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Sluff vaca

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As planned we reached the resort before dark the next day. And it was fucking beautiful. Slash was in complete awe of everything. We get shown to our room and someone brings up our luggage from the car. Our room is facing the ocean and the view is unlike anything I've ever seen before. The water is so fucking blue. It's even more so than last night when I fucked him in the ocean.

Our room is fit for a king. All the furniture is of some ornate pattern I've never seen before in my life. Everything is solid wood. The carpet is the color of the white sandy beaches. There's not even a TV! Admittedly, most people want a TV, but I didn't drive all the way down here to watch TV. I want zero connection to the outside world. I'm here to forget that world. I'm here with my baby boy and nothing else matters to me.

So we get settled in and unpacked. We've been driving for two days but we aren't tired. We're high on adrenaline from finally getting here and finding that it's a sheer paradise. A lot of coke probably factors in too. Anyhow, we're ready to start enjoying this place. So we decide to go down to the pool and get us some fruity drinks with umbrellas. Cliche, maybe, but we wanted to experience that. It's like one of those silly iconic ideas that everyone pictures when they think of the tropics.

You know what's fanfuckingtastic about resorts? There's always someone at your neck and call. Need another drink with an umbrella, snap your fingers and here comes someone in a polo shirt calling you sir. You walk out of your room with your bed all kinds of dirty and fucked up, you come back and everything is like new. Need a phone by the pool, a towel, a car, whatever, they do it. It's like being fucking royalty. My baby boy deserves to feel like a prince. It's so worth the thousands I paid to be here.

Best of all, we're far, far away from all the bullshit. No one is bugging us for pictures and autographs, knocking on our door at all hours of the day and night. No band mates with their personal issues interfering with us. No goddamn Nikki Sixx and his feeble attempts at redemption. No record company. No executives in fucking bad suits. No junkies. Just our own little slice of heaven.

Down here it doesn't matter that we're two leather clad long haired dope heads. It doesn't matter that we're together. Once you pay for this shit you're instantly a member of the club. No fucking hypocracy. No prejudices. It's like really to only way to forget who you are and where you come from. Not that I mind who we are or where we come from...It's just nice to not get strange looks if I wanna hold hands.

I can't help but catch a glimpse of some chick that just walked by us. She was tall, anorexically skinny, bleach blonde, big tits, and wearing a thong. Hey, you wouldn't have been able to not look either! A girl like that does everything she can just so you will look. I glance over at Slash who is laid back with his eyes closed soaking up the sun.

"Yeah, I saw her," he says.

"Man, why don't chicks at home look like that?" I ask and take a chug of my screwdriver.

"Not rich enough," he says.

And I guess that was true. That bitch definitely bought her tits. It would stand to reason that she had had a few things nipped and tucked too. Thats one of the many reasons I love Slash, he's young, hot, and completely natural. Come on, look at him! His coffee and cream skin is just glowing. And those crazy curls are always so soft. Am I the luckiest fucker alive or what?

Slash sits up and looks at me staring at him like a cold crisp tallboy beer in the blazing desert. "What?" He slightly blushes and shrugs.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about how fucking georgeous you are," I tell him.

"Well I'm the one with the super tall hot bleach blonde," he smiles and takes a sip of his drink.

"How about we get a boat today? A fucking speed boat! We can drive out over the ocean at really fast speeds. It'll be cool. We can...Fish," I suggest.

"Fish?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

I smirk, "I got a pole right here," and I grab myself.

"Oh, I thought that was the lure," he chuckles.

"Baby boy, if you want it to be a lure, it's a lure. Whatever you want. You wanna go do something? We should go out and do something. We're not going to be here forever so...What do you want to do?""

"Did you do too much of your ass scented coke? You're kinda hyper," he says raising an eyebrow at me.

"Maybe, I dunno....But anyway, the days half over and all," I say. Ok, maybe I did get carried away with the coke again. It's just I'm so happy! It's not everyday that I get to be so carefree feeling. Sue me.

"Maybe you just need to burn off some of that energy," Slash smiles at me.

"Yeah, I know, and that's what I'm trying to do. There's tons of stuff listed in the brochure. There's like skiing, surfing, boating,..." And I keep rattling on and on. Slash picks up the brochure and scans it.

"Well, all of this sounds pretty fucking awesome, but I think we'll just wait until tomorrow. I think I need to get some more Vodka in you. Like stat."

"Vodka sounds good to me," I smile chewing at my cuticles.

"So then what do you say we order up a few bottles and just head back to the room? I'm pretty sure I can come up with some way to burn off all the excess energy," Slash wags his eyebrows at me.

I nod with a huge smile on my face and get up. As m standing I notice a couple of chicks looking at us and whispering among themselves. The giddy little smiles on their faces tells me that they either recognize us, or they wanna fuck us. I turn to Slash. He sees them too. The way he's flirting back I can't help but wonder if he wants to entertain whatever thoughts they might be having.

"See something you like baby boy?" I ask.

"No. Just being polite."

"You sure? Cause if you want to maybe..."

"Duffy... Don't you dare think that. That shit might be great for Axl and Izzy, but that's not us. Every great once in a while, maybe...But this vacation isn't about all that. This is just for you and me. So get your fine ass back to the room. No more wandering eyes mister."

"Like you don't look at hot chicks," I huff.

"You know I do," he smirks, "But I'm just looking. I'm on vacation with the person I love and that's more than enough. I'd be glad to show you if you get your ass back to the room."

And his smile is so coy I can't help but be curious about what he has up his sleeve. That's not fair, this is my super sneaky vacation. All the tricks are supposed to be up my sleeve...Well, what I didn't shove up my ass and smuggle into Mexico. But hey, I'm creative, I can out trick him any day of the week.

So we go back up to our room. I'm locking the door when I feel Slash behind me, pressing me face first in the door. His tongue runs up my spine and his mouth starts to kiss at the back of my neck. He pins my wrists as his lips travel to my ear.

"I'm gonna fuck you till you can't see straight," he moans.

"Yeah, well last I checked my vision was 20/20, so that a lot of fucking baby boy."

Then I feel my swimming trunks being pushed down off my hips and settling around my ankles. I feel him spread my ass cheeks apart then his warm soft tongue crosses across my ass. I bury my cheek into the door and moan. And his tongue sweeps across me again. This time the tip prods at me, entering me like a warm slithery snake.

Then, just as I'm getting lost in the amazement, I jerked backwards to the bed. Slash crosses around to the front of me and kisses me like he hasn't seen me in months. He jumps up on me and I fall backwards on the bed. I laugh, "If you wanted me on my back all you had to do was ask."

His fingers trace my lips with a smile. "I think you've talked enough for one evening cokeboy. Now be quiet and let me devour you."

I smirk because not talking sounded like a perfectly good idea. Well as long as Slash keeps me entertained. He's off to a pretty good start I'd say. But I do like to talk during sex. That might be a little problem. Maybe if I disobey I'll get punished. Hummmm, that's a pretty intriguing thought. My coked out imagination is going crazy. I just hope that my baby boys mind is thinking just as vile and nasty as I was. I wanted to be very bad. I wanted kink. But given Slashs most recent issues with Nikki, well our kink is probably limited. For instance, I can't tie him up.

My train of thought is broken by Slash raising my knees up. I lift my head and see him lining himself up. "This what you want?" He asks stroking himself up and down over my ass. The Little tease.

I nod my head quickly and with much anticipation. And I feel his head pop in. I draw in a breath and lay my head back waiting. But he pulls out. What the fuck?! I look up at him and he's just smirking down at me. I growl and grab his hips. So he slides back in, very very slowly to the hilt. Oh yeah. Then he pulls back just as slowly and I grown again and try to pull him back by his hips.

"Do you wanna get fucked Duffy?" He asks in such a seductive teasing voice. "Cuz if you'd rather go back down to the pool and pick up a chick..." he chuckles, "well good luck finding one with a dick as big as mine."

I can't help but laugh back. "You fucking tease."

"Didn't I tell you not to talk?" He asks and shoves himself back in.

I arch my back with a delighted moan.

"I should take it away from you for not listening," he says slowly backing away again.

I whine and give him a pleading look. He just smirks and wraps his hand around my cock. He strokes it a few times but doesn't move his own dick inside of me. And I really really want him to!

"I don't think you really want it," he coos.

I cock an eyebrow at him like he's crazy. I wrap my long legs around his waist and pull him back into me.

Slash rolls his eyes with a smirk, "Oh alright." And finally he gives me proper thrusting.

Synchronized moans start emitting from me as his pace picks up even more. And his hand on my cock matches his own thrusts perfectly. All the coke in me has my senses tweaked and heightened. This feels fucking amazing. Slash keeps saying dirty little things to me and it intensifies the nasty little thoughts and imagery dancing around in my head. It's easy for me to get lost in my own little world. And the pressure inside of me mounts. I try to stop thinking and picturing shit but I can't stop myself. It all plays so perfectly on what Slash was doing to me.

So I can't take it. I'm gonna cum and there's nothing that can fucking stop it. That first throb starts but before I can enjoy it I'm hit in the eye with a wad of my own cum. "Fuck! It burns!" I say wiping away at my eye with my fist. Slash is laughing but still stroking me. And I'm still cumming. My body contorts a few times uncontrollably. Goddamnit why did I have to cum in my own eye?!

When I'm finally able to open my stinging eye Slash is slowly thrusting and trying to stifle his laughter. "That's what bad boys who don't mind get. Karmas a bitch babe. But I think you can do better than that weak ass nut."

"Weak?" I squeak.

He nods, "Weak. Now show me what you've really got McKagan."
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