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I'm the Worst Liar, I Know

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Being a coward isn't against the law, right?

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I came out and smirked at the gawking of Greta, Andy, Pete, Patrick, Joe, and the other random people I really didn't know.
"What?" I asked turning slowly. "Haven't you ever seen me heavily armed?"
They shook their heads slowly. Pete was the first to say anything.
"So, do you think you're ready now?"
"More than ready."
"Okay, here's what we found out." Travis said popping out of nowhere. I instantly squealed and hugged him.
"Travis! Where did you come from?"
"I heard some one I care about is in need of some help."
"Okay." I said quietly glancing over at Patrick who was glaring at Travis, shit.
"Thanks for coming Travis." Pete said clearing his throat. "We really need you."
"Sure thing." He said nodding.
"Let's go, it's now or never." I sighed getting up and feeling like I was walking to my execution.
We all piled in Joes' car and set off. Patrick, Andy, Greta, Travis, and I miraculously fit in the back. My hands were shaking and I was completely pale. Patrick grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly. It felt oddly familiar. We drove same streets and stopped at the same stops. We slowly pulled to a stop and everyone got out.
The street was deserted, like everyone knew what was going to happen. I looked around, they were coming. I could feel it. Fog rolled over the street and disappear quickly. I shivered; it was a dead giveaway that they were near. Andy went to the back of the car and opened the trunk. He pulled out several different weapons and handed them off so everyone was at least armed with one gun. Last he pulled out the trusty net guns, swords, and stakes. He gave me my mother's sword and another gun, The Samaritan. The Samaritan had a barrel about two inches thick and bullets that could probably take down a fully grown bull. The bullets also had a special kick to them; they were filled with holy water. My hands shook as I held it. I felt so powerful and so helpless at the same time.
"Don't be afraid." Patrick said from behind me. "You'll know what to do when the time is right."
I nodded unsure if I should believe him. But hey, who could I believe in my life? I said a prayer over the gun and hid it behind my back, along with the other gun and knifes. I was ready for whatever came my way, even if I didn't feel I was.
Out in the distance I could just make out the sound of a several feet shuffling. I could tell Pete and the other vampires could hear it too. They lifted their heads and got into an attack formation, putting me in front. They came up slowly, there weren't many of them. There were twenty of us for ever Dandy. Beckett was in front, followed by Brendon and others that didn't mean a thing to me. The Statics got ready, placing their feet as if they were about to run for their lives, oh that's reassuring. I held my breathe, for some reason this all seemed familiar, like I witnessed all of this before.
Beckett slowly took off his glove and held it out. The other Dandies leaned forward like they couldn't wait for him to drop it. My instinct kicked in and I reached behind my back and pulled out a knife. I flicked the blade and threw it. It caught the glove and went into the groin of another Dandy. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Beckett rolled his eyes and smirked, almost like he enjoyed me trying to take down his men.
He nodded to the others and they ran for us but avoided me. Patrick took three out with the net gun. Andy got to work using his sword to rip though several at a time. I really don't know what happened to Joe or Pete because Beckett started toward me.
No, I wouldn't let him get to me this easily. I need to get out of there for a while, if the other Dandies saw their leader in trouble they would drop everything and help him.
Where to hide? I glanced around quickly and saw an abandoned house, perfect. I ran and got in the door. I let out a sigh and knelt down to the floor. He was right I was a coward, hiding from what I need to do. No, I wasn't a coward; I was just biding my time until the guys took out some of the Dandies.
So I hid, like a coward for a few minutes until someone opened the door. It was Pete; he looked pale like he had seen a ghost. I got up and helped him sit down.
"Pete, look at me." I ordered. "What's wrong?"
"They got us, al lot of us." His voice was quivering.
"Who?' I thought. "Where are the others?"
"Out there, you have to take down Beckett." He explained "If he's dead they won't know what to do."
I nodded and got up; this was it, no hiding, no excuses. I was going to fight the person I was born to fight.
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