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Our Little Secret

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One word: BLACKMAIL.

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ohhhhhhh crap! My confession that I love Julius...on Ursula's hands! NO, this isn't happening! I quickly ran up to her, and tried to tackle her to grab that darn recorder- failed. She dodged me just in time, as she held her hand up high so I couldn't reach it. I moaned in fustration.

"Ursula, please!" I begged. "Don't do this!"

"Why not? It's fun," she said shrugging.

I let out a growl of anger. "You're heartless!"

"Me? Heartless?" She said, being sarcastic and pointing at herself. "Why, at least I can get my feelings out! You should be thanking me!"

"Ursula, please!" I begged again.

She laughed. "How does it be you're nothing but dirt...this is always how I feel because of you!"

My eyes got big and I gasped. She's jealous of me? "Ursula, let's talk about this..."

"NO!" she screamed, introrupting me. "It's revenge."

"Ursula," I moaned. "Let's talk about this,"

I sounded like a parot, repeating myself, but I didn't care. The more I delayed, the better. I gave another attempt to grab the tape recorder, but she had the advanetage- she was wearing high heels and his taller then me. She only lifted up her arm again. I felt like a little kid, trying to get the tape recorder. It was useless. I couldn't get it. Then I thought for a sec.

"Won't you want me to suffer more by making me a bet?" I asked her.

I was stupid. I admit that. But hell, what else am I going to do? I had to give a little to get a little, right?

She put a hand under her chin, as if she was thinking about a life-changing experience. Then she smirked. I didn't like the look of it.

"Tell you what," she told me. "I'll give you 24 hours. Right now it is midnight. Tomorrow, at midnight, you must get Julius to say "I love you.""

My heart gave a thump anytime I heard the name "Julius." But this time, it was different. I could swear my heart was going to fall right out of me. It sounded like Cinderella to me...I mean, come on...only things like this happens in the movies. Julius doesn't feel the same way- I know he doesn't.

"That's not fair! What if he doesn't feel the same way?" I moaned.

She shrugged. "Let's find out. You'll put a tape recorder in your pocket, and you must keep it on when you're talking with or by Julius. If you get him to say those three little words in 24 hours, I'll give you the tape."

I blushed. "Errr...and if I don't?"

She gave a gross, discusting smirk. "Then this baby goes onto the intercom of the school academy."

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" I practicly screamed.

"Try me," she said.

Wait...this is Ursula we're talking about. Ursula. She'd do something this mean. This is a suckers deal, but hey, I have no choice. I had to get Julius to say those words before 24 hours. If I only have to get Julius to say "I love you..." I'll just tell him that Ursula's black mailing me, without telling him about me "loving him" thing, he'll say it and I'll have it on my tape! Perfect!

"Oh, one more thing." She said. "You can't tell Julius about tonight...any part of it. Or, like I said, this goes on the academy intercom."

CRAP. Plans spoiled. It was as if my dreams fell right before my eyes. Ursula laughed.

"This is blackmail!" I cried out.

She shrugged. "Maybe it is. But if you want this to be our little secret, you gotta do it."

"God, kill me now!" I screamed to the roof.

A purple vase fell from my bookself at the moment I said those words. I gasped, quickly dodged it, just missing my head. The vase crashed on the floor.

"Or maybe not," I muttered under my breath. "Never mind, I want to live."

Ursula laughed at my discomfort. She was acting if she was named queen of the world. (a/n: Holy crap, I'm using lots of similes, huh? lol)

She raised an eyebrow. "Do we have a deal, or do you have to make me do something dramatic?"

"...we have a deal," I surrendered.

Ursula clapped her hands. "Awesome!"

She took the tape that had my confession of my feelings for Julius out of the tape recorder, and into her pocket. From her other pocket, she put a fresh, empty tape in. She gave it to me.

"Keep it. Get some rest, then, tomorrow morning, it starts. Remember, he must say it on tape in order for you to get the tape back." She reminded me. "And no telling him."

I growled in fustration as she lett. Oh, no, what the hell did I get myself into? I slowly got myself ready for bed. I then tucked myself into bed, under my covers. I was shaking with fear.

Why was I scared of telling Julius my feelings? I mean, he's been my best friend since kindergaurden at the academy. We were raised together, no secrets...but this one. Maybe I was scared to tell him because I was worried about our friendship. Maybe I thought it would distract us from missions. No, those weren't it. My heart told me- I was scared of rejection.

Being physically and emmotionally exhaused, I fell asleep, wishing tomorrow will never come.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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