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New Year's Is For Lovers

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Duff shows Slash what he's got

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Fucking weak? Really?? Well I can't have him thinking that shit! I do hope he was just playing about that. But if he wasn't, I'm damn sure gonna prove him wrong tonight! Tonight is New Years Eve. It's a special occasion, so I plan on pulling out all the stops. I'm gonna fuck his little ass up one side of our room and down the other! We'll just see how weak he thinks it is then! I'm gonna make him beg me to stop!

We leave our room around 8 pm. We go to the resort's restaurant to have dinner. It's pretty ritzy, but it's not suit and tie ritzy. We don't get stared at much, but that's probably because of the band rule about not looking obvious in public. I'm sure if we weren't abiding by our rule that we would turn plenty of heads. But we're secure enough with our relationship that it's not that big of a deal. We probably wouldn't do many acts of public display if we could. We're private either way.

So we sit and eat delicious food and drink wine from fancy glasses. We even eat desert. We've eaten at the Space Needle in Seattle and it was sorta fancy too, but this has it beat. All through dinner Slash has a smile plastered to his face. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. After Nikki I was afraid he'd never be able to smile again. I'm so relieved that he still can. I'm so happy he likes it here. Its an amazing carefree environment far, far away from LA. And that's the best part of it all.

Slash looks up at me with a beautiful smile, "Thank-you for bringing me here Duffy."I just smile and nod.

"This vacation is amazing."

"You think this is amazing? Nah, this is nothing baby boy," I smirk. Tonight I've arranged for a little late night boat ride. We would be all alone and out under the beautiful stars. Then I plan to show the little shit 'what I've got'.

Slash quirks his eyebrow at me, "You've got something up your sleeve, don't you?"

I raise my arm and pull out my sleeve and look, "No nothing there," then I raise my arm and do the same, "Oh shit, there is something in here." I look at Slash and just smile.

"And. I suppose you aren't gonna tell me, huh?" Slash smiles brightly.

"Absolutely not," I shrug, Iike duh man.

"I do have methods to extract information," his smile gets even bigger.

"As fun as that sounds, I'm afraid we will be late if we don't get out of here," I say and toss my dinner napkin on my plate. Slash stand up and does the same.

We leave the building and follow a walkway. The sun has set but the sky is still alive with most of the colors of the rainbow. Orange, red, and yellow just collide with pinks, purples, and blues. You just can't get a sunset like this in America. We walk on a path that parallels the ocean. Slash keeps curiously asking me questions to try to figure out the surprise. I just keep my mouth shut and smile real big.

"Is it a private beach? Or no, I know, a cool skate park? Um... Horseback riding down the beach?. Oh what about jet skiing, that'd be fucking awesome. Four Wheeling? Fuck man where are we going? Is it far, cuz I wasn't up for a hike." And he keeps yammering along but all I give him is my smile.

Eventually we end up at the boat dock. I start looking for the name of the boat that I rented. I don't know the color or anything. I just know it doesn't work with sails. I'd have no clue how to man something like that. I specifically asked for a boat with a motor. The name of the boat Senora Domingo.

"Oh! We're going on a boat ride," Slash says putting two and two together.

"Yeah, we're looking for the Senora Domingo," I tell him. I look down at each boat as we walk down the pier. Where the fuck is this Senora Domingo?

"Uh Duff," Slash taps my shoulder. I turn and look at him. He's looking up and pointing. When I turn back around I can see what he's looking at. It's the Senora Domingo and she's a fucking Yacht! Holy shit!

Slash quickly runs to the gang plank and rushes into the boat, Fuck, yacht I mean. I untie it from the dock and rush to get on before it has a chance to float away. When I make it on board Slash is admiring the fancy woodwork.

"Duff this thing is nicer that anywhere I've ever been! Look at this fucking China! It's got gold edging! And check out that fucking sky light! This thing is fucking awesome!!"

I'm delighted that he likes it. I start looking for the wheel and ignition. Finally I find a staircase that leads up to it. Slash follows. Inside its just a tiny room and dozens upon dozens of buttons and switches.

"Duffy, you can drive this thing, right?"

I look at him seriously, "I thought you were driving."

"Duff, I've never been on a boat in my life," and his expression looks so fucking worried.

I can't help but bust out laughing, "It's all good baby boy. I grew up in fucking Seattle surrounded by water. I've been driving boats since I could hold the wheel straight. It's a piece of cake," I say and crank the boat. "She purrs like a kitten," I smile.

I get the boat turned around and facing the open ocean.

"I'm, Duff...How do you know where you're going? It's almost pitch black out here.

"Maps and headings babe. Trust me, it's easier than it looks." I hope that reassures him some. I don't want him too afraid to have fun. "Now since I'm the captain, that makes you the first mate. So go check our supplies and provisions and report back to me.

Slash quickly stands at attention and salutes, "Aye aye captain!"

Slash scurries off as I plot our course. We aren't going far, I just want to make sure we're completely all alone. I look up at the moon and am pleased that it isn't full. A full moon only drowns out the stars. My whole scheme revolves around those twinkling safe up above. Fortunately it's fucking breathtaking out here. The warm night breeze feels better than LA winds. It's like a small relief in such a tropical climate.

Slash returns with his bounty. "We've got champagne and scotch Captain!" He excitedly says holding them up

"What?! I specifically asked for fucking vodka! Seriously, there's no vodka?! Well we have to go back," I say and turn the wheel towards the port side.

"No no no," Slash chuckles, "There's vodka. No need to panic babe. See, it's right here," he smiles reaching into the back of his pants and produces a fifth of vodka.

"You just don't fuck with the Captain's emotions like that," I huff, "That's a good way to get to walk the plank."

Slash is chuckling so hard he barely gets out, "Aye Captain sir."

We cruise around for a while looking for a private spot. I keep the lights of the shore in sight because while I might know how to drive a boat, I don't know how to deal with open waters. I'm Duff McKagan, not fucking Columbus. I don't want to discover shit but Slash's sweet spots. Maybe also discovering new levels of drunk so I can actually sleep tonight. I've been up three days. Of course I've had a lot of help from cocaine.

Finally I get to a place past all the other boats but still close enough to keep the shore in sight. I kill the engine and tell Slash to drop the anchor. I look at a clock and see that it's about 10pm. Two hours until midnight. I go down into the boat and grab the vodka and put the champagne on ice. I meet Slash outside on the deck. He's already lounged out in a chair with his feet kicked back. Goddamn what a beautiful fucking sight.

"This is really nice," he smiles up at me.

I sit the champagne down and uncap my vodka. I relax myself in a chair and look up at the stars. "Damn look at the stars," I mutter.

"I've never seen so many in my life," Slash says checking them out. "How long til New Years?"

"A couple hours still." I reach over and take his hand in mine. "You look so good I could eat you."

He chuckles, "Well please don't."

"I'll try to refrain. Fuck it's awesome out here," I say and take in the stars again.

"It feels like we're the only two people on the planet."

"Baby boy, tonight we are."

"I love you so much Duff."

"I love you too. I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation."

"How the hell could I not?" He smiles at me, "This is the best vacation ever!"

I sit up and turn to face him. "Baby boy," I say and take both his hands in mine, "you know I'd marry you if I could, right?"

"You would?" He asks seeming surprised.

"Fuck yeah. But since it's illegal though I guess all we can do is wait until it is legal. But for now... I guess I just want you to think of us as engaged...Just until we can really do it. I didn't get you a ring or anything because I feel like our love is strong enough to not need the material shit. But I love you Slash. You're the only one who will ever have my heart."

He leans over and kisses me softly. "I'm so lucky to have found you Duff. I'll wait too. One day we will get to be together in every sense of the word. We might be old and grey, but I'm willing to wait. As long as I have you by my side I don't care about some stupid piece of paper."

I smile and tug at his hands, "Come 'ere."

And he straddles my lap. I wrap my arms around his waist and kiss the tip of his nose. "From now on, every New Years will be like this. Just you and me and no world outside. This is our special holiday baby boy."

"You're fucking amazing Duff," he whispers and kisses me softly.

"Yeah I am ain't I?"

"And full of yourself apparently. I do think I recall a weak ass nut last night that you need to redeem," he wags his eyebrows at me.

Oh yeah, I forgot about having to justify myself as the best fucking lay ever. I mean, come on, I was momentarily distracted by cum in my fucking eye! I just smile to myself, I know I've got this. With vodka and coke combined I'll last forever. I might get him off twice before I can even get off myself. Yeah Hudson, I got your weak. You're not gonna ever say that word in that context ever ever again.

"I'm gonna make you eat those words."

I pull him closer to me and kiss him proper. My god how much I loved him. It's like, since I met him my heart has swollen to twice his size. Like my heart wasn't even big enough to hold all of my love for him. I don't see how I could possibly ever feel like this for another living soul. Nothing can be as good as this. I'll never love anyone as much as I loved him. He will always be my sweet baby boy. I twirl my finger into one of his curls. I look at him after I pull away.

"You take my breath away. Do you have any idea how much I love you? Every time I'm without you I hold my breath cuz I can't breathe without you baby. I wake up at night sometimes just to watch you sleep. And I think of how lucky I am to have you. Even still after all the bullshit. I promise to love you always and no matter what."

A single tear falls out from under his curls. I brush his hair back and cup his cheek. I know it's happy tears so I don't say anything. His big full lashes are all tear soaked and beautiful. His bottom lip quivers, "I can't imagine ever being anywhere but with you. I love you baby."

I release the curl wrapped around my finger and watch it bounce. "Then you'll never have to."

Then he kisses me with those big full lips. They always feel so soft. So loving. I feel his warm tongue across my lips begging for entry. I part my lips and our tongues glide past each other. Kissing him always makes my heart pound in my chest. It's like an adrenaline rush. And it's never felt like that with anyone else. It couldn't. This is the real kind of love and I know it. I might not be able to marry him but in my heart we are married. Always and forever more, whether it's ever legal or not.

My hands run under his shirt along his spine. I love how warm his skin feels right now. And it's smooth like suede. Best of all, it's all mine. I had shared him with suits, band mates, and psychopaths. But no more. Never again. And I find myself grasping onto him even tighter. I feel his calloused fingers go under my shirt and draw circles on my stomach and sides. It should tickle, but it gives me goosebumps. It makes my spine spasm, but only in the best sort of way, I assure you.

My hands run down to his ass and I lift him off it and lay him back on the chase lounge. I kiss him tenderly as I reach down between us and readjust my hard dick. Once my hand is free I start working off Slash's shirt. He throws his hands above his head and rolls his shoulders to make it glide off him smoothly. My hands ghost against his chest. One finger circles his nipple. While I rest my weight on the other.

Then he starts to tug my shirt up. I quickly slip out of it and make my way back to his lips. I can feel him getting hard as he presses against my stomach. One of my hands snake down between us again so I can feel him. He moans in my mouth the second I do. And for the life of me, I just can't help moaning back. Listening to Slash sing is the most beautiful music of all. It like way above anything we've done musically as a band. It even beats punk rock. And for me, that's saying quite a lot.

"I want you," I whisper so sweetly in a brief interlude between kisses. And even without a reply I'm aware he wants me as well.

I start to shove the Bermuda shorts off his hips. He raises his hips and ass so I can slide them the rest of the way off him. Then I find his fingers sliding into the elastic waistband of my shorts. He works them off very slowly as we kiss. More moans come from us both when we feel each other's bare flesh making contact. I drag the nubs of my fingers down his side's and feel him twitch below me. And I in no way mean his side's.

I lube up my fingers with my spit and lower my hand down between us. My wet fingers slide down his nuts and slowly down his taint then I circle them teasingly around his hole and this always drives him nuts. He arches his back with a moan as I slide in one finger all the way. If I had seven inch fingers that were big around he'd never want anything but that. Fortunately my fingers aren't cock sized.

"Oh god I love it when you do that," he growls.

I chuckle Because I already know this. I figured out this trick a long long time ago. "Stroke that huge cock of yours for me," I say motioning with my head it.

His hand takes that big pulsating purple cock and wraps around it and for a moment I forget to move my own finger. Goddamn what a view. And the little shit likes torturing me as much as I do him. His hand slowly starts at the base and he gradually gets harder as he gets closer to the head. He then smirks at me and squeezes tightly. I watch the head of his dick swell up tremendously and go purple. I bite my lip to supress a moan.

Then I slide a second finger to him and work it's strokes as I would if it were my cock and I do it for a long time. And I do it so long for a very calculated reason. I keep doing it until Slash starts to get comfortable, maybe bored. That's when I turn my wrist and tap and rub his prostate. Naturally, he comes back to life.

"Oh god Duffy, don't stop." Then he bites his lip waiting for more.

So I give him more. I take my fingers out and replace them with my cock, satisfying that begging look in Slash's eyes.

He lays his head back with a moan. Thank god we're the only people on this fantastic Yacht. I roll my hips with my next thrust. God sex on coke feels amazing. Slash arches upward in the opposite direction of my thrusts and this time I can't be bothered with stifling my moan. He does that shit on purpose. There's a lot of teasing in our sex life. But I always go along and never show any impatience. Honestly, I fucking loved it.

Now I twine my fingers around his curls and stroke his insides slowly. I stare down at his big beautiful brown eyes and see forever in them. Everything I see tells me how much he loves me. In his eyes I can see every happy moment we've seen together. And I see a future us as old and grey. I plan to spend the rest of my life with him. At any price. He is the other half of my heart and I need him to be mine forever. I couldn't live without him.

"Duffy, what time is it?" Slash asks me after a while.

I look at my watch, "Six minutes until New Years. Why?"

"Let's cum at midnight. I've always wanted to start a year off right as I'm cumming," he pants.

I smile, "That sounds good to me."

So I pick up my pace and Slash picks up his moaning. He's stroking his dick a lot faster. Even faster than I'm fucking him. I guess with the heroin he has to. I thrust and move as fast as I can without hurting him. I never wanted to hurt him during sex. He's been hurt by too many. But not by me, not now, not ever.

I periodically glance at my watch. Let me tell you something, six minutes has never felt longer to me in my life. The coke has my senses intensified. Beneath me I feel Slash rolling his hips into my thrusts. His fingers are dug into my hips. His eyes are squinted shut and his moans keep getting louder.

"Babe, how long to midnight, I can't hold out much longer," he pants with hasty moans.

I look at my watch, " Thirty seconds."

"Thirty seconds LA time?"

"17 seconds now."

As the seconds draw closer and closer I give him a ten second Warning. And as I reach one second I feel him starting to throb around his dick. This sets me off and I cum hard, filling Slash's insides. I collapse on top of him and can't move yet. Slash doesn't seem to mind because he's in that post sex bliss too. Then I kiss him with all my passion for him. "I love you baby boy."

"I could never love anyone as much as I love you" he replies.

He soon drifts off to sleep from the sway of the boat on the oceans surface. I hope he doesn't have any bad dreams. I just lie there, holding him in my arms as I look up at the beautiful starry night. And looking at it makes me think that Van Gogh must have been looking at a much less spectacular view than I am. Then a shooting star races overhead. I close my eyes and make a wish. I wish for no more harm to come to my baby boy. I'm soon asleep as soon as the coke wears off. This has been the best possible New Years ever.
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