls.

“Yeah that’s pretty fucked up!” Axl chimes in. “Where’s the kid?”

“He’s watching TV in the living room,” Duff says leading us in.

We find Slash sitting on the couch in a tense little ball nibbling on his nails. “Hey kiddo!” I say and reach out and put my hand on his arm. He jumps about a mile and flinches. “Whoa, it’s just me,” I protest quietly.

“Sorry, I’m just jumpy because Nikki was here earlier. He was in our fucking house!” he says, disbelief still in his voice.

“Yeah we know, that’s why we’re going to stay here with you while Duff goes and does that interview with the guys from Fender who might want to sponsor him. He didn’t want you to be alone,” I tell Slash quietly. What I don’t tell him is that Duff has gone to hunt Nikki down. “How are you doing though? Are your nightmares getting any better?”

He looks down and away, ashamed. “No, they got bad again when we found out Nikki was alive. Duff’s trying so hard to make them stop but they’re still here. I feel terrible about waking him up screaming like a bitch every night,” he says quietly.

“That’s not what he thinks about you and you know it! He loves you and he’d do anything to make sure you feel safe and happy including waking up with you every night for the rest of your lives! I’m not saying that will happen, it won’t, the nightmares will fade kid, but he would do it without hesitating,” I tell him.

“You really think the nightmares will go away?” he asks hopefully.

“I swear to you they will go away;it takes time but they do stop, or at least don’t come nearly as often,” Axl reassures him. The kid just nods and goes back to biting his nails.

“It’ll all be fine kiddo,” I soothe. God I”d love to just scoop him up and carry him away from the land of Nikki and his cronies but that’s Duff’s job and he’s out making arrangements for that very thing. Besides, he and Duff are like over the moon happy right now more or less minus everything involving Nikki; I wouldn’t take that from them, not again. I look over and see Axl watching me: the look in his eyes very clearly says he’s not sure about me trying to comfort Slash. He must decide it’s ok though bc he just goes with it.

We sit with Slash for about three hours and then head home on my bike. But before we leave I promise Axl that Nikki won’t get anywhere near him. I’m not sure he believes me though because really, have I ever been able to keep any of the guys safe from Nikki? I didn’t trust that Nikki’s remorse was genuine and even if it was it came with a price; the trauma and fear that came with seeing him again. That mother fucker couldn’t come anywhere near us without causing drama. Poor Slash just had his nightmares come to life right in front of him! He was fucking terrified by the sight of Nikki! Scared enough to make him turn into a whimpering little ball of curls. That fucker Nikki had better not show up over at my place trying to apooigize to my Fireball or there will be hell to pay
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