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You May Have Won The Battle, But the War Just Started

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It' over...or is it?

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The streets were filled with bodies, Statics and Dandies. I ignored them and kept waling, keeping my eyes open for any sign of Beckett. I could see Andy kicking ass and taking names, along with Joe and Patrick. I tripped on someone and they groaned in pain. I looked down and gasped, it was Travis.
"Shit." I got down next to him and took his hand. "Travis, can you hear me?"
He groaned but didn't say anything. I looked up to make sure no one was around and continued talking to him.
"Travis, stay with me." I said patting the sides of his face.
This time he opened his eyes and looked up at me. I sighed at least he was still alive, but I knew it wouldn't last.
"Alex, I'm glad for the time we spent together." He chocked out, I felt tears prick at my eyes.
"Don't leave, Travis." My voice cracked. I couldn't lose him, he meant too much to me.
"Be good." He whispered, smiling.
"No." I sobbed.
"You mean a lot to this world." His pulled in a slow breath
"Travis, snap out of it!" I ordered.
"Goodbye." He said quietly. His hand went limp and fell out of my hand.
I wiped my eyes and got up, Beckett was going to pay. I got my sword from its sheath and stormed where my feet told me to go. Left, right, down the alley, up the fire escape. Would he really be that stupid as to be on the roof of a building, somehow I felt he would be.
Go figure, he was. I stormed up to him and stabbed him awkwardly with the sword. He fell beck but didn't fall to the ground. I saw the blood that sprinkled to the ground, and got an idea as to how to win.
But before I could get in another hit he grabbed my neck and lifted me over the ledge. I struggled and he almost lost his grip.
"Why don't you just kill me?" I asked.
"Cause I like to see me pray squirm before I kill them." He sneered tightening his grip on my neck causing me to choke.
"Think about all that you could do to me other than giving me a quick death."
"Like what?" God he was stupid.
"Anything." I said, trying to be seductive.
He let me down and I kicked him in the crotch. That time he did fall and I stood over him.
"Never trust a girl, they're very dangerous." I smirked. "I could kill you now, but I like to see the people who I hate squirm."
I stepped back and felt for the Samaritan. It wasn't there. Beckett laughed and got up.
"Looking for this?" He asked holding the Samaritan.
"You dirty bastard!" I yelled at him lunging for it. He held it up over my head and hit me in the back of the head causing me to fell. He shot the gun and it went through my waist. I felt blood come to my mouth.
"You're worthless." He spat dropping the gun. When I didn't move I heard him shift to see me better. "That's right, lay there."
I moved my head and looked at him.
"You might as well shoot me." I whispered.
"You just want me to." He said quietly, the blood from his wound spread to his entire shirt.
I didn't say anything as I felt my blood spread over my clothes. He kicked me making me roll over. My hand went behind my back and felt one of the knives Andy made me take. Instinct took over and I silently pulled it out of my belt. He leaned over me and stared into my eyes.
"I don't want to kill you." He said slowly. "I have to."
"Not this time." I said quickly getting the knife and stabbing him in the neck.
He backed up while I got up and pulled another gun from behind me. Thank-you so much Andy. I held it in front of me and aimed at him. He touched his neck and felt the warm blood trickle down onto his chest and clothes.
"The main artery, severe blood loss." I said flatly, my hands shaking as I held the gun and looked at the first person I was going to kill.
"You'll be dead in about a minute, no matter how hard you try to stop the bleeding." I continued.
He let out a breath and looked down. He fell forward and lay there, he was dead.
I sighed and dropped the gun. It was over sooner than I thought it would be. I kicked him to make sure he was dead. He rolled over limply, yep he was dead.
I grabbed the Samaritan and my sword and quickly left the roof. It was too easy. Somehow I knew Beckett would have put up more of a fight.
When I got back down I found the street completely empty. No bodies, no weapons, nothing.
The car was still there so at least knew Joe was still there. Maybe they were all waiting for me in the abandoned house. I was giving myself false hope. I knew they weren't there, for all I knew they were arrested.
I went to the house anyway. I had nowhere else to go. I forced the door and sat down in a chair. I heard shuffling, maybe I was wrong. Pete came out of the shadows and sat down next to me.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"He's dead." He said flatly.
"Yes." I nodded "I saw him die."
"And Beckett." He added, I nodded again and looked away.
"Where are the others?"
"Taking care of the bodies, it will be light out in a few hours."
"Killing Beckett was too easy." I said quietly, feeling out of place.
"Sometimes your worst enemies are the easiest to kill." He commented. The door opened and Patrick, Joe, and Andy entered.
"It's over, all of it." Joe sighed. "Let's get out of here."
We all got in the car and left for the bunker. Something struck me as odd; Patrick told me if Beckett was dead all that he had turned would go back to normal. If what he said was true, Pete would have gone back to normal. That meant one of three things, either Pete wasn't turned by Beckett or Beckett wasn't really dead...or that wasn't really Beckett who I killed.
"Joe, stop!" I cried out, he hit the brakes and sped out of control.
"What the fuck was that for?" He yelled once he gained control.
"Something isn't right." I said; Pete looked around nervously.
"What do you mean?" Andy asked.
"Either Pete didn't tell you something or I made a huge mistake."
They all looked from me to Pete then back to me.
"Explain." Joe ordered.
"Patrick said to me if I killed Beckett everything he turned would go back to normal." I swallowed. "Wasn't Pete turned by Beckett?"
Pete threw the door open and started running. I opened my door and started running after him. Over the past few months I had strengthened my muscles so much that I could keep up with him. When he was within reach I jumped on top of him and held him down until the others caught up with us.
"What didn't you tell me Wentz?" I questioned, as he struggled to get out from under me.
"I told you everything!" He shouted. "Beckett must have paid someone to take his place."
"Liar!" I grabbed his neck.
"No, he did it to Pete one time." Patrick said pulling me off of him.
"But, that makes no sense."
"Beckett may look stupid." Andy sighed. "But he's extremely smart."
"So what now?" I asked quietly.
"Most of the Statics were killed, so there's no point in ruling anything." Joe said from behind me.
"I could just help you guys look for an escape from Beckett." I nodded.
"Or you could go and live a normal life away from us." Pete smiled.
"You guys are my life, and besides where else can I go?" I smirked grabbing Patrick's hand.
"So it's settled." Andy declared. "You're coming home with us to live out your days."
"Come on guys," I sighed. "Let's go home."

The End
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