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Sex In The Ocean

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Sluff vacation

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I have big plans for New Years Eve. I know that Slash found out about his Christmas Present from Stevie's fat mouth. Well Slash has no clue about this one. I've told no one! He's gonna shit his fucking pants. I'm taking him to a fucking all inclusive resort in Mexico. Like blue fucking waters, hot air, sunshine, and drinks with umbrellas Mexico. I've wanted to fuck him in the ocean since seeing Axl and Izzy going at it that time. I've got the fucking money to take him somewhere far away and beautiful, so I'm doing it. The other times were great, but this place was going to top anywhere we've ever been. You just don't get to see a whole lot when you're touring. Everything is from a bus window. So I want to do this shit at our own pace. We're gonna drive. I figure it'll take us two days. I'm just gonna follow the coastline down. It'll be beautiful from a convertible Corvette. And we can stop wherever the fuck we want. We can eat wherever we want. It's gonna be fucking awesome.

So I pack the car the night before while Slash is sleeping. The sex must have been good because there's no nightmares. I'm telling him that we're just gonna go for a drive and see where it takes us. I imagine when we hit the Mexican border that his little curiosity meter is gonna peak, but I'm not telling him SHIT! I'll just drive with a big smile on my face. Other previsions had to be thought of as well. Booze, obviously no problem. We buy some when we get in Mexico. Drugs, easy, I learned a lot about that on tour. I'm gonna add smuggling to my list of criminal activities. All I have to do is shove it up my ass. Getting into Mexico is easy, they don't even have drug dogs. But getting back into American is much more thorough. We can't have anything on us then. But we can just dump the shit and get more when we get to LA. We'll live a few hours without it.

I don't wait around for Slash to wake up on his own. As soon as the sun is up I'm waking him up and excited to get going. He's not at all excited to be waking up at dawn. "No! I don't want to get up. Just let me sleep Duff!"

"But I have a surprise for you?"

Slash rubs his eyes and cracks one open, "Surprise?"

I can't help but laugh at how quickly his mood changes. Now he's waking up. "Yes, but it's not here Baby Boy," I shrug.

"Well where is it?" He asks reclining up on his elbows. I love the child in him that loves to be adventurous, that loves presents, surprises, jokes, and playing around.

"Uh, it's...In the car." I say.

"The car?" Slash rips the sheets back and starts to jump up.

"No, wait."

"Why?" He shrugged at me.

"You need to get dressed. We do have neighbors and all."

"Oh yeah," he smiles and quickly looks for his clothes.

I watch him race around the room tearing open drawers and running back and forth to the closet. "I don't know where shit is," he chuckles looking harder, "Ah!" He says pulling out a black T-shirt that says 'suck me'. Perfect. Then he comes across leather pants. I lick my lips as I watch him pull them up over his round little ass. God he's hot, I"m a lucky son of a bitch! Then he pulls on some boots. Then he darts from the room and I hear him go out the door. I grab keys, turn lights off and lock the door. When I get downstairs Slash is in the passenger seat looking through the glove box for his surprise. I just smirk and walk to the drivers seat. "Where is it?" He shrugs.

"Might want to close the door baby boy," I smile as I stick the key in the ignition and crank it.

He does it with a curious look. "Are we going somewhere?"

"Yep," I say, drop it down into drive and take off. It's funny actually, we don't know which car is who's. We need something to distinguish the difference between them.

"Where are we going?" Slash says fighting to get his blowing hair under a backwards baseball hat.

"For a ride," I say.

"A ride where?"

"I'll let you know when we get there."

"Well is it far? I didn't fix yet."

"You have a few hours before its time anyway," I say and snake my fingers into his. He doesn't ask any more questions after that.

"Ain't it fucking beautiful this morning?" I smile and breathe in the air.

"Yeah, I almost forget what sunshine looked like. Not really thrilled that it's killing my head, but it's nice." I reach over and flip down his sun visor and a pair of shades falls into his lap. He smiles and puts them on. I flip my visor and do the same. I smile at him and take his hand again. Slash turns on the radio and starts searching for a decent station.

And we ride. The air grows warmer with every mile further south we go. The sun starts to climb up in the sky. I look over at Slash and his arm is surfing in the wind. He has a contented smile on his lips and everything is perfect. I just have to get us to the border before he wants a drink. Trust me, I'm dying for one myself. Three hours might not seem like a long time to you, but for a couple of guys who drink every moment they're awake, it's an eternity!

I start noticing Slash getting antsy just before we hit the border. He's chewing his cuticles. I'm getting so tired I can barely drive. I was up on coke all night and crashing really fucking hard right now. Then I see red, green and white letters that say Mexico. Fuck yeah! Slash sits up straight and pulls his shades off. "Uh Duffy, we're at the border."

I chuckle, "Did the big sign give it away?" I ask.

"Duff, are we going into Mexico?"

"It would appear so," I nod and inch up in the line.

"Uh babe, why are we going to Mexico?"

"Cuz it's on the way," I say and pull my shades off and try to do something about my wind blown hair.

"On the way to where?" Slash raises an eyebrow.

"To where we're going," I smirk. And Slash looks worried. Probably because he thinks that he gets no smack til we get back. I don't tell him I've got about two grams of shit in a condom up my ass. I've got an eight-ball of coke in there too. The needles are packed away in the trunk with our clothes that he knows nothing about. I chuckled at myself. It's amazing how much stuff you can hide up your ass when you're boyfriend has a huge dick.

"Don't worry my baby boy, everything's gonna be fine. Trust me."

He just looks at me all worried. "O...OK," he sighs.

"Good, now smile for the Mexican border patrol," I pull out mine and Slash's passports and prepare to hand them over. Slash just snorts when he sees his. His pretty little brain is just reeling trying to figure out my mystery. But I am confident that he can't. And then, just like that we cross over into Mexico.

I drive through the crowded Tijuana streets. I pull up behind some building and kill the car. I go back to the trunk and find the needles I packed. I basketball shoot them over the trunk lid and into Slash's lap. I look around for a bathroom or something to get all the dope out of my ass. Slash is asking me more questions about what the fuck is going on, but I'm just trying to get the surge out of me before something busts and I catch myself an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

"You see a bathroom anywhere? What's Spanish for bathroom again?" I ask Slash.

"I don't know, I don't speak Spanish. Just pee on the building," he sighs looking at the needles longingly.

"I don't have to piss babe," I say lighting up a cigarette.

"Oh, well there's a bunch of napkins in the glove box, you can squat behind that dumpster," he points.

"Don't have to shit either," I smile.

"Then why do you need a bathroom?" He looks at me befuddled. But then he looks down at the pack of needles in his lap. "Duff...Did you smuggle dope into Mexico?!!"

"That I did baby boy. Now I just have to get them out of my ass."

Slash busts out laughing, "Holy shit! How much did you bring?"

"Plenty," I exhale smoke, "Now let's see if we can find a bathroom."

"Mmmm, we don't need a bathroom. I'll get it out babe. You just bend that beautiful ass over and spread em," he smiles coyly and licks his big beautiful lips. Damn, too bad we aren't in a room or something. This has the makings of some pretty kinky foreplay, too bad it's not.

I laugh, "Just do me a favor and don't break the bags huh, I sure as fuck don't feel like visiting a Mexican hospital."

So I bend and push and Slash starts tugging at the same time. The condom slides out and I feel relief. I've been uncomfortable for Fucking hours. Slash mixes a fix while I make us out some lines on the dash. I snort several of them and then shoot Slash up. He leans over the dash and snorts a line. He grabs his nose and sits back laughing. "Why's this shit smell like ass?" I bust out laughing too and elbow him in the ribs.

"You ready to get back on the road?" I ask?

"Back on the road... You mean this isn't where we're going?" He looks all around us.

"No, not quite," I shake my head and crank the car.

"What the fuck do you have planned?" He raises suspicious eyebrows at me. I just smile and snake my arm around his shoulders and tug him closer. He kisses my cheek and nuzzles my neck a bit. Wow, I'd like to take a long moment to fuck him on the hood. But the hood is black, the sun is almost scorching, and I'd half roast him if I tried.

"Hey, is my face getting red?" I ask him and look over his face as well over the top of my shades.

He lowers his shades and stares at my skin, "I don't know... I'm not really seeing right. My eyes are so used to it being dark all the time. My eyes are getting so much light that it's almost making me colorblind."

"Same here. Maybe we should try to find some sunscreen or something," I suggest.

"Sure, but I don't think we're likely to run across any around here. I mean, it's not my back yard or anything, but I think we're in the boondocks." His hand gestures out over the horizon like a game show host giving away prizes.

And he was right. There was nothing but desert and ocean. The pavement had run out long ago. Now we're driving along a dusty dirt road. The road runs along these amazing cliffs. I can't even see the shore below. Everything, even with shades on, has this orange Oompa Loompa thing going on. But I honestly don't think that I've ever seen anything like this before. We might be half cooked lobsters by nightfall but it's a small price to pay for such an adventure. Man, I could use a drink. I wasn't thinking about it in the last town. But Slash isn't complaining about it. He seems perfectly content with his smack and a little coke. Coke. Yeah, I could use some more of that too.

As predicted, by nightfall we're mildly sunburned across our noses. It's not bad really, not like it would be if this was summer. A couple of days and we'll be fine. I manage to find some sunscreen across the street from the motel room we have for the night. We'll be better prepared tomorrow at least. By my calculations we should reach the resort just before sunset tomorrow. I'm glad that it's gonna still be daylight when we get there, this way Slash can see how beautiful of a place this is we're going. At least it looked beautiful in the brochure.

We stayed up all night on blow. We never stopped talking. We haven't felt so insync with one another. We haven't fel t that way in a in a long time. Our words were flying out a mile a minute, but we understood perfectly. It's like by staying up longer you can allow your thoughts to go deeper. You come to these grand epiphanies and you wonder if you would have ever found them if you didn't stay up?

But right around five in the morning I started to feel restless. I kept thinking about fucking Slash in the ocean. Like seriously I kept seeing images of it in my head. My fucking palms start sweating. I'm breathing hard. I know the ocean is just over a hill behind this motel. I know that I want him so much I'm all tied in knots. And it's not like can't have him. I know that's in the bag. Wow, being horny on coke is intense.

Slash is going on about the feedback of something or another when played through something or another when I just can't stand it anymore. "You know what? If you want me to fuck you in the ocean this would be a good time for me."

Slash shuts up real quick and just looks at me blankly for a moment. Then a shit eating grin spreads across his face. "I'll race you to the beach!" He shoots up and outside before I can even process his words.

I quickly spring into action and follow him outside. I can see him running in front of me and stripping out of his clothes in mid sprint. So I start doing the same. I hit that warm water and take Slash in my arms. A wave rolls past us as I pull him into a kiss. The stars above us have never seemed so close or so bright. It was like seeing a sky that was different than you were used to. The sound of the ocean was so much louder than at home too. The waves are bigger. Even the moon looked bigger.

"I've always wanted to try this," I say and hold him tight as another wave rolls past us. They're forceful but we managed to keep our footing.

"Me too," he pants and I feel his hand over my cock.

I moan as my dick throbs under his touch. I'd cum if he just squeezed it. I'm so fucking horny. I feel like lust unleashed. Right now I wouldn't give a fuck if it were high noon and the beach full. I need him right now and to hell with the concequenses. I've never wanted him so physically much. Like seriously, the coke has everything feeling so complete and everything is intensified. God I loved him so much. If it were possible to love him too much, well, I did.

When I realize I'm buried in him to the hilt the sun breaks over the top of a mountain. It's like the sky is just on fire. And it's so fucking bright. Yet not quite bright enough to kill the stars twinkling over our heads, dancing with the moon. Slash moans obscenely and I grind my hips. This is once in a lifetime sex. There's just no fucking way that it can get any better than this. The sun, the ocean, the stars, all of it, it's just perfect. This moment was perfect. I close my eyes to try to lock it inside of myself. I never wanted to forget this moment. And I won't.

"Oh god Baby Boy I love you so fucking much," I cry out hard as I cum deep inside of him. "Oh fuck!!" And my body erupts and explodes inside of my head.

And Slash works himself along me while I'm rigid and I feel him tighten and spasm around me. "Oh Duffy! Oh shit!! No no don't stop yet More!!" He calls out and grabs my hair in both his hands.

After that he wants more?! Fuck I'm not a machine. But the coke still blasting through me decides that I'm not as done as I thought. My dick is still hard, sensitive, but fucking hard. So I slowly start to moves as my hands caress Slash's wet caramel skin. But I don't want to be in him anymore. I wanted him to be inside of me. I never even tell him that but he moves to take the necessary changes to fuck me. It's like he's just reading my mind.

"Mmmm," I moan and close my eyes, "You feel so fucking good." I don't know if it's the anticipation of this moment, the excitement of our adventure, or the coke, but this feels like the best sex we've had to date. Every time is great, but this exceeds everything.

"So do you," he moans out so sweetly between thrusts, "It's getting pretty daylight out here."

But I just don't care. So what if someone sees us? I have nothing to hide. I've let Izzy watch us fuck, so what difference does somebody that I don't know and will never see again really matter? They can just turn the other way. Or, take their chances with watching. Im sure this is probably a spectator event in Mexico, seeing as to how they have all those donkey shows here. Grab a camera and take a picture of us. Take out a billboard with neon lights. Broadcast it. I Love Slash!

"Do they have indecent exposure in Mexico?" I hear Slash asking, panting as his thrusts grow faster.

"Who cares, so long as they accept cash for bail," I mumble as I concentrate hard on cumming again.

And I never wanted him to stop moving. I loved the way the water buffered his hard thrusts and made them almost feel gentle. I know it wouldn't be the same out of the water. Out of the water is be wincing I'm sure. Funny how water can act as a pain killer. But it's almost like those drugs from those hippy chicks on the way to Seattle felt. The touch of the water is just amazing. Or maybe it's the coke. Either way, I'm in fucking heaven. Please god, don't let it ever stop.

My hands grasp at Slash's warm soft skin. I run my tongue up his neck and taste the saltiness of his sweat and the ocean. My hips buck with each of Slash's hard thrusts. The waves keep us teetering from side to side but we have each other in a death grip. The entire sun slowly rises into the sky. The stars fade. The moon tucks itself behind the clouds. Everything is fucking perfect. I wanna stay right here forever.

But then I cum; that fucking huge dick was good for so many things! Again, it's just as intense as before. A wave knocks us both over but it doesn't stop Slash. He starts to cum too. He's moaning out my name and holding on to my hips so tightly that bruising is probable. And I find myself whispering his name as well. His cumming draws my own orgasm out even longer. It goes on and on. And then we both relax and become bobbing corks in the ocean.

We let the waves wash us to shore and try to stand on our completely relaxed legs. Mine feel like jelly. We quickly try to find our clothes to get redressed. We bust out laughing because we get the wrong pants. Slash's are way too short on me and mine are way too long on him, but fuck it. I pull him to me and kiss him one last time before we head in. I've been up two days on coke. I should probably try to catch a nap before we leave. It was still a long drive.
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