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She's Ready

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The plan is coming into effect.

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I woke up a few hours later still in Patrick's arms. He was breathing deeply and smiling in his sleep. I tried to glance at the clock without waking him up. It said 12:28. I knew Pete would wonder where I was so I tried to get up. Lucky me, Patrick was a heavy sleeper and didn't notice me at all. I felt smelly and gross as I stepped into the hall, why not a shower? So I got a shower and quickly dressed. I tied my hair into pigtails and looked at myself in the mirror. Everything was the same, same grey-green eyes, same pale skin, and same semi-short red hair. Same Alex in every way, then why did I fell so different?
I went into the kitchen and saw Pete staring at me from behind the island.
"What?" I asked getting a mug out of the cupboard and making some tea.
"You're ready." He stated flatly causing me to drop my mug and spin around to look at him in disbelief.
"WHAT!" I questioned louder.
"You are." He smiled, letting his canines peek out.
"How?" Nervousness started to overcome me.
"Look at you; you're stronger, smarter, and happier." He explained "Why not go find Beckett and give him what he deserves."
"But where exactly is he?" I spat "I'm not gonna go out and look for someone who hasn't shown his face in over a month!"
"You just need to know where to look." He grinned.
"Why do I have to do this now?"
"Because I'm sick of waiting for you to say you're ready."
"So you're making me."
"You are ready." He grabbed my shoulders and shaking them lightly. "I'm just giving you that much needed push over the edge."
"I don't know."
"Come on, girl!" He groaned "You know direct hits, how to listen instead of hear, and you know how to defend yourself."
"But-!" I interrupted.
"There are a lot of people out there waiting for you to help." He sighed "Aren't you being a little selfish hiding like this?"
I stopped and looked away. He was right, but I still didn't think I was ready.
"Think about all the people that you owe." He continued. "Think about the other Statics, and the vampires that want to help."
We were silent for a few minutes until he said something that finished the deal.
"Think about Patrick."
I looked up at him and sighed, I still didn't think I was ready but he was right. I smirked; something inside me kicked in and wanted me to do this.
"I'm ready." I nodded, my voice determined and strong.
"Thata girl." He smiled coming out from behind the counter and standing over me. "But we're gonna need help."
"From who?" I asked.
"Do you remember the people at the hotel you and Travis went to?"
I nodded unsure of what he meant.
"They're renegade Statics."
"All of them?"
"Even some of the vampires are Statics."
"They're going to help?"
"I called them here a few hours ago, they should be here soon."
With that a loud, steady knock sounded at the door. Pete opened it and about ten people streamed in. They looked at me and smiled.
"You all know why you were called here, so that needs no explaining."
"What does need explaining is what you are to do." He looked over at me. I stepped forward and blushed.
"You guys are here to help me get ready for my face-off with Beckett."
"I only need Greta with her for now." He said turning "The others I want to follow me."
Greta nodded and got to work. She looked me up and down. Her face was friendly but her eyes shot needles through me.
"What are you supposed to do?" I asked quietly.
"I'm supposed to get your outfit ready for the big day."
"Oh." I said.
"Where are your clothes?" She asked looking up.
I showed her my room and she began looking through my dresser. I felt a little violated but she apparently knew what she was talking about. She pulled out a few corsets and set them on the bed. Then she got out a lot of random articles of clothing.
"Okay, what looks different about these two things?" She asked holding up two identical corsets.
"Nothing?" I guessed and she shook her head.
"This one is actually a bullet proof vest." She said holding up the one in her right hand.
"Really?" I grabbed it and felt the material, it was stiff and thick.
"Pete made sure most of your clothes were bullet proof or soaked in holy water."
"Why holy water?"
"Vampires can't touch anything soaked in holy water."
"That's why all the doors are covered in water."
"You're very important to him." She stopped "To all of us."
"I just don't know how I'm important."
"Remember the little speech he gave you before?"
"If I die, the world dies."
"The very one." She sighed "It's true, all the people that are counting on you would give up hope on everything that is good."
"Without me, the world becomes unbalanced."
She nodded in agreement. "Do you understand now?"
"I do now." I said. "But-."
"No more questions, we need to get you ready."
She got out a pair of pants and other shirts. She told me to get dressed in whatever felt right, except I had to wear jeans and a corset.
"Did you every wonder how all the guys always have weapons on them but you can't see them?"
"That did always make me wonder."
"I'll use Andy as an example." She said and called him in. "Do you see any weapons?"
"No." I said flatly looking straight at him.
"Andy, show us your weapons." She ordered. He pulled a small hand gun from behind his back.
"A gun isn't always the best defense, how about a knife?" She continued, like it was a fashion show.
He pulled a knife out from his belt and held the gleaming tip out. The only thing you could notice was his trusty sword.
"Now, you should bring a gun filled with holy water filled bullets and a knife of some kind." She said holding a gun out to me. "Remember to say a prayer after you shoot."
I took it and swallowed the lump in my throat, this was a big deal. I had never held a gun before, let alone shoot one. I put the gun in the holster she tied around my waist, so that it was in the back and no one could see it.
"I suggest you wear pants, you'll be running and there's more of a chance you'll be caught if you wear a skirt."
I nodded and looked at he clothes on my bed. A mess of bullet proof corsets, skinny jeans, t-shirts, and other random accessories that for all I knew could have actually been weapons.
"I'll let you get ready." She breezed past me out the door, followed by Andy who gave me a reassuring nod.
I sighed and looked at the clothes, for some reason I felt like a kid in a candy store. I tried on about five different outfits until I found the perfect one, a t-shirt with the corset over it, skinny jeans, my now trusty army green and pink Converses, and several bracelets I found to have sharp edges. I found a scarf that I wrapped around my leg and hid a pocket knife there for safe keeping. I also hid a gun and another knife behind me in the holster hidden under the shirt. I tied my hair back and put on heavy make-up.
I looked in the mirror and smirked. It wasn't me looking back. That Alex left and she wasn't coming back.
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