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You Can't Take My Home

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Nikki visits Slash and duff

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I was so freaked out to answer our door and find Nikki standing on our doorstep! Nikki with no makeup and hair that wasn’t teased up a mile high. Nikki who wedged his foot and wouldn’t let me close my door just like in my dreams! Thank God Duff was here or I would have had a heart attack right on the spot; it was like my nightmare come to life! Then the bastard says they’re here to apologize? Yeah right! I didn’t want to let him in but Duff insisted for some reason; but he was quick to hold me though and let me know that he loved me and that I was safe with him so it wasn’t quite as terrifying as my nightmares but pretty close. When he gave me that hat and jacket I didn’t really know what to say I mean it was a nice gesture but it in no way, shape, or form makes up for the fact that he fucking raped me! I can’t forgive him for that: how do you forgive someone for fucking you against your will while your lover and former lover watch? You just don’t! When he went to hand them to me I practically crawled into Duff’s lap! Duff squeezed me tightly to let me know that he was there and I was safe unless Nikki was strapped which I doubted honestly.

I was totally surprised he gave Duff those photos of Mandi and some other dude which gave him grounds for divorce. I really wasn’t expecting that! Maybe he is sincere but it doesn’t matter to me; I’m just fucking terrified that he knows where I live and got past the doorman! When he’s gone Duff wraps his arms around me and holds me close and gives me a soft kiss. “He’s gone Baby Boy, he’s gone and locked out and he won’t get to you ok? I promise.” Duff soothes while rubbing up and down my back.

“I know, but why did he have to come here?! It’s our house for fuck’s sake! It’s exactly what I dream about every night come to life!” I tell him, my voice quivering.

“I know sweetness, I know. But he’s gone away so don’t worry baby. You’re shaking like a leaf, you really are scared!” he says and squeezes me tighter. “I’m so sorry he came here and scared you like that Baby Boy!”

“Will you hold me for a few minutes? I know you need to get ready for your meeting with Fender but just for a minute?” I beg him.

“Sure sweetness,” he agrees and pulls me into his lap so that I’m straddling him and I bury my face in his neck and he soothingly rubs my back and strokes my hair. After a few minutes I stop shaking and my heart slows down. I pull back and look at Duff who asks me if I’m ok. “Yeah, I’m better, thanks Duffy,” I reply.

“No problem Sweet Boy, that’s what I’m here for- to love on you!” he tells me and then plants soft kisses all around my face stopping with a long, sweet, deep, kiss on my lips. “I love you so much sweet baby,” he tells me.

“I love you too. I’m ok now, go get ready for your interview,” I encourage him.

“Ok, I’m gonna call Izzy and get him to come sit with you ok? I’m not gonna leave you here alone, it worries me too much. I just nod at him and curl up in a ball on the couch. Izzy and Axl show up about 45 minutes later and we hang out for a few hours while Duff is out. They reassure me that the nightmares will go away after a while and Izzy promises that he’ll make sure Nikki doesn’t come near me again. Not sure how he’ll stop him but whatever. When Duff comes home Izzy and Axl leave and Duff locks the door and then turns around and sweeps me up into his arms and kisses me longingly. “Miss me or something?” I ask when he pulls away for a breath.

He grins and says “Of course I missed you, I was watching video footage of some of our shows with the guys from Fender and you looked so hot; all I wanted to do was come home and take you straight to bed and love you for a couple hours. What do you think?’” he asks.

I smile back at him and say “I think that sounds great!” I reply.

So he takes me to bed and slowly undresses me and himself and kisses me back down onto the bed, His lips move down over my cheek and jaw to behind my ear which he teases but then he moves down my neck and chest and then runs his tongue up the back of my cock in a wide, firm, lick. He laps up the precum oozing out of the tip and groans. “Fuck I love the way you taste Baby Boy!” he growls. I just moan in response as his mouth slides down over my cock; taking me deep into his throat.

My fingers tangle in his hair as he sucks my dick; fuck that feels good! I let him suck me for a while and then decide I want to taste him too; it’s been a few days since I’ve had him in my mouth. “Baby stand up, I want to suck you too!” I tell him. He does what I ask and I wrap my hand around his shaft and lick the precum off of the head of his dick. Mmm I love the way he tastes too! I groan and run my tongue around the head and prod the slit with it.. He groans and he gently fists my hair. I suck him for a while and tug his balls with my hand and he moans when I gently massage them and let the head of his cock slide into my throat, something I haven’t done since Nikki and Tommy...I don’t gag though so I take him further in and he out and out moans when my throat constricts around his cock. “Fuck Baby Boy!” he hisses and fists my curls. After a few minutes he stops me. “Hey, it’s starting to feel too good, you gotta stop or I won’t make it! I want to be inside you, are you ready?” he asks. I nod.

“How do you want me?” I ask him.

“On your back so I can see your face,” he replies. I lay back and spread my legs and he laughs at my display.

“What, you don’t like my junk all laid out for you to look at?” I tease.

“I love it, looks pretty fucking good to me!” he answers while greasing up his fingers with lube. He circles my hole with his middle finger and then gently pushes it inside me. When it doesn’t hurt me he adds a second one and starts to stretch me out. He crooks his fingers and strokes my prostate and my body jerks and I let out a little cry of pleasure. He smiles and continues to tease me and within a few minutes he has me squirming and writhing around on the bed beneath him. “You ready?” he asks.

“Damn straight, I want you so bad!” I tell him. He sits up and slicks up his cock and then lines himself up with me and slowly pushes inside of me. I groan loudly and so does he. “Damnit Duffy you feel good!” I tell him.

“Mmm, so do you Baby Boy, so fucking tight and hot!” he growls as he rocks slowly into me giving me a chance to adjust. His lips meet mine and he groans in pleasure again. His slow, deep thrusts run right over my prostate causing me to jump and moan right along with Duff. He feels so fucking amazing that all thoughts of Nikki showing up at my door go right out the window.

We quickly develop a rhythm and our bodies begin to move together. The pleasure builds quickly and soon my dick is twitching and jerking on my belly. “Baby I’m going to cum,” I pant as my hips snap up to meet his thrusts.

“Me too, but I want to watch you get off! Cum for me baby!,” he begs.

“Then keep doing exactly what you’re doing!” I hiss.

“Not a problem,” he replies as his dick hits my sweet spot again.

After a few more direct hits to my prostate I lose it and let myself fall over the cliff into absolute pleasure and my body contracts hard around Duff’s cock and I blow my load onto both of our stomachs and chests and it isn’t long before Duff pushes into me hard and lets out an ecstatic cry and I feel the warmth of his load deep inside me. He thrusts a few more times and then looks down and kisses me deeply. “Mmm I love you so much Baby Boy,” he murmurs through several more kisses.

“I love you too,” I answer. After several more minutes of kissing and cuddling we get up and make out way into our amazing new shower and get cleaned up and then make our way back to our bed where we quickly fall asleep. Fuck you Nikki you don’t’ get to ruin home for me.
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